Tuesday, November 20, 2007

SMS Programme Updates

A few days ago Dialog TV introduced a new service that enables subscribers to receive programme updates on their mobile. This is a good service and an extra additional such as a portal where subscribers can log in and set reminders for programmes of their choice will be a welcome addition to the SMS updates.

At present subscribers are receiving two updates on a daily basis. We suggest that Dialog TV should update live events separately. Yesterday at 6:30am the American Music Awards were telecast "Live" over Star World but the Programme SMS update highlighted the repeat that was scheduled for 8pm. It would have been better if an SMS regarding the "Live" event was sent out on the previous day. The "Live" event SMS could highlight "Live" sports, music events, etc.

Dialog should also work on a WAP portal which can also be used to access the guides and set special SMS reminders. These services should be offered free of charge for all subscribers of Dialog TV. In addition the "SMS Programme Update" service should be offered to subscribers of other mobile operators and also to CDMA services.

It seems that the reduction in signal quality on certain transponders has been resolved upto a great extent with transponders showing a higher signal quality levels compared to the reduced levels that were experienced for the last few weeks. Anyone who is experiencing otherwise is welcome to comment here.

Many of us are awaiting that great day when SET SAB is officially kicked off Dialog TV's lineup. We hope that day arrives soon.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


yakuza said...



LANKA INFO said...

SET SAB is officially kicked off from Dialog TV's lineup.

Dude said...

@lanka info....

What is the replacement channel? Can anyone of you confirm this latest development.

AMD said...

SET SAB shows colour bars but there is audio on & off, whats heppening ?

LANKA INFO said...

CityHits, most prob'ly from 02nd of december. other than that no channels till jan 2008.

Looser said...

SET SAB is officially kicked back to Dialog TV's lineup ???

Starmovies got a test card lastnight

Lanka info
Is Starmovies also officially kicked off from DTV lineup?

Please don't lie

AMD said...


Darshana said...

Any new offers for christmas ? I'm waiting for the connection fee to come down for christmas.

LANKA INFO said...

Dear AMD & Looser,

Pls check now or call 777679679.

manike said...

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