Friday, October 5, 2007

Looks like decisions have been changed

After reports of Animax being replaced by a local channel called "Citi Hitz" surfaced and then the subsequent displeasure expressed by subscribers and the posts urging Dialog TV not to carry this out, it seems that Dialog TV have backed away and refrained from introducing this channel. It looks like the channel will be introduced on transponder 4 when it becomes available. Even though information is being received that transponder 4 will be introduced soon, it seems highly unlikely taking into consideration the time taken for Dialog to introduce transponder 3.

It looks like the planned price revision has not taken place either, at least the website does not reflect the revision even if it has been carried out.

There have been some pixelation issues on certain channels over the last few days but they do not occur frequently now. However even these infrequent pixelations should be sorted out.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


alf said...



soorapappa said...

Thanks for the info. I never knew that the one acting as Indian is really a Sri Lankan. He must be a very good actor... :-)

nishantha said...

Siyatha fm resently Carring a campaing
''Lagadeema..... Lagadeema....... Ahanna, Dakinna'

It seems like 'Siyathtv'
A nice to have 'Mind Your Languge' back

I wached it 08 0r 10 years ago on ITN when I was a student. Thanks Zee cafe, Thanks Dtv

TechnoGuy said...

@ Yakuza, Soorapappa
Great show! Used to watch it a few years back in the U.K. (they repeat those all the time).

I even have an ancient newspaper article about Ranjeet Singh being acted by a Sri Lankan (from the late 1970s).

Patson said...

Srilakvahini left yamal202 & signed up with INTELSAT12.weekend news paper.

yakuza said...



@soorapappa, technoguy

finally some sri lankan talent

dannymot said...

Pixalation continues, black-outs just before rains continue... can be for 5 minutes or more....very frustrating when the most important section of a movie goes missing. I am very sorry I migrated from Comet Cable to DTV.

I will evaluate Digital LNB, Digital Comet Cable and IPTV from SLT and move over to one of these. DTH is not for me.

hsjaya said...


You are one of the brave customers who comment here about pixelation problem. Most of the people are silent. I dont know why. But there seem to be a silent agreement among people not to talk about this.

As you say there is heavy piexalation in most of the DTV channells. I was one of the 850+ CBN customers who got the pkg upgraded to 1600/- to watch quality films on HBO.

But now I hardly watch HBO group due to heavy pixelation. NO body is bothered.

DTV wants only to add more and more channels. No solution for existing issues. I am really frustrated.

I am also waiting to see what is going to happen with IPTV and LBN channell lineup and there coverage. As soon as there is a quality Service provider I will certainly look in to that.

dannymot said...


What DTV does not realise is that we now will have a CHOICE of TV channel providers. One only has to be a little patient and I am sure the price cutting war will commence by March/April 2008, as it happens in India.

Time will tell as to who will provide the best service.

Tharu said...


Tharu said...

Hi All

I have been with this blog from very early stage, but could not login due to a technical problems. I used to appear on this blog as 'satviewer'. Hope some of our senior bloggers can remeber me.

I also agree with the comments on the pixelation. i have spoken to customer care regarding this several times, but still the problem exists.

And there is a problem in the audio feed as well. In HBO Family and Zee Studio the left and right audio channels are mixed up. For example, you hear a vehicle approaching from the left, but actually it comes to the screen from the right end. This problem ocuured with Star movies few weeks back, and it was corrected after following up with the customer care few times.

Please let me know if anyone else came across this problem.

AMD said...

DTV seems to be having a major problem receiving the TEN sports signal, there were so many black outs during the past few days. there was also lots of pixelation on Ten sports. Hope they rectify it ASAP.

Cellular Sri Lanka said...

Mobile Networks Sri Lanka forum

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "Peace TV replaces ISLAM Channel temporarily".


619 said...

most of Pogo Programs are now in Hindi language. I think its available in multi sound tracks. cant DTV select English beam ?