Monday, October 8, 2007

Peace TV replaces ISLAM Channel temporarily

Islamic Channel "Peace TV" has replaced "ISLAM Channel" temporarily after the "Islam Channel" went off air suddenly just two days ago. "Peace TV" is now in operation but a notice is permanently on screen saying that the "ISLAM Channel" will resume.

We are not sure why "ISLAM Channel" is off air however it may be due to a technical problem. The reason that Dialog TV introduced "Peace TV" in place of "ISLAM Channel" yesterday could be due to the fact that an advertisement was carried on "The Sunday Times" yesterday regarding the "ISLAM Channel".

In other news it seems that Dialog TV is having serious reception problems on "Ten Sports" with blackouts being experienced every few minutes and sometimes the message "No or Bad Signal" gets displaced quite often.

We are also receiving reports of pixelation on HBO channels as well as sound problems on HBO Family and Zee Studio where apparently the left and right sound channels have got interchanged. We hope that these get sorted out soon unless they have already rectified the problem. We also hope that this problem of "Star Movies" going off air suddenly would be sorted out since yesterday it went off air suddenly and we hope that it is back on air.

It is high time Dialog TV used their extensive Human Resources Department to employ somebody to monitor all channels so that subscribers will not have to place endless calls. We also hope that they can introduce a designated number to which subscribers could send an SMS with a description of the problem, so that engineering can act upon it immediately. They should also make sure that their hotline is toll free to Dialog GSM subscribers at least to start with.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding Dialog TV as the days progress.


619 said...

most of Pogo Programs are now in Hindi language. I think its available in multi sound tracks. Dialog should select English track !

Tharu said...

I sincerely request DTV management to employ poeple who are familier with Audio Vodeo issues. I have been informing them about the interchanged audio tracks on HBO Family and Zee Studio, but always the person who answers the call doesn't get what I say and suggesting me non-related funny adjustments.

Finally some other person called me (hope he is from engineering dept.) and he understood the problem correcly, but upto last night nothing has done to rectify it. It's very frustating to watch movies with wrong sound feilds.

Hope at least they will do something now..

cable said...

Regarding the pixelation issues In channels when fast moving pictures are shown i have been commenting about this for some time. So dont think other ppl has not commented on it. A poster called Terry said that DTV had bought down some equipment to sort this with in a month. This was said in end august but no improvement can be seen. so i guess the story is untrue

I would have moved to another provider but sadly have no choice yet as LBN dosent come to my area. I was a comet customer before but thats even worse as they only have 18 channels for which i have to pay 1800/-. Their move to digital seems to be just a marketing ploy to keep the existing customers.

We can only keep hoping that SLT iptv is better or LBN expands coverage

I am really sick of writing about this
now but nothing seems to be happening at DTV

Bhathiya said...

As i knw, SLT going to launch iptv soon for much cheaper price,I'm nt working at SLT,bt i must say this,without any compitition,Dialog z d worst service providers in SL.
1)Look at their Mobile rates b4 mobitel came ++ incoming free issue,2yrs b4 thy didnt evn give incmn' free for super 500, cstmrs.
2)Look at their 3G rates now.
3)Look at their broadband charges.
4)Roaming charges (2yrs back)


But whn v r considering above facts, DTV z cheap,bt imprvmnts needed.

Cellular Sri Lanka said...

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monaco 1100 said...

Although I haven't commented in hear before, I was reading all the posts and comments here.

I activated a set plan a month ago and now I want to cancel it. The CC guy who was there when I activate the set plan told me I can cancel it by calling CC after a month. So I phoned the CC three times, but couldn't get cancel it yet.

First time it was a girl, said 'let me check' if it's possible to cancel it. I was waiting minutes but she never came back so I disconnected the line.

I then phoned again after sometime and that time the guy said a written request is required to cancel an activated set plan. After some arguments I was able to put the expire date to the set plan as I wish.

But the set plan was still there evenafter the day it was to be expired. So I phoned the CC again on last saturday and told to cancel it at least now. He said It will be cancelled by Sunday, but still the channels are there.

dannymot said...

Dialog TV has serious transmission issues. Last night NDTV and Aljazeera were having serious blackout and pixelation problems. Have not checked this today.

I have made up my mind that I will shift to another provider by March/April 2008, by which time SLT-IPTV should also be available and hopefully Cometcable ought to be in full digital swing!

janaka said...

The signal loss is also appearing regularly. Davinci Code was on air few weeks back and since it was at late night, I used a VCR to record it. I had time only during last weekend to watch that.

Guess what, a good portion of the movie has No Signal Error message

Cellular Sri Lanka said...
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dialog tv mf said...

dialog tv the best

dialog tv mf said...

we love dtv

Gamini said...

Animax is no longer there. And now they are adjusting the channel lineup.( the channels dont match with their names now.)

Maybe that CITY HITS is coming. What a shame to loose a full english channel.

Gamini said...

its not CITY HITZ. Its SET SAB. Holly shit !!!!!!!!!!

The most watched channel in the dtv lineup. Children would love this.

cable said...

If Animax is replaced by SET SAB i request all bloggers to call customer care and complain like hell.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "Stop messing around with channels".