Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Zone Reality back to Asian Feed

Zone Reality has had its second feed change on Dialog TV and has now being reverted to the Asian feed once again. Initially it was the Asian feed that was being broadcast while it was under the previous management and after the takeover by Dialog the feed was changed to the South African DSTV feed. After a few days of being off air the channel has returned once again and has been reverted back to the Asian feed. This feed has been mistakenly referred to as the Indian feed but there is no Indian feed for Zone Reality and there is one Asian feed and the same programmes are broadcast to Singapore, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and the rest of Asia.

According to unconfirmed sources this feed change is due to Zone Reality declaring the South African DSTV feed as not applicable to the Asian region thereby causing Dialog TV to make the shift.

In other news it seems a new decoder has been introduced by Dialog TV. Those who are purchasing the connections now are able to get this new decoder which has more additional features compared to the previous one. We are not sure whether any existing subscribers can purchase this new decoder by trading in their old one. We will keep you updated with information regarding this new decoder as we get more information.

According to todays Daily Mirror (11 Sept 07) the Consumer Affairs Authority Chairman has been charged with contempt of court with regards to petitions filed by Laugfs Gas and Dialog TV. He has also been asked to resign within two weeks and has fainted in court on hearing this. It has to be said that the CAA did not take any action on behalf of Dialog TV subscribers who were been affected by the sealing of the company under the previous management. So much for dancing to the tune of the "vested interests". Let this serve as a lesson to anyone who tries to mess around with any company or individual just to satisfy their political masters.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.

Zone Reality Asia Website : http://www.realitytv.co.uk/?sf=2


AMD said...

here is the pic of new decoder.

Sorry its not very clear.
The best i could do.


qwerty said...

Can someone please tell me if they show the Rugby WC 2007 live on Australia Network.

russel said...


Even HINDI lovers wont be watching SET SAB. Its really useless. SET is ok because it shows Indian Idol and SET Max shows some movies.( I dont watch hindi movies, but the hindi lovers do.)
But SET SAB is really useless.
Hope that DTV would be able to replace it by Channel V International.( not the indian one.)
Disney channels would also be great.

Normally isnt channel V included in the STAR package?

dar said...

I'd like to know whether the movie channels shown on dialog TV are censored.

KIDO-CMB said...

Dear Everyone,
SET SAB |& 1 of other crap channels not avalible in future.
2 more channels coming to replace this gap very soon. pls send ur feed to service@dialog.lk.

@ Soorapapa:
Tks for ur mail & its pending with managment.


AMD said...


Good news!
Whats is the other channel they are gonna remove ?

Looser said...


Yes all of them are censored but not by DTV.

navs said...


Can we get our bills by email instead of post?

TERRY said...

@ Kido-Cmb
service@dialog.lk is the customer care email and realisticaly these guys cant do anything,and specifically changing channels.

Are you at CC ?

cable said...


RWC is not being shown on Australia network its only shown on Neo+ and channel Eye.

I think TV5 is showing only matches involving France uptill the quater finals

619 said...

I think Animax is the other useless channel. Its better if they replace it with a good channels.
How about Disney & Disney Toons ?

Dude said...

NO I think Animax should stay. They sometimes show good programmes like Gamemax.

I think we should suggest an Hindi Channel to be removed instead. There is no point in replacing English Channels.

My channels of choice to remove would be SET SAB and Zee TV. I think Star Plus and SET show higher quality Hindi programmes than Zee TV.

The new channels should be Disney Channel (not Toon Disney since it can be added later under the next transponder) and Channel V International or BBC Entertainment.

They can also think of adding one English Channel (Disney Channel/Channel V Int/BBC Entertainment) and one Tamil Channel such as Sun TV but no more Hindi Channels.

AMD said...

I think SAB & ZEE TV can go, and as dude said, channel v international and a tamil channel. but please, for heavens sake, no more hindi crap!

@ Terry -

Can you find out if we can trade in our old decoder for the new one ?
But i think it has more or less the same features except the channel split and zoom feature, and also looks much sleeker.

Priyantha De Silva said...

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* Fielding restrictions for overs 7-20 - maximum five fielders allowed outside of circle.
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If anyone want to know the schedule of twenty20,


@ Animax,

I've met a child of grade 8, who watch cartoons only on Animax. Then I guessed there will be more who like that channel if we don't. then I think Animax should be stayed.

619 said...

Zee TV is the channel then ...

TERRY said...

@ amd

No,You cant trade in.Only option is to purchase one.

And the removing of SAB,They are looking at some options and havent decided 100% whether they are going to do that.But they are looking at some possibilities and we will know when they have made a firm decesion.

AMD said...

For anyone u know in the middle east, wants to watch the 20/20 it will be shown live on Ten sports.

619 said...

what will the price of the new decoder?

AMD said...

@ 619 connection price is same.

Extra decorder - Rs. 9,000/-

TechnoGuy said...


Click Here

AMD said...

can anyone tell me how to put a link to a file like above ?

TechnoGuy said...


Can't type the code in here because blogger will convert it in to a link!

cable said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cable said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AMD said...


is u hav my email add, please send it

AMD said...

Does anyone know about TECHNOSAT, who are supposed to be making the new decoders ? I think they are making the dishes also cuz i have seen some with TECHNOSAT logo and a Dialog TV sticker pasted over it.

I think its a middle -east company.


AMD said...

@ Terry

Tks for all ur info.

Can u remind DTV to post the details of the "SET PLAN" on the website.

TERRY said...

@ amd

I got the official details and will send to admin to publish on the blog.

TechnoGuy said...

Sent you the email.

And yes, it is a Middle Eastern company (United Arab Emirates). I think it is a good company.

And Rs.9000 is a reasonable price if the decoder is a very good one. But it could have been cheaper.
I think Dialog does not want us to switch to the new decoder for a low price because later we will get a free MPEG-4 decoder. But its OK if they earn a lot out of it!

I think the new decoder is not necessary for older customers at the moment.

AMD said...

@ Terry


@ Techno

Ya i dont think we have the need for the new one cuz as i said it has more or less the same features, except for the looks !
I was unable to find one which looks like DTV one on the technosat website though. When i visit my friends place ill get the model no.

TechnoGuy said...

I think it is one specifically made ONLY for Dialog TV. I searched their website but there was no similar model.

Anyway, if you find more information please share it with us.

@ Terry and Admin
Please try to provide the new information soon. Thanks!

Lanka Media Online

TERRY said...

@ amd & Techno

I have already forwarded it to admin.

cable said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cable said...

Have any of you guys noticed the difference between the RWC telecast from Channel Eye and NEO+

Eye have reduced the picture with 2 black bars on the top and the bottom of the screen. subsequently the size of displyed items has been reduced.

Neo + has really good picture quality with no pixelation. The broadcast quality of Italy Vs All blacks game was superb. If you compared the picures between Eye and Neo+ anybody would have noticed the difference.pity they dont show more matches!

Even though the picture from Neo+ is much, much better than Eye i am still thankful for Eye for at least broadcasting the matches despite being FTA.Rugby fans would have missed the SA vs Samoa match if it were not for good old rupavahini

TechnoGuy said...

@ Admin
When will you give us the new information? Please do it today.


Sattvasia.Com said...

ESPN on SatTVasia

Now ESPN ( USA ) available on SatTVasia.com.
Now you are able to watch ICC 20 twenty on SatTVasia.com.

rupavahini said...

CRICKET delay SIRASA to DTV for 8 sec.

nimal said...


Yes. NEO + has better picture quality. But few matches...they didn't show the Arg Vs Geo match yesterday. Sometimes it is dificult to view the scores in Eye Channel...but still it is a good job by them.From QF onwards we can stick to NEO +.....

619 said...

SatTVasia.com: Good work

But how does this works? I mean they give it free ?

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "Official Set Plan Information".


AMD said...

@ rupavahini

The delay is normal in sat transmission, u dont need to highlight the issue, as this was discussed during the cricket world cup.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "Official Set Plan Information".


prabakaran said...

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