Friday, September 7, 2007

Work progressing to solve problems

Well it looks like the Dialog TV engineers are hard at work sorting out the pixelation problems that plagued the viewers over the course of the last weekend. It looks like they have solved the problems to a great extent with many subscribers speaking of an improvement in the quality.

Some channels were taken off air to improve the quality over the last few days and according to the information received last, Zone Reality is still off air owing to work being done on improving quality. We hope that it is restored soon since the weekend is almost upon us and many would be hoping to watch the channels over the next two days. It would be better if the quality improvement work would be completed today so that viewers can catch their favorite programmes without any interruption and no pixelation problems.

The problem of sound on one channel being higher than the other seems very evident on "Australia Network" and we hope that steps are taken to solve it. Neo Sports Plus according to some reports has experienced some pixelation yesterday. We are not sure whether this is a one off incident and if it is not then we hope it is solved before the first match of the Rugby World Cup commencing tonight.

It also seems that the older Rs 850/= Dialog TV subscribers who moved to the Rs 900/= package with ESPN and POGO are unable to subscribe to SET Plans. According to initial reports it seemed like a policy decision and now it seems that Dialog TV have reviewed their decision and are carrying out a software modification to enable SET Plans to these subscribers too. We hope that this is done soon and if there was a policy decision that prevented these subscribers from activating SET Plans then it has to be said that it would have been a very bad decision that would have had severe repercussions on this company by way of loss of subscriber loyalty. Many existing subscribers have recommended Dialog TV to many of their friends and this decision would have meant a loss of this method of acquiring connections.

We hope that all our fellow bloggers will stick to the new rules listed under the title "Commenting Rules" that appear at the bottom of the right hand column on the main page of this blog.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


619 said...
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619 said...

I used "Jesika" as my Display name. but I decided to change my display name cos some bloggers been bothered by it.

My new Display name will be 619 ( the number of my favorite WWE superstar "Ray Mysterio" ) so there is no male/female problem any more!

*So Pls stick to the point as Admin said and stop fighting and insulting other bloggers.



alf said...



nimal said...


I think bloggers are bothered by some of the comments you made but not the name. Don't change it man, I seriously like your name...does this 619 (three digits) represent 3 accounts?


I thought you were in France and connected through blackberry LOL when you made that comments regarding rugby world cup.

alf said...




nimal said...

Shoaib Akhtar will not play in the ICC World Twenty20, after being sent home following a dressing-room scuffle in which he allegedly hit Mohammad Asif with a bat © AFP

Shoaib Akhtar's troubled career has taken yet another twist following a decision by the Pakistan board to send him back from Pakistan's 15-man squad for the ICC World Twenty20 after a dressing-room scuffle in which he was alleged to have hit fellow fast bowler Mohammad Asif with a bat.

Pakistan team has something before a big tournament.

nimal said...

@ Alf

That could be ORVILLE FERNANDO anyway speak french during matches....

AMD said...

@ Terry

Do work at DTV ?

TERRY said...

@ amd


AMD said...

@ Terry

A point for u to put across to DTV marketing:

They advertise saying the RWC is exclusive to DTV.

How can it be exclusive to them when EYE, LBN & Comet are also showing the matches ? furthermore Neo + is only showing half the matches.

RabbitHole said...

It seems that dialog TV has not stopped ignoring the OLD 500 package holders.
They are not allowed to get SET plans. The only reason they give was that the connection is an older one.
If the Old 500 package holders want to get SET plans they have to move to the new 500 package.
One might think that's fair. But by moving from older one to the newer one the customer loses BBC,Starsports, NatGeo Adventure and Zee Trendz.
Is that discrimination or not?

yakuza said...


TERRY said...

@ Rabbithole.

Tell CC to transfer you to the 500/-(O) package and then you will retain the channels (bbc,star sports etc) and you will also be able to get set plans.This wiil be availed only after they do a system upgrade today and you can get set plans by sunday.


You cnt blame them and its marketing,their position is exclusive DTH rights.

russel said...

dialog tv web site has added the news about the Rugby WC and they have included the schedule.
They are showing only 15 matches.( we knew that earlier) and all 4 quarter finals will be shown.

russel said...

i thought they were going to show only 2 of them. Anyway,

The US OPEN semifinal will be on Saturday. Roger Federer and Davydenko will be playing. Federer is on to his 12th grand slam title. Finals will be played on Sunday. Hope to have a great week end. guuys enjoy


thanks for the information. Do you have any information about Dialog tv testing HDTV? You know when the Zone reality is coming? are they hoping to give it this weekend?

TERRY said...

@ russel

No they dont have immediate plans for HDTV and it will take time.

As for Zone there is a problem with the feed at present and its nothing to do at DTV end.Once the feed is ok it would come on air.

russel said...

ok. thanks. its not a problem of them changing the feed know?

they wont give the indian feed know?

Free-man said...
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Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Mihitha Rajith,
Nice web site. If you need any software related to web development, drop a mail to we'll help in whatever way we can.

My suggestion is to add a forum to your site.

russel said...


We just stopped critiscing other people and just considering only about DTV and here goes. Like Jack-n da box Freeman comes and fires a bullet to ALF.

Admin, u think its ok?

russel said...


Jughead never went because of ALF. they had no problem. Jughead went because he was unhapy with dtv.

Mihitha Rajith said...

@ LST,

Thanks very much..

aroox said...

dialog tv is so shit these days!!!

nimal said...

All Rugby lovers

Hope you guys have enjoyed scintillating rugby at it’s’ best. Thank you channel eye and NEO +

Machan, adenewa ney??? Fast and furious….ekek duwana kota ..kee denek back karanawada? I tip NZ, SA, AUS and ENG to be in the semis’ unless they face each other in QF

yakuza said...


alf said...



AMD said...


one of my friends, got DTV yesterday and he had apparently got a new kind of decoder. Its like a slim DVD player and has a small grey remote.
U can also split the screen to watch 9 different channels at once. U can also zoom channels.

TERRY said...

@ Jughead

The setplan problem for 900/- & 500/-(Old) packages has been sorted out,you can call them after 12.00PM or so and get it activated.

619 said...


when you split the scree to 9 channels. are those channels view live or just get an image of those channels?

619 said...

its good to see subtitles in most of movies in Zee Studios. Good work Zee Studio. Hope this subtitles in other movie channels too..

DTV still have the freezing problem a bit. but not like those days (star movies)

russel said...


You gotta be kidding? What other features are there?

terry and others

The Zone Reality problem still exists and there is no EPG on Nat Geo, SET, MTV.( It would be enough for me if they give the EPG for NAt Geo even.)

terry!! do dtv have any idea of getting rid of SET SAB? What are their plans if the fail to rectify the problem with SET SAB?
and are you by any means aware of the New DecordeR?


subtitles for other channels? you goot to be crazy....

better ask for subtitles in sinhala rather than in english.

russel said...

AMD had quite CLEAR said that their can be seen 9 different CHANNELS on the screen. And someone just come and ask a very stupid question.
A TV channel is NOT an image.

619 said...


pls see my above comments' i said "other movie channels"

and i mean by image is offline picture of a channel. I think you can understand it now !

AMD said...

@ 619, Russel

Yes its 9 different channels are split on the screen. U can also zoom the pics ( like in a dvd player). He is not that much of a tech person, so im waiting to go there and chekc it out for myself. He said he will bring me the manual tomorrow so ill let u know the features when i get it.

By the way he had comet before and got rid of it.

TERRY said...

@ Russel

The problem on Zone reality feed still exsists and the EPG problem will be sorted out very soon.

Yes,I am aware of the new decorder which is a sleek one,but am not sure of the functions.

Yes,Its better if we can give a feedback on SET SAB for DTV to take some action.Is anyone watching or interested in the channel?

@ 619
Who is this and lot of silly questions?

AMD said...

@ Terry

Reg: SET SAB -

From Day 1 there have been problems with this channel, can DTV take this off and replace with a FTA channel for now at least, until they secure a contract ? I think another English music channel will be good.
Like channel V international ( star group) ?

TERRY said...

@ amd

Its not the replacement of SAB and have channels to replace it,But this comes in bouquet with other channels and there may be financial constraints to remove it,But still DTV needs a feedback whether anyone watch this channel.

AMD said...

@ Terry

from what i have found out, friends, neighbours, relatives etc. There are a few good programs on SAB which they watch but do to the persistant problems with it most of them dont watch it now.

Priyantha De Silva said...

Dialog TV has interrupted their service 1pm to 2 pm.Now it can't watch.

Don't know what are they going to do in that period . We have to wait till 2pm to get to know the result !

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

ya red light is on. Hope it's nothing serious.

AMD said...

Any news on the interruption ?

TERRY said...

They are doing the upgrade for 500/- & 900/- old packages to get set plan

Dude said...


These guys need to shutdown transmissions to do the upgrade is it?

Well I hope that they have it back on air before 6pm and DTV will be on when we go home from work.

Hopefully Zone Reality will be also on air by that time.

THE ICC CRICKET AWARDS ARE TO BE SHOWN LIVE ON STAR CRICKET OR ONE OF THEIR CHANNELS TONIGHT. I saw an advert on Star Cricket regarding the time (did not have a good look at it though) but there is nothing on the schedule. The ICC website says ESPN Star are the broadcast partners.

Does anyone know the time of the broadcast?

AMD said...


The Schedule says that its on ESPN 11th - tomorrow - at 6pm. But its not live.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

its back and zone reality is working (maybe it came back long time ago but i only checked now)

TechnoGuy said...

Zone Reality is back and with CORRECT EPG.

(I checked Animal Miracles and Rescue 911; they matched)


TechnoGuy said...


Please report to us about the new decoder as soon as possible. I'm interested to know what otehr features are in that decoder.

Also, get the Model Number so we can all look it up on the internet.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

CAA head nuked:

"The head of Sri Lanka's consumer authority has been ordered to resign by the Supreme Court after being found guilty of contempt of court over the implementation of a previous order on liquid petroleum gas pricing.

Consumer Authority Chairman Sarath Wijesinghe was ordered not to take up any government post in the future, an official said.

Witnesses said Wijesinghe fainted after hearing the order. "

TERRY said...


Thanks,Its your info which sorted out the zone EPG

arnold perera said...

You dont know 619, that is the great friend of yours "JESIKA"

I you refered "silly questions?" with out knowing who is it was a great prediction.

Looser said...

Hey guys

Zone reality EGP is 100% correct now.

DTV has done the easy way. Now they are giving the Indian feed not the SA feed

Terry stop lying please

cbnsatcustomer said...

LST check this.


Lightning_Struck_Tower said...


It;s hilarious man. May this be a lesson to all Huluballa bootlickers.

cbnsatcustomer said...

It's the healine of tommorow's lankadeepa.

He has asked DialogTV to stop within 7 days. Clearly some others are behind him. At last he lost the job.

cbnsatcustomer said...

The Chairman of Consumer Affairs Authority fainted in courts

(Lanka-e-News - 2007 September 10, 8.30 PM) The Chairman of the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) Sarath Wijesinghe fainted in the Supreme Court today when the Chief Justice declared that he had violated a Supreme Court order.

The Chief Justice said that he had seen such incidents in his career. He made this statement reprimanding the CAA Chairman for contempt of court through filing a case against Dialog TV ignoring a court injunction and for committing a bias through filing a case against LAUGFS, a local company, to benefit the Shell Gas.

The Chief Justice ordered the CAA Chairman to plead mercy unconditionally in open courts for causing an injustice to LAUGFS.

Mr. Wijesinghe pleading mercy said that he was compelled to act wrongly due to the mental pressure on him.

Denying his statement, the Chief Justice said that such a person with a mental pressure is not suitable to hold a responsible government post.
Mr. Wijesinghe fainted while he was saying that he would resign from the post of Chairman of CAA.

The Chief Justice postponed the verdict of contempt of court case against Mr. Sarath Wijesinghe to September 24. The Supreme Court also took steps to inform the behavior of the CAA Chairman to the president and the Minister of Consumer Affairs.

Sarath Wijesinghe, a close relative of President Mahinda Rajapakse is a former Secretary of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka. He was an executive committee member of Sri Lanka Lawyers' Association of UK and was the Chairman of SLFP London branch.

Sattvasia.Com said...
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Sattvasia.Com said...

Be amaze......

Now you can watch TV on

CNN IBN , IBN7 . DD NEWS & Sinvibz currently available.

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bank_dude said...

@ cbnsatcustomer

do you know the font that they have used in that page.

Dude said...

Guys I think Looser is correct. It seems that the Zone Reality that we are getting is the Indian feed. I happened to have a look at the 7 day EPG and according to what I remember it seems that the programmes on the Indian feed of Zone Reality tallies with what is included in the EPG. It does not match the South Africa or the Africa DTH schedule.

Did anyone see the DSTV ad on Zone Reality, if any of you took time to watch it.

AMD said...

hi guys,

I got the new decoder user manual. ill upload some details from it during the day.

The decoder is designed & developed by TECHNOSAT

TERRY said...

@ Looser,

ear,my mistake and they were going to use that,now they have informed that the African feed is not applicable for this part of asia,and the asian feed is going to say.

sorry for the mix up.

Looser said...


OK, What are they going to do with Set SAB?

Loading time of EPG is little bit faster than earlier now.

Dude said...


Thanks for confirming. Anyway I just went through the schedule and it seems that there is no difference between the programming between the Indian schedule of Zone Reality or the Singapore schedule. Check the website. At least I did not notice any difference. So at the moment there seems to be nothing called an Indian feed and it is only an Asian feed.

It seems to be operating like Hallmark which shows the same programmes for Asia.

However I must stress and I hope that TERRY conveys this message to the guys back at Dialog TV. If an Indian feed is created we should stick to the Asian feed and not move to the Indian feed.

Anyway TERRY I think Dialog TV should remove SET SAB and add a channel like "Channel V International" or "Disney Channel". No one I know watches SET SAB, even those who may watch it a little will stop since they are planning to show dubbed versions of LOST, Alias and a few other dubbed old English programmes

TERRY said...

Dude & Looser.

Yes its the Asian Feed and there is no such indian feed,And this feed is going to stay.

We have to make a case for SET SAB even DTV understands that its not a sought after channel and there should be a constructive discussion in this forum from everbody to say that its a useless channel to make a case,and then we can defeneitly replace that.We have already informed them that its useless and needs the feed back to make a case.

AMD said...


Im listing some of the main features as per the user guide.

- Designed & developed by TECHNOSAT
- 4000 channels memory
- Easy graphic menu interface
- Supprts DISEqC 1.0/1.2 22khz tone
- Channel memory for multi-sat (up2 97 )
- Digital tuner with loop-out
- SCPC/MCPC receivable from C/KU Sat
- MPEG-2 main profile at main level


- 9 pic - to activate 9 pic mode
- zoom - zoom on a part of pic

Shall upload a pic shortly

AMD said...

here is the pic of new decoder.

Sorry its not very clear.
The best i could do.

qwerty said...

Can someone please tell me if they show the Rugby WC 2007 live on Australia Network.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "Zone Reality back to Asian Feed".


Mihitha Rajith said...