Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Official Set Plan Information

We have given below the Official information regarding Set Plans. We would like to thank Terry for providing us with the information.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.

Set Plan 1 - Rs 50/=

Z-Studio, Z-Cafe, Australia Network, Vijay TV
Set Plan 2 - Rs 50/=
Z-Cafe, Z-Studio, Nick, MTV
Set Plan 3 - Rs 150
CNN, Cartoon Network, AXN, Zone Reality
Set Plan 4 - Rs 200/=
History, Animal Planet, Discovery, National Geographic Channel
Set Plan 5 - Rs 100/=
Z-Trendz, VH1
Set Plan 6 - Rs 100/=
Star World, Set Sab
Set Plan 7 - Rs 150
SRTV, Set Max, Star Plus
Set Plan 8 - Rs 150/=
Discovery Travel & Living, National Geographic Adventure, Star Sports
Set Plan 9 - Rs 150/=
Animax, Set, BBC
Set Plan 10 - Rs 200/=
Neo Sports, Hallmark, Cinemax
Set Plan 11 - Rs 200/=
Pogo, Star Movies, Ten Sports
Set Plan 12 - Rs 200/=
Neo Sports Plus, ESPN, Star Cricket
Set Plan 13 - Rs 400/=
HBO, HBO Family, HBO Signature, HBO Hits

Terms :
1) Monthly rental remains same, irrespective of customers base rental.
2) Minimum base rental to be Lite 100 to be eligible for Set Plan.
3) Minimum activation is for 01 month.

Additional Information :
4) Month is taken as 30 days.
5) Once activate, cannot refund the money for that particular month.
6) Can take any amount of plans.
7) Can request for any number of months.


Rukmal said...

I think DTV CC is closed !!

I tried 4 times and waited for more than 5 mins each time. No one is answered !!

Anyone tried CC today ??

TechnoGuy said...

Tsunami Alert! Possible tsunami due to Earthquake in Indonesian region. Please evacuate coastal areas of Sri Lanka (Northern and Eastern areas) for your own safety.

TechnoGuy said...

The Dialog TV forum mentioned by Praba... (?) copies some articles directly off this Blog.

For example, see "Dialog TV Plans to upgrade to MPEG4" on that forum. They have copied the article on this blog without even crediting our Admin.

TechnoGuy said...

For Lanka Media Forum and Dialog TV Unofficial Website, I may take latest information off this blog, but then I will never copy the exact text as given here. Not at least without crediting this blog.

Sattvasia.Com said... Updated

Problem with ESPN ??

ESPN takes some time to connect with the beam. So don't close media player immediately if channel is not appeared. It takes little time.

Thank you.
Webmaster. - LIVE 20twenty Coverage..!!

Special Thanks - Dialog TV Forum.

AMD said...
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yakuza said...

sattv asia

how long

CN said...

Its strange Dialog have not advertised/publicized the Set Plans in the Daily Newspapers yet... or have they, and I've missed 'em?

russel said...

I think DTV should continue with their programme guide with more channels.

just see, it takes a lot of time for the EPG to load.and sometimes its not displayed. Just check for nat geo channel still no epg. ( the epg will come in another 3 days.)

Discovery has epg for only 3 days.

is there any way to make the epg appear faster?( i mean from the DTV's side.)

terry, Whats up with SET SAB now? Any news?

TechnoGuy said...

No, they have not advertised it yet.

But last night they had put up new billboard advertisements around Colombo. Noticed it early in the morning.

TechnoGuy said...

@ Russel
Yes, I agree about the programme guide. But each month they are adding a new channel or two (very slow).

EPG can be made faster if Dialog increases the bandwidth available for EPG data on each channel. But the higher the EPG bandwidth, the lower the Video bandwidth, and that means less video quality.

I think they should increase the speed a little bit more. At least to load within 30 seconds.

Lanka Media Online

yakuza said...
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AMD said...

watching espn is like watching a still phtotgraph!

CN said...

Ok, some feedback on Dialog's "new equipment". I've been rather couch-addicted after Star, hence feel like contributing "something" to the blog when I can... ;-)

I recall some dude had posted that Dialog is now issuing a new Technosat Decoder with added features.

Well, my neighbor got DialogTV installed yesterday, and I happen to see the installation of the dish & LNB. Guess what - the LNB is also Technosat. The dish is the post-CBN pure white dish. But the thin piping & LNB hoist seems poorer quality than the dull-ash thick piping of the CBNSat dish we got earlier.

Unfortunately, could not see the decoder with my own eyes yet.

Another sundry point, seems the installation crews have got Toyota Liteace vans now, as opposed to that really small van they had in the CBN days :-)

AMD said...

@ CN from my previous post:

AMD said...
here is the pic of new decoder.
Sorry its not very clear.
The best i could do.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "Replacement of SET SAB should be seriously considered"


Sattvasia.Com said...

Amazing....!! Now you can watch National Geographic Channel on SatTVasia.
ESPN problem is now fixed. ( ESPN-Asia is introduced instead of ESPN - USA)


prabakaran said...

Srilanka Satellite Television Discussion forum

join with us.


TechConsultLK said...

dear administrator,
pls publish the latest details about set plans. These plans have changed a lot now.