Friday, July 6, 2007

Star Package will be on Dialog TV says Star TV

According to information obtained from a source who wanted to be remain anonymous, we are able to confirm that the Star TV Package will be available on Dialog TV soon. According to the emails forwarded to us by this source out of which we have copied one below without revealing the names and email addresses, Star TV and Dialog TV are close to finalizing the deal and service should be available shortly.
From: XXXXXXX (STAR India) <>
Date: 05-Jul-2007 14:54
Subject: RE: FW: STAR distribution
To: XXXX <>

Dear Mr. XXXX,

We are close to finalizing the deal with Dialog TV and STAR services would be on shortly.

With regard to Comet Cable, we have deactivated our services to them on account of large outstanding and non-payment of our dues. We are in discussion with them and hopefully the same would be resolved shortly.



Boris The Bullet Dodger said...

This post is quite funny. Are we to believe an official mail of this nature will be sent to a Gmail address?

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

@boris the bullet dodger

This email was sent by the person handling Star TV distribution to one of our fellow bloggers. The blogger was requesting confirmation on the status of Dialog TV - Star TV discussions.

This email is authentic.


Jesika said...

I Repeat

Last Night All the TP3 Channels are gone. This morning also same
I did a manual channel scan and
I found another 5 new channel names called

Are they for new channels?
Anyone tried this?

Priyantha De Silva said...

DTV July Schedule, With Detailed, If anyone want to share My DTV July schedule ( On Excel ),
Cliick on,

(It's a ZIP file. After the download, you must Unzip it.Only for ones who don't know to use Winzip.))

1. Click the Download Button
2. Select "Save to Disk"
3. Unzip the file to get the Excel Sheet

( I've repeated this for the new page )

TechnoGuy said...

TP3 channels are now working again. But no problems have been solved.

The above email is good news for us. But when is "shortly"? What about the technical problems and all?

> Please get CNN, NEO and SAB working.
> Please put EPG for Zee Studio.
> Please put EPG for TEN Sports and Hallmark.

The other EPGs can be put later. At the moment these are the most used channels which need the EPG.


AMD said...

@ Riky,

Can we know from you what is the problem with the channels that are off air at the moment ?

Is there a system update is progress, so some channels have been taken off ?

TechnoGuy said...

@ Priyantha

cable said...


You are right last night all transponder 3 channels were not available. i did a scan around 11:50 pm and found 3 Noname channels as jessika did. 1 channel was showing Hallmark. Today morning around 8.45 am channels in TP 3 are back on again expect for Neo,Neo+ and the Noname channels.

Neo & Neo + & the Noname channels the E48 no signal message is appering
CNN still has the test card

CN said...

As the Admin proclaims, if this post/news is genuine, its the best news yet for Star-addicts like myself.

Its a shame a date was not mentioned.

hiru said...

@LST and who like Star Cricket News

Eventhough the Star Cricket Channel is already launched the demand for that Channel (from India) is said to be low as Doordarshan will get Ind & Eng series.

However,since Star Cricket will cover some intersting matches and tournaments in future, all indian operators are looking forward it.

We may have to wait till India get the new Channel ( if they wish)

Check this forum on STAR Cricket

cableguy said...

It must have been a testing of some sort last night. When I rescanned at around 11.30pm last night, TP3 did not show up as a choice initially, but TP1 scanned 4 channels from TP3. All without signal and "noname". CNN also missing.
Looks like they are moving things around and rearranging the lineup.

I kind of liked having all three news channels (CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera) next to each other. Just like they have many of the other categories all next to each other(i.e. movie channels, kids channels, infotainment) This way all the hindi crap channels can be bundled together separately, and only those who are interested can watch them.
Of course all this can be done with the Favourites list, but for those who dont want to use a Fav List, having similar channels next to each other helps.

arnold perera said...

This mail has lot of possibilities to be fake, just because it came from domain name do not simply believe it, because there are so many ASP.NET, C# programs are there which can generate SMTP mails and send to a e-mail address making it look like it came from a particular domain address but if you send a reply to that address the owner of the address will deny that he/she never send such a mail.
If its true then you have to publish the complete email address of the startv.
Do not mislead people with fake mails. If you cant publish those complete e-mail address then its better to remove this fake e-mail.

laksirif said...

According to a Snr source at DTV (not C/C) there is a channel upgrading going on & after that they expect other issues like freezing to be sorted out, while restoring services (CNN) etc during the day.

DTV has softened a bit about their attitude & said that 'though their intention is to get all customers to fall in to their present pkgs, before the month is over, they will not force it & will invite old CBN customers to pay the additional fee & get in to 1400 or 900 pkg as the case may be, by letter or a message.
900 pkg will still have ESPN,/Star & Pogo for old CBN customers. But didn't say what new channels will be given to such customers. Also certain new channels will be offered as 'pay channels' for this pkg.

As for Star pkg. They are confident of finalizing & including in their new channels b4 15th of this month. This information tally with e-mail published by Admin. H'ever, things may not work exactly as planned.

AMD said...

Thanks laksirif.

TERRY said...

Actualy what they are doing is relocating/arranging the receiving dishes in their compound.They will test the star channels prior to the 15th and will have a free preview.The remaining 4 channels will be added once the above operation is completed.NDTV has a small reception issue which will be sorted out in due course.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

An interesting comment made on an Indian DTH forum:

"How come Sri Lanka get to see those HBO channels and we here in India dont. Its not fair, they already have Murali"


TechnoGuy said...

I am going to post a message there and fix the problem there.

India CAN receive Dialog TV. But they cannot receive Murali, sorry! ;-)

Jesika said...

What is this package ?

It has wonderful channel lineup

It has Sirasa TV Too!!

mohandev said...

Star channels are back on Comet from last night irrespective of what the email says.

alf said...


hellbreez said...

If comet could negotiate(with all the financial and legal problems) and re introduce the Star packages why cant DTV with all the resources they have why cant they get it and introduce soon without giving us few cheep indian feed.I think they are trying to sell connections by saying they are getting Star channels.Star world and star movies are much better than HBO and zee channels.I think DTV is lying here.Misleading the customers.

alf said...


AMD said...

@ Hellbreez

I know u are jus expressing ur opnion but u must remember that comet already has star for the last so many years so it was eaiser for them to re-negeotiate. DTV has to set up all the tech stuff at their end before they air star. These things take time, as unexpected tech problems can come up. Be patient.

nimal said...


It has wonderful channel lineup

Budu ammoooooooooooo

TechnoGuy said...

@ Hellbreeze

Comet's receiving signals was locked. That is why they could not get the STAR channels. But Comet still had the receiving equipment and everything was already set up.

So when STAR unlcked the signal, Comet could immediately broadcast it.

But Dialog still has to receive the equipment, set up the system and rectify any technical problems. That is why it takes some time to get it going.

Please understand.

TechnoGuy said...

@ Jesika
THe SATlanka package is likely to be a fake. And even if it is true, you pay around Rs. 2000 per month or even more (the site says $20). Wonderful!

And it is not possible to get all the listed channels from a single satellite. So you will need a large dish with multiple LNBs or a multiple dishes. More wonderful!

Not to insult you, Jesika, but you really should have been more careful about what you said!

cable said...

did anybody call the numbers on that page to find out the details?

AMD said...

@ Techno G.

Tks for the clarification, i learnt something too.

Jughead said...

interesting ....

Jesika said...

I'm sorry for the above post
I called them

They said we have to select channels from that list. Number of dishes required are depend on the channels we select.

But how comes Sirasa TV came to that list?

nimal said...


They will tell you to buy a normal antenna

D.L.R. said...

that forum is interesting, dont know how this sat people working here.

Anyway can we expect toll-free number
DTV can give it easily as now they own two telephone operjavascript:void(0)
Publish Your Commentations. atleast from dialog gsm to CC must be free of charge

Hanees said...


cbnsatcustomer said...

IRD Upgrade is active again but downlaod stream is not present

Free-man said...

Today's Daily Mirror says:

TRC tells SLT to speed up before issuing new ADSL connections

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) has instructed the Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) to suspend the issuance of new ADSL connections until it upgrades its international backbone.

The TRC’s move follows complaints received over the slow speed of ADSL connections of SLT. This is largely due to heavy demand and usage following popularity of SLT’s entry level package priced at Rs. 1,000.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

"TRC tells SLT to speed up before issuing new ADSL connections "

At last, something sensible from TRC. SLT ADSL speed has been crawling in the daytime in the past few months. Almost as slow as Dial up.

Thanura said...

IRD upgrade is active. the download stream is also available. I'm still having the old cbnsat software.
but when i accepted the upgrade they said it will take aprox 600 secs. I pressed OK. then the software stopped running. then somethings were displayed on the decoder screen. after a while the software started again. But nothing new.
no multiday epg and the IRD SW date is still 2005/ /26.

TechnoGuy said...

IRD is enabled. Download stream is not found though.

@ Riky
Is it possible that the software upgrade will happen with this step.

Where are you, Riky? Do not leave us because of some big mouths.

Gamini said...

@ technoguy

could there be a problem as we upgraded the SW earlier. ( when they were testing)? Upgrading wont be a problem know?


u r a real jackass!!!!

D.L.R. said...

Noticed some ad on paper regarding
TATA indicom entering to local market with calling card.

does anybody knows about TATA telecom's future plan in SL

TechnoGuy said...

Channels on Dialog TV


HBO Signature
Zee Studio
Zee Cinema
Hallmark Channel
Zone Reality
Zee Cafe
Zee TV
BBC World (Earlier free, now scrambled and paid for)
Zee Trendz
Australia Network (Scrambled programming is paid for, other programming is free)
Discovery Channel
Animal Planet
Discovery Travel and Living
National Geographic Channel
The History Channel
STAR Sports
Zee Sports
Nat Geo Adventure
TEN Sports
NEO Sports
NEO Sports +
Cartoon Network

Total Paid Channels = 36


Al Jazeera
Zee Muzic
The Buddhist

Total Free Channels = 3


Total Local Channels = 6

TOTAL CHANNELS = 36 + 3 + 6 = 45 Channels

Please correct me if I am wrong anywhere.

TechnoGuy said...

Ratio of Internaional Paid Channels to Free Channels on Dialog TV



For every 12 paid channels, there is 1 free channel.

* Information taken from my last listing and calculation above.
* Please inform me of any mistakes.
* IMPORTANT: All free to air channels in Dialog TV are encrypted using Irdeto before sending the signal to customers. But the free channels are available for free on other satellites/services.

Gamini said...

any news about the software upgrade or any new channels?

CNN, neo channels arent still working.
can they just take off one like cnn for such a long time? ( even wheather they are adding some more.) It s liike 4 days now. No CNN.

As DTV had already added the new channels in their web sites, doesnt that mean that they have launched them officially?

KIDO-CMB said...

@ Hsjaya:
 Is DTV going to do this without any notification to the old CBN customers?

I understand Hajaya, but from DTV point of view it’s very difficult to allocate channels to different Packages.

As per DTV management they all not going to charge the additional amount (25Rs or 50Rs) till the official (STAR PKG) launch.

Make sure according to the DTV terms & conditionals DTV reserves the right to add or drop a channel/ service from any package and/or change the package rates.

 Does this mean 850 and 1375 pkg will be automatically upgraded by DTV or we will have to do it?

Yes, it will happen automatically, No need to send the request via phone or FAX, it will happen automatically shortly. And don’t go an transfer your 850PKG to 900PKG, coz some time you won’t be able to get the ESPN & POGO. So the best thing is, pls wait until the Official PKG migration.

Note: GODTV is available in other 2, 3 days & am unable to confirm the exact date b’coz of the TP3 Modification. Apart from that STAR PKG is coming to the line up shortly. Waiting for the SETUP BOX configuration. ITS CONFIRM.

Important: I heard that DTV Cxs facing problem with get connected to the hotline. This is due to the Pkg upgrading & the new channel launch. It will be rectify ASAP.
Best Regards...

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Will Star Cricket be launched too?

Gamini said...


any channels arent working now. There aint even epgs for any. dunno why. ( Apart from CNN an neo channels saying e48 no signal. ) Other channels arent even saying anything. Just the screen is black. Guys anyone pls confirm wheather its the same with ya guys as well.


are u aware of this problem? when will the software upgrade be done?

TechnoGuy said...

@ Gamini
I was just watching Live Earth on Vh1. No problem.

Must be a software problem. Try restoring settings or switch it off from the switch, and back on again.

cbnsatcustomer said...

What will happen if Sangeetha thinks they should tax pay tv also?

Sri Lanka TV industry hit by penal tax

July 07, 2007 (LBO) – Sri Lanka's television industry aimed at English speakers have sought relief after a penal tax brought by Sinhala teledrama artistes threatened to put them out of business, officials said.

Media reports said last week that several television stations including the mass-market state-owned Rupavahini, ITN as well as privately owned Sirasa and Art TV had delayed the payment of the penalty after advertising revenues fell.

Media Minister Anura Yapa confirmed that a television station had asked to delay the levy due to financial difficulties.

"Recently a media firm requested us to give them some time to pay the taxes due to financial issues in their firm," Yapa told reporters.

"I then informed them to forward their request to the finance ministry."

Sri Lanka's television stations catering to the small English audiences say they are under threat due to the special levy. The industry says the jobs of about 1,250 people are now in jeopardy.

Sri Lanka brought in a controversial tax on imported television content last year in a bid to force television stations to air more than 400 locally made tele-dramas in the majority Sinhala language that were not accepted for broadcast.

It is not known whether they have now been aired, but privately-owned Sirasa TV, which makes its own dramas said at the time that most of the programs were of poor quality and they had to reject them.

There are now stiff penalties for popular Hindi programs that are dubbed in Sinhala broadcast by the Sirasa TV channel, though the penalty for English programs was reduced from the original level.

Due to opposition by Tamil parliamentarians, Tamil language programs were exempted and the tax on English programs was also reduced by President Mahinda Rajapakse following protests.

However, with a downturn in the advertising market, channels catering to the small English market, which is the first language of the country's burgher community and is also used by other ethnic groups, have run into financial difficulties.

Industry officials said a delegation met treasury officials last week, but the meeting had turned fiery with representatives of tele-drama artistes also being there.

The three English language broadcasters, MTV, ETV and Art TV have said that while mass-market channels like state-owned Rupavahini could charge 125,000 rupees for a 30 second spot advertisement, English channels could only charge about 5000 rupees.

The channels have to pay 10,000 rupees for every half hour of entertainment programs aired by them and pay a similar penalty for repeat telecasts.

An imported English film has been hit with a penalty of 25,000.

All other films especially popular Hindi films had been hit by a 200,000 penal levy.

English television stations have told the treasury the industry is now in crisis as the levies were too high compared with the market, and they have not been able to increase the rates to pass on the cost to advertisers.

The industry was also hit by a 500,000 rupee tax on imported television commercials with a large number of advertisers leaving the television industry altogether.

The current downturn in advertising spend had also generally hit television revenues.

Minister Anura Yapa says state-owned television stations have now made their dues up to date, and he has no power to give relief to stations who have requested relief.

"I have no such power to do so," he told reporters.

"Only the finance ministry can come to a final decision on this."

The government had collected 160 million rupees and the money has been put in treasury bills Yapa said while a decision is made on what to do with it.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

"Other channels arent even saying anything. Just the screen is black. "

Turn off the decoder. Then switch off power to decoder from wall socket.
Wait 2-3 mins and turn it on again.

KIDO-CMB said...

@ Gamini:
Hi Gamini...
IRD upgrade option is enable for every one from last evening. Even personally I checked with DTV enginners. This due to DTV internal software migration. IRD upgrade is available till tomorrow. If anyone having the OLD decoder then you all can download and upgrade the Version, if its success then there is a possibility to get the 7day EPG & some of the new features.

KIDO-CMB said...

As I said earlier CNN, NEO +, NEO SPORTS & SET SAB channels are down till further notice due to the TP3 maintaining or upgrading.

KIDO-CMB said...

@ Lightning_Struck_Tower:
Negotiation going on. Unable to confirm the details. Can you give 48hrs time to check this with the relevant parties?(as per Mr.R****H its coming with SUNTV India)

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

thanks a lot for the info.

dannymot said...

Technical Question!!

Can anyone tell me how I can get a COLOUR video signal from the S-Video outlet of the DTV decoder to a Composite terminal on the TV unit? My TV does NOT have a S-Video input terminal.

Thank you

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

"Can anyone tell me how I can get a COLOUR video signal from the S-Video outlet of the DTV decoder to a Composite terminal on the TV unit?"

There should be a cross cable avaiable for this. There is a shop called 'Tulips (cant remember the name exactly)' in Unity Plaza which has all sorts of cables. Check there and if you are lucky you'll find it.

N300 said...

I have the 900 Package.i want to upgrade that to 1400 in order to watch tour de france on ten sports.even though this is shown on neo plus it is not working at the moment.however i cant get thoroug the hotline there another number to call customer care.

incest said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
incest said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
AMD said...

@ ADMIN - Can u please delete the comments made by INCEST, They are not relevant here

Looser said...

Yes it takes lot of time to load because of this.

Poor Incest he is very very sick

AMD said...




TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Sorry about the spam posts made over the weekend. If this continues, we may have to reintroduce "Word Verification".


nishantha said...

Thanks for Delearing Those Bullshit Comments

Guyes How about getting SET PIX Channel on Dtv line up by replacing SETSAB.

We will have another English Film channel. We know that Pix not like HBO/Cinemax or Stmovies. But It will be better than SET SAB.

Gesika, AMD, Gamini, LST, What do you say

bank_dude said...


Is this star pack has Channel V?

AMD said...

@ ADMIN - Tks.

@ N300 - Try 4606060

Looser said...

Is IRD Upgrade working? It didn't work for me.

AMD said...

@ Nishantha,

Yes we already enough of Hindi stuff so getting SET PIX is a good idea, its not as good as CMAX/HBO or star but definiely better than SET SAB.

The site is:

nishantha said...

Thank AMD,
Let's Try to get SET PIX

Bloggers Please Comment for have more Entertainment.

Ricky, We have a Small Request.

D.L.R. said...


Although the IRD upgrade is active , It can't download the relevent files.
it says it takes 600Sec but within few seconds system restarts with same old version. pl update us the time that upgrade stream is available.

D.L.R. said...

Replacing set sub with SET PIX is good suggestion. It is not suggestion. It is must. This is Sri Lanka, Sinhala is the main language & TAmil is the second. I know my native language is rare in international channels. But Tamil is freely available.

I dont mind if you remove these SET MAX, Zee TV & introduce any tamil channels as they r available.
For sri lanka DTV's Hindhi channels are already saturated.

I saw some channels like Cartoon network & Nick advertising TAmil audio stream also available for some programmes. Why Dtv cant include tamil stream as secon languge as our system support it. If U do it today we can hope in future we can see SINHAL STREAM ALSO AVAILABLE IN THOSE CHANNELS.

TERRY said...

Though the IRD upgrade is active,dont do the download untill they inform you through a message or something,Its not complete.

Looser said...


SET Pix is good Movie channel but the only problem is it has lots of Indian Ads. (Sonsoring is also little high)

I think PIX is better than Zee Studio

Anyway I prefer to something from Asia or Europe not from India.

cable said...

Aren't any of you guys pissed off that NEO,NEO + & CNN is not available and the pixelation issue is still not sorted out? When i was matching SA vs AUS rugby test match on Australia Network i got sick of it

When will this end? DTV is almost becoming like comet now they dont inform us what is going on and when we call their c/c no suitable answer is given after wasting time to get all our details. Do they need all our details to answer a questions like "why are channels not active, when will they be active"

Actually i am sick of it and i think i made a big mistake in getting a DTV connection.

Dont any of you guys feel the least bit aggrieved that you are not getting the service you paid for or at least some information on when services will be restored ?

D.L.R. said...

Hey Cable,
We poor people, considered as old customers dont know anything about "Australia Network" or Neo sports problems. Those problems are for new DTV customers. DTV is not consider we as their customers. From april to July we waited to become members of DTV, but still we r poor CBNSat customers

cable said...



You guys are the people who made this blog and DTV to see the way DTV treats you. I can imagine whats in store for "DTV" customers in the future

AMD said...

@ D.L.R

As KIDO-CMB said, the old CBN customers will be automatically upgraded once the new channels are launched.

Some info for u guys:

DTV was doing a promotion at Crescat in the weekend, when i asked about STAR, they girl said " SOON SIR" :)

Eariler Crescat had Comet but now its DTV.

Jughead said...

i agree with cable.

i have mentioned this before as well. why cant DTV use the facility available in the system to update the customers of any inclutions/exclutions or even technical difficulties they face so that the customer is well informed of the situation.

CNN going off air should have been conveyed in advance since it has something to do with internal upgrades.

Why do they use the facility only to remind us of outstanding dues?

we get some what of info through this blog but what about the people who do not have access to such info?

a friend of mine had the full package but for some weird reason he didnt get any of the new channels (neither did he know of the existence of new channels) until i gave him instructions on rescanning. if not he would have been stuck with the old selection for a very long time.

DTV please take this as a constructive critisism and TRY to be a bit more professional and customer friendly in future.

AMD said...

Guys, have a small question thats not related to this blog, if anyone can help me pls.

Are mobile phones cheaper in China or Singapore ?


D.L.R. said...

In china good brands like NOKIA, Samsung, Sony Ericson & Motorolla R very high in price. But same phones available with chinees name for very cheep price. Better if u can go with chineese speaking guy, otherwise carry a calculater to show them figures. they don't know at least one two three..

AMD said...

Tks D.L.R.

Is it the same for other electronic items like, TV's, DVD Players etc. ?
The Big names are expenisive and the chinese brands are cheaper ?

nimal said...

Go for a brand name with a warranty...(specially electronics)

D.L.R. said...

U can buy DVD player from LKR 2000 to 3000 with all features on earth. (even if you copy a dat file to cd, it can play) for 2000 my player is worth than a brand name. But without good name for mobiles cant find any drivers, softwares, java games etc..

hsjaya said...

KIDO-CMB, Laksirif,

Thanks for you confirmation regarding the channells.

If DTV upgrade 850/- and 1375/- pkgs to 900/- and 1400/- on their own, DTV also will have to be mindful about following condition in CBNsat agreement.


The effect of this condition is that

1. DTV has the right to delete or include the channells whatever manner they want.

2. They have to give 15days written notice to all 850/- and 1375/- customers to accept their new terms.

3.If any OLD CBNsat customer doesnt want to have these new packages , his services will be terminated.

4. OLD CBN Customers will have 15 days to accept new terms or whatever the course of action they want to initiate

So mates there is no any other option , either we accept new terms or get terminated.

CN said...


A question I've had for a couple of months now, just occurred to me that this blog might be able to help out : )
I've got a 32" widescreen TV, hooked upto the CBNSat decoder. In the system settings of the CBNSat decoder, there is a field for TV Aspect setting (4:3, 16:9).

I selected 16:9on the CBNSat decoder, but did not notice any difference on the TV screen, compared to the 4:3 default.

1) Is this because Dialog is not transmitting the feed in 16:9 format? Most digital cable operators in the West have all gone widescreen...

2) Anyone in this forum have a 16:9 TV to confirm if they can get programs in widescreen format once the setting on the CBNSat decoder is enabled?

Jesika said...

Hay can I DTV record movies from my old VCR?

D.L.R. said...

lastmonth My bill said I've 5000+ over paid & after reducing last bill another 3000 add overpayment is remaining. But I got my this month's bill forgetting all my previuos balnce saying B/F 0, Payement 0, and total payble is 977.50. How do they do such a crazy billing thing while saying "Future today"
if U use simple Excel program to do billing U will not find this type fault bills.

hsjaya said...



AMD said...

Hey where is our man Riky, he's very silent these days...

D.L.R. said...

If DTV turns our packeges from 850 to 900 by force oneday (At least by September) what will happend to us if we upgrade to 1400 just for one month & downgrade. will that two channels remain?

B'cos during CBNSat era I upgrade twice (During my annual vacation leaves) & downgrade back to 850.

TERRY said...


If you do that you will loose espn and pogo,Thats confirmed.

nishantha said...

I think whole Blogmates Like to have SET PIX On Dtv line up.

Adm Please Give more some priority about this issue.

Ricky, Kalu Where are You...

Dtv have already got Four channels of Sony entertainment (india) SET,MAX,SAB,ANIMAX networks.

I think Getting SET PIX On Dtv isn't a big issue for them.

SET PIX mostly telecast Sony entertainmt (pvt) films

alf said...



Looser said...

DTV's Picture quality is much more better than DishTV. You need glasses

cableguy said...

Is DTV going thru some unprecedented demand for connections???

My friend has paid for a new connection over a week ago. The sales guy has promised everything under the sun until he got his cash. Since then the marketing guy is hard to contact. Even when he is contacted, he keeps saying it will be installed tomorrow and so on. Many tomorrows have come and gone, and my friend still does not have the connexn. But DTV gladly took their money.

Is this the FUTURE TODAY? or more appropriately PAST REVISITED ??

Come on Dialog!
We expect lot more from a highly profit making, blue chip company.

If you cant handle the demand, please tell your marketing(sales) guys not to sell until you are able to handle the demand. Haven't you learnt anything from your oversubscribed mobile phone fiasco from a few years ago???
Or are you just straight up GREEDY?

cableguy said...

I vote for SET PIX. Much much better than the other SET crap. A good chance to catch up on some of the older good movies.

cable said...


Join the frusrated DTV customers club. These DTV guys are so incompetent i cant belive how they got jobs in the private sector CNN has been off air for 4 days now and they still cant get it to work it's so pathetic.

nishantha said...

Thanks CableGuy

Jesika, LST, Nathan(New Guy),Gamini,

Y dont You post a comment about this SETPIX issue

Do you want to continue the SET SAB.

and I have some other request for TP 4

There is a Newly Launched Iranin Tv which named 'PRESS TV'

Disney's Sister channel Jetix.

Fox reality and FX (they are already available in SE Asia)

Befor that,

Atha laga thiyena mala kadaganna balamu.

SET SAB Replace to SET PIX

Adm, Your lawful blogers want your attention on this issue.

laksirif said...


That's the 'Trademark of Dialog'. They are only keen in promoting sales. But their after sales service is horrible.
They can do it until more good service providers commence their operations. DTV know pretty well that Dish can not give them good competition.

hsjaya said...


It is my feeling that DTV will not carry forward OLDCBN pkgs. That is 850/- and 1375/-.

They will ask all CBN customers to agree with upgrade of the package which they have done, giving 15 days notice.

Therefore if you upgrade from 850/- to 1400/- you have to down grade to 900/- which has been rightly pointed out by TERRY.( There will not be any 850/- pkg for you to down grade )

TERRY said...

What ALF said about picture quality maybe correct,as i also had a opportunity of watching a dish TV connection and at the moment DISH doesnt seem to have any pixalisation at all.Since DTV is ridden with all sorts of technical problems,they sure have to sort out these problems to have superior picture.

Though their picture quality is ahead of DTV,some of the channels are sheer crap

dannymot said...

Thank you Lightning_Struck_Tower for your message but Tulip does not sell cables.

I saw an advert in the Sunday Lankadeepa where Yamaha agents are offering a super deal for the A/V equipment and speaker systems.

They offer trade-ins for any type of amp/speakers systems and you get 5000 off the list price.

I purchased the Yamaha RX-V359. I can now "input" Composite signals from the DTV decoder, and get two composite outputs to two TVs. Problem solved!!

dannymot said...

Hi All,

Here's a very useful link about connectors!!

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

An English movie channel of any sort will definitely be better than crap like SET or SAB. So PIX all the way.

I've seen the channle on dish and it seem to show pretty old movies. Most of its lineup consists of hit movies from around 10 years back.

As for picture quality dish did something to their compression now the quality is ok for most channels. Till recently it was crap for even NGC, History and Disney.

DTV will eventually fix the pixelisation issue coz they dont have any transponder overloaded. It's a matter or regulating bandwidth i guess. Hope its not much of a prob.

TechnoGuy said...

Package information for new channels

Channel Name - Package Basic Price (500/900/1400)

TEN Sports - 1400
Hallmark Channel - 900
SET - 900
HBO HiTS - 1400
Australia Network - 500
SET SAB - 900
NEO Sports - 900
NEO Sports Plus - 900
The Buddhist - 500
SR TV - 900

This information was taken off an official leaflet by Dialog. It also had channel logos and certain information about available channels.

TechnoGuy said...

At least 500 package fellows can watch Rugby apart from the existing Z Sports (which is of course Zhit!).

TechnoGuy said...

CNN is back!

NEO Sports Plus channel is showing TEN Sports with the DialogTV name underneath.

The Buddhist is OK but with a "The Buddhist" label underneath (like on NEO Sports Plus chanel).

nishantha said...

LST Thanks for Your commnet

Dtv Please get SET PIX we dont need SET SAB

Technoguy Thanks about Your info.

do they mention the date of
official launch.

AMD said...

CNN & NEO Channels are back.

The pixel problem with NEO seems to be ok now, its much better than what it was when they launched it.

TEN SPORTS also has been given 7-day EPG.

Thank u DTV.

Kavan said...

I recently signed up for DialogTV, and was a bit surprised that the DialogTV site did not have a directly linked webpage from which one can read daily schedules of the channels posted on the Internet at websites of most channels, so I made one up at

Please send any corrections or comments

Kavan said...

I recently signed up for DialogTV, and was a bit surprised that the DialogTV site did not have a directly linked webpage from which one can read daily schedules of the channels posted on the Internet at websites of most channels, so I made one up at

Please send any corrections or comments

KIDO-CMB said...

Hi Everyone�
Except SETSAB, DOWN channels all are working after the HIGH-BANDwid upgrading last night. Pls check the Picture quality.
DTV going to put some animation text art from next week. (eg: DIALOG TV logo). More info available shortly.

AMD said...


PIC quality in NEO channels has improved a lot and so far no pixel issues. But it can improve further, same for TEN.

Jesika said...

Ten sports quality is still poor.

What about the s/w upgrade? will they allow it shortly?