Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Channel launch should take place soon

We are now heading towards the middle of July and we believe that it is high time that Dialog TV launches the new channels that it has got lined up for its subscribers. Viewers of Tamil channels have been disappointed for the second time (the first was when Raj TV, Raj Plus were removed) since SRTV was removed a few days after it was introduced for testing purposes and replaced with "The Buddhist". What could have been done was to move SRTV into one of the slots occupied by the Hindi channels since SRTV is the only Tamil channel on Dialog TV and there are more Tamil speaking people in Sri Lanka in comparison to Hindi.

For the past few days CNN, SET SAB and the Neo Channels were off air but CNN resumed yesterday and we are getting unconfirmed reports that the NEO channels are also back on air. Now it is time for NDTV, HBO Family, SRTV and God TV to be introduced since testing can be carried out on those channels too and then the Star Channels can be checked and the official launch can take place soon.

This has to be done soon since the subscribers who are on the older CBNsat package of Rs 850/= are unable to view certain new channels and are unable to move to the Rs 900/= because they will lose ESPN and Pogo. It is learnt by us that Dialog TV will move these subscribers to the Rs 900/= with ESPN and Pogo at the official launch. So due to the delay in the official launch these subscribers who have been faithfully with this company during the controversial times are unable to reap any benefits. We understand there are technical difficulties then the Rs 850/= packages subscribers should be allowed to watch the Rs 900/= new channels until the official launch takes place or else their packages should be upgraded to Rs 900/= with ESPN and Pogo after due notice is given to them.

Subscribers of Dialog TV are requesting Dialog TV to replace SET SAB (a Hindi channel) with SET Pix (an English channel). This is a fair request since Pix will be more popular than SAB. We hope Dialog TV will consider this request do the needful. We request the subscribers who want the replacement to go ahead, to convey their request to Dialog TV and also to Subscribers Unite. In addition Star Cricket is a must and steps should be taken to introduce this channel even at the expense of a Hindi Channel. Do not replace any of the English, Tamil or Religious channels rather replace the Hindi Channels.

Last evening the Dialog TV logo was on Ten Sports and it was blocking vital information on screen. If it was done as a request from Ten Sports, since some content providers want the logo of the distributor to be displayed to prevent piracy of the channel then we hope Dialog TV will reduce the size of the logo or reposition it in a manner that will not block any on screen information. However removing it is the ideal result.

Please keep us updated on the latest information regarding Dialog TV as the days progress.


alf said...

Sri Lanka court to slash fixed access tariffs

July 9, 2007 (LBO) – Sri Lanka's telecom regulator has proposed slashing home rentals by 24 percent and call charges by over 8 percent, in a consumer interest case against the island's largest fixed access provider, a court official said.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka has suggested in court Monday that monthly domestic subscriptions of Sri Lanka Telecom be reduced to 350 from 465 rupees and business rentals be reduced to 950 from 1200 rupees.

Call charges are proposed to be reduced by 8.72 percent.

TRC was asked to submit a proposal by the Supreme Court after a lower court decision in favour of Consumer Association Lanka, a lobby group, was appealed.

Court had ordered the parties to come back on August 27 with a plan to implement the proposal with effect from January 2007.

Chief Justice Sarath Silva had said the Sri Lanka Telecom could set off the amounts collected during the past six months against future bills, instead of returning cash to subscribers, court officials said.

A formal court order is expected to be made at that date.

Under a light handed regulatory regime, only SLT tariffs are regulated, while other fixed access players price around the main operator.

Suntel, a unit of Sweden's Telia, Lanka Bell a part of the Stassens Group and Telekom Malaysia's Dialog offers CDMA based fixed access while Sri Lanka Telecom is licensed to offer wireline and wireless telephony services.

SLT shares closed down 25 cents at 35.75 Monday.

Dan said...

I have been faced with a problem like this. The channels freeze after about 30 seconds of watching. I have to change the channel to un-freeze it. This happens approximately in 30 second intervals and it happens on all the channels. I spoke to customer care and they said to rescan but it didn't work. Then they assured that it'll be sorted by the end of the day. No change as yet. Anyone else facing the same problem? Can anyone give me a solution?

alf said...
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MERINO said...

Thanks Admin 4 highlighting the Tamil Channel

AMD said...
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firi said...


switch off the decoder from the back & switch it on again.

alf said...
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AMD said...
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arnold perera said...
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AMD said...
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alf said...
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AMD said...
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alf said...
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SAG said...

It seems DTV don’t have good sound engineers with their team. Sound is getting distorted (clipped) is in lot of channels, HBO hits is the worst. Every body is only thinking about the picture quality but they must maintain the sound quality also to improve their business.

alf said...
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alf said...
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Jughead said...

Any channel with English Movies will do for me.

So I'm all for 'Pix' :)

matter of fact i think it will be handy to have Pix for marketing the 500/- and 900/- packages by DTV.

AMD said...
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AMD said...


Do u know if the DTV star package includes CHANNEL V ?

cable said...

Today morning Neo, Neo + & TEN sports pixelation has largely gone away on Australian channel have to check when a sport is broadcast

Better late than never i guess

hush said...

yesterday night around 11.45 heavy pixelation on transponder 1 without any change in level of quality and signal and was for channel 1~18 and really pissed me as I was watching fear factor on AXN but there was no pixelation on transponder 2 and 2 chaneels of transponder 3, cannot comment on test channels as i do not get it still under 1375 package.

KIDO-CMB said...

@ Jesika:
S/W upgrading not Possible @ the moment.

FYI: DTV ppl going to interrupt the TP1 channels for 15min from 2.45pm.

cable said...


Do you have any info on when the STAR package will be launched?

AMD said...


Do u know if the DTV star package includes CHANNEL V ?

D.L.R. said...

Thanks kido for new info

when we(OLD CBN Customers) can watch new channels.

Cus care people dont know what is stereo means. when I claim about LEFT only problem guy said change AUDIO to left then I can litsen that channel from both speakers. I tried to explain about the difference btw Mono & Stereo but that poor mud head guy dont know anything

Nalakha said...

Hi Everyone,

This is regarding the new 1,400/= package. I was not aware about the necessity to upgrade the Old CBNSat 1,3**/= to the new 1,400/= package nor did I find any document or newsletter requesting to do so, in order to get the new channels. However, I spoke to DTV customer support last week, and I was told that the package change can be done over the phone. so I did request them to do so.

Now my problem is, Since I called the last Thursday requesting to enable it, nothing has been done so far. I called the 4 times since last Thursday, and no progress have been made on this request. and on top of that they said that it'll take 24 hours to enable the facility.. Now that's a first.... with all this technology improvements, I'm sure that this can be done in a couple of hours provided all documentation and systems updations are done on time.

Has anyone faced this problem.? Since I was one of the first customers of CBNSat, is there any discrimination against old CBNSat customers? Because when I call them the first time... the customer support guy was very rude and was in "Don't care, If you want it get it or fuck off " attitude.


Roshan said...

Machan ALF,

Where can i get info about dish tv.
can u tell me the cahnnels they have, the monthly fee and installation fees?

please ... good luck.

AMD said...

@ Nalakha

They have different attitude towards different customers. As in my case, i made only 1 call, the guy asked for ID no and address and withing 1/2 hr i was upgraded.

But for a guy in my same office, 1st i called on behalf of him, nothing happened, then he had to make 2 more calls and finally it was done.

Dosent this remind u of the earlier Dialog GSM c/care ?

cable said...

@ nalakha

did you do a channel search?

if you did then you have to keep on calling them and tell them to do it it's not a bias just plain old sri lankan customer care

Nalakha said...


Yes actually I did do a channel search. I did a "restore factory settings" or something... and then did a channel search... that's how I check daily before I call them.

One more thing...that I forgot to mention was that... every time I call, their system shows that I'm still using the Old CBNSat package. after requesting so many times.

I agree... one of my friends call DTV customer support while I was on line with him, and they said that they will go ahead. and the following day he had all the new channels.

soorapappa said...

Hmm... after sometime...

I'm also agree to drop ANY hindi crap at any time and introduce ANY english one. No offense :-)

Seems like Riky is not going to help us anymore.

@Riky, just ignore the Jack a** and come back again as requested by most of us.

I'm recording DTV stuff using my old VCR. Only you need is a separate AV cable and connect it to your VCR's AV IN sockets and other end to DTV top box's second AV out. Only problem is you cannot record one and watch another at the same time :-(

cable said...


Dose DTV STB have 2 sets of AV out's ?

I've connected the RCA AV outs to my TV and and connected the RF out of DTV STB into RF in of my VCR

I havent seen 2 RCA video out's

kumara said...
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soorapappa said...

Oooops... Sorry cable.
There are 2 audio outs and 1 av out and 1 s-video out. So what I did was connected S video cable to TV and audio LR separately. Then connected AV cable to VCR :-) my mistake... So we need 1 s-video cable, 1 LR audio cable and 1 AV cable.
Previously I've connected VCR through RF out. But AV is better than RF.

kumara said...
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kumara said...
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alf said...
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TechnoGuy said...

@ Alf, Kumara, Roshan and others

Please take your DishTV and anti-DishTV fight out of this blog, and in to another blog of your own.

The Dialog TV Forum is for discussing the good and bad of Dialog Satellite Television, Sri Lanka. We will strive to develop our service.

Nowhere in this blog should other content providers be moentioned, except when comparing for improving Dialog TV itself.

Although some of you do compare for the betterment of Dialog, this awful fight has gone long enough.

Imagine how much work the Admin has in deleting all these fight comments. Is it worth?

So for our sake, go somewhere else and fight this out away from here.

Free-man said...

About the Hindi channels.

I'm certainly not a Hindi fan and would like any Hindi stuff removed from DTV. But, the point is - there are so many Hindi fans out there. Many people must be buying DTV just for the sake of Hindi stuff. That may be why DTV doesn't want to remove the Hindi line-up. The average Hindi viewer is unlikely to read this blog and comment here.

TechnoGuy said...

Now that the "old" new channels are back again (well, except SAB), we can expect NDTV, SR TV, HBO Family and GOD TV to be introduced soon.

Congratulations to Dialog on getting some of the technical problems solved and improving the picture quality of certain channel. Not to forget adding EPG for TEN Sports.

> Add EPG for Hallmark Channel
> Introduce the otehr 4 new channels soon


TechnoGuy said...

@ Free-Man

Yes, the Sri Lankans who have been watching Gon Depaya too much are these people, mostly.

They will watch the actors opening and closing their mouths, moving here and there, and killing each other off, even if they cannot understand head or tail of the story! Behold, the Gon Depaya Illness.

There channels are valuable when considering a certain class of people. I still hope they are a minor class of Gon Dapaya people.

But of course, I have no problem if any of you watch Ran Depaya. You all have free will of your own to do anything. Just wish Sirasa would use their Sirasa (Head) and show more Sinhala/Local content than Hindi/Indian content.

kumara said...
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kumara said...
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kumara said...
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kumara said...
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TERRY said...

I think this Kumara guy is over reacting with utter filth and he has become the real fool,and dont get carried away that you dont become popular and everyone is not Kalu.

Ignore Alf.

kumara said...
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kumara said...
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Micheal said...

Hi to All,

Bloody Interesting blog, this!
Riky, where are you maan?

Ignorance is bliss.

stay cool guys, as always..

AMD said...


Can u please delete the comments by ALF and also any comments that are in relation to this blog ?
This is not a blog to discuss each others body parts !!

AMD said...

Guys, i have a scanned copy of the DTV package list on the new brochure, if any is intertested i can mail.

How do i put a link for it on to this page ?

kumara said...
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soorapappa said...

yes. I would like to see that. Please upload it using any free upload service(as kumara said) and comment the URL.

AMD said...
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hsjaya said...
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AMD said...

Here are the links:

Hope it works.

[URL=http://www.zshare.net/image/2640496342d0ff/]dtv.jpg - 0.59MB[/URL]


arnold perera said...
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TERRY said...
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Nalakha said...

Hi Bloggers...

I was hoping for some comments to my previous posts. However, just got 2 replies. Anyways I'm sure all of you have better things to do like kill each other via the blog.

Anyways ... just to keep you informed, the connection was not upgraded to the new package last night when I contacted them. When I asked the first time he said "NO " and then again when I explained what had happened, he said it was upgraded. Hmmmm...

And I did all the restoring and setting up the settings on the decoder according to him... but didn't work... then he said to wait for 5 to 10 minutes for it to take effect. Then I checked it after and hour.. but still nothing...

Can anyone please tell me whether I have to do anything additional... in order to get this working.

Blog Admin, I would appreciate if you could send me any info on this.



soorapappa said...

URL is working. Thanks !!!

AMD said...

@ Nalakha -

Try calling the general no: 4606000 and speak to some Manager and explain what has happened.. IT MAY WORK.. who knows..

D.L.R. said...

Bloggers, pl stop this unwanted fighting. Our problems are still Existing.

Now truth is revealing. Earlier they said due to technical issue we , old customers cant watch new testing channels. But it is not. If that so, how we can watch NEO plus & Buddhist. We can watch them b’cos they allow us to watch only those

. Yes agree Ricky was a reliable source, But we cant trust his all words. I think KIDO also giving some true info.

Come out guys, from April we wait patiently watched our channel list growing up. We wait day by day patiently till they allow us to watch/ enjoy these new channels. But what happened, they allow us to watch two hindhi crap channels along with one religious & neo+(another crap which comparing to Tensport, espn & star sports) .
There was no any such a technical issue. What they trying to do is gather as much as old customers to new package by misleading. Only we, who getting info from this blog are aware about this new 850 to 900 migration, other customers are without knowing the inside story changing their packages. Cant we do anything this DTV’s discrimination.

kumara said...










D.L.R. said...

somebody post a wap site to find channel schedules in previous post. Can anybody pl post again

hsjaya said...


So What,

If you really intend to initiate some course of action against DTV discrimination you still can proceed ignoring the comments made by anybody.

Do not think all 1400/- pkg people are silently watching and laughing.

I had a 850/-pkg got it upgraded to 1400/- Last Monday. But I am there with anybody if they want to initiate any action against this DTVs marketing policy.

TERRY said...


I agree with you,You dont have to rely on anyones comments to intiate action,a majority will back you if their is any substance to the claim.

And nobody is going to suceed blogging here with utter filth.

AMD said...

I had 1375 but upgraded to 1400, BUT im also ready to initiate any action against this DTVs marketing policy.

hsjaya said...


I can give you few names who blogged here who wanted do something for DTVs discrimination

1. Vishkid 2. Laksirif, 3. Priyantha

and from todays blogs you can pick up Myself,Terry, AMD and Your self.

So you have seven people.

If my memmory is correct Laksirif was suggesting somethings but he has gone silent.

Other than above people there will be lot of others to support if someone who is having experience propose some meaningful action against DYTVs discrimination

laksirif said...

@amd, hsjaya

Whether its a DTV customer or old CBN customer, in my opinion everybody should realize that we should collective fight against injustices caused by DTV,(at this moment of course only to old CBN customers). However,unless we show our displeasure & protest about DTV's unfair Trade Practices now, they can do it again at a later date to all of us.

D.L.R. said...

I was just a viewer when our snr bloggers fight against CID's action last time. So pl one of our Snr blogger come forward & give us your leadership. We r here to fight against DTV's unfair TRADE Practices.

hsjaya said...


Mate sorry, Not that we ignored you.

We were just watching what was going in the morning.

To answer your question, you dont have to do anything other than giving a call and provide some personal information like contarct no, Id no ect, to DV customer care.

Within 02hrs they should be able to do it.

I got the pkg upgraded from 850/- to 1400/- by just giving a call. I did not do anything to my TV at home.

Not even a restore factory defaults. After two hours all the channells came up suddenly.

Just give the DTV cc care people a real blasting ( If you can do it only ) and see whetehr it will work

Nalakha said...


Hi thanx a lot for ur post hsjaya...

I understand.....

well I can blast them...some thing I'm very good at ...Hee heee.......... which I did some time back regarding a billing issue.

But Once you do it they don't answer the phone again. It happened last week when my request was not handled. I'm sure they have CLI and they cut the line.... I tried calling them about 5 times since the first call. Anyways that day the guy who answered the phone was very rude. well as usual it pissed me of... and he was talking rubbish....

So once I get the job done I'll blast them.. hee hee

Thanx Mate...



Nalakha said...


Current status

I was on the phone with a guy just now. and this was his feed back..

He was good enough to admit that it was a problem on their end. and according to him the request was lodged on Friday not Thursday...That was the second reminder. So he said that the activation was only done last night. after 4 days. Hmmmmmm and now he will do a reactivation now and asked me to check it in the evening. if not, call him.

Hope everything works out well...

Cheers.... Everyone..

cableguy said...

Dialog GSM Customer Service on Duplication Rd is not any better either. Only thing good about them is that they have very nice offices, very neatly dressed, and speak politely. Beyond that, most of them are airheads.
I was there recently to sort out a simple matter related to my mobile phone bill, and left the place after one hour, fuming and cursing at the dumb-headed CC people there. They are very ill-trained when it comes to troubleshooting.(But they do have ultra modern computers and LCD monitors in front of them, sitting on a fancy table, surrounded by neon lights). They are only trained to dress properly and smile(which is a good thing) but they should know the subject matter too. Why spend so much money to make he customer service area look good, when all they have inside is a bunch of ill-trained, clueless souls, at the mercy of customer wrath? Its not the fault of the guys working there, its the fault of Dialog for not preparing them for their very challenging job. Then again, Dailog is too busy making money.
So based on this corporate culture at Dialog, we cannot expect any better customer service from DTV either, saving a few.

But fear not my fellow DTV or Dialog Customers.
We always have TRC and other authorities to complaint if these big companies try to screw us. We also have the ability to start online petitions and other methods to fight for our rights.

Thats my two cents worth on The Customer Service Practices of one of the leading companies in Sri Lanka.

TechnoGuy said...


I'm sorry, but I won't be joining with you against this discrimination business.

I don't mean there is no discrimination. It is a matter of how you look at it.

For me, with the top package, I don't feel your problems. So thats why I won't join you.
I don't want to say something silly or bad trying to get in to others' business.

So, good luck all of you. Lets hope Dialog introduces some better package structures soon.

I will keep updating the blog with latest information I get.

AMD said...

Yes, Technoguy does have a point.
Anyways according to our contract DTV is supposed to send us a letter telling us about the increase in package rates etc, and we have to respond in 15 days, am i right ?

By the way, jus called c/care for the fun of it, asked about STAR.
He said "definetly within 1 or 2 weeks will be get it sir".


nimal said...

Some intersting news

Detailed review: Comet Cable / Dialog TV


TechnoGuy said...



hsjaya said...


I tried visit the page. But it kept throwing me a error message.

Then I tried "anaeblog.blogspot.com "
and it directed me the blogspots you have created.

You have put lot of efforts mate. Well done
I will definitely read it when I have time.

Keep it up

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Kumara,And others,

I can understand what you feel, But ,Don't think all of we are neglect others as we are enjoying 1,400 Pack. We are always with everyone who makes efforts to escape others. We'll never get them as Jokers.Because, If there is discrimination, it'll come again in the future for everyone.Who knows that ? We must fight, but also enjoy. Because DTV is an entertainment equipment, Then we must get all the facility it gives. If not, Only new buyers enjoy it and we are feeling bad for years.

I thought it's not worth to fight with a large company to get them our way.

( I agree with TechnoGuy on that point)
It will never happen. They'll do whatever they want. So it's legal. But they must see us by human eye. On that point it's not happening. If we're going against them they'll hate us , even this Blog. after that they'll never listen to us as NOW. Really, Now they're responding for our requests ( A little, But, it's OK )on this Blog time to time.

Only I know "This is a Business" They are marketing . we are only a few of customers in Thousands most of them are not participate on this Blog, even have internet.

@ AMD,
Thanks for your effort let others to view the new channels list of DTV.

@ TechnoGuy,
( After hsjaya's above suggestion I thought, to wright down this)

You were keeping your blog with new information ( Mostly your own creation ) many months back. I was a regaler visitor then. Mostly you did that relation to DTV or CBN. But,After that,for many months you were not updating it. I request you to do your good work regularly as many months before.

( I think the No.1 updater is LST, well done , Then I've got a RSS feed from LST's Blog for mine)

@ Rusel,
I think your suggestion is coming true. You made the Official Launching date of new channels for Aug 2 a month ago. Now it's few days time.

@soorapappa ,

Thank you very much for your comments there.

@ Riky.

We Miss you !
We know what you have published ,was not your plan or ideas. If there was a fault, not yours. you are the only one who can give some reliable information from internal sours. If they give something wrong , others think you are wrong.
Do the service as did before to whom, they trust you , they are always with you.
( I know you see this)

I've made a question about you a few weeks ago as Can we trust you ,. You made a respond politely as Let the time to come. Now I really know, we can trust you. Keep it and do the good job . Don't listen to some ,the heart breakers !( Not now, It'll happen in the future as everyone. But don't get angry with others who trust you.

Priyantha De Silva said...

Blackberry Pearl enters Sri Lanka market via Dialog

By Damayanthi Hewamanna

Dialog Telekom and Vodafone together with Research in Motion (RIM) have launched the Blackberry Purple smartphone in Sri Lanka. This has been a result of the partnership between Telekom Malaysia and Vodafone that enables Sri Lanka to gain access to a wider range of products and services.

“We are robust, different, unique and we do things more efficiently”, Dialog Telekom Sales and Marketing Manager Nushad Perera stated. “This is different from the traditional blackberry as this is a robust handset phone. Hopefully the blackberry will introduce another gem to Sri Lanka.”

The Blackberry Pearl is said to appeal customers who are looking to replace their older mobile phone or looking for a full-featured handset that can support multimedia and keep them connected with friends, family and colleagues. The sleek, lightweight phone offers all capabilities of a Blackberry smartphone such as e-mail, text messaging, web browsing, an organiser as well as a 1.3 mega pixel camera, multimedia and an expandable memory slot. The phone is priced at Rs.65, 000 and is now available through Dialog Telekom.

The features on the phone include voice activated dialling, Bluetooth support, built-in speakerphone as well as voicemail attachment playback. Through e-mail, SMS and MMS services you get the push technology, multiple email account manager, group messaging, SureType keyboard QWERTY layout with a 64MB flash. You also get an audio and video playback option in a variety of popular formats with a large ultra bight high-resolution display. There is also Instant Messaging supported by Yahoo, Messenger and Google Talk.

For More.

Priyantha De Silva said...

"MTV Europe" Not comes via DTV ?
Can anyone suggest anything ?

Priyantha De Silva said...


I've created direct links to get the Channels List for every channels on my Blog. If you like you can bookmark it and very easy to reach the the schedule links.

Click Here

Priyantha De Silva said...

Dialog TV , July schedule,
If you want On Excel sheet, Click on


(It's a ZIP file. After the download, you must Unzip it.Only for ones who don't know to use Winzip.))

1. Click the Download Button
2. Select "Save to Disk"
3. Unzip the file to get the Excel Sheet

( I've repeated for new page )

AMD said...

Looks like DTV is getting is progressing little by little.

As of yesterday:

1. EPG available for HBO HITZ & AUS

2. For SET SAB- There is a pic and
a message saying that there is
upgrading in process.
- Its good that they are now
conveying service messages to

3. There time in EPG in ZEE TRENDZ
needs to be adjusted.

nishantha said...

Last night at 11.00 pm and today morning there is a picture on SET SAB channel Showing dialog tv logo and Their Uplinking Dish. Main heading is 'upgrading on ...'' also a animated title on it saying sorry for inturruped this channel.

Have any one notice this.

Some News:
For last few day I think from monday there is a programme guide publishing on 'Daily News' Paper about some movies on HBO, HBO Hits, HBo sig and Cinemax. But there is no any advertiser. who doing this. Is it dialogtv trick.

Indias MTNL Going to buy Sri Lankas Suntel.

AMD said...

@ nishantha

Reg the daily news article:

I dont think its done by DTV, cuz todays one mentions some films on sirasa and shakth tv too, so it cant be anything to do with DTV.

Its just a summary done by the daily news.

D.L.R. said...

what I want is mobile wap page which display all channel's daily schedule.
I used to used but I loose that when changed my mobile

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ D.L.R.

I Think the link you are looking for, according to Kavan,


CN said...

@Nalakha: FYI, I upgraded from the 500 - 1400 package last week. Called CC, spoke to a guy, he said it'll take 24hrs, next evening (approx 20hrs later) I was upgraded. Not to rub salt into the wound or anything, just shows their CC varies greatly. Same applies when you call 678678 I guess...

PS: Are you still @ Sxxxxxxt? : )

Jesika said...

Thanks Soorapappa / cabel for your reply

CN said...

Hello all,

I agree with some postings above that the direction of the blog gets "skewed" occasionally. I posted a question in the previous thread, but did not have the luck to get a productive answer. I am sure there are fellow tv addicts here with widescreen TV's. I am re-posting this question, with the hope of getting some feedback & enjoying DialogTV in widescreen, if possible...

"A question I've had for a couple of months now, just occurred to me that this blog might be able to help out : )
I've got a 32" widescreen TV, hooked upto the CBNSat decoder. In the system settings of the CBNSat decoder, there is a field for TV Aspect setting (4:3, 16:9).

I selected 16:9 on the CBNSat decoder, but did not notice any difference on the TV screen, compared to the 4:3 default.

1) Is this because Dialog is not transmitting the feed in 16:9 format? Most digital cable operators in the West have all gone widescreen...

2) Anyone in this forum have a 16:9 TV to confirm if they can get programs in widescreen format once the setting on the CBNSat decoder is enabled?"

TERRY said...

Though DTV is operated by a blue chip,I find it to be dis -orgernized and lacking in quality or the professionalisum of the parent company.This is evident by how they are operating,like a "thosai kade".

When Muhunthan was at the helm he showed professionalisum backed by excellant customer rapport.I think there is no cordination or proper management at DTV at present,Everbody is doing waht they want.

Looser said...

Are there any health related channels available in our region?

D.L.R. said...

after you select 16:9
change panscan/letterbox view method.
definitly u will get your requierement. As I'm now at office cant give exact answer.

CN said...


Thanks, will try that out tonight...

Nalakha said...

Hi Everyone....

Guess what...!!!! finally after 5 days.. I'm getting all the channels.. Thanx a lot for you input.. specially the Blog Admin for getting me the contact info.

Best Regards to you all,