Thursday, July 12, 2007

More rambling on the EPG

Okay here we go again rambling on about the EPG on Dialog TV. Well this time round it looks like they have introduced EPG for HBO Hits and Australia Network. However the EPG on Discovery Channel and Zone Reality are pathetic. Discovery channel EPG is off by almost a day (even their monthly printed schedule for Discovery Channel is off by a day - please check against Discovery website) and Zone Reality EPG has been well, pathetic since the day they started it. It is either Zone Reality India EPG being flashed on DSTV Zone Reality or they have messed up the time calculation.

Like we mentioned before there are several mistakes on the Dialog TV July Schedule, another one is that AXN schedule is also wrong (not all programmes but some - for example the schedule does not list Pirate Master which commenced yesterday).

We are also told that the Zee Trendz EPG also needs an adjustment. It is best for Dialog TV to take more responsibility and care and appoint RESPONSIBLE personnel to make sure that their EPG and printed guide is accurate.

We hope Dialog TV introduces the other new channels as soon as possible. Please keep us updated on the latest as the days progress.


soorapappa said...

Well said admin !!!

I'm also salute DTV for adding EPG for most of the channels and at the same time it should be (and can be) improved a lot. Specially it should be correct with time.

cable said...

In HBO Hitz EPG if you press the info button after selecting a specific movie a brief synopsiss of the movie is also displayed

Good Job!

AMD said...

Thanks ADMIN for highlighting this issue.

Also, The pic quility of TEN sports is much better now, but the sound level is pretty low when compared to other channels and the quality also sometimes sounds like a low quality MP3.

Dude said...

One more thing was a sound to picture delay on almost all channels yesterday at night. How is it now guys?

There was some sound distortion on Nat Geo last night. But things seem to be improving.

When will they give us HBO Family, GOD TV

AMD said...

@ Dude

The few channels i checked in the morning were ok.

But the problem has been there with Buddhist TV since it was launched.

The Buddhist TV logo is now on the channel.

cable said...

There is a significant sound to picture delay in Zone reality

CN said...

Good point Admin

DialogTV Staff: Its obvious some of you read this blog. A tip I can give - try to rope in some editorial staff from Cometcable to do your guide for you!

Jokes apart, they (Comet) did a much better (not perfect) job than you (DialogTV) do at present, in aligning the timings & respective feeds. Thats 7 years of history talking, for reference.

Some corporate headhunting is always good for the industry.

CN said...

I noticed last night there's also a significant sound - picture delay in Discovery Travel & Living. Picture is probably 1/2 a second ahead of the sound...

hush said...

yesterday I was watching the programme haunting on discovery and found the audio preceded video and no coordination. sound came before the mouth moved.

hope they correct the same as its disturbing to watch programmes in that manner.

Jughead said...

Travel & Living EPG is also wrong.

Nathan said...

hmmmm...what my comments can do to people...they stop

Vishkid said...

Well you gotta be joking .. The last time I watched DTV, Tuesday night I guess, the sound picture co-ordination of most channels (AXN, Discovery, T & L, POGO, NGC, NGA, Zone Reality) hv all gone for a six!!

It was so difficult to watch these channels and I got so disgusted and gave up watching.

* Pixalization
* Picture Freezing
* Sound-Pic out of sync
* Below par quality pic and sound on some channels
* No solution forthcoming for above from customer (dis) service!

Are we actually dealing with a blue chip company or a spare-room start up?

D.L.R./hsjaya/laksirif/cableguy and others - we are being shat upon by DTV, that I agree. And we are being too lenient on them. If you plan to hv some proper action you can count me in. Im anyway in discussion with some guys in press - will keep you updated.

As someone mentioned, this is not life or death - this is (or is supposed to be) entertainment. But DTV has been below par for too long. If this happened for two weeks at my industry, we will loose half of our customers and and millions of dollars in days! I'm a professional and I expect my service providers to be professional as well. Especially if they claim to be so.

But I hv so far seen bullshit from DTV, apart from one or two bright moments. The sad truth is that we are stuck here due to lack of choice. I see those ads of DSTV on Zone Reality and I could almost cry .. DTV will never, ever become like that - because the mindset is not there.

D.L.R. said...

DTV never ever can come to DSTV's standerds. yesterday evening I requested to change my package to 1400.
Actually i wanted to do earlier but wait to strengthen the blog. But waiting to wakeup DTV mud head people is wasting our time.
But I'm receiving good information about alternative to DTV. asa I got reliable info I'll publish here. till that i'll waiting as just a viewer, like our old bloggers

AMD said...

Are u guys gonna really compare DSTV in SOUTH AFRICA - to DTV in SRI LANKA ?

Its true that DTV lacks in c/care, but they have been in existance only 6 months and this is a totally new field to Dialog Telekom.

Do u mean to say that DISH or TATA Sky dosent have any Tech problems from time to time ? Im sure they do.

What if DTV didnt buy CBN ? We would have still had the red light on decoders and probably would have seen for a long time to come..

Just my opinion...

cableguy said...

As someone rightfully pointed out earlier, why cant DTV show a message on the screen whenever they are testing or if they are improving any channel etc? The features already exists in the system. For Gods sake use it. That way many of us will not have to be left hanging why channels are in and out or why channels keep changing all the time.

Please dont tell me that the DTV program controllers are so incapable that they dont know how to post a message for viewers???
This is some "Future Today"!!! More like "Future Lost".

Vishkid said...

Buying CBN is one thing AMD .. lack of professionalism is something else.
It is apathy that forces some ppl to live with shit being dished out day after day. Tolerate all this bull after paying them whats it worth (a month ahead at that), purely because they bought CBN at that time? That is pathetic.

Nobody compared DTV with DSTV - just mentioned we will never be able to do so .. never, get it?
Unless, of course, if Dialog undergoes a full mindset change and:
1. Understand the technical aspects of DTH (hire ppl with exposure)
2. Understand that making a buck at any cost (to customer) only works on a competition free world.
3. Understand how to run a customer care operation and how to hire ppl for such an operation.
4. Let an operations guy run the show not a marketing one.

AMD said...

@ Cable - There is a message on SET SAB CHANNEL

Dude said...


I have to agree with you. I think we should give Dialog TV more time. I know their CC sucks from time to time and it is the same for all companies in Sri Lanka. Not sure why some of you complain of problems in Dialog GSM CC since I am having a Dialog GSM mobile for close upon 6 years and I have not faced a single serious problem. I think DTV CC is no where close to their GSM counterparts.

If DTV is like this, I can imagine how SLT IPTV will be. However the sad part is that we are willing to take action against DTV now. Last year just about this time we were sitting in front of our decoders waiting for the light to change to green. I am sure on that day if they had said that during they will resume transmissions but will never add any new channels we would have agreed just to get the green light back.

I am not saying that we should not fight for what is rightfully ours. It is just we should know where to draw the line.


We have to keep in mind that this company is still young. I am sure that as time progresses that they will improve. Vishkid under CBN also things were not rosy, there were technicals problems then also but there were no major transponder additions like this one.

SO my opinion is that we cannot expect high standard all at once.

I am also a regular customer and I have faced worse customer care in the hands of SLT, Suntel and Mobitel. So believe me this is much better even though they have a couple of morons with them.

CN said...

Regarding alternatives to DialogTV, if you do get any info, do please post.

However, I believe most of us here (moi inclusive) have no doubt researched quite a lot. I was with Comet for 7 years myself, tried to get LBN (no coverage), checked out Dish from Telecave (risk factor seemed too high at the time), and eventually settled on DialogTV for my Colombo home. Some of my posts on researching alternatives can be seen at the Comet forum under the alias "cometcable customer"
I can tolerate the pixelation to an extent, as I bore ghosting on Comet for many years. However, like cableguy & vishkid say, sometimes the true lack of professionalism, carelessness, and lack of domain knowledge in senior staff at truly Dialog amazes me.

Bottom line - until a better alternative comes along here's hoping they will pull up their act together, or another operator comes into the fray...

AMD said...


Thanks for your input.

In the case of Dialog, do u remember how it was when they started almost more than 10 years ago ? There was almost no customer care, u had to basically stand next to a tower to get a signal and there was no interactive website. No look where they are, look at their website, coverage and value added services.

So lets give DTV more time, not years but at least a few months more.

Would any of u have prefered DTV the way it is now, or the way it was when they took over CBN, with the same old channels ?

SLT IPTV - A few days ago the TRC directed SLT to upgrade its international bandwith or stop issuing ADSL connections. This goes to show that some people try to run before they can crawl.
By the way, ADSL speed had been horrible the last few days.

Jughead said...

i picked up the following from by someone in the previous thread.

"Comet cable’s decoder allows you to watch multiple channels simultaneously via the RF out - i.e. you can watch some channels on different TV’s in your house by parallel wiring: for example if you connect another TV you can watch Animal Planet or Hallmark even while you are watching HBO on the main TV." it true?
2.can the DTV decoder facilitate that as well(meaning.. is it that dtv has removed that option from the decoder)?
would apprecite a feedback.

Dude said...


I do not think Comet allows to watch two different programs from the same decoder. This is because the decoder has only one unscrambling unit. I asked a friend who has Comet a few months back and he said it cannot be done. Not sure whether Comet has some other decoder models too.

The DTV decoder cannot since it also has only one unscrambling unit. You can use multiple tv's to watch the same programme. Even Dish, Tata SKY and SKY Digital UK have this constraint. You have to have multiple decoders to watch separate programmes on different tv's

CN said...


" it true?" - No, The Comet decoder outputs the same fashion as the CBNSat, on RF. However, you can one 1 Grill antenna routed to several Comet decoders, enabling different channels on different TV's. This is what Comet did in apartment setups.

Cant answer your question 2 confidently, as I'm still rather new to DialogTV.

soorapappa said...

@Jughead, it true? Half true. Because some of the channels on commet are not scarmbled (animal planet, MTV, some other I cannot exactly remember). So you can watch all via decoder and unscrambled once without decoder :-)

2.can the DTV decoder facilitate that as well? No. It can decode one at a time (this is also true for comet decoder)

alf said...


cable said...


The watching of alternative encrypted channels on comet from a parrelel connection is not possible.

On comet all channels are encrypted expect for BBC,Star Plus,Hallmark & Animal Plane. You can tune these channels if the connection is input to a RF input of either a TV or Video on CATV band (The TV or Video must also support CATV scanning) so if you are watching an encrypted channel in RCA/AV output you can also watch a different UNENCRYPTED channel on the parrel connection

I hope what i said above is clear to you. The author of the blog entry you pointed out has got it wrong.

Free-man said...

Comet also advertises Primary Connection and a Secondary Connection like DTV.

Comet charges much less monthly rental for the 2nd connection. DTV charges full monthly rental for the 2nd connection. Comments?

Free-man said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jughead said...

thanks dude, cn & soorapappa.

the fellow whoever put the comments in there seems very serious about what he says as with regard to comparison of technology, facilities, pros & cons of Comet & DTV.

thanks again guys

Jughead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
alf said...


Jughead said...

cable, thanks to you too.
i didnt see your comment earlier

cable said...

My opinion about the earlier posts regarding DTV,
Why should we give time for DTV to put things in order? We are paying for a service so we should get what we pay for. Do you think DTV will wait 2 or 3 months for us to pay our bill? DTV has had a lot of time to sort out everything by now but still there are technical problems this is total incompetence or a lack of interest on their part. Don’t for a moment think that we can’t do anything about it everybody would have seen the recent directive by TRC to SLT to stop issuing new ADSL connections until their international bandwidth is upgraded and the directive to cut costs of calls by 16%. SLT is a way bigger company than dialog. A little determination goes a long way
They may improve their services soon(about time) that would be good but we don’t have to worship them here by saying "thank you DTV",....etc, for gods sake this was the service we expected when we paid our hard earned money.
DTV didn’t purchase CBNSAT for the kindness in their hearts they identified a business opportunity where they could make money and went after it. There’s nothing wrong with it I am all for capitalism but they can’t cheat customers by trying to cut costs

alf said...

DISH TV india going to add 4 more channels in their line up from 19th July 2007.That channels are Star cricket, Neo sports, Neo sports pls & Neo news. Therefore, LBN also should add Star Cricket very soon.


TechnoGuy said...


Today, I have only been able to visit certain websites and web pages. Others never connect.

Fortunately, this blog is accessible. But when I tried to post a new article on my own blog, it could not save. All the info I typed was lost with the reload of that page. Blogger had not been able to even autosave the drafts.

And most other sites are not working. I tried restarting the computer, reconnecting the wires and resetting my router. No luck.

So it must be a problem at SLT's end. I can imagine what they will do with IPTV.

Only thing I didn't try is customer care. I have had awful experiences before, so I just don't try.

I may not be very long before I completely lose the connection.

With the current dial-up (56k) like speeds on SLT Broadband ADSL, I wonder how they will ever launch a television service. Their channels are likely to be heavily compressed and tons worse than Dialog's. Now I feel very happy that I have Dialog TV and not SLT IPTV.

CN said...


You mentioned above Dish rental is Rs900/=. The last time I called Telecave they mentioned Rs1200/= with a Rs19,200/= capital investment for hardware.

Have they reduced the rental recently? If yes, any change to the capital investment?

cable said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cable said...


In accessing internet SLT has limited bandwidth to distribute to all of their customers but on IPTV the connection is between customers home and SLT broadcast center so theoriticaly bandwidth is limited only by the underlying medium which in this case is copper wire going by the quality of LBN(also cable) i dont think there will be a problem with quality of IPTV. This is only therotical i dont know if any external factors come into play

I am not saying that SLT will be good far from it they have enough and more internet bandwidth(Gigabyte) after connection of SEA-ME-WE-4 cable which they are purposly not giving to ADSL users(SLT is scared that corporate customers who use leased lines which are very expensive will move to ADSL)

Vishkid said...

@ Dude - respect what you say but keep in mind that there is a limit to tolerance. It is not extreme stuff that we are asking for, right? forget new channels - I can't bloody well see them anyway! They hv only marginally improved the viewing quality of existing channels and some most definitely hv gotten worse! And their customer service has gone from supportive to emphatic to tolerable to downright rude!! all this for something we pay for - DTV is not a charity.

If you know how genuine subscribers in this blog hv been waiting day by day for something that never came till now .. it's been a miserable performance by a company that should hv known better. The worst is they CAN - only if they had more brains and more customer focus. But they are electing NOT TO. they are not helpless babies .. so all those who seem to be bowing down and saying "thank you .. thank you o' lord dialog" everytime they do some puny little thing should note that it is indeed pathetic, as cable said!


russel said...

some good news at last........

the SW upgrade will be done very shortly. ( In a couple of days.) Maybe today. We will have to wait and see. I'm not sure though.

As i have told you people couple of months ago, the official launch is supposed to be on the 2nd of August.

They will give HBO family, GOD TV , NDTV in a few days.


hsjaya said...


The problems you mentioned are also experienced by me and lot of others.( Pixalization
* Picture Freezing
* Sound-Pic out of sync
* Below par quality pic and sound on some channels
* No solution forthcoming for above from customer (dis) service!)

But the funny thing is there is no communication whatsoever from DTV regarding anything.

It is true that they are testing and as customers we should have patient to allow DTV a resonable period to solve technical and marketing problem.

But the question is how much of time they require ? One month, two Month, three months.... or may be one year.

If we , as customers are prepared to wait for them to sort out their technical issues, DTV should at leaset have the courtesy to inform its so called valued customers what is going on.

They have not shown any respect or any regard to their customers during past two months.

Rather than treating well, most of the customers have been discrminated and treated shabbily.

If someone from DTV read this blog ( I do not think DTV marketing people are such intelligent buggars )they should know how much customers have been frustrated.

One thing I have observed was that lot of DTV customers outside this blog do not know what is going on. I question lot of my friends who are having 850/- and 1375/- pkg but they said they dont know any testing done by DTV.

When I asked them whether they are prepared to upgarde their pkgs most of them laughed and asked why should they upgarde when they dont what they are going to get.

So their marketing poilcy will definitely backfire if they dont allow all customers to view test channells for a resonable period of time

cable said...


do you have any info on when star world,movies will be activated

arnold perera said...

All the time I am saying is the price of the package is too high. Who ever tell that, more time should be given for DTV to give more reliable services then tell them not to ask customers to move to top package to see all the channels.

Dont keep supporting DTV(unless if you are working there), your comments are always for DTV's actions.

When SLT launches IPTV, dont even think that their services will be less good compared to DTV, secondly when ever SLT launches something, they give free service for certain time (like SLT accelerator, city melodies many more), so customers have enough time to see and feel the service, but DTV don’t make every one know about the content of the new channels.

TechnoGuy said...

@ Cable

IP (Internet Protocol) is broadcasted over the internet. The internet is provided through the telephone cables which come to the house.

If the internet is provided directly throught the cable to the house as you say, it will be cable television as like LBN.

IPTV is broadcast over the internet and requires a suitable internet bandwidth to broadcast. That is why they will be using ADSL and WiMAX connections to provide the service. Otherwise they could have just used the existing telephone wiring only.

Also, the IPTV service could be accessible outside Sri Lanka if you have the needed decoder and all.

If I am wrong, sorry. Please correct me.

@ Lightning Struck Tower

Can you provide more information on IPTV. Is my info or Cable's info correct?

@ Arnold Perera

As far as I know, you are bent on putting down Dialog TV in some way. Of course, you were created as a result of some idiot DTV user/employee who thought he could convert other service customers to DTV. Instead he made a big mess for everyone.

Why don't you go chasing behind such people and leave us alone?

What is wrong if I praise DTV for some good work? And earlier I was in a very foul mood because of the internet connnection problem. Now it seems to be OK.

Maybe SLT's services will be Ok. Must wait and see.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Guys see this article and you'll know everything about IPTV.

However using SLT ADLS in daytime nowadays makes me cry. Main problem is that they've sold more Rs 1000 ADSL packages than their servers or allocated international bandwidth can handle. This will have little impact on IPTV service as there will be no international traffic involved in the process.
But most ADSL connections are capped at 512Kbit/s. As far as i know DVD quality video cannot be beamed over 512Kbit's even if it's compressed with MPEG4 (try using Joost, video will freeze randomly). So before introducing IPTV (which will definitely target existing ADSL customers as potential buyers), shouldn't they upgrade existing infrastructure first?

TechnoGuy said...

Thanks for the information.

Yes, international traffic won't affect the local IPTV. So my idea about the slow speed is WRONG. Sorry, guys.

But I agree, they have to upgrade the infrastructure, introduce faster ADSL packages and reduce prices if they are to provide IPTV at a professional level.

DVD quality video in MPEG-2 will need around 6 Mbps bandwidth. Same quality in MPEG-4 will need around 2 Mbps, give or take. So 512k is NOT an option.

And I hope they get the WiMAX going. At the moment Comet Cable is still using all its bandwidths and SLT does not seem to be doing anything about WiMAX. Meanwhile Dialog has already half-launched their service.

Prices of Dialog are high for WiMAX. SLT may think this will keep back customers and give them more time to launch. But this is underestimating Dialog. Especially where money could be incoming, they will do anything and everything to get customers.

But unfortunately Dialog is not good at keeping their customers. Most still exist in DTV because there is no proper alternative.

Back to the IPTV, I wonder when they will actually launch. They first said December this year, then it got pushed to 2008. Next 2009, and then 2010? The delays could continue if they have to reorganize the package system and fix thing up for ADSL.

They don't seem to have even started ever getting the equipment yet, let alone testing the system. Only thing I heard about it recently is their boasting newspaper article in April or May.

Anyway, I hope and pray that SLT IPTV will come in to the market and pose some very good competition to Dialog TV. If Dialog TV continues the monopoly, the customers will be the most troubled. Although they will improve, it will be a very slow process.

Kaushal said...


In terms of market capitalization (net worth of the company), Dialog is easily the largest company is SL. SLT is the number 3 company in SL behind Dialog and John Keells. Dialog's net worth is more than three times that of SLT. Just check and select Market Information > Market Capitalisation of listed companies from the menu and you will see for yourself. Just my 2 cents....

Kavan said...

While EPG is not available for most channels you may find my webpage with bookmarks to the daily program guides online useful

AMD said...

Rugby Union Tri-Nations 2007
Tri-Nations: All Blacks v Springboks
Saturday 14 Jul at 13:00

TERRY said...

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand, July 10, 2007 (AFP) - The All Blacks locking woes have eased slightly with the return of Keith Robinson among seven changes in the side to face South Africa in the Tri-Nations rugby Test on Saturday.
Isaia Toeava has also been included in the starting line up to bolster the midfield after Australia exposed deficiencies in the stop-gap selection of Luke McAlister in the number 13 jersey in the All Blacks last outing.

All Blacks coach Graham Henry said the All Blacks were not at their best in their first two Tri-Nations matches and needed to improve for the remaining matches against South Africa on Saturday and Australia the following weekend.

"We can play better and these two home matches are our last chance to do so before the Rugby World Cup," he said.

"We also want to see some players get more time on the field, so there have been changes to the line-up. The challenge is to make sure everyone in the squad is raising the standard."

The backline has been significantly overhauled from the side who lost 15-20 to Australia in Melbourne, with wingers Doug Howlett and Sitiveni Sivivatu coming in for Rico Gear and Joe Rokocoko respectively.

Piri Weepu starts ahead of halfback Byron Kelleher, who does not even make the bench, while McAlister moves to his preferred inside centre role in place of Aaron Mauger.

Robinson is one of three changes in the forwards. Having recovered from a calf muscle injury sustained minutes before the second Test against France in Wellington last month he replaces Troy Flavell.

Reuben Thorne wins the blindside flanker role ahead of Jerry Collins while Keven Mealamu start at hooker ahead of Anton Oliver.

All Blacks (15-1)

Mils Muliaina, Doug Howlett, Isaia Toeava, Luke McAlister, Sitiveni Sivivatu, Daniel Carter, Piri Weepu, Rodney So'oialo, Richie McCaw (captain), Reuben Thorne, Chris Jack, Keith Robinson, Carl Hayman, Keven Mealamu, Tony Woodcock.

Reserves: Andrew Hore, Neemia Tialata, Jerry Collins, Chris Masoe, Brendon Leonard, Conrad Smith, Nick Evans

TERRY said...

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand, July 11, 2007 (AFP) - Lock Johann Muller became South Africa's fourth captain in four matches when he was named to lead the Springboks against the All Blacks in the Tri-Nations rugby Test Saturday.
The side contains four changes to the starting line up that frittered away a 17-0 lead against Australia in Sydney last weekend to lose 17-25.

Muller inherits the captaincy from loose forward Bobby Skinstad, who suffered broken ribs against Australia.

Regular skipper John Smit, who was injured in the first Test against Australia, and replacement Victor Matfield who led the Springboks in the first Test against the All Blacks, were both omitted from the touring squad.

Skinstad's place at the back of the scrum goes to experienced loose forward Jacques Cronje while Muller's locking partner will be Albert van den Berg, who replaces injured Johan Ackermann.

The only form-related change in the pack sees Sharks hooker Bismarck du Plessis coming in for Gary Botha.

Du Plessis joins his brother, prop Jannie, in the starting lineup of a Test for the first time.

The sole backline casualty from the Australian loss is fullback Bevan Fortuin, with Jaco Pretorius coming in on the left wing and JP Pietersen shifting to fullback.

Australia lead the series with two wins from three matches, while New Zealand and South Africa have one win each.

South Africa (15-1)

JP Pietersen, Breyton Paulse, Waylon Murray, Wynand Olivier, Jaco Pretorius, Derick Hougaard, Ruan Pienaar, Jacques Cronje, Pedrie Wannenburg, Wikus van Heerden, Johann Muller (captain), Albert van den Berg, Jannie du Plessis, Bismarck du Plessis, CJ van der Linde.

Reserves: Gary Botha, Eddie Andrews, Gerrie Britz, Hilton Lobberts, Michael Claassens, Peter Grant, Tonderai Chavhanga

TERRY said...

I dont know why the springbocks rely on a second strin,No jhon smith,shalk burgher,percy montegomerie and many more,they are kiiling the Tri Nations excitement

cable said...


I am not a financial guy but i was looking at it from the revenue earned and the asset base SLT's revenue for the 3 months ended 31 march 2007 is Rs Mn 10,965/- and dialogs is Rs Mn 7,506/- while assets are Dialog Rs 49,027/- million and Telecoms Rs 86,591/- million

As i said i am not a financial guy but arent these more reliable indicators of the size of the company? market capitalisation depends on the value of the share at a particular moment it can rise or fall depending on investor confidence about the share

There is no argument about which is the more efficently run company for that all you have to look at is the net profit or earnings per asset base. Dialog wins hands down!
(at the moment)

soory everybody for posting all this irrelevant crap on this blog

cable said...


boks are resting the first choice 20 players for the world cup

arnold perera said...

These are your quote "I'm sorry, but I won't be joining with you against this discrimination business".
Not only this, there are many cases where you proved to be good supporter of DTV no matter of what the issue is. Not even helping hand to people who need.

Just to point the finger dont tell i am having the interest of something else, I never, never ever told in any of my post to market for other service provider.

Technoguy please dont make others fool.

AMD said...

@ ADMIN, Any fellow bloggers intertested in GOD TV:
im posting below an email i received from GOD tv, in respose to a mail i sent them.

Anyone who wants this mail forwarded, ill be happy to do so.
Iv not revealed my mail add here to the blog for obvious reasons.

from Arputharaj Salvaraj
10:47 (1 minute ago)
to ****
date 13-Jul-2007 10:47
subject FW: God TV on Dialog TV - Sri lanka.

Dear Bro. Anthony,

Greetings from GOD,

Yes we are working with Dialog TV; God TV will be launched hopefully by coming weeks

Salvaraj. A

From: o[mailto:******]
Sent: 12 July 2007 07:05
Subject: God TV on Dialog TV - Sri lanka.


Im from Sri Lanka.

Can u tell me if, ull are making plans to show the God TV channel on Dialog TV in Sri Lanka ?, if so, when will it come on air ?

Hope to have a reply,

Thank you


Jesika said...

Thanks AMD for your information.

SAG said...


Dialog has started a product called WIMAX (Like ADSL). As I heard the speed is much better than ADSL, Thay have packages from 1MB onwards.

hiru said...

forum on Star Cricket

Star Cricket TV Schedule

Who is the espnstar content providers to Sri Lanka? Is the same party that provides the contents to DTV,LBN and Comet?

nimal said...

I was watching ITN news during last week regarding Thoppigala operations...

Did you guys see that some eurostar dishes in LTTE camps? It is Dish TV who use eurostar brand dishes mostly for their services. Hulla would have been in a different mode if those were something else!!!

Gamini said...


whats the latest with DTV ?
Are they hoping to give the new channels before the 15th? its not possible.. right?

what about the hbo family then?

soorapappa said...

I think Dialog WIMAX is bit expensive. I've posted their prices on my blog:
(have a look, if you're interested)

Kaushal said...


I agree, there is more than one way to judge the size of a company, and in this case, it doesn't matter who is bigger. What we expect from both companies is good products and services and seeing how DTV is going about their services, it will be interesting to see how SLT will handle the launch of its IPTV service.

AMD said...

Does any one know of a blog for Dialog GSM

Has anyone used Dialog 3G ?

alf said...




nimal said...


Agree with your comments. That's why I said "Dish TV who use eurostar brand dishes MOSTLY for their services. Hulla would have been in a different mode if those were something else!!!

CN said...

Some light Friday afternoon humour... : )

Noticed this today after a short shopping trip to MC. What does this signify? DialogTV address relocation charges are too high... OR mobility to da extreme... : )

Cheers, its almost the weekend!

KIDO-CMB said...

Good News guys…
DTV ppl planning to give the NEW channels (STAR pkg channels) from today onwards.
Stay tune for more info.

CN said...

WOW! If that's true kibo-cmb, best news yet for some time.
Friday the 13th will take on a whole new meaning!

KIDO-CMB said...

Guys, its not confirmed yet. Maybe there is a possibility catch the TEST transmission.

AMD said...

Looks like we will have a "STAR" studded weekend ???

cable said...

wow really great news if true!

D.L.R. said...

what's your tv's 16:9 ratio problem

Jughead said...


maybe DTV also can use the tag "Gedera Yana Gaman"

Jesika said...

Kido-cmb :

Good news !!
How did you get this information ?

Jesika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jesika said...

Kido-cmb :

Good news !!
How did you get this information ?

CN said...


I tried the 16:9 setting with Panscan. It blew up the picture vertically. The other setting (cant recall the name) brought the pic to a 4:3 box (black bars on all 4 sides of the screen). Hence, in a nutshell - was unable to get a TRUE 16:9 (widescreen) picture on the movie channels.

I guess in the downlink the movie channels are widescreen on latest movies, but after the compression n mixing at DTV HQ, they uplink at standard 4:3. Cant blame them if they do, as in Sri Lanka I'd guess the proportion of widescreen TV's is (presently) extremely low...

ps: Sorry, I forgot to update you/blog after last night's testing session

KIDO-CMB said...

Through 777679679 u ppl can get the upcoming Channels details now. (pkg wise)
NOTE: DTV ppl hoping to start the STAR Pkg test transmission from today onwards, but still its not confirmed.

cable said...


thanks for the info

Hanees said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gamini said...





Hanees said...


Looser said...

Don't you think that the buddhist channel logo is too big

soorapappa said...

Good one. pavement ekenda danne ne gatte :-)
Anyway... the hosting service you've selected is not very good for images. I'm using for image hosting. It's fast and gives direct URL.

star said...

IPTV LAUNCH IN DELHI - New developments in India

The MTNL-Aksh Optifibre combine today announced the commercial launch of its IPTV service in Delhi. All MTNL broadband subscribers will be able to register for the IPTV service.

Earlier, the service was deployed in about 200 homes in New Delhi.

The MTNL-Aksh IPTV service will bring new features at a monthly tariff, beginning at only Rs 90 a month with options to select individual pay channels based on personal choice. Users will be able to select from the list of pay channels listed on screen and select the channels they'd like to subscribe to, on the screens itself and start watching them immediately.

An online television guide, available at a click of the remote, will detail all programs scheduled for the week by all channels available on the system. The "Time-shift TV" facility will allow viewers to "rewind" a live broadcast channel to catch a program that they might have missed and these programs can be stored up to one full week.

To be launched soon, the e-commerce facility will allow users to select their phone basis the infomercials on A-tube, pay for it right through the television remote and get it delivered to their homes.
A Video-on-Demand facility that is not restricted by the service provider's bandwidth (as with CAS and DTH) will also be available and the service is being launched with over 100 movie titles in Hindi and English. Plays and soaps in Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi and Bangla will also be part of the library that will be expanded on a weekly basis with a target to double it in 4-weeks.

The biggest advantage IPTV will offer to consumers is the ability to integrate television broadcast with other IP-based services like high speed Internet access and voice-over-internet - all accessible on the television set.

Features like booking of movie tickets with the television remote, video-calling, music on demand, online chats, virtual classrooms - these applications are expected to be part of the platform.

Being an open platform, IPTV will also allow creation of thousands of third-party applications that can be offered through the system - from placing orders for cakes and flowers to trading of stocks while watching a business news broadcast channel and even advanced tele-medicine for which the remote center only needs an MTNL line and a television set.

To read more, please visit LBN Forum.

manura said...

Iam new to this blog. please be kind enough to help me. i have a old tv set and using the RF out of the decoder. while experimenting. i did the ird upgrade. after that everything is black and white. how can i reset the ird upgrade. please help.

KIDO-CMB said...

IRD upgrade is possible now till future notice.

cable said...


you will have to call customer care

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Thanks for info on Dialog broadband package. I also heard about these packages before but though they were just rumors. Are the rates confirmed?

Man i would love to get my hands on that 4Mbps package but it would seriously screw me over @Rs.13000 per month rental. I dont think i'll be upgrading to even the 1Mbps package. As you said charges seem to be a tad high.

cable said...


is star package on?

Thanura said...

did the upgrade.
had to wait for abt a minute. but nothings changed after the upgrade. still the old CBN sat software. old password. no 7 day epg. did the upgrade abt 5 times. but always the same result.

cable said...


dou you know what the IRD upgrade will do? what are the improvements?

KIDO-CMB said...

Is like this, If you having the OLD (cbn) decoder, 1st you do the IRD upgrade. After the upgrade you ‘l be able to get some of the New decoder’s like 7day EPG, Auto scan option, More options in Menu…etc. do it fast, coz it available only or some time.

:: Pls pass this.

Thanura said...

I did the upgrade.
had to wait for abt a minute. but nothings changed after the upgrade. still the old CBN sat software. old password. no 7 day epg. did the upgrade abt 5 times. but always the same result.

help me.

KIDO-CMB said...

Its take sme time to download. (7min). do not do any modiication in ur decoder during this period.

cable said...


the problem is after the upgrade RF out will be in black and white i am using the RF out to connect my vcr so if i do the update i will be able to record only in black and white. is there any solution?

Thanura said...

@ kido cmb
didnt do anythin.
jst waited until the channels reappear.
dnt knw wat the problem is.

KIDO-CMB said...

@ Cable:
No, it cant be.. can u pls check the video mode & check.

@ Thanura:
Sorry Bro, IRD upgrade system is not avali'ble at the moment.

cable said...


I didnt do the upgrade yet because i dont want to loose out on recording but there are guys who did it here for instance check manura's post @ 6.15 Pm.

Not only this but some ppl did it some time back when it was not officialy available and they had the same problem i think a person called gamini who used to blog here had that problem

cable said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cable said...

Guys if you goto satcodox and check the individual channels of Intelsat 12 Transponders

We can see why NEO, NEO + , Ten pictures are more clear now their downlink bandwidwidths have been increased upto 4 Mbps but no wonder HBO & HBO signature quality has dropped. HBO has only .44 Mbps and HBO signature 1.1 Mbps.

Look at Rupavahini & Eye they have 3.37 and 4.44 Mbps. In other words DTV has allocated 4 or 5 times the bandwidth of the most expensive channel (HBO) to (free terrestial) good old Rupavahini. I dont know wether to Laugh or Cry!

Take note that the above is based on the latest autoscan available at satcodx on 16:05 on 2007-07-13 (today). It may hopefully change in the coming days, Then again this is DTV engineering we are talking about so it'll take about 2 or 3 months if ever.

Free-man said...

If you did the IRD upgrade


After the IRD upgrade, I too got black and white signal as I had tuned to UHF channel and was watching on that. I had to connect to Video IN, to see colours. DTV guys too told me they can't do anything about this.

Free-man said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Free-man said...

Just to add more: it was NOT the Customer Care folks, but the DTV tech guys who came to my place, who said I cant get a colour picture on the UHF channel - you must use Video IN.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Did you try switching between PAL/SECAM/NTSC modes in ur TV?

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ LST,
I have the same Color problem after the last upgrade. I did everything for that , nothing happened.
The sound and Video stream are not match with our sets or TV cards.( I used to record using TV card with RF out )

The sound stream is Pal DK now, not "BG" as before.I checked it clearly. Can you clarify this ? I don't know other than that to describe. Then we can't change it using remote anyway.

Now, I use to Record from this way. I give TV out signals to VHS deck. Then doing AV in OK of the Deck using the remote of the deck, give out signals from the Deck to RF in of the TV card of the PC.

( Only problem is to have use 3 remotes,
One for TV
One for VHS deck
One for DTV decoder, same time using the key Bord )

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

I do not know much about those TV standards i'm sorry. I think they are standards set for specific countries.

By the way, why dont you add your blog to That way a wider audience will read the blog.

You can request from here:

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ LST,
Thanks for the information you have provided.

AMD said...


Will STAR be tested in the weekend ?

Jesika said...

Good News !!
S/W upgrade is now available !

I did my s/w upgrade last evening. Now i have 7 Days EPG !

Jesika said...

In new software we can customize our channel list
We can re-arrange, Skip, Lock even delete them.

7 Day EPG take some time to load. But its very helpful. Thanks DTV

Kavan said...

I have not tried the delete Function. Does it remove them from the main channel list.
There should be a option to key in the package to which you subscribe and see them only in the main list

Rukmal said...

I think it will remove the channel from the main channel list.
But you can get those deleted channels by rescanning channels

I didn't check too. But i think so

Gamini said...


yeah. u are right. I'm only getting black and white after the upgrade...

I did the upgrade a month earlier.( When it was available.) But now cant do the upgrade now.
( I have got the new decorder and there was no problem with rf out colour reception at that time also and there was also 7 day epg.and i was foolish enough to do da upgrade)

if u have got the new software dont do the upgrade. And if u have the old SW, u will have to sacrife colour from RF out to some new features. U decide...
First it searches for the download stream and by like going for 5 secs or 10 secs it searches for signal and then it searches for download stream. After going for 30 secs it says download stream not present..

is it bcoz i have done the SW upgrade earlier?

@ jessica

what happened when you did the SW upgrade? will you pls check the SW date for me...

( go to menu, the reciever info and then to IRD status. there it will show a date.)


Gamini said...

kavan and rukmal

dont be so foolish. The channels which u delete will come after rescanning. I have checked it.

Rukmal said...


What do u mean "dont be foolish"
you are saying the same i said !

Gamini said...

@ priyantha

will u pls explain the way u are getting colours signals to ur pc? Will it work for me if i do the same way to get colour signals to my other tv? ( i have a VHS near the second tv)

pls help..

Gamini said...

oh! rukmal!

very sorry. i didnt understnd it correctly.

sorry for da trouble....


Jesika said...

If anyone only have old TV set with RF in and after s/w upgrade if he lost the colour signal, He can ask it from the C/S. C/S cant say they cant do any thing, Buy a TV with AV-in! He can kick them.
But the only problem is the S/W upgrade is not officially announced. so they will ask who said you to do the s/w upgrade.

Looser said...

I think this S/W upgrade was created by CBNsat earlier, Its not DialogTV's new one. Update date shows June 2006 and it shows as CBNSat and not DTV.

Anyway they need to improve this, 7days EPG is good but takes lot of time and when we check the EPG we can't see the picture. They should learn from DishTV or TataSky about this.

TERRY said...


machang LST,the Real Player activator link is not working,Its directing us to some other site.

Please give me a another link.

Jesika said...


By using the menu you can change the opacity of the menus.
then you can see the video through the menus

Jesika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jesika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jesika said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Looser said...



laksirif said...


I presume you are having a old CBN Sat decoder. So is mine. I tried the IRD upgrade last night several times and even late last night & the down load of S/w didn't work. You mean to say that the IRD upgrade was possible only from this morning?

Unfortunately now I'm in office as such can not try it & may until evening.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...


RealPlayer + Premium Activator by Betamaster:

Jesika said...

laksirif :

I did the IRD update yesterday around 5:30-6:00

Just try today! you will have it. All the best.

Thanura said...

If anyone of DTV engineering team is logged in, this is for them.

I did the upgrade last eve.
had to wait for abt a minute. but nothings changed after the upgrade. still the old CBN sat software. old password. no 7 day epg. did the upgrade abt 5 times. but always the same result.
(did it around 7PM last eve)

there must be something wrong wit ur IRD upgrade.
coz some did the upgrade @ the same time i did it. but they have upgraded their software successfully.

HELP NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesika said...


Dont get disappointed!
Still the S/W upgrade is not officially lunched. I think still they are testing it.
so maybe they will enable it again. So dont give up. try and try. You will get lucky!

I had the same situation but luckily i could able to do the upgrade.

all the best !!!

cbnsatcustomer said...


I have a question in your blog.

TERRY said...


Got it and got the player activated.

Great work and thank you

Gamini said...

@ jessica

was it really difficult to do the upgrade? how often did u try? What appeared when it wasnt working? Did it say that download stream wasnt present or sumthing?
what happened when it worked? pls help............

is there any problem with the RF out? do u get colour from it?

@ thanura

what happens when the download is not available? does it say that download straem is not present?

laksirif said...


Thks. Let hope & pray

Thanura said...

@ gamini n jessica
It does NOT say "download straem is not present"
it says "it will take approx 600 secs to download......" something like that.
when i accept it the decoder turns off it self. then the decoder screen shows somethings(numbers etc..).
after a while (1min) the decoder starts again and the channels reappear.
thats all.
stil old cbn sat software. no 7 day epg. no new password.

laksirif said...

Understand that DTV will definitely carry out test transmission of Star Pkg within the next few days. They publish msgs regarding the upgrade.

Further, DTV will send out a letter requesting old CBN customers to upgrade their respective pkgs. I suppose, depending on the contents one can agree or disagree.

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Gamini,

In my VHS player, there are 3 slots to the TV and from Antenna, and the other Slot. There 2 methods to give input signals to the VHS Decoder.

1. Using Antenna position – We can’t plug in the DTV output to it, If do so, It’ll give Black and white , Not colors.Then keep the antenna in to VHS without unplug. That can be helpful to record TV programs when switch off the TV.

2. We use output position to TV from the VHS, also the same slot can be use to give input signals fro the TV without doing anything, even touching.

Gamini, How you record a TV program from the TV ( without using antenna in of the VHS Decoder) ? There is a “ Input Select” Button of the remote. ( Mostly the upper end of right hand side).
• Turn on the TV ( If you want dialog TV)
• Power on the VHS Decoder
• Now, important thing is, Select “Input Select” button of the remote. ( Now you can see something different letters are visible with light on , of the the VHS.
• After the “Input Select” Button press, Press REC button of the Remote.
• After sometime, Stop it and play back the VHS.

If this happen, you can give signal to the other TV, But there is a question. You have to switch on both TV sets same time .
1. Plug in your next TV’s Antenna cable to the third position of the VHS decoder.
2. Turn on and play about 2 minutes the Player. (It must do )
3. Stop the VHS player but don’t turn it off , And keep the “Input Select” Button On.
4. Tune the next TV to receive the picture.

laksirif said...


Wish to add DTV would officially provide the s/w upgrade for old decoders only after completing the launch of new channels. 'though some may have been able to get the upgrading as testing of s/w upgrade is going on. DTV therefore will not guarantee even whether the s/w upgrade done by some will remain continuously or whether some features will function properly.

TERRY said...

Dont do the upgrade untill they tell you to do so.Even DTV is still testing the software.

This was confirmed to me by the engineering guys who are handling the issue.

Dont buzz up your decorder.

TechnoGuy said...

What pay television service do you think is the best in Sri Lanka?

Vote at The poll is on the right side bar.

You've got 6 days to vote. More polls coming soon!

Gamini said...

@ priyantha de sliva

thank u very much for the information. I'm trying it out now.

@ laksirif and TERRY

hey!!! i have done the upgrade earlier. ( when they were testing earlier) Will u guys pls be kind enough to tell me wheather the upgrade will be possible for me when they oofficially lauch it?? Will it be a problem for me?

pls help...

Free-man said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Free-man said...


Checked the TV broadcast system too (PAL.SECAM, NTSC). Still no colour on UHF with my new decoder. I used the AV line now. DTV tech guys replaced my old decoder (July,2005) FOC, last month as they had doubts I may not be able to see the new channels. Have the EPG and all the works now, though I didn't actually do the IRD upgrade.

Is anyone out there who has done the s/w upgrade and got colour on UHF?

@Kavan, Jessica

A better way to organize channels is to use the Favourites list (There are four lists) than to delete from the main list. If you delete from main list, you may have to re-scan to get it back.

As someone said, if you have a old TV without the AV line, you will lose colour if you do the IRD upgrade. Watch out! DTV will ask you to buy a new TV.

EPG takes time to display. After you switch to a channel, you must wait about one minute before you press the EPG button. Then EPG loads faster.

GOD TV is going to come by the end of July, it looks like.

KIDO-CMB said...

@ Free-man:
To get the Color you should go for a converter. It cost around 2000Rs. The best thing is pls call DTV CC & ask them to send a team to your place.

Star TV Pkg test transmission available from Monday, mean time the official launch is on the 4th week of July.

TechnoGuy said...



manura said...

i called ccare. cc guy said they are going to send some tech people to my place. i dont know whether they are going to charge me. he also said we are not supposed to do the ird upgrade. At the moment i got hold of a RF converter. it is working.but if anybody who knows how to reset that sh*t upgrade please publish it in this blog.

KIDO-CMB said...

Service charge is applicable.

Free-man said...


Thanks. DTV guys came over in June. They said they can't fix the colour prob on UHF channel. I now watch on AV line - get full colour there. Fine.


Before DTV guys come, ask the rates. They didn't charge me when they came in June. I don't know if they didn't charge me that time as it was their fault; by asking me to 'Restore Factory defaults" and I had total signal failure (red-light).

Can you watch DTV on the AV (video) line? With the RF convertor, do you get colour on UHF line?

alf said...



yakuza said...


yakuza said...

@priyantha de silva

can you post the link to july guide link

yakuza said...

when will they fix the problem with voice video delay on most channels (maybe all) in 2nd transponder

yakuza said...

hey who watches eye for an eye on reality tv.
are those real cases and does the judge extreme akim has legal authority

manura said...

@free man

Yes i got colour on AV line. I use RF converter to convert it to Radio Frequency. It cost me around 600 rs in galle. but it did not add sound. so got i got seperate sound out from the decorder into my Stereo cassete recorder.

Dimu said...

@ Priyantha De Silva

What is your blog address?

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Yakuza,

I repeat that from the last page..

Dialog TV , July schedule,
If you want On Excel sheet, Click on

(It's a ZIP file. After the download, you must Unzip it.Only for ones who don't know to use Winzip.))

1. Click the Download Button
2. Select "Save to Disk"
3. Unzip the file to get the Excel Sheet

@ Dimu,
I've created a few blogs and always update, some are auto updated. 3 of them are here..

1. - The Future - Sri Lanka :News And current affair , The Main Blog

2. - Star Lanka : TV Radio And Entertainment, around the world

3. - Sports And Mostly, Cricket And Cricket schedule till 2008 FEB around the world, All the auto updated sports news around the world

** Thanks for asking the adress

Sandun Dissanayaka said...

@ Manura

Bro, are you from Galle? From where did you buy the RF Converter? Can I use it to convert DTV radio stations to FM mode on my Stereo?

TechnoGuy said...

What pay television service do you think is the best in Sri Lanka?

Vote at The poll is on the right side bar.

You've got 5 more days to vote. More polls coming soon!

laksirif said...


I suppose DTV's official s/w upgrade would overite what you have already down loaded.

Got a call a little while ago from a friend and according to him HBO Family cannel is available as the 46th. He has got it after a channel scan a little while ago. Those who have the new channels can check it.

Gamini said...

@ laksirif

thanx for da information.

ya true. HBO family is there. And the quality is like superb for the time being.

KIDO-CMB said...

@ ALF:
HBO Family
Star Movies **
Vijay TV **
STAR Plus **
Star World **
God TV

alf said...




KIDO-CMB said...

True Alf,
mean time DTV is the South Asia No 1 Value channel line up Network. (Don’t go with total No of channels; always check the value of the channel. Eg: most of the Indian DTH providers having more than 100 channels. But 60% of channels total Crap’s)
(DIASH tv & Tata Sky:
AXN/HBO/CINEMAX all indian feed)

alf said...




KIDO-CMB said...

P.S check, HBO Family avalible in cristal clear.

TechnoGuy said...


Correction: HBO Family is available in very good quality.

Why did I correct? Becuase Dialog cannot provide crystal clear picture if they use compression.

The reason that most new channels' quality are high, is becuase there are only 10 channels in the 3rd transponder. As more channels are added, bandwidth will be more spread out and quality will decrease.

Anyway, many thanks to Dialog TV for finally introducing another channel. I thought you guys never worked on weekends (or at least Sunday)!

Are any other channels turning up today? Is STAR confirmed to be testing this week? Please inform us.


KIDO-CMB said...

I accep, Alf. As you know, the Europe Feed channels are too expensive & its very difficult to get the Signal. (KU- band/EU both set up different). That�s why the FOX channel (only 1) is not available under DTV lineup.

KIDO-CMB said...

@ TechnoGuy:
It’s confirmed. STAR Pkg test transmission is starting from tomorrow. But I can’t give you a time.

KIDO-CMB said...

@ Alf:
More details about C band or Ku band:

alf said...



Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

I think Star Cricket on DishTV is confirmed now. Indian papers are advertising it coming on dish platform (according to Indian DTH forums.)

Any idea this will be launched with Star Package on DTV?
Anyways is there heavy pixelisation on Cartoon Network on DTV?

cbnsatcustomer said...

HBO Family's picture quality is good

manura said...

i bought it from electronic shop (i could not remember the name.)near fish market. video quality is pretty good (Better than the Decoders RF out), but it did not convert audio signal. so i have to get a seperate output from the decoder and plug it into stereos audio in.

TechnoGuy said...

In many channels now, you can select a program in the EPG and get information about it. Good Work, Dialog.

To get the information:-

New Software (2006)
Press EPG and wait for it to load. Browse to any program you want. Press INFO on the remote to get more information.

Old Software (2005)
Press EPG to get info on current and next program.

TechnoGuy said...

Cartoon Network on Dialog is OK in picture quality.

Earlier on CBNsat there was awful pixelation in fast movement. Thank goodness now it is gone.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Thanks 4 the info.

Sandun Dissanayaka said...

@ Manura

Thanks for the info. I'll try that one out...

KeyWeez said...

Hi all,

DTV has added HBO Family to the third transponder from 16/07/2007 midnight.

All of you guys out there who were waiting for the new channels, there is another to watch from today.

So far, I'm too dissapointed with the DTV attitude on the old CBN customer base who has not been given a fair share of the 3rd transponder atleast until the test period is over.

DTV, Wake up!!!! get us out of this ill-treatment.

Jesika said...

HBO Family is there !!!

Thanks DTV

AMD said...

@ Techno G

Your add:
it says "page not found "


Thanks for HBO Family.
Hope to see the EPG soon for it.

@ ADMIN - Shall we have a new thread on this ?

Gamini said...


so according to information they will start testing STAR PACKAGE today know?
KIDO what the latest with ya?



pls start a new thread...


AMD said...


See Story:

Jesika said...

yesterday i called to DTV regarding the RF colour problem.
I said i have an old TV and i use RF out to vied DTV. after IRD upgrade i can only vied black nd white.

Then the CCR said me to do some changers (I know they dont work ) and he said he will do a complain to the technical team and gave me a inquary number.
He said he will send technical team to my place to check it
then i asked about thee charges. They said if the problem is from their and they wont charge but its from our end they charge.

I told them i'm sure this is a s/w problem,. then he said if so they will change our Decoder.

I'll let u know when they come.

alf said...



AMD said...

I got confirmation from an inside source at DTV that by 1st Aug definetly star will be given, Channel V will not be there.

TERRY said...


Bro,better concentrate on your A/L exam,You seem to be watching DTV 24 hours and if you go this way you will crash your exams.

Please study without blogging here.

Gamini said...


how do u know that i'm doing the exam dis year?

yeah. u r correct. I shouldnt blog here until the exam is over. I think thanura is also doing the exam this year.....

dannymot said...

I am no longer able to switch to the radio channels. Anyone else having the same problem?