Monday, July 16, 2007

HBO Family now available

Dialog TV have added another HBO channel and this time it is HBO Family. The channel was made available from yesterday. With this channel Dialog has all the channels provided by HBO to the Asian region to date and they become the second pay television company in Sri Lanka to achieve this, the first being LBN. There are rumors that the Star Package will be available from today but we are unable to confirm this.

At the moment the quality on HBO Family is very good and we hope and believe that it will stay this way. We believe that Dialog TV have begun adding new channels again and we hope that the Star Package, NDTV, SRTV and God TV are added to their lineup very soon.

Please keep us updated on the latest information about Dialog TV as the days progress.

HBO Family Website :


Thanura said...

Thanks DTV for adding new channels to the line up.
hope that u will add star channels to the line up soon.
and u should work on the IRD UPGRADE.
(to give a better, bug free software to all customers)
E 48 No signal on HBO HITS

Priyantha De Silva said...

Al-Jazeera's EPG is available.

Hbo Hits, still no signal.

Every Zee channels EPG available without Zee Sports.

Animal Planets EPG has been removed.I think they are going to give real EPG for Animal Planet. The EPG was there , Singapore time, Not the Indian time. That has 2 and 1/2 hours gap with our time.

*****( I repeat for this for the new page)

Dialog TV , July schedule,
If you want On Excel sheet, Click on

(It's a ZIP file. After the download, you must Unzip it.Only for ones who don't know to use Winzip.))

1. Click the Download Button
2. Select "Save to Disk"
3. Unzip the file to get the Excel Sheet

* HBO Family Schedule is also there.

alf said...



Priyantha De Silva said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AMD said...

ZEE TRENDZ EPG time needs to be adjusted. I think its 1/2 hr more than the actual time.

Priyantha De Silva said...

Thanks DTV,

Now every channels are working including Hbo Hits, Without any stuck of any channels. Also EPG for 7 days can be available for many channels.

In past months,
If we fix a time to a program (On EPG)and the time come the message appear on the screen and say Press OK to get the Channel thet telecast the program. If press OK , It automatically went to CH 1 ( CNN ) , Not to the needed channel. But Now , In few days ago started, it goes to the real channel that telecast the program.
Thanks again to DTV, to the hard work you are doing
( Compare to the last few months, Now they are improving But not some times, Professional )

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Star cricket has been added on dish tv. Any idea when this will come on DTV?

With this on board DTV will have the most complete sports package for any DTH platform in Asia.

Priyantha De Silva said...

Sound Problem !

CNN Has the best sound stream.

The sound on different channels are different. It's better to get them on same platform. HBO Family is more louder, Ten, neo Etc. week. These channels must be more louder than now.The problem is when we use a sound system in the night, neighbors will awake on sleep when we change the channels,If some are louder and some are less.

@ DTV,
Please keep the sound magnitude to the sound of now CNN, CNN is the best sound stream.

@ Admin,
Please, give this problem some priority.

alf said...




Dude said...

@priyantha I agree with u about the sound issue.

I was able to update my software using the IRD upgrade on friday at about 7:30pm.

I have no issue that RF out gives B&W pictures since I am using the Composite cable to get the picture on screen and a S-Video cable to record on my computer. I have not checked the RF picture still but it must be in B&W like for u guys.

Is there any other issue with the new software other than this RF problem or will there be in the future. I hope KIDO-CMB will help on this one since he is the one who gave us info on the IRD upgrade.

Will there be a problem because of the upgrade, hopefully those who upgraded last month would help me on this one.

KIDO-CMB is Star Package being added today. Why are you silent suddenly? Hope to hear from u soon.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

They added it just now. They havent added the Neo channels. Star cricket is still in testing mode with no audio and unwatchable picture quality.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

channel number is something in the 3000s

alf said...



Nalakha said...

Brilliant.... bravo bravo ..

Dear bloggers,

With regard to the channel listing, Is there a way of sorting the channel list? it would be ideal if the channel list can be sorted according to the category. I.e Sports - will contain all sports channels and all movies together and so on. this is with regardless to the favorites list. It's a bit cumbersome when you wanna switch from one channel to another.

I'm sure this can't be done using the decoder. guess DTV will have to do it.

Any comments on this ?


Jesika said...

@ Nalakha

Innew s/w you can
re-arrange the channel list.
Go to "menu" , "channels edit"
you can move them up and down.

and also you can Skip, Lock even delete them.

have fun !

Nalakha said...

Thanx Jesika

Will try it tonight....



AMD said...

@ Kido-cmd

Any news of Star or the other channels ?

cable said...

maybe in a country like this we should get this channel

Death Channel

Just A Joke!

Looser said...


Thanks for the above info.

You are really having fun with New S/W ha

What else you found out from the New S/W? Please share with us

cable said...

My software date is June 2006 i havent done any upgrade but have all the facilities that jessika mentioned (7 day epg, ability to aort,skip & delete channels)has and my RF outpicture is in color

AMD said...

There is a notice on LBN stating that they will have STAR CRICKET soon.

Hope DTV hurries up and gets it too. Its really a pity that LBN has such poor coverage.

TechnoGuy said...

Thanks Dialog for everything.

EPG now on:
>Hallmark Channel
>Al Jazeera
>NEO Sports

And many channels have information about the current programming.

What is planned to happen after the completion of TP3 channel addition. Will there be more channels on TP4?

Will HDTV be coming soon on Dialog? Any other features?

Please inform us.

LBN has already announced HDTV, and it is likely to launch soon. Their coverage too is going to increase.
Dialog will have to introduce something more than just new channels in order to keep their position.

Therefore Dialog must take steps to add interactive services, HDTV and Pay Per View AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Otherwise Dialog TV will only be appealing to those outside Colombo area. Within Colombo, the market will be lost to LBN. (Meanwhile, thanks to LBN for giving out more competition)

Jesika said...

That means the colour problem is only with the news/w .

Dialog c/c said if they couldnt able to sort out my RF colour problem they will give me a new Decoder !!

I'm not using RF, but i need to sort out this problem

cable said...

DTV should hurry up and put Star package inclusive of Star Cricket.

I personally think HDTV is not viable for DTV just now for instance,

how many ppl have HDTV compliant tv's in Sri lanka

where will they get some good content? even singapore is in the testing satges with i think Discovery & Animal planet

They will have to allocate about 20 Mbps for 1 HD channel with the current STB is it viable?

As i said these are my private opnions others may disagree

AMD said...

@ Techno G

are the timings on Hallmark and neo correct?

Did u check the time on ZEE trendz ?

@ Cable -

I agree. There are very few HD sets in sri lanka at the moment and LBN should 1st concentrate on expanding coverage instead of testing HD.

TechnoGuy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TechnoGuy said...

@ Cable
You are correct.

One IS12 transponder carries around 30 Mbps bandwidth. So they can only fit around 2 HD channels in to a transponder, each at 15 Mbps.

One transponder will be enough for the Discovery channel, same available in Singapore.

Singapore's Starhub Cable has only those two channels. BUt their HDTV has already passed test stages.

Anyway, as mentioned somewhere before, Dialog too was officially testing HDTV since around April or May. Now that LBN has announced their testing, it is likely that Dialog will go to the next step and introduce the service.

But for the moment, HDTV will only be suitable for those with HD television sets.

TechnoGuy said...

Hallmark channel EPG is OK. NEO Sports EPG says 5th ODI without info on who is playing, but it is probably OK as a ODI is being shown.

Zee Trendz i'm not sure.

Jesika said...

Any new about Disney & Disney Toon ?

TechnoGuy said...

Posted again for the new blog post, and also because many would not have noticed during the weekend.


What pay television service do you think is the best in Sri Lanka?

Vote at

The poll is on the right side bar of the blog.

You've got 4 days more to vote. More polls coming soon!

Tarzy said...


Anyone knows what time formula1 is during this week end. In the EPG it gives SL times or some other time?? im not sure.


cable said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cable said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cable said...

normally european grandprix start time is 5.30 pm on a sunday. the german GP is also starting at 5.30 pm on 22nd

you can check out espnstar by clicking the link below

EspnStar TV times

cable said...

By the way have you guys noticed when checking the schedules at star cricket is onlu available on the channels list when you select the country as india, If we select Sri Lanka only espn & star is available on the channels list

Maybe an oversight by espnstar

AMD said...

@ cable

maybe its becuz STAR cricket is not available in sri lanka at the moment

alf said...

Star Cricket on Dish TV

You can check it on their online copy: =29

Roshan said...

ok guys i have decided to ahead with DTV. good decision or not??

ok i need some help from you guys here who had been using DTV for some time now.

I will be going for the Rs. 1600 odd package. after buying the connectio do i have to tune the channels or do anything like you guys discuss in this blog? when they introduce new channels do i have to tune or is it auto appeared? how are the picture quality of channels? please help me .

riky said...

I can confirm that Star Cricket will be added on the DTV platform in the very near future.

But i cannot confirm the exact time frame or date.

cable said...


a very warm welcome back from all of us bloggers!

we all missed your info

any news about star package(world,movies)

Nathan said...


Hi,whats this RF colour problem, please enlighten me.


Nathan said...

@ Ricky

Welcome back mate!!

cableguy said...


DTV guys who install it will do all that for you. All you have to do is ask them to make sure you have a good signal quality and level and make sure after the connection and tuning, all the channels are visible with sound, since you will be in the highest package. DTV guys who install will do all that. You just have to check it at the end.
Dont forget to tip them!!!


cableguy said...

Good to hear from you again Ricky.

Keep up your good work.

cable said...


Tip Them?

Did you Really tip these guys?

Gamini said...


nice to hear from ya. Thanx so much for coming.u really missed ya...

u have any news about the star package? KIDO told dat they will start testing today. is it possible?

dannymot said...

Can anyone tell when DTV will introduce DTS audio signals? Right now they ar PCM signals

laksirif said...

Hi Friends,

Due to certain technical issues,Star pkg may not be transmitted today. But certainly you can expect them within the next few days. But this pkg will not have Star Cricket.

DTV will add 7 more channels in the coming days to make a total of 53 for those who have 1400 pkg.

Due to differences in audio level DTV receives while down loading from the original sources, they are unable to match the audio levels in the channels they transmit to subscribers here. However, they are working on it to improve.

KIDO-CMB said...

Hi Everyone,
Sorry for the big delay,
STAR Pkg: Still the DTV engineers doing the upgrading. Am unable to give you a time period. Stay tune.

Free-man said...


Cust. care tells me today, that I don't have to ask them to upgrade from CBN to DTV pkg. They will call and ask me, (in a week or two - even more than that) if I want to upgrade. Then, I can say I want to keep all my old CBN channels after I upgrade to DTV pkg. This way, I wont lose my CBN channels.

Cust care also tells me now, that I don't have to send any photocopies or letter to confirm my willingness to upgrade. Can be done on the phone.

However, if I upgrade before they call me, I may lose my old channels which are not in the new DTV style packages.

So, you got to wait.

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ laksirif,
Thanks for the information.

@ Gamini,
I wish you all the success in your exam, You have an innovative brain and you'll be able to do that .

Priyantha De Silva said...

Zee TV may be blacked out for Tata Sky subscribers after July 28

DTH viewers subscribing to the Tata Sky platform may not be able to watch the channels from the Zee TV bouquet after July 28. The reason is that Tata Sky has an outstanding bill of Rs 9 crore. The amount has to be paid to Zee-Turner, the distribution arm of broadcaster Zee Telefilms. Tata Sky has to pay this amount for carrying the entire bouquet of 32 Zee-Turner channels on its platform from September 2006, till April 24 of this year. Currently, it is carrying only 19 of the 32 Zee bouquet channels after winning a case before the Telecom Disputes Settlement Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT) in March. TDSAT had upheld Tata Sky’s plea in which it had argued that due to shortage in transponder capacity, it would be able to carry only 19 channels out of bouquet of the 32 Zee channels. Therefore, Tata Sky wanted to pay for only 19 Zee channels. TDSAT has directed Tata Sky to pay Zee-Turner its outstanding dues for all the 32 Zee channels it carried from September 2006 to April 2007. “TDSAT has directed Tata Sky to pay our due amount of Rs nine crore within two weeks failing which we can disconnect our channels as per the interconnect agreement," Arvind Mohan, Essel group vice-president told Business Standard. When contacted, Tata Sky executives said they were 'exploring all possible legal options'. Disconnection of Zee channels will drastically affect Tata Sky's business in the country. The firm is already finding it difficult to expand in southern India due to absence of the regional broadcaster Sun TV network, on its platform. Tata Sky, the secondlargest private DTH company after Zee's Dish TV, has been involved in a long-drawn legal battle with Sun TV network for getting access to popular Sun channels. Tata Sky went before the TDSAT to argue that since it has been carrying only 19 of the Zee bouquet of channels from April 24 (after winning a case in TDSAT), it would pay for only 19 channels at the rate of Rs 42 per subscriber per month instead of the entire 32 channel bouquet priced at Rs 75 per subscriber per month (also fixed by TDSAT last September). According to experts, this case will have far reaching consequence for all DTH companies. In the future, DTH company will not be able to drop television channels from their platform after carrying it without paying the broadcaster. “This order will set an example for new DTH players that they can not take broadcasters for a ride without facing the consequences,” said a legal expert handling DTH-related cases.

Priyantha De Silva said...


Harish Thawani's NIMBUS Sports channels were launched in October 2006, after Nimbus won the BCCI's cricket rights for a whopping US $ 612 Million for 5 years of BCCI cricket matches. This includes 23 test matches + 56 One Day matches, held from 2006 to 2010 by the BCCI.

Rather than resell the content rights to existing sports channels, Nimbus preferred to launch its own, 2 Sports channels. Since the new company did not have a ground distribution team of its own, Nimbus decided to appoint STAR India to distribute its 2 sports channels, to all Cable TV networks in India.

The move (reported in the SCaT Nov 2006 issue) came as a surprise to many industry observers, since STAR India already distributed competing channels ESPN and STAR Sports. Infact, STAR is a joint venture partner for these 2 competing sports channels.

The 5 year agreement provided STAR India the exclusive rights to distribute Neo Sports & Neo Sports Plus channels and any other channel that Nimbus would launch in that period.

Nimbus Is Reportedly Seeking Damages Of Rs 1,326 Crore From Star.


Nimbus has charged Star on 3 counts:

* Consistent delay and default of payments of Minimum Guarantee, which are a part of the Nimbus-STAR agreement.

* Non-Performance : Star not delivering the distribution reach committed to in the original contract, and

* Suspicion of sabotage owing to Star's relationship with ESPN and the subsequent declared intention launch of ESPN's all-cricket channel Star Cricket.

Interestingly, ESPN's Star Cricket channel was to have launched by 10th June, but moves in this direction seem to have now been put to bed - atleast for now.

STAR Reported Asked Nimbus To Reduce The Distribution MG By Rs 400-450 Crore


Following the termination of the deal, Nimbus has reportedly initiated talks with SET-Discovery's One Alliance platform to distribute its Neo Sports and Neo Sports Plus channels.

Nimbus has already tied up with SAB TV, owned by SET, to broadcast in Hindi - 5 One Day International matches played in Ireland, by the Indian team.

The other option for Nimbus is to go independent through a bouquet likely to be called Independent TV Distributors.


Nimbus has not waited to finalise its distribution agreement. Taking the initiative, Nimbus has tied up with several independent satellite channels to carry the live feeds for ODI matches of the Ireland series between India, Ireland, South Africa and Pakistan, held between 23 June and 3 July 2007.

Nimbus also acquired the rights for the 2 Ireland matches from the Irish Cricket Union.
The events will be broadcasted live with commentary in English on Neo Sports, Hindi on SAB TV, Tamil on SUN NEWS, Telugu on Gemini News and in Kannada on Udaya Varthalugu. The 5 Indian matches against Pakistan, South Africa and Ireland were also be telecast live on Doordarshan, as per the Sports Act 2007.


Nimbus has infact signed a long term agreement with Sun TV Network Ltd.

"This is a long-term agreement with Nimbus with respect to any cricket series over cricket seasons 2007-2008 to 2009-2010 in the languages of Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam for which Nimbus has the right," Sun TV added.


Despite its setback with STAR, Nimbus has forged ahead and signed long term agreements with satellite broadcasters.

A new distribution deal is likely to be concluded with SET, or alternately, Nimbus may set up its own distribution platform, under the "Independent TV Distributors" banner.

Priyantha De Silva said...

Great News...................
POGO will available in English .

TATA Sky subscribers have got
an alert from Tata Sky saying that POGO (Channel no 615) is now available in English too. But still not happen. It come very soon.

How about DTV ?

Priyantha De Silva said...

*****We are very fortunate with DTV !!!!!!!!

I've found last week's comment from Dish TV India , Read and get to know and all of we can understand with comparing Tata Sky and Dish with Dialog TV.

@ Here are some of them..

Hi everyone,

1) I am using Dish TV . I am using for past 1 year and it was fine but now from last 6-7 days signal are not coming properly on certain time esp afternoon and morning. even when it comes half of the channel still not available sony , set max, etc.. I contacted the person who supply dish tv here says Dish TV has changed its satellite and eveyone is facing the same problem regarding signal. my signal strength is 30-35%. He said I have to shift to 130cm dish now i am using 110cm. Can anyone help me with this what could be the reason and how this can be solved.

2. Well you hav eto shift with bigger dish because Dish Tv now reduced their signals from GCC because of illegal way to watch channels.

Now you can pay money by ITZ card. You just need someone who can buy this card and renew your account from Dish Tv hotline. You need VC number and Name only.

3.I paid mine last month & there has been no problems.
About the signals, yes I do have a problem between 1700-2300 hrs where the signal is very weak for a few channels like HBO, Cartoon Network, TCM etc. I use a 110 cm dish. Try putting in splitters. I now have 3 splitters between the dish & my receiver. Dont ask me the logic or technical side of it (beats me), but each splitter I add, the less problem I have with the signal & can watch the channels better.
Ps, I live in Dubai & I have the zenega receiver which eats up the signals

4. i got a dishtv connection when it was launched.i was supplied zenega set top box model no Cd-10255. the software was upgraded every month then but when dishtv launched dishactive i contacted customer care & every tme i was told that since huge Nos of boxes are to be upgraded it will take some time.I try to contact customer care once every month but now they say they dont know if my setbox box software will be upgarded ,i sent them a fax but there is no response from dishtv.please help

But in a way you are lucky, you can edit the TP. Many of the Dish users are trying to get the old that they can catch some other satellites.... And Playjam and Dish Active are anyway useless....not even 5% of the customer may be using it...
5.We see a number of our friends report low signal in our DTH.
We are answered that "PROPER DISH ALIGNMENT" is to be done.
Can our experts post a few ideas with sketches, even handmade, so that this process is easy to be followed.

The option of calling the local dealer and paying him 150 Rs is not to be reported as a solution please!

*** Now,
It's better to have DTV,
when we read their posts. One of them has said, he had to wait about 40 minutes to get a one from Customer Care, the answer He got from them was not helped him anyway.

Then, we don't want to cry, because DTV is giving more than them in a few months time, More to come.

@ TecnoGuy and AMD ,
What do you feel about that ?

AMD said...

@ Riky

Welcome back and tks for the info. Hope to see u more often

@ Priyantha

I always beleived that DTV was miles ahead of DISH and TATA SKY. Most people beleive that jus becuz u have a whole lot of channels, that makes u the no 1 provider, but its quality channels that matter not quantity, and im sure that DTV c/care, with all their faults are 100 times better that Telecave or Satnet or whoever!

@ Laksirif

U said 7 new channels -
Are they: STAR WORLD
Whats the other one ?

laksirif said...


SRTV & Vijay too will be there.

TERRY said...

And wait a suprise with Star Cricket.

AMD said...

@ laksiri - TKS

russel said...

@ lakisirif

bro, r u sure that GOD TV, NDTV, SRTV , and the STAR PACKAGE will be given in a few days?


u said that it was confirmed to testing with the star package?


well, anyway, i contacted my friend who is in the techincal team and he said that it will take at least 10 more days to start testing with the star package? KIDO-CMB and laksirif! can he be correct? he also said that they havent even got the set boxes and stuff like that for star channels. And for star cricket he said that they havent started discussions as yet.

TERRY said...

They wiil have Star Cricket,and maybe even before LBN.

hsjaya said...

Hi Riky,

Thanks for coming back.

Since you have come back I would like to reiterate something whch I have stressed earlier.

There are few people who provide lot of infromation in this blog which they obtain from their relationship with DTV or someother organization.

This information they obtain sometimes may go wrong but most of the time they are correct.

So nobody should crtisise any one for this information becoming wrong.

Actually their efforts should be appreciated in first place, whether information is correct or not

It is always possible and better to obtain a clarification from the concerned person, rather than crucifying him for information becoming incorrect.

So, Riky we appreciate your efforts and information.

Keep us updated as much as you can.

yakuza said...

@ priyantha

thanks for schedule

russel said...


what about star package and godtv?

yakuza said...

glad to hear that they will add new star channels.

my problem is when will they sort out the packages since as a 850/= customer i only get neo plus after all this fuss

laksirif said...


DTV plan is to complete the process of uploading the balance new channels during this week & then carry out the s/w upgrade for old decoders. However, they won't confirm the dates, as already their plans have gone off the track.

Delay in providing Star pkg is mainly due to certain technical issues.

They are negotiating with Star Pkg provider to get Star Cricket as well. But not finalized yet.


You are perfectly right. Everyone collects information & try to share with fellow contributors in this blog with the sole idea of keeping everybody informed of what's going on at DTV, as their CC guys are clueless. Therefore we should always encourage those who provide such information.

BTW as I mentioned last week, DTV will send out a letter to all old CBN customers most probably this week.

yakuza said...

@ laksirif

hopefully they will settle the issue with packages

@ 850/= customers (cbnsat)

as for now it seems like we will be able to keep both espn and pogo in the future

any idea abt what new channels that will be in the 900/= packge

current 900/= owners please comment

D.L.R. said...

Yesterday evening with small rain, TP3 signal levels drop but TP1 &2 remain visible level (minimum level was 30%)
In normal day my tp1 & 2 signals level & qualilty 76% & 58% but for tp3 level is 75% & quality is 48%.
DTV pl slove this problem. IF cannot pl shift hindi channels to tp3

Jesika said...

Guys Good News

today the DTV team came to my house regarding the RF color problem.

As i said after s/w upgrade i lost the color through RF out.

They came and changed my decoder. they said the new s/w is not compatible with some old old decoders.
So if anyone lost RF colour after upgrade, call C/C now? they will change ur decoder too.!!

Jesika said...

In new s/w there are TP4 available. when channel search we can see signal on TP4.
What does this means? is it activated?

hsjaya said...

Yesterday I had a peculiar problem.

Last night I was watching HBO asia and suddenly everything went blank.

So i htought signall loss and checked other chanells.

All the new channells had the signall loss while old channells were working. But there was no raining.

However this this may be due to 3rd transponder problem.

But the peculiar thing was that while I was moving from one channell to another channell, TV got completely stuck.

None of the buttons of the remote could activate the TV.

However normal local channells were working with the normal antenna.

Finally I had to shut down my TV and restart as we do with our PCs when they are stuck.

This is really funny. Does anybody have any idea why such a thing happened.

laksirif said...


From what I understand there will be two categories for 900 pkg. A & B. One is for new DTV customers & the other for present 850 pkg customers who will continue to get ESPN & POGO. But not the other. What is not clear is what channels DTV intends to remove from the channel line up of those who will continue to have ESPN & POGO. This is on the basis one does not upgrade to 900 pkg on your own. This has become a thorny issue for DTV. As I understand even this proposal is not finalized yet.

Vishkid said...

@Laksirif - well, they hv more than enough channels now to play around with (with Star pkg). So why can't they just add ESPN and POGO to 900 subscribers as well? Then they can manage the 3 package structures without an issue ...

Not as if everything would fall out of balance if they give ESPN & POGO (which are NOT premium channels) .. or am I missing something here?

Dude said...


I had the same problem yesterday. I was watching Australia Network and then when I was about to switch over to another channel. The decoder froze and did not respond to the remote control commands. Then I turned it off and turned it on and and when I switch over to a TP3 channel and bring it back the same problem. Then I after turning it off and back on again it remained stuck on TP3 and I thought it must have been bcos I did the software upgrade. After sometime though it became okay.

Anyway to repeat an old question that no one seems to have noticed. Is the RF problem the only problem with the new software or are there other problems also. I use composite cable to get the video out to tv and s-video cable to get the picture to computer so I have not experienced a color issue. Is the Black and White problem there for the S-video connection too since I did not connect the decoder to the computer ever since I upgraded the software.

I upgraded the software last friday, does anyone who upgraded about a month ago have any other problems with the decoder? When they push software to the decoders will ours be upgraded again with the official version.

Priyantha De Silva said...

Jesika ,

Thanks to you, I've called CC and did what they said.After that , He said a team will come in next 3 days. Now, waiting..

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Jesika,
Do you mean the TP4 as 11632 or not ?
If so, there isn't signal on mine.

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ hsjaya.
Last night, when i went to Re-Scan it was not happened, and all went BLACK. That happened 2 times in last 2 days.Then, there wasn't any channels and, I had to Re-Scan again to get the channels back.

That was my problem but not like yours, but I think this will help you .

D.L.R. said...

I also faced Black out problem,
I think they have done some modification without informing us through inbuilt masseging system.

Jesika. new s/w also has this four tp settings. but at the moment only 1,3,4 are working but tp2 is not working

AMD said...

For any of u guys who wanna listen to radio online, copy & paste the link to ur media player.

E -

E -





YES FM- mms://

Y FM - mms://

yakuza said...

@ vishkid

good point man

it will be disoppointing if they remove espn and pogo from the lineup.
i have called c/c regarding this issue few times and they assured espn and pogo will be there.

can you give the lineup of the additional channels for 900/= will any star channels be included in it
hopefully all 900/= packges will get both espn and pogo

this will resolve all the problem of packge structures

laksirif said...


I agree with you. DTV should not be stupid to create any more unpleasantness among their customers. Already they did stupid thing by depriving the old CBN customers the facility of watching test transmission.

TERRY said...

Russel & Laksirif.

What rikey said is correct Star cricket has been secured by DTV.
The official launch is planned for 1st August,They will have Star and the other channels prior to that and NDTV is scheduled next.

AMD said...

This is the link to the package list from the DTV brochure i have.

Jesika said...

Priyantha / d.l.r

I didnt check it. I'll check it today. I saw only TP4

soorapappa said...

Finally got some time to surf (after 3 days :-). Nice to see HBO family on DTV.

cbnsatcustomer, LST
Thanks for your comments. I've got that Dialog WiMax info from one of my friend, when searching for details. I've added the covering letter also to and there is a contact number (I did not called that, since I've lost my interest).

Nalakha, Jesika,
I'm wondering why you change main channel list. What I'm doing is set up favorite lists (without hindi CRAP :-) and arrange it the way I need. Then press FAV button and select the one I need to watch. After that it will remember the FAV list I've got last time and I can simply switch between channels on that FAV using channel up down buttons. When I need to check for new channels, I'll scan and new ones will be added to main list. If it's not a hindi crap, I'm just add only that to my FAV :-). I never press OK button to get channels.

Anonymous said...

lbn beats dialog tv.

once lbn expands coverage, dialog will be smashed to pulp! lbn is the best. they have unlimited bandwidth and all the latest digital features.

we are getting star cricket and other channels long before dialog imagines. hdtv very very soon! dialog won't be able to stand up straight after lbn launches hdtv.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

dialog is going to lose to lbn. lbn rocks! accept it

AMD said...

@ LBN Rocks

U mean to say that LBN is gonna cover entire island ???? Wow!!

How may HDTV sets are there in SL ???

Get ur facts straight 1st or get a life!!

hsjaya said...


Thanks for your response.

I have not done any sw upgrade and though I have tried it several times it doesnt work for me.

I am not sure whether DTV have done it while they are upgdading my 850+pkg to 1400/-

This black out problem seem to be a common one. So lets hope DTV has sorted this out and there is no more black out.

Regarding the channell allocation dont expect more than one or two new premium channells for 850+ or 900pkgs.

DTV is not like CBNsat. They only kept out two HBO cahneels from 850+ pkg and gave everything.That is becasue CBNsat valued their customers and treated them accordingly.

But DTV will never do that. Their customer service theroy is entirely different from CBNsat. We all are experiencing that now.

DTV will definitely allocate maximum numaber of premium channells to 1400/- pkg so that they can force all other customers to upgrade their pkgs to 1400/- if customers want to view premium channells.

Did you observe that they have not even given FTA channell toAustrialnetwotk to 100pkg.

hsjaya said...

LBN rocks,

Congratulation | Mate give me some information.

I am living about 25km from Colombo. I also wish to convert to LBN

Could you pl tell me how soon LBN will cover 25km radius from Colombo

AMD said...

@ LBN Rocks

Yeah tell me when they will even cover Nugegoda ?? Only 10 km from Colombo !! and they wanna cover N'Eliya !!

Anonymous said...
















alf said...



D.L.R. said...

Hi LBN Rocks,
I also want to change to LBN.
When r u going to cover Kesbawa (20km away from Colombo)

nimal said...

@ lbn rocks

Dont talk cock..they are hoping to expand their services only to Wattala,Kiribathgoda, Nuwara Eliya and Beruwala.(even this will take years) Where as, DTV covers the whole the Island. LBN has a long way to go man.

You can enjoy LBN but don't be over enthusiastic!!!

We always welcome the competition…but never give up

hsjaya said...

LBN rock,

Mate dont try to write theses. I asked a very simple question.

I agree with your comment about DTV.

DTV is very bad, picture quality is bad, customer care is bad etc etc,....

We all know about it and you dont have to come suddenly and remindd same thing to us.

Simply answer my question ?

If you do not have a reply for that pl come back when LBN can cover Entire SRI lanka, Maldives and part of India.

Till such time good bye mate

Jughead said...


i agree with you. I also feel that DTV will not allocate the good channels to 850/- & 900/- packages.

although most of the guys have upgraded to 1400/- i will not be able do so even if i liked to due to constraints on my budget. its a Rs.600/- difference alright. but i know that i would feel it very much at the end of the month with electricity, water, landphone/mobile, phone bills as well as vehicle maintennance come for settlement.

soooo, i shall wait patiently hoping that Hans will have a change of heart and treat us also to a reasonably good allocation from the new lineup :( hmmmmm

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

LBN rocks,
it seems that you've sat on capslock key by mistake.

TERRY said...

The 900 package will have,


And the the old CBN customers who had Pogo and Espn will have those two as well(Including the above channels)

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

LBN rocks,
i want to convert to LBN. When will they launch in Kandy?

Tarzy said...

I just called LBN to find out the areas they intend to cover and i particularly asked if KASBAWA (piliyandala) area will be covered. He assured me in another two months KASBAWA will also be covered.

hummmmmmmm thats good news to meeeee.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

when will LBN launch in kandy? 2020? btw i was just kidding another cable service is the last thing i need lol.

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ LBN Rocks,

As LST, I also want LBN to my home in Matara. Can you tell me how can I get this and from where to Buy ?

I've money and I can buy it tomorrow. .surely I throw away DTV when I buy LBN, It has so many channels than DTV.

Thanks... LBN Rocks...

AMD said...

@ Priyantha

Dont u think that by the time even LBN thinks of coming to Matara, DTV will have over 80 channels!!

Jughead said...

Terry, if what you're telling is true.....Star World, ABC and Hallmark will be more than enough to spend some reasonably good time in front of the TV.

I'm happy!!!!!!!!!!

AMD said...

I wish DTV would reduce the price of a 2nd decoder... Rs. 9,000/- is too much no....

TERRY said...


Other than star World its on paper (I have one of the official leaflets of DTV).

But the info on Star World also from a very reliable source.

The package structure has also been officialy aproved (Somebody said on a previous post that its not aproved,its wrong).

soorapappa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
soorapappa said...

Hmmm. I'm disappointed, because I have 900 package and why they don't give ESPN, POGO to ALL customers who pay same amount ???? Do you have any info regarding "A la carte"? When is it possible to go for that ?

Nice to hear from you again. Do you know anything about package structure ?

cableguy said...

Oh Goody

So STAR WORLD would be in the 900 package(Old and New). Thats great news!!

Any chance of getting Ten Sports too??
or am I getting too greedy here:)

TERRY said...

No its only for the 1400.00 pkg

Rugby world cup will be on Neo sports.

TechnoGuy said...

STAR World on Rs. 900/= package. Thats very good news!

But when are we getting the rest of the channels? Next week? Week after? I'm getting a little impatient.

@ Riky, Terry, Laksirif, and all others knowledgeable

Please tell us if any channels could appear today or tommorrow.

TERRY said...


NDTV is next on line

TERRY said...


NDTV is next on line

russel said...


thank you very much for the information. so does dat mean ndtv would be started from today?

but the news which i am getting is quite contrary to the news of yours.

russel said...


why would some one need an extra decorder?

if some one has two decorders would he be able to view different channels from two tvs with one connection?

KIDO-CMB said...

@ Russel:
DTV have received the STAR Pkg Setup box on Friday. Only the problem is getting clear reception. Even SONY & the SET SAB channels (GOD & the NDTV) having the same problem. This because of the Colombo Harbor high sensitive laser alarm. (Signal or reception coming from 45*% sea side)

KIDO-CMB said...

Guys Be ready… Official IRD Upgrading is available soon… (Pls check after 9pm whether the Upgrading is working or not, coz DTV ppl checking on this.) I’ll confirm the time ASAP.

TERRY said...

Kido is right,they are having some receiving problems on NDTV and SET(The same as SETMAX during the WC)

He is right on the boxes too,they are already with DTV,Its only the signal breakdown problem which is holding the uplink

russel said...

kido-cmb and terry

so that means there is no way of getting signals know? ( Bcoz the high senstive laser signals wont be terminated know?)

the quality of SET and SAB arent that bad now... ( SET is better now. i suppose)

TechnoGuy said...

New upgrade is 2007 software? Or the older 2006 software? Please inform us.

And is there any way of getting an OK signal with all the disturbance? Will they possibly get things done by August first week? I really hope so.

Anyway, thanks a lot for the information.

TERRY said...


They were thinking of a microlink from another location and might do that

Hanees said...


AMD said...

NDTV Available now.

Pic in good but sound level is kinda low.

HBO Family sound level is kinda too high.

@ Russel
I would like to have another decoder so i can can watch another channel while somene else watches the something else on another tv. Of course it will be a separate connection but using the same dish.

Sudhar said...

There are some people born to spoil anything, one such person is RAHDUS. He doesn’t stop there, he wants to make every one anger with one another.

RAHDUS and LBN_ROCKS are one and the same person, check both ones profile ( )

Now he is fooling all DTV bloggers to get angered about LBN, that’s why he has posted about LBN on DTV blog. He is done the same on LBN as well as on comet blog some time back.

I hope DTV bloggers will understand, no LBN blogger is against the DTV bloggers, its some dirty minded people who spoils every one to comment bad about each other.

Sudhar said...

RAHDUS and LBN_ROCKS are one and the same person, check both ones profile ( )

I request the senior DTV bloggers (Especially AMD, terry, technoguy, priyantha de silva) to note this person and guide others not to fall prey to his intentions
His only ambition is make DTV bloggers look bad on LBN blog and LBN bad on DTV blog.

Priyantha De Silva said...

Again.. cheers..DTV
Well Done !

NDTV is there, Hope More will come in next few days.

@ AMD,

I want LBN tomorrow (Wednesday). Not later. Because that fellow said don't buy DTV. I want to buy LBN tomorrow in Matara as to lbn Rocks.
The management of DTV has said a few months ago, They'll add upto 120 channels very near future because there are about 600 channels available ,and not 80.
Good Night !

dannymot said...

For those who have ADSL connections, try this FREE internet TV. I have tested it and the streaming is quite smooth.

TechnoGuy said...

@ Sudhar
Agree with you. There are smoe idiots who think they can spoil everything and make these blogs foul places to comment in.

Sorry, Rahdus. We are tightly bonded together as a group and are not bothered by people like you.

Meanwhile, I am sure there is no problem between us and Comet or LBN or anyone else, and that we will all keep peace with each other for times to come.

End of Story, please.

TechnoGuy said...

Congrats to DTV for introducing NDTV 24x7.

NO picture freezing. Low pixelation. Good Work!

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Sudhar ,
Thank to you.

I think LBN and DTV are different kind of services. LBN can't give coverage to entire country ever. But DTV does it NOW.Then, we must treat LBN bloggers as brothers as we are here with all withot hurt their hearts.

It's very SAD to see some are trying to break the friendship and Peace.As TecnoGuy said, they can't break our unity.

There are many bloggers who are not participate in comments .( As I did in early days as hisjaya)
But they love us and I've seen some of them come helped when there is a trouble, And escape us from troubled persons on right time and go again.Because we can't see even 50 people are participate here. But last month's DTV schedule of mine has Downloaded about 300 bloggers.

cbnsatcustomer said...


thanks for info

NDTV is in good quality

TechnoGuy said...

Yes, our unity shal not deteorate for any reason, least of all the bugging of a little bug like Rahdus.

There are actually hundreds of people visiting this blog. But only about 20-30 of us are actually blogging here. We may have more if anonymous commenting is enabled, but it won't be worth the amount of junk coming in.

Please change Hallmark Channel link to

This website gives the Indian times and is equal to our time in Sri Lanka. The link you give now is for an East Asian site.


TechnoGuy said...

Channel 48 - SRTV

But video is not broadcasting yet.

Expect it to be working by midnight today or most likely tomorrow. Also we would probably get GOD TV tomorrow.

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ TecnoGuy,
Thanks for Info.

The 1st 24/7 Tamil channel on DTV,
SRTV is working now. Picture Quality ( Like Zee Cinema) and Sound are superb.
Now 12 slots on TP 3 are filled. 6 slots remain for,Star...

ShiviRocks said...

Hello everyone,

Probably should start out by saying I’m a bit new here so do excuse me if I sound like I’ve completely lost touch with reality or I sound like a complete retard for posting a comment that should have been posted on the “To upgrade or not to upgrade?” post(or some earlier post). But since there haven’t been too many posts on that for the last month or so, thought of bringing up the issue here.

K with that been said, could someone kindly help me clarify this. It seems that the 900 package is getting these new channels while the 1375 package still doesn’t get squat. Now, I am a 1375 customer (if you haven’t figured that out already) and I’m really pissed coz the 1400 package has close to 60 channels or something and I only get 36!!
I mean 25 rupees shouldn’t make such a bleeding difference now should it? And its not like we stingily pay exactly 1375 or 900 or something. The package charge + the services charge (or whatever they charge us for) takes the bloody bill up by 150 to 250 rupees.

And its not like I haven’t been trying to get an IRD update either. I’ve been trying for the last couple of days and guess what? no success what so ever.

So my question (well ok 2) for you guys is, do I have to upgrade to the 1400 package or do I have to keep searching for an IRD upgrade to get these new channels?

And is that issue with the 900 package getting channels the 1375 package isn’t enough to sue dialog (sweet revenge for every cent they charged us more than what other gsm networks do) or is it something that should get settled by shouting at a middle-management guy in a monkey suit at union place?

Ok now that that’s off my chest I’m going back to calm Sri Lankan mode (just letting you guys know I’m not a complete arse) *rubs his ears* woosa.. woosa…

Nathan said...

Hi All

RAHDUS and LBN_ROCKS im sure work for LBN! lol im sure...

Morons like you who do not have anything better to do pass your time by making idiotic remarks on blogs that are not your's to comment in. If you think the attention that you morons are receiving justifies you to post more idiotic comments you may be sadly mistaken.

The only attention you get is that most people on in here would take you for a joke, cause it seems apparent that you do not know to relate to certain issues. Why? cause this is called Dialog TV who with a sane mind post comments about LBN ? but morons like you! learn your english, learn to read, learn to relate to a situation (or blog in this case)

So save your comments....or go make your own blog and get commenting on that about LBN.

AMD said...

NDTV & SR TV now on air!

Good going DTV.

Guys, when DTV ads new channels, do we have to re-scan to ad it ?
Dosent it get added automatically ?

nimal said...


How is the new Star Cricket Channel?
ESPN & STAR channels look dull without much cricket these days.

However, ESPN will have the one day series of IND Vs ENG

Hope DTV will soon have Star Cricket

Jesika said...


If we buy an additional decoder., do i need to pay 2 rentals?

I couldn't able to check for new channels this sad!

Yesterday DTV team came to my place and changed my decoder. Now RF colour problem is solved !

Jesika said...

I have a question.

If i use 50m AV cable to get DTV to my other room TV, Will it work? Will it drop the quality?

Is there any wireless device to use my DTV remote from my other Room?

Pls help me


AMD said...

@ Jesika

Yes, u will have to pay 2 rentals becuz it will be 2 separate packages.
U can have different packages like a 1400 & a 500, etc.

AMD said...

@ nimal

Are u sure ESPN will also show the IND v ENG series ?

I thought its on STAR CRICKET ?

Rukmal said...

can we duplicate the DTV sim card like GSM Sim card?

If we could we can use 2 decoders with 1 package. but only one at time.
Then jesikas remote problem will solve.

anybody know about this?

alf said...



alf said...


bank_dude said...


Check th e above

riky said...

Star World,Star Plus,Star vijay will be allocated to the 900/- package.Star Movies and most proberbly Star Cricket will be on 1400/-.

hsjaya said...


We have discussed the issue you have raised many many times.

If you have followed yesterday blogs you might get some undersatnding what is going to happen.

Since you have raised the problem again let me clarify.

DTV is not CBNsat. Therefore dont expect the treatment you received from CBNsat

DTV is is more profit oriented and they will do everything under the sun to maximize their profit.

That is why for the difference of Rs.25/-, customers of 1400/- pkg get 47channells and you get 36.

And dont expect that situation to be better after official launch.

DTV will allocate minimum no of new premium channells to 1375,( if DTV wishes to continue this pkg) to get rid of the accustion of unfair trade practises.

So if you want view all premium channells you have to do only one thing.

nimal said...


It was on " what's on ESPN during August"

I saw this yesterday evening while watching ESPN

AMD said...

Tks Riky - Thats great news.

AMD said...

Guys, when DTV ads new channels,
do we have to always e-scan to ad
it ?
Dosent it get added automatically ?

hsjaya said...


Pl dont get excited about people coming here and blogging with bogus names.

We should not unduly worried about these comments. We should try to understand why they are doing like that and what is the content. And if possible try expose their trus identity.

So it is better to discuss the issue rather than critisising the people.

We cant stop peolple coming here and blogging with bogus name and there is no need to stop that also

Let anybody come and comment. As many mates pointed out earlier if there is unity among us nothing can disturb us.

So mate keep cool.

nishantha said...

We have a request to change SET SAB TO SET PIX. Is it possible to do with the Official launch

yakuza said...


hopefully LBN will kickup there game.

as dtv customers, competition for dtv means more benitits for us

russel said...


do you mean that we are getting godtv today?

any news about the star package?

hey.. as it is not possible for me to contact the guy i know in the technical team i would need some help from you people to know what dtv is hoping to do in the future.

riky , nice to see ya. Please keep it up with your great work. tery and laksirif and others its the same to you....

soorapappa said...

from yesterday afternoon HBO family is scrambled to 900 :-(

@Riky, terry, kido-cmb,
Thanks for the info. Do you know any reason why they don't give ESPN, POGO to all 900 package? Is it due to cost factors ? I'm wondering how CBNSat given those to 850... hmmm... seems like DTV end up with 4 packages. 500, 900 old, 900 new and 1400. If old 900 upgraded to 1400 and then downgraded to 900 again, will they get ESPN, POGO again ?

according to my knowledge, yes. We have to scan again to get new channels (but don't need to reset to factory defaults).

TERRY said...


ESPN and POGO were in the 850.00 package when CBNstat was closed down and when DTV took over the operation these two chnnels were structured on to 1400.00,mainly due to cost factors.

The old CBNsat customers were given the opportunity to keep ESPN and POGO in appreciation of their wait for over 6 months when CBNsat was closed.

Thats the story.

AMD said...

@ soorapappa - tks but what about people who dont know about the new channels or who dont know how to scan, they will be in the dark until some ones tells them.

@ Terry / Laksirif / Technoguy / hsjaya - any comment on this ?

hsjaya said...


That is what exactly happenning.

Because same thing happened to me. I had to go to outstation for 05 days and did not know DTV has activated HBO FAMILY.

After going through this blog, I came to know that HBO FAMILY is active and then only I did a scan.

This is becoz DTV is not bothered at the momment to inform its customers what is going on.

Therefore anybody outside this blog has no idea whatsoever about what DTV is doing at the moment.

DTV is using that for their advantage. It is better for them to keep customers in the dark as much longer as possible, bcoz later on it will be easy fro them to manipulate packages

Everything they do now will be treated as testing. There is no way we can protest. We have to wait and see what will happen at the official launch.

So the solution is to do scan every hour and see whether there are any new channells added by dtv.

What an excellent way of doing "INNOVATIVE MARKETING "

ShiviRocks said...

ahh.. finally, an update

thanks for the clarification hsjaya

Enupul said...

what,s the new password