Wednesday, June 6, 2007

One year ago on a day like this (6/6/6)

Exactly one year ago at approx 9:01PM Dialog TV (formerly known as CBNsat) was sealed unfairly and unjustly by the authorities sparking a court battle that lasted almost six months. The sealing by Dialog TV was followed by the closure of LBN almost a week later.

During this time we saw the formation of CBNsat Subscribers Unite now known as Dialog TV Subscribers Unite. In December we saw the re emergence of this company and the additions of new channels from the Zee Package subsequently.

The time period from 6/6/6 upto the time LBN resumed transmissions can be described as the darkest time period in the Sri Lankan pay television industry.

We take this opportunity to salute Mr. Muhunthan Canagey, founder of CBNsat and the staff of the company who were with the company during the times of trouble, also not forgetting Dialog Telekom who took steps to takeover the company and provided the entertainment starved subscribers a reprieve. Last but not least the subscribers of Dialog TV who were with the company all throughout the months that they did not have the service since they have played a special role in making this blog and its predecessor (CBNsat Blog) a massive success.

To commemorate this day we have made a post on the CBNsat Blog which will be celebrating one year of existence on June 7th and enabled the commenting feature for a period of 24 hours for subscribers to post some of their thoughts.

Here is a link to the very first post on the CBNsat Blog which appeared on June 7th - CBNsat Ceases transmissions.


yakuza said...

so its been a year.
some new channels today will be a cherry on top of the cake

Amalka said...

any one know about tv guide...still i didn't recevied my May / June TV Guide........

Amalka said...

Dialog Satellite TV Powers CR & FC

Colombo, Sri Lanka. 30.05.2007. Dialog Satellite TV, Sri Lanka’s premier satellite television service, announced recently that they will be the power behind CR & FC for this year’s Rugby season.

This marks the first time that Dialog Satellite TV is extending their sponsorship to a sports club. Speaking on DTV’s decision to be the official Satellite TV partner for CR & FC, Nushad Perera, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Dialog Telekom said, “Dialog Satellite TV’s sponsorship of CR & FC is a natural extension of Dialog Telekom’s commitment towards sports, and it will no doubt be the first of many such sponsorships. We hope that our sponsorship will be a positive boost to these sportsmen, who are talented and have proved themselves to be some of the best Rugby players in Sri Lanka.”

“Firstly I’d like to thank Dialog Satellite TV for sponsoring CR & FC this season,” said Jehan Kanagaratnam, General Secretary, Cr & FC. “We sincerely appreciate the generous support that Dialog Telekom has lent us over the years. Through their sponsorship they have provided that vital support we need to lift up our game, and have provided us that extra element we need to compete with the best.”

Dialog Telekom have previously sponsored many Rugby clubs including Army and Police, and recently announced the renewal of their sponsorship of the Army Rugby Team.

Dialog Telekom has been a prominent sponsor of Sri Lankan Sports and is committed to developing talent in Sri Lanka to international standards. The company is closely associated with School Cricket, Rugby, Volleyball, Football and Rowing and has sponsored national contingents to international events including the Olympics Paralympics, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, Asian Athletic Championships and SAF Games.

Dialog Satellite TV features over 30 international channels including CNN, A1, AXN, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, MTV—Music Television, SET, Discovery, Animal Planet, Reality TV, National Geographic Channel, The History Channel, Star Sports, BBC, Discovery Travel & Living, POGO, ANIMAX, VH1, HBO, HBO Signature, Cinemax, ESPN, ZEE TV, Z CafĂ©, Z Studio, Z Trendz, Z Cinema, Z Music and Z Sports. Dialog TV promises an aggressive expansion programme which will deliver a large number of channels to Sri Lankan viewers over the coming months.

Dialog Satellite TV is operated and managed by Asset Media Pvt Ltd., a subsidiary of Dialog Telekom Ltd. Dialog Telekom, an ISO 9001 certified company, is a subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia. Dialog operates 2.5G and 3G Mobile Communications networks supporting the very latest in multimedia and mobile Internet services. The Company has the distinction of being the first 3G operator in South Asia to commence commercial operations. Dialog Telekom, the largest and fastest growing cellular service in Sri Lanka, serves a subscriber base in excess of 3.5 Million Sri Lankans.

TechnoGuy said...


Its going to be like 9/11 for us. At a lesser scale of course (there were no deaths, etc.).

Anyway, we are lucky it was only 6 months. What if it was 1 year (today we would have started). 2 years? a decade? Never at all?

We are all lucky!

Anyway, here is
An Easy Way to get latest DialogTV Channel/Software Information

SatCodx records information of all satellite around the world every 5 minutes or so. And the public can easilty access it. It is faster than LyngSat, although it does not provide other package info, etc. like LyngSat.

But with SatCodx you can get all sorts of information such as the bitrate. All in real time.

So this is the link for IntelSat 12 on SatCodx:

Beneath the first transponder (ZTV) you see the TP3 of DialogTV. Then a long way underneath TP3 is TP1 and TP2. At the end of TP1 is the DATA channel, which is used to stream the Software Update.

At the moment of this writing, the channel is not active. This explains the failed download attempts.

Also you can see the real channel names and bitrates of each channel. According to my calculation, each TP can stream 30 Mbps. Bitrates for each channel on DTV vary. You can click on the bitrate of a channel (in SatCodx) to see a full chart of its bitrates throughout the day. Cool, eh?

This means that you can see if the Update is avilable, or any new channel is launched, without watching or rescanning DTV. Easy as 1,2,3! This is especially useful for lazy people and those who are browsing at the office (careful not to get caught to the boss!).

SatLanka Issue
DialogTV is not allowed for use outside Sri Lanka except in Maldives maybe. SatLanka is selling the system ILLEGALLY and customers too can get in to trouble! If you want DialogTV outside Sri Lanka, contact DialogTV yourself. SatLanka is also expensive.

If SatLanka really got the rights, why wasn't it published in the newspapers like all the other agreements?

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

Dan welawa 9.25 PM. Meeta hariyatama awruddakata kalin me wage welawata CBNsat customersla kawruth Red light eka green wenakam balagena hitapu hati..... customer care call karanna try karapu hati..... e athdakeema windapu katawath amathaka wena ekak na...

CBNsat transmission eka apahu ganna me blog eke CBNsat subscriber unit eka widhata uthsaha karapu katath ( Specially - Lisura & Others ) mama me welawe mage hardayangama sthuthiya wage gawrawaya puda karanawa...

Dan api Dialog TV.... Eth DTV CBNsat ekka hitiya wageme api hamadama oyalath ekka...

Methana inna kawru thada wela bannath kagahuwath... E hama deyakma honda sewayak labaganna misak tharahak kiyala waradawa wataha ganna epa....

Good luck DTV......

sonik said...

what is this satlanka thing?? sounds like they are giving out hacked decoders. and anyway, i dont think we can recieve some of these feeds. especially, space tv and MCK south africa, as the footprints are out of SLs reach.

yakuza said...

we cant rely on the the tv guide for this month
i think they have given the may schedule for axn. check out the dates of the friday night movies

nishantha said...

@ Technoguy
Thanks about your info. I think Satdox will provide very accurate information to us.

There was a software loader on yesterday evening.

hiru said...

It seems that few sub-agents have got into the market....

Star Cable Networks, has offered Ja-ela Millennium City and Athurugiriya Millennium a package with a connection fee of 4,500/- and monthly rental of Rs 500/- for 50 channels. ( this includes ESPN,STAR Sports,TEN Sports,STAR Movies,Animal Planet,Discovery,National Geo.., Cinamax, AXN,BBC e.t.c)

Contact numbers given on the brochure is 072-3644823 (Ja-ela) and 072-2920321 (Athurugiriya)...but lines are always engaged.

According to the channel line up, I guess this is an agent of Dish TV.(Hulla's connection)

Has any of you seen this? I am sure that there must be hidden agenda behind this offer?

cbnsatcustomer said...

DialogTV has started buy one get one free connection campaign again. It's available in Singer Mega, Sisil and Modern homes stores. Ads are in todays papers.

vips said...


Thanks for the info.

I've received prg. guide on 5th June. Some of my friends still not received it :-(

I've not checked that. But EPG is correct last knight for AXN.

russel said...

The wsoftware upgreade will be ready by next week. ( Mostly in the middle.) On the 13th. The new channels will be finallised by the last week of this month. Tensports will only be for the 1400 package. FTV and GOD Tv wont be there.

AMD said...


Thanks for the info.
So basically vll have the new channels by the 1st of July ?
Riky, Kalu - Any comments ?

I hope DTV is aware that Satlanka is promoting their connections illegaly, and will take action against them.

cable said...


Guys could you tell if ABC (Australia broadcasting corporation) channel is in the group of to be launched channels? They are the rights holders in south asia of all the rugby in Australia,New zeland, South Africa including Home internationals and the Tri nations

ABC i think is is telecast FTA in C band to south asia but when there are rugby matches they encrypt the signal but you can get a free decrypter card to insert in the satellite reciver if you live in south asia and e-mail them.
I am sure the Dialog Tv technical guys have this info other if they give the channel it will be blank screens during rugby matches.

About the SatLanka thing wont selling the connection by other parties increase DialogTV income? as satlanka will be buying the decoders from DialogTV and paying them monthly rent. This is the procedure followed by DishTV dealers in Sri lanka. I doubt these guys have the technical know how and the means to hack DialogTv decoders

Of course legally and ethically this is the wrong thing to do

russel said...


to bre precise. You are correct. By the 1st of July , ( Or probably by the last week of this month, all the new channels will be there. And from the 1st of July all the EPG will be completed. I think there is a problem with the HBO EPG as well. Everything will be have sorted out from the 1st of July. No problem with the Tensports. The channels will be replaced one by one from the channels in the 3rd TP. The SW update will be ready from next week.

I dont know how riky and kaleparuma had got the information about the new channels issue. It is regarded as a very confidencial thing in the DTV team. DTV is hoping to introduce the new channels at once and surprise the costomers. And that will also be a bussiness tactic as well.

They might introduce the asian feed of star.


what do you mean by a software loader? DTV hadnt started to give SW as yet. They have only created the link.

Vishkid said...

Well, writing in the blog after a long time (been reading it almost every day tho').

Am very much interested in Cable's question about ABC or Australia networks. Would it come to DTV? I'm sure a load of Rugby fans are awaiting (a positive) reply on that one!

As an aside, Australia Networks is listed on the SatLanka page on DTV channels.

Does anyone here watch AC on FTA? And is it (fully) available on DishTV??

Priyantha De Silva said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jughead said...


its nothing new. so many people have been involved in giving out cable connections as such in colombo & suburbs for a while now. i guess they are all illegal.

the people who subscribe to these are at a risk, but since the connection fee is very low they tend to face that risk.

quality ofcourse is very low.

AMD said...

@ Russel,

Tks for the info.

Well ya i guess the info is kept confidential becuz they want to suprise all of us. Many people are speculating different things, becuz DTV wont make any official statement. Anyways customer care told me that they will give the channels within this month.

So lets wait till the 1st of July.
Gosh i hate waiting for suprises !!

riky said...

Vish Kid/Cableguy,

Nice to see you guys back on the blog.

Yes the Australian Network will be with DTV with the launch and they are the right holders for all All Blacks,Springbook,Wallaby test matches and super 14"s and we will have the opportunity of watching the tri nations live.

The channels will be their in a couple of days as informed and nothing to worry about.

Vishkid said...

@ Riky - That's a wholesome and welcome piece of news! You guys hv been feeding good info from DTV side and sure appreciate that.

But no news pleases me more than this!


AMD said...

Australia Network:

U can also subcsribe to their mailing lists.

Check the schedule for Sri Lanka

cableguy said...

Visiting the blog after a long time. Gosh! Its hard to believe that it has been one year since the CBN shutdown. It feels like only a few months ago many of us were expressing our frustrations and battling the injustice with CBN closure. For all us senior bloggers who put up a valiant fight during tough times thru this blog, its refreshing to see that this blog is very active and alive. Keep up the fantastic work and lets hope and pray that what happened to Cable TV in Sri Lanka on 6/6/06 will never repeat.
Happy Viewing!!

Jesika said...


Are you sure that GODTv is not in the new lineup ?

Hanees said...

about GODtv

Gamini said...

@ riky

r u sure dat da new channls will be there in a coupl of dayz? Does couple mean two and something like 5 to 6. ( Something lyk that.) wen will they do the software update?

@ russel

why does it take so much tym? Ur sure about wat ur saying?

@ kaluperuma

hey... we need u now!!!!! pls comment.

AMD said...

This looks like a battle between
riky / kalu vs russel....

Gamini said...

yeah. but i think we must trust riky and kalu. Bcoz they were the ones who told about this earlier...
they cant be wrong. But if the channels wont come in the next month, rusell might be correct. lets just wait and see....

what do you think?

Thanura said...

we have to appreciate both parties. (kalu/riky and russel)
so lets not argue about the new channels. we had to wait 6+ months earlier. so everyone hold ur breath until the end of this month. If DTV is able 2 give the channels before the month of July it'll be great.
neways we will get da channels in the month of july. (according to russel)
now we know that there will be new channels and a software upgrade. so be patient.

AMD said...

@ Gamini,

I dont like to comment on that at this point. We will all get an answer to our questions in a few days.

Priyantha De Silva said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Priyantha De Silva said...


Dialog becomes Sri Lanka’s biggest investor

Commits $ 300 m investment for next 2 years bringing the total to a staggering over Rs.90 billion

By Jeevani Pereira

Sri Lanka’s most profitable, largest capitalised company and industry leader Dialog Telekom yesterday added another enviable achievement under its belt by becoming the single largest investment project in the country.

This distinction came by when the Dialog Telekom announced the signing of a landmark investment agreement with the Board of Investment (BOI) to invest a further US$ 300 million or Rs. 33 billion in telecom and media sectors in the next two years. The latest commitment brought the total investment by Dialog in Sri Lanka to a staggering US$ 800 million or over Rs. 90 billion.Tan Sri Dato’ Ir Muhammad Radzi bin Haji Mansor Chairman of Dialog Telekom Ltd said that Sri Lanka is one of “our most compelling success stories outside Malaysia. “This latest investment emphasises our commitment to and confidence in the Sri Lanka market,” he added after signing the agreement with BOI Chairman Dhammika Perera in the presence of Investment Promotion and Enterprise Development Minister Dr. Sarath Amunugama and Malaysian High Commissioner Ms.Nazeerah Hussain and Dialog CEO Dr. Hans Wijayasuriya.

“As South Asia’s first quadruple player, Dialog Telekom has already delivered impressive results and with this additional investment we intend to fulfil our objective of playing an ever bigger role in not just the country’s telecommunication landscape but also in terms of the delivery of state of the art ICT and digital TV services,” Mr. Radzi added.

The US$ 300 million investment will be targeted at large scale expansion of services across all regions of Sri Lanka. Associated infrastructure investments would include expansion of the Dialog’s GSM and 3G mobile networks, introduction of state of the art Value added services and the establishment of Broadband transimission networks across the island based on Fibre Optic and Microwave transmission technologies. The Company will also make substantial investments in the provision of international bandwidth to Sri Lanka’s ICT sector via the SeMeWe4 submarine cable. A substantial portion of the total investment pledged by Dialog Group will be directed at fixed line telephony and broadband services via dialog Broadband Networks Ltd, and Digital Television Broadbcast services via Asset Media Ltd., The investments in DBN will be directed towards the growth of CDMA based rural fixed telecom infrastructure, Wi-Max based wireless broadband infrastructure and for the deployment of a national fibre optic backbone.

“With growing private-public partnerships, and with management given over to private companies, it has been the end of the state bureaucratic monopoly and the beginning of healthy competition that gives out the best results,” said Minister of Enterprise Development and Investment Dr Sarath Amunugama adding that partnerships such as the investment between Dialog and the BOI are main factors that have leant to the growth of the 7.5 percent GDP.

Dr Amunugama stated that it had to be admitted that 80 percent of the country’s economy is run by the private sector. “Our country is used to monopolies; all the horrible failures today and in the past because of this have been a big drain to the economy,” he continued adding that the resources of the Private Sector and its risk-taking aspects have to be made the best use of.

“Telecommunications are a vital tool in the growth and development of the country and through the Rs 33 Billion investment of Dialog Telekom, a higher plain of service can be achieved especially in the rural areas, resulting in greater growth,” he stressed.

Dr. Wijayasuriya said: “Today Dialog Telekom reiterates and reinforces its commitment to the Sri Lankan consumer. We will focus on developing Sri Lanka’s ICT infrastructure spanning mobile and fixed telecom, broadband and digital television services to world class standards.”

Priyantha De Silva said...

New !
DTV & all 26 channels' June schedule available here. Click on below link & Save the file in to your PC as an Excel sheet.
Than first one,

* Discovery Information Guide,
* Travel & Living,
* History Channels &
* AXN's episode numbers are available in this new DTV Schedule.

Download the file as Excel Sheet on ""

AMD said...

Hi guys,

I inquired for Australia Network about DTV, they confirmed that the contract has been signed but are unable to give the exact date when it will come on air.

They also said that we will getting the INDIAN feed.

kaluperuma said...


Methana kisima tharangayak nehe,Api kiyanne DTV channels launch karanna expect karagena inna dawasa,Eka Russel kiyanawa wage wenas wenna puluwan,Mokoda podi podi technical complications wede karagena yaddi thamai ahu wenne,Kohomath 10-15 wenida wenakotawath channels launch karai.

Jesika said...

Priyantha :

Thanks for the June schedule.

But i have a problem with the Zee Studio schedule.
There is a column called "column1". I think it shows the Time. But the time goes to the reverse order.

Pls check

russel said...

kalupruma is correct.
Anyway, they will advertise in the sunday papers before the official lauch.
They might advertise in this week ends paper, if they are to lauch the channels next week as kaluperuma says. Anything can happen.

GOD Tv wont be there in the lineup. They might add it after the official lauch. FTV also wont be there.

Priyantha De Silva said...


Yes, The schedule of Zee studio is in reverse order. It's different than others. But, the schedule is not wrong.It's OK.

russel said...

I have got some bad news for you. Due to some technical problem, the new channels wont be officially launched as quickly as they expected. It will be launched on the first week of August.
Mr Kaluperuma is correct, that they were hoping to launch the new channels on the first week of June. But dont forget where we live. We live in Srilanka. So everything can be postponed.

russel said...

May be its a tactic from DTV to collect some more money from the customers. ( Rental for two months.)

cbnsatcustomer said...


Are you sure? What's the technical problem that made them to postpone it 2 months?

Vishkid said...

Marketing ... just maybe :D

Jughead said...

Madai juni maase wenakal balaagena hitiya.angili dekath ridenawa cross karagena indala.

Gamini said...


yako, umbata sureda? wats da prob? Yesterday u told know, dat the new channls will be given dis month. i just thought. U no, dese DTV guys in the customer care did nt lyk to tel much about da new channls.

@kalu and riky

mey Russellta pissuda machan hatida? has da day changed?

DTV team!!!!! u r a real shit load!!!!!!

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

me dan TP3 eke signal nathiuna... Dan TP3 No signal..
eka honda lakunakda naraka lakunakda..... Balamu mokada wenne kiyala....

cbnsatcustomer said...

"IRD Upgrade" is disabled now. But signals are coming from TP3

cbnsatcustomer said...


shows DATA link as active.

DATA Software Loader TS: 0.09 Mbps
1500 27680

cbnsatcustomer said...

"IRD Upgrade" is enabled again. I tried the upgrade but it failed as usual but satdox says Data link is active.

cbnsatcustomer said...

sinhala guy sri lanka,

Did you try?

cbnsatcustomer said...

Everybody try now!!

IRD Upgrade is working now!!

Gamini said...

ya. its working, but they have changed the password for the installation. It's 1234 now. I just guessed it.

Gamini said...

cool.. eh?

cbnsatcustomer said...

I did the upgrade and it took 6 mins and 29 seconds. When you put OK to downlaod it will show the time it will take and screen will go blank. Decoder will display various numbers and blinking dashes. Screen will be blank for baout 5 minists and it will come back.

After the upgrade:
9949 default password no longer woring
Mail information (messages sent to decoder) deleted.
IRD status shows new software version and date.
Other than that no changes :(

TechnoGuy said...


No Transponder Edit on new software! Anyone willing to sacrifice their upgrade in order to provide us with information on TP3? Its too late for me and many others.

Anyway, now we know we cannot trust that Russel fellow.

TechnoGuy said...

Multi-Day EPG
Channel Edit Features (Lock, etc.)
Better Favourites List Edit Features

More hidden within, possibly!

cbnsatcustomer said...

gamini 1234 worked :)

Few more changes:
Two new options in Channel Search menu - Home Channel Data, Setup password.
Add TP option removed. (now you cannot add new transponders manually)
Manually added new transponder values have been removed.

cbnsatcustomer said...

New transponder added - 11632
but no signals.

cbnsatcustomer said...

TP1 - 11591
TP2 - 11632
TP3 - 11673

EPG window is blank.

sonik said...

has anyone with the new decoder tried to upgrade? when i try, it blinks flashes etc etc, but it finishes in about 45 seconds, with no change whatsoever. i think ppl with older decoders have recieved the software already given with the new ones. coz 11632V was there in the new decoders already. does anyone have 11468V added to the transponder list after upgrade?

cbnsatcustomer said...

11468V is not there.

sonik said...

@ cbnsatcustomer: thanks for info.

thats the frequency that should be given. 11632V has not been working for ages... (sigh)

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Manual transponder addition might have been removed to disable FTA hacks. It was done in Tatasky and Dishtv STB upgrades too. But it doesnt matter. STB will auto add channels from new transponders when they go live i guess.

Priyantha De Silva said...

The version is 7.0, that was the one we had.( For the new decoders) . After the upgrade, the old ones & new ones are the same I think.

Nothing new for my one. The same version. Now , every one can get, what was the problem we have when we’re insert the New transponders manually. The problem is after the upgrade, anyone can’t to get know what are the channels coming on New TP’s until officially launch.

I’ve got 540 Seconds to upgrade & Have a New one. The red light came before the upgrade.U can see the version by , unplug the decoder without switch off. Then It’ll come with the version number.

I Repeat,
NOTHING CHANGED after the upgrade & before. SAME.

AMD said...

I hav also done the IRD update.
TP1 - 11591
TP2 - 11632
TP3 - 11673

So now we hav to wait till August ha ? I hope we are in for some pleasant suprises not anymore dissapointing ones!!

sonik said...

gr8. now everyones in the dark. now we have to rely on lyngsat and satco for updates....

AMD said...

Now we all know why the DTV customer care didnt give us a definite date... !!!

Gamini said...

@ priyantha

u r correct. Nothing had changed for us.

hey guys... we can see aboutweahther there is signal though. Go to modify LNB. Then select the last box. Press ok. Then a box will come and then there select new TP. Then add those figures. There u can see weather there is signal or not. CAnt scan though.

so does this mean that they will add the new channels very soon? u know, i was really worried earlier.

Priyantha De Silva said...

Hay ! guys, Wake Up,


Don’t be worry, Be Happy Today.

Now, IRD Upgrade is inactive. Then I tried to Re-Scan & after that, 54 channels. Some channels got double , means in two plots but same channels. I thought it’s a fault. Then I used “Restore Factory Default”. After that there’re 55 channels. Then, there won’t be a fault of the decoder. Those are the 3TP’s testing channels. Now we can watch the new channels with introduce.

When scanning, It has been shown,
11591 - 18 TV channels & 0 Radio
11673 - 18 TV channels & 10 Radio
11468 - 18 TV channels & 10 Radio

Now , be happy, 3 TP’s are active. It wasn’t there before.
( Am I right Gamini ? )

We know TP 3 gives the same channels on TP2 .

Upgrade is working…….
11468 is the NEW ONE.

Gamini said...

@ Priyantha

yeah. They hav added the TP3( 11468) to the NIT switch. So now, when we rescan( from going to mamnual scan) it also comes. So now geat. We might be able to see the test transmisions too.

I think its not that the upgrade is inactive. Its beacuse as we have updated, the system automattiically declines an update from the same source. correct me if i am wrong

cbnsatcustomer said...

yes they had added the 3rd TP 11468 last night 00.30. Now when scanned channels are added to the menu.

Jesika said...

Hay guys

How is the DTV decoder starting Logo after s/w upgrade? we had Cbnsat logo in our older decoders.

Guys is Multi-Day EPG working?

are you recommend to upgrade the s/w now?

cbnsatcustomer said...

Logo is same as old one (CBNSat)
Multi-Day EPG is not working.

Gamini said...

dunno wheather its recommended or not. But we did. Bcoz if its not recommended, they wouldnt have given the update. dat y ...

anyway, does this mean that the new channels will be coming very soon? yeah. it should be. Bcoz if the new channels wont come that quickly the would not have inserted the 3rd TP. As the 11632 too is there, will they add the 4th TP to that frequency?
anyone, knowing about this pls comment.

@ jessica

yeah. the multi day epg is working. though it working earlier also. ( We have the new decorder)

hey guys!!!!! if anyone wants to check to make sure wheather the software upgrade is made. Go to reciever info. THen go to IRD status. There there will be a date. After the update the date will change.

i'm really exited. As terry had told me earlier. I 'm having a little bit of "kiripannu gaya" now. lol

cbnsatcustomer said...


When I press the EPG button it shows
the EPG Information window without any info. Do you get the EPG?

Gamini said...

anyway, whats the multiday epg? is it that epg for a week?

if so , its working. U need to stay in one channel for some time.

sorry if i am wrong

Gamini said...

u have to stay in a channel like 3 minutes. Then press the epg button. Then it will come. It takes some time to load

Gamini said...

it worked?

cbnsatcustomer said...

I'll check

cbnsatcustomer said...

yes it's working gamini

cbnsatcustomer said...

but epg is not available to some channels

Jesika said...

What ar the advantages and disadvantages of the new s/s ?

Gamini said...

well, da main disadvantage is that u cant add the TP details manually. But its not a problem anymore because they have already activated the 3rd TP. so from doing a rescan u can get the channels in the 3rd TP. The others are the advantages.

Anyway, it will be a must to make the upgrade. They may tell in the future

I just feel that they will start giving the new channels from monday. Or they wouldnt have upgraded the Sofware.

Gamini said...

@ cbnsatcustomer

yah. the epg is working only from the channels which they are giving epg. thats why.

cbnsatcustomer said...

I think after the upgrade picture quality of some channels like Animax, Zee cafe,studio is increased.

Micheal said...


Can some one pls tell me how I can revert back to the original channel line up, as now after re-scanning some channels are mentioned twice on the channel line up.


AMD said...

i dont think u can go back to the original line up. channels 18 to 36 are all doubled cuz they are giving the same channels on TP2 & 3. I think vl have to put up with this until they start giving the new channes.
When i tried " restore factory defaults" it jus starts scanning again, the old settings wont get restores.

Micheal said...

Alright. If you say so...

Thanura said...

I didn't do the upgrade bcoz of some reasons. if u want 2 know any information abt the old software ask me.
For those who did the upgrade, might wanna know somethings about the old software.
I'll also do the upgrade very soon. so please ask ur questions b4 dat.

didn't see kalu or riky these days.
guys r u there. coz we need some info abt da channels. do u think that they will giv the channels after or in the month of AUG ?

Gamini said...

@ Thanura

if u havent done the IRD upgrade yet, will u pls go to reicever info and then to ird status and see about the IRD SW version and the date mentioned... if u wont mind
i think they will give the mew chhannels very soon ,if they are to give them in august they woudnt have done the software update now. And give us paired ones.


Hanees said...

Thanura u r correct. I agree with u.
I also think DTV will give new channels very soon. Because now some channels are double in channel list. It is inconvenient for customers. So DTV wont keep this for long.

laksirif said...


I did the channel update yesterday & with that TP3 has automatically been added. Like you I have additional 18 channels (same as for TP2) and thus making a total of 54 channels.
However, when I checked IRD status according to your instructions I found that the VErsion is 2.25 & the date is 26 May 2005. That means I havn't got the upgrade. Will you pls advise me as to how I should do it?. Thks.

Thanura said...

@ gamini,

i have the old decorder (cbn sat one)
softcell ver 2.25

IRD SW cdvb5110D ver 4.3
date - 26 may 2005

earliar the ird upgrade was selectable but now its turn grey again. (cant select)
but when i restore the factory defaults and searched for channels the 3rd transponder added automatically.

I haven't done the IRD upgrade yet. but now i cant do it coz IRD upgrade button is deselectable.

guys who have done the upgrade please check whether u can select it.

Thanura said...

i think we all have the same decorder. but with different software.
i think the decoder we have is powerful enough to hold 1 months EPG.
heres some info about the decoder.

waiting for replies for my earlier comment.

Gamini said...

@ laksirif

u havent upgrade your software. I told one of my friends also to update the SW but he also said that its not selectable. After the Software update the IRD date would change to June 1st 2006.

Its not selectable for us now also. even though, that night it was selectable. Maybe they will activate it tommrow. Maybe they were just testing the software. But the thing is if u go to Satcodx it says that it is working earlier. Very odd isnt it. Has the password for installation and parental control changed to 1234? Do u have multiday epg now?

laksirif said...

Thx for your response. I still can use the ols password. i.e. 9949. I do not have multiday epg. Only the current and the next.
BTW I am an old CBN cutomer and as such has the old decoder. It will very useful if I can get the multiday EPG. Then I can record all my favourite movies easily by programming the DVD Recorder which is equiped with a Hard Drive.

Thanura said...

I jst have a feeling it will be on the 17th of this month. (but not sure)
coz i saw a advertisement on DERANA during the afro asia match today.
they showed some international channels and said "be ready to change into new media from 17th of june"
(can't remember. somthing lyk that)
but i do not knw whether its a DTV add. (may be some other company)
coz they didnt mention any name.

please reply if any1 saw this advertisement.(with their ideas)

cbnsatcustomer said...

There's a poster campaign too. "Throw away your TV and Radio"

Can you pls tell me from where you bought the DVR and some details about it?

laksirif said...


I bought the DVR in UK & is available in countries like Singapore & Hongkong too. But though I checked in Colombo has not come across anybody selling this here.My DVR is a LiteOn made in Taiwan(should be multi regional). It has a 80GB HD(there r other modles, even of the same make with higher capacity HDs) & has a Tray as well to play recorded DVDs or transfer the movies recorded on the HD to a writerable(rewritable)DVD. i.e. it has the capability of copying from HD to DVDR or from DVDR to HD. It can play DVD, VCD, CD, DIVX etc. Has timer recording as well. Can transfer pictures from e digital Cam.

cbnsatcustomer said...


Thanks for the information. DVRs/PVRs are very popular in many countries but they are not available in local market. I think with the popularity of pay tv, they will be introduced here too. Even many new cable/DTH decoders have that functionality.

Looser said...


I think the Ad we saw on Derana is about Derana Cos they got a new chairman(or someone) and planning to change their lineup.


Many thanks for your information about the SW upgrade.

Priyantha De Silva said...

I Repeat that for new comers,

DTV & all 26 channels' June schedule available here. Click on below link & Save the file in to your PC as an Excel sheet.
Than first one,

* Discovery Information Guide,
* Travel & Living,
* History Channels &
* AXN's episode numbers are available in this new DTV Schedule.

Download the file as Excel Sheet on ""

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ If you want to see all the cricket schedule till Feb;2008
( Around the world with Sri Lankan Schedule), go to

AMD said...

I did the SW update and my date is 1st June 2006, i also have TP3 with 54 channels. The IRD button is not active now.

@ cbnsatcustomer

The link u said is not working.

hiru said...

ESPN STAR Sports, Asia's premier sports broadcaster, announced the launch of a dedicated Cricket Channel especially for audiences in the Indian subcontinent. The new channel, christened STAR Cricket, will commence transmission in the month of June 2007. STAR Cricket will be the 15th network launched by ESPN STAR Sports in the Asia Pacific region.

The new channel would telecast 24 test matches and 42 One-day Internationals in the current year, including India's upcoming tour of England comprising four tests and seven One-day Internationals.

hiru said...

Above posts were from Indian Press.

I saw some adds too in ESPN STAR channels during last few days.

Meham giyoth transponders wala ida ithutu weida dan na? :(

bank_dude said...

My decoder is an old one. I didn't do any IRD update. But I did a factory setting restore yesterday and found out that they have added the new transponder to CBNsat LNB. One I did the scan and it showed that I've scanned 16 TV & 10 radio channels for the new transponder. But only 36 channels are available for me. TP3 channels are not there. Then I add a new LNB & TP & did the scan again and I've got TP3 channels. My conclusion is that DTV is now facing a problem of updating our decoders b'cos our decoder softwares are different.

Priyantha De Silva said...

bank_dude ,

I don't think they've a problem. you've said didn't upgrade. Try & do software upgrade. then all of our decoders have same software. not the different ones as you said, I think.

AMD said...

For info about DVR's

Thease guys deal with CCTV in the local market, maybe they have DVR's or similar products ?

WELE said...

The duplication of channels can be eliminated by going to Channel Edit under Installation Menu and deleting the extra channel given in the 3rd Transponder. This deletion is not permanent and can be restored by restoring factory defaults under the Installation Menu.

This was done in the Newer Decoder (or newer software)

Micheal said...


I tried to do as you suggest, by going to channel edit, and then pressing DELETE, but it does not work. the selected channels just gets selected by an icon appearing on the top right hand corner, but does not get deleted. Is it becos I am still on the old software? I have not done the upgrade. Someone for whom the above process has worked, please comment, and kindly inform me whether it works, if so how I should get about doing it. Thanks.

WELE said...

you have to press the delete button (RED or BLUE- cant remember) then an icon of a scissor appears in front of the channel deleted (you can mark all the duplicated channels for deletion in one go.) then PRESS EXIT- it will ask whether changes should be SAVED- press OK and then the extra channels will disappear as stated by me earlier. I suppose if you press MENU instead of EXIT then the changes will not occur (may be tge Menu button acts as a cancel button which discards the changes- i.e. the deletions of the channels)

tecnosat said...

hello everyone
i would like to know will they come up with SET again in new TP or its gone for ever ?

SAG said...

Dear Friend,
I call the customer care and made a complain about AXNs audio issue with the right channel and it’s happening since last weekend. It seems them were not aware of the problem. And guy who was at cs asked me to do several activities with the remote control, but nothing didn’t work. I know there is nothing to do with remote or something wrong with my setup. I’m they are having the problem with their end. Finally cs guy told me that he will inform it to the relevant dept. About 5 mins after ending the call I got the sound on right channel. BUT IT’S NOT STEREO like earlier. :-(