Monday, June 18, 2007

Rugby/General Entertainment Channel and Tamil Movie Channel now testing

Australia Network which is a 24 hour channel that features entertainment, educational and sports content such as Rugby and Aussie rules football and SRTV which is a 24 hour Tamil Movie Channel are now being tested on Dialog TV. Australia Network was available since Friday 15th June and SRTV was available since Saturday 16th June. Sony SAB made a return to the television screen too on Saturday.

Certain subscribers have had the new channels scrambled over the weekend while some other were able to view them. This is due to the fact that the channels are still being tested and some managed to call customer care and get the channels activated.

We believe that Neo Sports and Neo Sports Plus were to be activated by friday but due to a technical issue this did not happen. However the channels should be activated anytime soon. During the course of this week many new channels are expected to be tested on Dialog TV. It seems that in HBO Hits the right sound signal is not working and only the left is working. Ten Sports too experienced the same problem but it has been solved but still the volume on Ten Sports is much lower compared to the others. Pixelation still exists but the picture quality is much better. However the Ten Sports EPG is now not available anymore. These problems are existing now due to this being the testing period but we hope that they are sorted out before the official launch.

Please keep us updated on the latest news on Dialog TV as the days progress.


yakuza said...

anyone with old cbnsat 900/=

can you view new channels

Amalka said...

@ Rick

SET/SET SAB arunahama mageth new channels scrambled....
Mama inne full package eke.( Rs.1400/= ).......)customere care ekata call kalama eyala kiyanawa tama testing nisalu eth mama mita dawas 4kata kalai Ten,Hallmark,Aus.Net,Hbo Hits, Channels baluwa eth dan ewa scrambled.mage yaluwage gedarata me serama channels penawa eka kiwwama customare care eke ewaun kiyanawa ehema tamaylu samahara ayata penawalu samahara ayata penne nalu rick plz tell me waht can i do for this

hsjaya said...

It is good that there is some acceptable clarification as to why some of us cannot see the new test channells. I have old 900/- pkg and I was able to see the all test channells during first few days. Suddenly those channells were not there.

It seems that some of the 1400/- pkg customers also have the same problem. So it cannot be that only old CBN customers are discriminated purposely.

KIDO said...

Gud News:
NEO SPORTS & NEO PLUS, both are working now to the NEW Decoders.

D.L.R. said...

Colombata Kiri, Apita Kekiri.
Pulwannam Kiyapan thawa 5000/= gewala aluth decorder ekak gaththama apitath new chanels balanna pulwan kiyala.

Habai Apita Uuru juwal naginne new chanels balanna rental wedikanawa kiwwamai.

AMD said...

As Riky said, the reason why some cant view the test channels now, is due to a software issue and this will be sorted out within a couple of days.

I too could view the test channels earlier but now cant. I hav the 1400 package.

D.L.R. said...

If it is a technical problem why cant they inter change sab & hit & let old customers to enjoy atleast one new chanel.

DTV is neglecting old customers

D.L.R. said...

We r the people who suffer lot.
As a human being we r expecting more as Senior, atleast equality. But new trend is treating new customers with golden spoon & teating old customers like us with old polkatu spoon.

laksirif said...

I am an old CBN customer with full pkg (Rs.1,375/-) and living within Colombo district(T4 even no Kiri for some in Colombo). I was able to watch all test channels until last Saturday morning and cannot watch Test channels except the two Hindi channels.
When I complained to Customer care like you guys I was given various excuses on Saturday. However, when I called just now thro' English stream, a girl,1st gave the same answer like previous c/care officers. Further, she confirmed that there is no discrimination at all of any sort.
Then, when I told her that we share our experiences thro' this blog and that someone has managed to get it right after an adjustment at their end she told me that she will do a re-activation of my account & for me to do a channel search after that. Unfortunately I am now in office & will have to wait until this evening to try. May be some of you who are at home can follow the above & see whether there is any change.

soorapappa said...

I'm also having new 900 package and cannot see good ones like HBO Hits after Saturday :-(

Ane pappeee.... mekata monawahari karannakooooo......

AMD said...

I know some customers with the new decoders who are also unable to view the test channels.

@ D.L.R

If they do that then there will be more technical issues to deal with.
We should remember that these channels are called "TEST" channels for a reason cuz they are being tested. If DTV could launch all the channels at once, then they dont need to test them, right ?

I dont think the customer care people are being given the correct info by the DTV tech people cuz its still not sorted out properly.

So lets jus wait for a couple of days more and see.

TERRY said...

Gamini is now out of the scene because he can see all the channels,Thts why i said that he is a real Kiripanuwa.

Dude said...

Hey guys it is Dude here again!

It is nice to be back. I have been reading this blog without making any comments for the past several months and now I have finally upgraded my account to a Google Account.

Anyway some of the older guys like Lisura and then seem to be avoiding commenting. Great to see LST still here and a few comments by the senior bloggers.

Anyway DTV is not discriminating against anyone. I have the full package Rs 1375/= and I bought my connection in 2005. I can see all the channels. On Saturday it was all scrambled but I called Dialog TV and told them and this sweet voice was explaining that they were testing. After listening to all that I said that I understand the reason and asked whether it is for me or for everyone and she said that some can see the channels. Then she said that she will try to do something and got the channels activated for me but she did say that it may get scrambled again but this never happened. The channels were working till this morning and since I am in office I will have to go home and see the situation when I get home. Yesterday I watched the Spongebob Squarepants movie too on HBO Hits. There was rugby on Australia Network on Saturday. My suggestion is that you call them and ask whether they cannot activate it and if they say can't it is best to wait till they do. After all so many months without channels like Ten Sports we can wait a few more days.

So guys be patient. Anyway I wonder whether Dialog TV will charge extra for Star Movies. Hopefully not!

TERRY said...

Milkworm - What is your package?

Boris The Bullet Dodger said...

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to ask anyone who's messed around with the decoder, if it's at all possible to add FTA channels through the "Channel Search" facility.

Any help is much appritiated.

Jesika said...

When I tried the manual scan and select FTA only , It scanned and say found 1 TV channel.
What does this mean?

Jesika said...

Hay Guys who ar in their homes, can you try to call customer care and re activate your accounts as laksirif said ?

Pls comment after doing !

Gamini said...


first of all, i must tell you that i'm not as selfish as you think. ( I wont mind whatevery you think about me. ) Anyway, i had a class in the morning and just now i came home. Before even having my lunch i checked th DTV and visited this blog.

what i have to tell is that i have the 1400 package. And have the new decorder. All the test channels are working for me except test 10. And they have added neo channels for test 8 and 9. The picture quality is very, very poor though.

I just cant do anything if u guys dont trust me. but thats the truth.

@ boris the bull dogder

u cant use the dialogtv decorder to view fta channels. if u somehow do it by cracking the software it will be illegal. ( I should buy a seperate decorder for that.)

TechnoGuy said...

TESTING... thats what Dialog TV is doing!

Guys, please understand.

Its not a problem with new and old decoders. Its a software problem at the Dialog TV Station. Not at our end.

So there is no discrimination. END OF STORY.

We are all impatient and I understand that. But we should keep our tempers down.

Try giving calls to DTV like Dude did and see if you can get the channels activated

@ Dude
Welcome back. Good to see the old bloggers back again.

@ Priyantha
You don't need the ID to upgrade. Earlier, when I upgraded from middle to top package, they just did it over the phone!

AMD said...

@ Technoguy,

Yes ! exactly what i said before,
TESTING, thats the whole purpose of testing a channel.

I was angry too during the weekend when i couldnt watch any thing on HBO hits or ten. So let us all be patient...

TERRY said...


You must inform the blog that you have a class because you are commenting on the blog every 5 mnts,People tend to think that because you have all the channels,you have vanished,No hard feelings machang,nice to see you back.

Where did you have the class ? Matara?

TechnoGuy said...

My call to DTV cusomter care was unsuccessful.

The girl just said that they are testing, and she cannot do anything about it.

Please others also try and see if you can get channels activated over the phone!

Thanura said...

I have the old decoder with old software.(CBN SAT one)
i had the 900 package. but i upgraded it to 1400 package today. after i sent the fax(saying i want to upgrade my package), it only took a little while for them to activate HBO and HBO signature.

**Before the upgrade, SET and sony sab were the only test channels i was able to see(after friday).

*after the upgrade i can see all of the channels.

*ten sports
*Aus network
*hbo hits
*neo sports
*neo sports+
*sr tv

Vishkid said...
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Vishkid said...

Testing aside, Technoguy, AMD - you will hv to agree that DTV will use new channels as a bait to get the existing subscribers to upgrade their packages.

Thanura's post above highlights the fact (even if the post itself is a ploy to convince desperate bloggers to upgrade!) and there's no denying that DTV will do a complete revamp of the packages and probably do away with the existing two package structures (old CBNSat and new Dialog).

And that is not a bad thing and most probably they will give us a few months (weeks) to get used to new channels.

However, I cannot dispense with the nagging suspicion that the 'technical (SW) issue' is also related to marketing - not that I hv a grudge with that! That's life.

Hopefully all - old and new - customers can get a taste of all or most channels before they can decide to upgrade or not.

Particularly, I missed watching the NZL test on Saturday on Australia network - but hopefully I will be able to see something on it next Saturday, before Bradby. :D

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

Hi guys...
Mokada me wenne.... Api old CBN customers la nisada mehema karanne...
Mama inne middle package eke... call kalath wadak wenne na...

Eka tecnical error ekak wenne ona... Mama pahugiya
15 wenida thamaio anthimata testing channels baluwe... SET & SAB wage crap channels 2k
thamai apita pennanna ona CBN eka godaganna try kalata.... DTV gana thiyena faith eka enna
ennama magen nathiwenawa..

Mama hithanne makai wela athhe...

Methana problem ekata mulika hethuwa wenne decorders wala awlak wenna ba.. Packages wala awlak thamai thiyenne.
E kiyanne Old CBNsat Package & NEW DialogTV packages wena wenama wada karanne.. Ethakota DTVlata packages 6k
thiyenawa.. DTV testing channels active katala thiyenne DTV packages walata witharai.. Eka hariyata TOP package
ekatai middle package ekatai new channel ekak active karanawa wage. Thanura 900 package eke indan upgrade wenakota
DTVla aneewaryawenma upgrade karanne new 1400 DTV package ekata... Mama kiyana de ekan oppu wenawa....

DTVla me wade hithala karapu deyakda ehemath nathnam tecnical divition ekata una waradeemakda mama danne na.
Eth wela thiyena wade waradi..

DTVlata CBNsat kale indan hitapu cust.lata mehema salakanna aithiyak na....

Me de hithala nokalanam activate wela thibuna channels eka paratama block une kohomada..

NEW DTV 500 & 900 packages wala inna ayata test channels penawada kiyala comment karanna....

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...
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