Monday, June 18, 2007

Neo Sports and Neo Sports Plus now testing

Dialog TV have commenced testing of the Neo Sports and Neo Sports Plus channels. However our sources reveal that the picture quality is very low.

This could because Dialog TV added the channels a few hours back. However since this is still a period of testing the channels may go off air suddenly.

Analyzing the recent comments on this blog we would like to inform all bloggers that since Dialog TV is still testing transmissions, some may receive them and some may not. Like some bloggers have advised, if you are not receiving the channels please call Dialog TV customer care and request them to activate the channels. Due to technical difficulties if they are unable to do so then you can be rest assured that they are working out the problems and will activate the channels as soon as possible. We must remember that the channels are still being tested.

Has everyone received the June Program guide, we are getting reports that many subscribers have not received them still. We are unable to confirm this though. Hopefully more channels will be added today and it looks like a few new channels are being activated on a daily basis.

Dialog TV should sign up with the recently launched cricket oriented sports channel Star Cricket since most of the ESPN-Star Cricket content are to be moved to Star Cricket. The India-England series will be telecast on this channel in addition the Twenty20 World Cup would be telecast on this channel so if Dialog TV is able to bundle this channel with this transponder it will be a great boost to Dialog TV.

Please update us on the situation regarding Dialog TV as the days progress.


Thanura said...

I have the old decoder with old software.(CBN SAT one)
i had the 900 package. but i upgraded it to 1400 package today. after i sent the fax(saying i want to upgrade my package), it only took a little while for them to activate HBO and HBO signature.

**Before the upgrade, SET and sony sab were the only test channels i was able to see.
*after the package upgrade i can see all of the channels.

*ten sports
*Aus network
*hbo hits
*neo sports
*neo sports+
*sr tv

laksirif said...

I haven't still received the June program guide. Despite our requests there seem to be no effort on the part of DTV to provide the guide at least by the 1st week of the month. Might as well forget about it now.

Vishkid said...

Testing aside, Technoguy, AMD - you will hv to agree that DTV will use new channels as a bait to get the existing subscribers to upgrade their packages.

Thanura's post above highlights the fact (even if the post itself is a ploy to convince desperate bloggers to upgrade!) and there's no denying that DTV will do a complete revamp of the packages and probably do away with the existing two package structures (old CBNSat and new Dialog).

And that is not a bad thing and most probably they will give us a few months (weeks) to get used to new channels.

However, I cannot dispense with the nagging suspicion that the 'technical (SW) issue' is also related to marketing - not that I hv a grudge with that! That's life.

Hopefully all - old and new - customers can get a taste of all or most channels before they can decide to upgrade or not.

Particularly, I missed watching the NZL test on Saturday on Australia network - but hopefully I will be able to see something on it next Saturday, before Bradby. :D

Admin > I recieved my (toned down!) June programme guide on June 9th. And I live outstation.

TERRY said...

Vishkid - All Blacks - SA is after the Bradby 7.00 PM local time.I dont think Royalist and Trinitians will not have a chance to watch that.

Didnt you watch the SA - Wallaby game telecasted live on saturday (6.45 PM)

Vishkid said...

Terry> Man it was scrambled! Anyways, I was at Roy-Tho match. :D

Thanura said...

@ vishkid,
hey i did the upgrade bcoz i wanted to watch HBO and HBO signature. I wanted to upgrade the package earlier. But i have A/Ls dis yr so my father postponed it. now theres only 6 weeks to go for A/Ls. most of the studies are over. so we upgraded it to 1400 package. i didnt knew that it will activate the test channels.

when i had 900 package,
the channels were activated until saturday.

i don't knw whether it's a ploy by DTV or not. I'm not helping them in anyway if it is a ploy.
I'm only a customer. I commented on this blog for a long time. since CBN sat times. so trust me.

hsjaya said...

Hi Guys,

This is not a ploy. You know what this is called by DTV. For them this is (shit ) marketing. For us exploitation and cheating . We should have known long before that this is going to happen. DTV is never going to give these new channells free of charge. Either we have to upgrade our 500+ n 900+ pkgs to 1400+pkg or forget about watching most demanding channells. So what are we going to do. Protest? That is not going to work. DTV Customer care will not care about our protests as is the case now. This is what happens one company Monopolise and becomes a market leader and other small companies are stuggling to survive.
For me I will wait till First week of July and see what and what channells are going to be there for 900+ pkg. If I have what i want I will remain with 900-pkg. If not I will have to get the connection upgraded to 1400+pkg

TechnoGuy said...

Marketing is done by all cable tv companies

For information on Indian DTH, visit and go to their forums

The save on dish forums are like this blog. All the problems are discussed. You may see some of their problems are similar to ours.

@ Laksirif
Are new channels working after you came home. You called DTV, right?

Gamini said...


ya. I had the class in matara.


what is going to happen this week? Will the software problem end by tomorrow? Any new channels wont be lauched reasontly know?

are they going to introduce NDTV as well?

sonik said...

are there any 1400 pkg who still cant see the new channels? i can view all 9 test channels. srtv is now with colour bar.the new tp, never got scrambled.
if 900 and 500 pkg ppl cant see the new channels, then i think its very clear what dtv is trying to do.

1. its trying to get rid of all competetors by introducing all channels in demand
2. it wants its customers to pay more for the most sought after channels.

its true that business is business, but dtv should at least give all its customers at least a months preview of the new channels. not every1 who has dtv knows about channels like some of us here. however, it is also tru that dtv is still testing its new channels. and as i said earlier, we cant jump to conclusions... so right now, all i think we can do is wait and see...

cbnsatcustomer said...

technoguy is correct. When I through forums and blogs related to indian DTH providers, I feel dtv/cbnsat/lbn is providing a lot better service though they have a smaller cutomer base compared to dishtv/tatasky. Indian dth/cable providers have millions of customers and that is why their rentals are low. Their channeles have lot of ads and picture quality is lower than dtv. they don't have quality channels like CineMax,HBO Signature, HBO Hits, HBO Family. None of them has Neosports and neosports plus. What they have is loads of local channels with regional languages.

yakuza said...

lets do a survey
for all who view the testing channels

1. enter their package type ( 500,rs.900, rs.1400)
2. decoder version(old cbnsat one or new dialogtv)
3. whether you did the IRD update
4. had to call customer care to view channels

cbnsatcustomer said...

2.old cbnsat
3.Did the IRD upgrade
4.Test channels are scrambled except SETMAX and SET SAB since saturday. Didn't call customer care.

sonik said...

1. 1400
2. bought after dialog tookover.
3. new s/w already installed. didnt do IRD U/G
4. All test channels working. didnt call customercare.

Priyantha De Silva said... 1,375

2.CBN Sat, But bought after Dialog got the right of CBN.

3. Did IRD upgrade.

4. Called the customer care but nothing happened. Only see set & Sab.

Priyantha De Silva said...

@ Riky,
If you say there wasn't a new IRD Upgrade How this could this happened ?

*After IRD Upgrade,

1.Time GMT is +0530h. Before +0600h ,

2.Password was 9949, Now 1234.

3.If we use Antenna in to give signal to the TV set, It'll get Black & White Colors.Before the IRD Upgrade there were Multy colors.

Then, there is something with Upgrade.Smething wrong with the Upgrade, Because anyone can't see the channels in COLORS using antenna position.

nishantha said...

Is There any Software Problem With Old decorders how they testing Set and Sab on Dtv Line Up. I think Dialog Tv Tring to Cheat us.

firi said...


Did you try changing the tv system in your decoder.
There are 3-4 systems like NTSC, PAL etc..
If I am correct there are two PAL systems in the decoder.
Try & see whether this will get you color pictures through RF out.

AMD said...

1. Rs 1400
2. Old cbnsat
3. Did IRD update
4. Test channels all working till Sat, not only SET & SAB are working.
5. Called customer care yesterday, they said that becuz the channels are being tested some can see and some cant, he told me to try restore factoy defaults and check but if not to wait till the 30th and will have all the channels, including Star.

hsjaya said...

HI Cbncustomer,

Why should we we be worry about what Indian viewers get from Indian operators ? Do you mean to say that just because of DTV provide some good channels we should not ask for more. or for the best. I am really worried about how much money I am paying to DTV and in return type of service they are providing to me. I should get the best picture qulity, it should have the best sounds, there should be minimum level of disturbance during bad weather, provide us the best channells available, they shold have EPG, prograsme guide and a good web site where we can make our payments without going to banks and good customer care etc. These are the things we should be wotrried about. Just because of DTV is giving something better than Indian operators, LBN or COMET should we satisfy with that. Actually we shold be able ( the bloggers
) to act as a preassure group to (represent DTV customer views and suggestions for further improvements. I think the senior bloogers here have done that exceptionally well during the black out period for which I think we or some gratitude.

On the other hand if DTV is prepared to improve their quality of servive as I mentioned above should we grumble about their marketing policy. I think we should not as long as it is reasonable and justifiable. DTV may have incurred expenses in providing value addtions to their services and they ahve rights to recover them.( by the way dont label me as a guy who is working for DTV )

hsjaya said...

I have 900/+
Old decoder
Cant see except two hindi channels after the frist two days. I did not speak to DTV for activation

Jesika said...

Yesterday I called to customer care.
I said some of my friends can see all test channels but i can see only sat and sub.
Then he said this is test transmission so sometimes they get scramble.
Then i said " i checked it in the same time my friend can but i cant"

Then he said to restore to the factory default and check.

I said i did it several times and nothing happened. and I said my friend could able to watch them after the account re activation in your side.

Then he said he will do the account reactivation now and asked me to check after restoration of factory default

I tried it, but still those channel are scrambled.

AMD said...

- Riky

Appreciate if you could give us some news on the this test channel situation

bank_dude said...

1. 1375
2. Old CBNSat
3. Didn't do IRD upgrade
4. Test channels were working till Sat morning and after that able to watch SET & SAB.
5. Called customer care twice. First time English line, a guy with a stupid accent answered and told me that test channels cannot be given until 30th. Then called Sinhala line and got activated all the channels. I must thank the girl who did this activation.

DTV customer care is now like Dialog customer care. Shit..... When CBN was operating it was not like that. We can call them and tell our problem and get it sorted out instantly. Now only thing they ask is "Is the connection under your name?" "Can I have your ID number?" Please tell me your address?" If you make a fuss, then they ask about the package that we are having.

Jesika said...

1. 900/=
2. Old cbnsat.
3. didnt do IRD S/U
4. Only SET and SUB.
5 called C/C to reactivate account but nothing happened !

Jesika said...

I think ppl who have the old decoder with 1375/= package can call and reactivate new channels.

But ppl who have 850/= can't see those channel even they reactivate their accounts.

If anyone with the 850/= can watch those channels ?? pls comment

Looser said...

1. 1,375/=
2. Old CBNSat
3. Didn't do SW upgrade
4. Only Set and Sab since saturday
5. Last night called DTV CC nothing happened

Looser said...


No Last night they asked me wait till the official launch

nishantha said...

@ Jesika
Thats Im saying, Dtv Trying to change our package (900) to New 14000 Package by Our special request. Thats why Blogger named 'Thanura' Posted his comment on every news. I think Thanura on Special Dtv contract. They are doing bussines with our feeling.

soorapappa said...

1. 900/=
2. Got the connection after Dialog took over. But decoder's name CBNSat and starts with CBNSat logo. SW version 2006 June.
3. didn't do IRD upgrade.
4. Can see SET, SAB, ABC, Hallmark, NEO, NEO+ (can't see ten,HBO hits or SR).
5 called C/C to reactivate account (this morning) but nothing happened for 1/2 hour (don't know the status now. Came to office after)!

laksirif said...


I tried but didn't work, 'though the channel names have started to appear, like Hallmatk, HBO Hits, SRTV etc. & that was after a reset, B4 tt I didn't hv even the names since Saturday.


1.Rs.1375 pkg.
2.Old CBN customer.
3.Didn't do IRD upgrade.
4.Only Sony & Sab since Saturday morning.

As some of our fellow Bloggers hv said DTV are applying their normal Dialog tactics & try to bulldoze customers. This is mainly 'coz they now hv a monopoly. But don't forget we still can complain to Telecommunication Regulatory Authority if the DTV continue to cheat us in this manner. I hv done this earlier re SLT & there was prompt action which ultimately resolved my problem satisfactorily. I don't say we should do it right now but just to remind you all about the weapon available to us.

soorapappa said...

Please confirm exact times. All Blacks - SA 6.45 or 7.00 PM ? Bradby 4.00 or 4.30 ? (going to be a Rugby evening :-o)

Vishkid said...

Well, well ..

1. Rs 900 pkg
2. Old CBNSat
2. No IRD upgrade
4. Only Sony and SAB since Saturday
5. Didn't call customer care (why bother?)

Well it is obvious it is a marketing ploy. But as technoguy said everyone does marketing. So what? Indian DTV carries far more ads, hv unwanted channels - so what? They hv a better interface, better epg, better service reception and better choice(at least in Bangalore).

But I grant that CBN (DTV) is still comparatively very young and will take some time to mature. And it's us who are being naive if we expect the same 'one family' type of service we got from Mr. Muhunthan from Dialog.

As a heavily commercialized (and thus far removed from customer) entity they will do everything to maximize their return and we can't blame them for that.

We can just hope their service is truly value for money (which I cannot ascertain at the moment as I can't see any test channels - hopefully I will be able to do so after 6/30) and make our own choices as choices become available (SLT, Tata, LBN).

Right now I'm only mildly disappointed that DTV is 'forcing' some customers to upgrade by using their testing period as a marketing bed.

Soorapappa> Bradby - 2nd XV will start at 3.30 1st XV at 4.45 or so - but TV coverage will start at 4.30. NZL match I dunno and I can't see anyway! :D

Vishkid said...

It should read "Indian DTH" in above post.

Kaushal said...

All Blacks vs. SA match starts at 6.30 pm SL time. The schedule for SL in the Australia Network site still considers SL to be GMT +6:00, thats why its shows the time as 7 pm. Change your location to India on the site to get the correct times. Last Saturday I missed the opening 20 mins of the Aus vs SA match because of this!

Bradby will start sometime between 4.30 pm and 5 pm

Gamini said... 1400/= one.
3. Did the IRD upgrade also.( The date changed from the 2006 MArch to 2006 june)
4.All test channels are working. ( exept 9 ( SRTV) has the test card) and test 10 is not activated yet.

my problem is that if it is a marketting tactic why arent the test
channels are scrambled for the 1400 package holders too.n ( Like technoguy)

i may be wrong though!!

hope to knmow something from riky about this issue...

soorapappa said...

Thanks a lot !

Seems like different things for different customers. I think we all should be able to see all new channels for at lest 2 weeks before encrypting for different packages. Then that itself be a ad for DTV to market packages.

Priyantha De Silva said...

firi ,

I receive color signals using AV input. I use another TV to watch DTV when others watch other local channels , using Antenna in. I know some technical works to do along when I want. Then I don't think I've done some wrong thing with the set.

I've checked the problem , then I've sen there's a problem with Sound stream & Video. The sound comes from DK system, not by BG system. But it must be from BG as others ( That happened the IRD Upgrade.)

Also this problem is with Gamini.

Amalka said...

Any one know about "STAR CRICKET".b'coz from this week they will show live England Domastic Tuwenty20 turnement

plz comment

Jughead said...

if it is of any help......

1.850/=+ pkge
2.Old cbnsat
3.IRD upgrade - NO
4.Test channels are scrambled except SET 'MAX' & 'SAB' since saturday. Didn't call customer care since i assume that I'm in the "Otuwo" list @DTV (old cbnsat customer)

I'm in a way happy that they did away with the test on premium channels 'cos i was really in to HBO Hits. had they run it for a while longer I'm sure I would have really considered going for the 1400/= pkge. (not that i can afford it) mann it was superb.

yakuza said...

hi guys

thanks for your feed back (both cbnsat and dialogtv subscribers since we are in the same category now)

i've done some analysis of the current situation.
speaking behalf of the cbnsat subscribers only bank dude was able to recieve the newly launched channels after saturday.(rs.1400)

for those who got subscription after dialog took over for both rs. 1400 and rs. 900 packages can now currently view all channels. for the new rs. 900 package it seems like they werent able to view ten sports and hbo hits but rest of the channels(soorapappa)

***their is nothing to do with the IRD upgrade

the statistic show that only the new dialogtv customer were able to get the new channels other than bank dude (no offence guys)

but since bank dude was able to view new channels i think there is nothing to worry for us (the others as in Lost)

hopefully since they are still testing i think patience is the best answer for the time being.


AMD said...

Hi guys,

yes as yakuza says for the time being, ( till the 30th i guess ), lets be patient and wait until they finalise everything and give us the the channels. Remember how we waited for months to see even 1 or 2 new channels ? Then we can decide if to change our packages or anything like that.

Still waiting for Riky's latest update.

hsjaya said...

Hi Laksiri,
Thanks for your suggestion. That is what we SHOULD do If DTV tries to have unfair trade practises by the name of Marketing.

It is now very obvious what DTV is trying to do. They want to have maximum number of customers in the 1400+ pkg. By doing that they can miximize their profits.Thefore they will allocate all the best and premium chaneells like HBOhits, Hbo family, Ten sports, ABC, Neo etc under 1400+pkg.

Customers who want to view these channells will have no option other than upgrading their pkgs to 1400+

At the same time they are using testing periods to create anger and frustration and also expectations among customers. We are not sure what channells will be available for 500+ 900+ pkgs.
If we expect everything will be available for everybody we will look fools.

What I cannot understand is why cant they activate all customers decoders , without waiting till they call them, to see the test channells. If it is a software problem how have they solved that problem within minutes for some customers once they called them.

So best thing is not to worry. This waht these mulinationals are infamous in doing in the name of marketing and customer care.

I suggest that we wait till June 30 and see what channells are available for all pkgs and take a decision.

Priyantha De Silva said...

DTV June Schedule

DTV channels' June schedule with new lineup available here. Click on below link & Save the file in to your PC as an Excel sheet.

*HBO Hits
*Star Movies
*HBO Family
* Discovery Information Guide,
* Travel & Living,
* History Channels &
* AXN's episode numbers are available in this new DTV Schedule.

Download the file as Excel Sheet on ""

( I repeat this for the new page for new comers )

bank_dude said...


I was in the 'Otuwo' list till Saturday evening and gave some speechless points to that girl @ customer care to activate those channels. If that call answered by another dick head guy, still I may able to see 'E16 Service is currently scrambled'. I knew this from the very beginning when Dialog took over CBN that they will treat us badly someday and now my predictions are correct. I so sorry about u guys but let us fight to get those channels because DTV came up to this point because of us. I'm waiting till another good competitor comes to the market.

D.L.R. said...

1.850/=+ pkge
2.Old cbnsat
3.IRD upgrade - NO
4.Test channels are scrambled except SET 'MAX' & 'SAB' since saturday.

Called cus care, in english stream person said nobody can't see any channel even set & sab till 30th, after arguing he said he will do resetting but nothing happened.

then called from Sinhala stream,
that guy said if I want see those channels I have to shift to 1400 new package. Then I said, I'm CBNSat customer so I want to change to 1350+, He said it is impossible.
Then I asked him to do the changes, then he asked my ID's Fax & letter.
How funny. those days withing a second we could able change our packages. But with "FUTURE TODAY" we have to submit lot of documents.
Future today = Parana Kaccheriya

@ Vishkid
DTV is not that young, I watched some networks (IPTV in Pakistan & TataSky in India)Although their some chanels with ads, they are giving lot of channels & new technology.Interactive games & some epg with preview

cableguy said...

1. rs900
2. Old CBNSat decorder
3. Did NOT do IRD upgrade
4. Test channels scrambled since Saturday. Only SETMAX and SETSAB. I called the English line yesterday and the rep flat out refused to do any reactivations. Even after telling him that I am in a forum that provides feedback on their Channel Testing. The DTV reps are highly skilled, unlike the CBNSat reps. (My FOOT)

DIALOG TV's Test Channel "Marketing" is all wrong!
But I am very happy about it!!

I fully agree with Jughead. I have had Digital and Cable TV services in a few Western Countries, and the way they do their marketing is by letting you watch premium channels (Movie, Sports, Comedy etc) free for a month or so and then tempt and tease you to upgrade. I have been a victim of this and I can tell you marketing statistics do show that these limited free channels are very successful for the company in tempting customers to upgrade.
I was almost falling for this trap (again) because I was really enjoying HBO HITS and Hallmark for FREE on DTV. If I had got those channels free any longer, I would have been a sucker and upgraded whenever they came up with a new package structure.
So Thank You Dialog for not tempting me too much (Although I must say that DIALOG TV sucks in their marketing tactics). Now I can rest assured of not falling for another marketing trick.

BTW: DTV is not going to be the Monopoly in the Cable/Satellite Arena for too long in Sri Lanka. We are in for some good competition soon.

AMD said...

Even some of the 1400 package users don't have the test channels, like me! So what are ull who hav the less package complaining about, be patient man!

Riky - any updates ?

Fiyaz said...

What I am really happy about is that we are going to have LIVE Rugby At last.

I've got sick of watching the Indian Feeds of ESPN & STAR SPORTS


Waruna said...

1.Upgraded to 1375/=+ pkge Jan '07
2.CbnSat (bought in Apr 2006)
3.IRD upgrade - Tried when it was Active. But it failed
4.All Test channels are scrambled except SETMAX and SAB until yesterday. (But, TenSports & Hallmark, HBO Hits were also working last Thusrsday)

Aptith den Otuwo

Gamini said...

something bad is starting to happen in this blog. pls help.....

hsjaya said...


we are complaining because most of the 1400+ customers receive the test channells. But most of the 500+ and 900+ pkg customers are not receivng test channelles.

This is not a big issue as some commented. But the bullshit and bullish attitude of DTV customer care is very diffucult to digest.
When there is a complain from a customer it is the duty of the service provider to make a resonable effort to rectify the error. But we cannot see any resonable efforts have been taken by DTV to provide any solution other than diplaying scrmabled message for almost all channels. Can DTV customer care tell me what do they meant by when they displayed following message " We are testing new channels. pl enjoy." What the hell is there to enjoy other that two shitload of hindi channells.

If DTV is worried about 500+ n 900pkg customers are viewing the premium channells why to display messages like that.

Thanura said...

@ nishantha, vishkid and bloggers who think that i'm on a contract with DTV. I'm only 19yrs old and I'm still skulin.

I did the upgrade bcoz i wanted to watch HBO and HBO signature. I wanted to upgrade the package earlier. But i have A/Ls dis yr so my father postponed it. now theres only 6 weeks to go for A/Ls. most of the studies are over. so we upgraded it to 1400 package. i didn't know that it would activate the test channels.

when i had 900 package,
the channels were activated until saturday.

i don't knw whether it's a ploy by DTV or not.

* "I'm not helping them in anyway if it is a ploy."

I'm only a customer. I commented on this blog for a long time. since CBN sat times. so trust me.

I'm really really upset bcoz u guys don't trust me anymore.
I'm a NOT A "#$%^&*" PERSON like DTV C/C agents.

*nishantha, vishkid , i'm waiting for your comments.

Vishkid said...

Ok, whatever said and done we are still DTV subscribers - aren't we?

@ d.l.r. - I still believe they are relatively young and face no noteworthy competition as yet. So they are obviously lacking in quality and even with ads the Indian DTH providers are quite a way ahead.

I'm not being pessimistic. This is officially a 'testing' period and we certainly should hv more patience. Especially as DTV are the pioneers in bringing some of the channels to sri lanka not the least with Australia network with live Rugby. (not forgetting LBN who used to broadcast rugby illegally sometimes :D)

But I hv made some inquiries and now there is no question in my mind (at least) that this is a marketing ploy to certain extent. The strategy at DTV has changed somewhat now that they hv done research and with market data they hv come to the following conclusion (in all probability):

Ppl are not willing to pay a big amount for purchase and installation. So you can't expect to earn big on pure sales alone if you want to stay competitive. The best method to gain market share is to drop the initial cost to consumer by a drastic amount. However, since cutting the 16000/- cost by half would also damage the brand, Dialog has to 1st employ promotional stuff like '2 for the price of 1' etc. Gradually the cost of purchasing a DTV connection would come to 7500 - 9000 range.

So the money would come from rentals. It is a waste to hv many subscribers at the lesser packages as their overhead is virtually unchanged by which package subscribers are at. (i.e. it cost them the same amount to get and maintain 500 package subscriber or a 1400 package subscriber). The only reason they have a lower package in the first place is to attract the most reluctant prospects. And they would most definitely work on those customers once they are in and convince (or force :D) them to move up to a higher valued package.

This is pure logic and we shouldn't hold a grudge against DTV on this. Only thing is we hv to get smarter than them and get value for money for ourselves. I personally think that when DTV finishes adding all new channels the premium package would definitely be worth 1500/- or so. But unfortunately for us DTV might (not confirmed but safely assumed) increase this up to 2000/-.

So that's the game - lesser initial cost, higher rental & most customers on highest band.
We hv to play that game for the time being.

And err .. I'm not making this up - Nushad Perera spoke to us (our company) on developments on telecommunication technology and he gave up some of their market research findings and hinted on the future directions of DTV.

Hey Gamini - nothing is happening to the blog - it's just that some old mouths hv opened up a bit and DTV is obviously playing around a bit. But I do miss the updates of Riky who has been the real and the only source of proper information for a while. Where are you man? Pls do continue the good work.


Vishkid said...

@ thanura - no worries mate, we believe you. :)

Glad you're enjoying all the channels. Hope we will be able to do too .. soon and without going for higher packages first!

Thanura said...

Bank Dude activated all his test channels from reactivating his account.

Some of the 900+ package customers are also receiving test transmitions. (all the channels)

I think when i upgraded my package they had to do a reactivation. so i got the channels.

if someone changed his/her package they have to do a reactivation.

so my point is if u are having a 900 package ask them to change it to 500 package. after they change it to 500 package ask them to change it back to 900 package. so they will have to do a reactivation.(u will have the same package and will be able to see test channels as well)

cable said...


you have said

"BTW: DTV is not going to be the Monopoly in the Cable/Satellite Arena for too long in Sri Lanka. We are in for some good competition soon. "

Do you have any more info on this?
Is it anything to do with the new buyers of Comet Cable (whoever they are).

soorapappa said...

Spot on vishkid. I think the same...
they play their game and we should also smart to play our game.

Thanura, I don't think your point will work because some of us already did reactivation and no result (maybe cust care fooled us).

Sharm said...

I am new to posting on this blog, although I have been following it for a while.
Have 1400 old (CBNSat)connection & did the upgrade last week. Can see only SET & SAB of the test channels since last Saturday. I just spoke to a DTV customer care guy & he says ALL packages will have ALL 9/10 currently testing channels from June 30th. Can this be true or is it another DTV 'gunduwa'?

Gamini said...


this is what i think. I have the 1400+ package. My concept is that i wont pay an extra cent to view more channels coz its
not worth spending. Any bull dog wont pay a rental like 2000 per month. Not even Bill Gates.
I hope DTV also knows that. Its 1610 right. Not just 1400. lol. Anyway, life is not just about watching tv right.
As i am getting the test channels now, i dont see much defference with the existing channels we had from the new ones. All
have the hindi crap. Exept Australian Network.HBO Hits shows most of the channels which were shown earlier by the HBO and
HBO Singature. Tensports is ok with WWE. SRTV might be good for the Tamil people in Srilanka. Neo is also an indian
So i guess DTV isnt foolish enough to increase the package prices. Anyway , i remember kalu say earlier that most of the
new channels will be for the 1400 package. Duno wheather i am correct. Anyone who remember this pls comment.

Sinhala Guy Sri Lanka said...

Hi guys...
Mokada me wenne.... Api old CBN customers la nisada mehema karanne...
Mama inne middle package eke... call kalath wadak wenne na...

Eka tecnical error ekak wenne ona... Mama pahugiya
15 wenida thamaio anthimata testing channels baluwe... SET & SAB wage crap channels 2k
thamai apita pennanna ona CBN eka godaganna try kalata.... DTV gana thiyena faith eka enna
ennama magen nathiwenawa..

Mama hithanne makai wela athhe...

Methana problem ekata mulika hethuwa wenne decorders wala awlak wenna ba.. Packages wala awlak thamai thiyenne.
E kiyanne Old CBNsat Package & NEW DialogTV packages wena wenama wada karanne.. Ethakota DTVlata packages 6k
thiyenawa.. DTV testing channels active katala thiyenne DTV packages walata witharai.. Eka hariyata TOP package
ekatai middle package ekatai new channel ekak active karanawa wage. Thanura 900 package eke indan upgrade wenakota
DTVla aneewaryawenma upgrade karanne new 1400 DTV package ekata... Mama kiyana de ekan oppu wenawa....

DTVla me wade hithala karapu deyakda ehemath nathnam tecnical divition ekata una waradeemakda mama danne na.
Eth wela thiyena wade waradi..

DTVlata CBNsat kale indan hitapu cust.lata mehema salakanna aithiyak na....

Me de hithala nokalanam activate wela thibuna channels eka paratama block une kohomada..

laksirif said...

Hi Guys,

It's definitely a ploy. Coz when I called the Cus/care this evening thro' Sinhala stream I was not lucky like Bank Dude, a Guy answered and came out with same old story saying that these are test cahnnels etc as if we don't understand. After arguing for a while,when I told him that they have not even sent the June Program Guide the Guy said they have sent it only to those who pay 1400 rental and at once I told him this why we say that we the Old CBN customers are being given Step Motherly treatment & argued how can they discriminate since I am also a premium customer though I pay 1350. Then he asked me to hang on & I believe spoke to some Snr. Person & told me that he will inform the relevant section to send me the guide. I said now its not necessary. Coz we are approaching the month end.

This goes to prove that DTV are doing it purposely to push us to the 1400 pkg. Bank Dude may have been lucky & may have been an isolated case where he had been pushed to that category quite accidently. Therefore we should not fall prey and I suggest all should wait even until 30th without agreeing to upgrade just now and see what they are going to offer & then those who are in the lower pkgs can decide at that stage.

bank_dude said...


Bor, though I'm in 1375/= package I haven't received May & June program giudes. But my brother who bought the 1400/= connection in March is getting all the program guides on time. Both of us live closeby. By looking at the above comments, I think the girl who activated my connection is new to the scene. Otherwise I may not be able to see those channels.

nishantha said...

All Blogers
Okkotalata Den Therenawa neda methane wena Game eka. Dtv hadanne Aluthen Apu 1400 packege ekata Okkoma araganna. Unta Thiyena matter eka thamai CBNsat eke 900 packege ekata POGO ekai, ESPN ekai Thiyena eka. Wedi dawasak yanna issellama 900 packege eke ESPN Scrambled kiyala wetei. ethakota thamai Game eke Hodama Hariya.

Den Unath karanne eka. apita meeta issella balanna hamba una Bullshit channel 2k pennanawa. Rate CBN sat/Dtv aran thiyena hemoma aluth channel balala ne. aluth channel balanna asai. eka hindai oya wede karanne. samaharawita me sathiye godak kattiya 1400 packega ekata maru wei. Dtv tric eka Sucsess wei.

Jesika, SinhalaGyuSriLanka, vishkid, (nam Okkoma mathaka ne) Api me Blog eke inne giya awrudde idan. Alf ekka Kaluperuma Wali yana kale thamai mama mekata set Une. E kiyanne CBN sat nadu kiyana kale.

Lisura, Kaluperuma, Ricky
Oya Okkatamai kiyanne. mekata puluwannam Uthatarayak Denna.

Mr. Administrator
Puluwannam Megena Dtv kattiyata kiyanna. Mokada 900 Rs kiyanne DTH walata gewanna puluwan hoda ganak.

Vishkid said...

What's happening with the Subscribers unite? Is it dead?

Sorry to add confusion to Prog. Guide issue but I'm an old CBNSat 900 (mid) package but I got my June guide sometime back! So I don't know what these guys are doing but once they started sending the guide to ALL customers they can't just stop at once.

Any updates on channels, guys? As for me (and a lot of others - 10,00 0 - 15,000) are just staring at scrambled messages ... :D

Admin> Don't you think you should try to get an answer on what's happening as none of the usual DTV sources are here?

AMD said...

Riky - Appreciate if u can give us a final verdict on this channel issue.


firi said...

I bought DTV this year & I can see all test channels.

My friend who is an old CBN SAT customer can also see all the test channels. He did not do the IRD upgrade & also he did not call customer care.

hsjaya said...

Hi Guys,
Good morning every body,

I think we all have forgotten that every one of was able to see all test channells up to last saturady-at least two days.

Can any one of you who has some knowledge in the field explain us how on earth that can happen with old decoders, Old CBN customers, with 500+ n 900+pkgs. Where were The soft ware problem, old decoder problem, software upgrade problems during that time.

How come these problem cropped up suddenly after two days.

Dude said...

Hey Guys!

1) Initially Rs 900/= package and upgraded to Rs 1375/= in Jan 2007
2) Did not do the IRD update
3) All channels active. Test channels got scrambled on saturday. Called Customer Care on Saturday afternoon and got it activated again.

I am an old customer and I have no problem. I do not think that this was done on purpose since the packages may have got scrambled randomly.

Since they are calling it the testing period, they are not obligated to allow us to watch the channels. So lets wait till the official launch.

There is no point in getting Subscribers Unite involved now, since the channels have not been officially launched.

Anyway in AXN, Neo Sports, Neo Sports Plus the sound signal is on the left signal and no sound on the right signal. I do not mind Neo since it is still under testing. I hope that they sort out the problem for AXN soon.

I did not receive my June programme guide still, I did not bother to call anyway since I downloaded it and have more than what they have given in the guide on my computer. However in July if I do not get it then I pity that Customer Care officer who will pick up the phone since I will give him/her a piece of my mind.

cableguy said...


You do the math. From the many opinions that have been expressed above, is it not crystal clear that "DTV is using this testing time to its own marketing advantage"?
These "problems" probably didnt crop up after two days. Somebody in the DTV marketing team came up with a "smart" idea to screw the former CBNSat and lower package DTV customers, UNTIL they all pay the higher price and subscribe to the Rs1620 package. Its simple as that.
What can we do about it? Nothing much. DTV is a business, and just like how Dialog normally does business, its all about profits, at any cost.
I personally am happy not being tempted by the new channels, but all I can say is, wait until the 30th and see what ploy they try at that time!!

Jughead said...


I have the old 850+ package and i received the June schedule beginning of the month.

@Thanura, you said......

"so my point is if u are having a 900 package ask them to change it to 500 package. after they change it to 500 package ask them to change it back to 900 package. so they will have to do a reactivation.(u will have the same package and will be able to see test channels as well)"

my advice to all old CBN customers is not to go ahead with it. cos when you change your package you will not be able to get the old package back again but would end up on 900+ new packg which doesnt have ESPN & POGO

Further i would like to request from everyone (especially one's with old packges) not to jump the gun, but just hold on to (whatever-lol) until DTV officially introduce the new channels. hopefully they will treat us well.

But tt that point if there is any discrimination against old package holders then all of us can get to gether and make representations through SU to DTV.untill then lets just keep our fingers crossed and thank them for not giving us small doses of what we will NOT be getting in the future today. Agree?????????? :)

hsjaya said...

Hi Cableguy,

Thats what I have been stressing all these time. That there is no software problem, There is no decoder problem, there is only one problem That is " HOW BEST DTV CAN MAXIMISE THIER PROFIT BY FORCING 500+ AND 900+ CUSTOMERS TO UPGRADE 1400+PKG THROUGH THEIR BULLSHIT MARKETING STRATEGY "

As Jughead prposed we all should refrain from upgarding our pkgs and wait till 30th June and see what these marketimg buggers are going to do. It is someting reasonable we will aceept. Other wise as jughead suggested, we should make our representations to TRC and SU.

So be prepared for that

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please read new post about scrambling of channels


Hanees said...
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