Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Time to start calling

Since we are now in the Super 8 stage of the World Cup it seems that all the time the same matches are telecast on SAB and Max with SAB running Hindi commentary and Max on English.

Even when there is rain and the match will be played/continued on the next day, for example on March 27th the West Indies vs Australia Super 8 was interrupted by rain and continued on March 28th. On March 28th South Africa played Sri Lanka, on 28th March Max and SAB showed the South Africa vs Sri Lanka match instead of one of the channels showing the Australia vs West Indies match.

This proves that Max and SAB will always show the same match even if two matches are played on one day. This is what will happen in the Super 8 stage. It was very different during the group stage. Therefore Dialog TV should remove SAB, reintroduce VH1 and retain Max till the end of the World Cup. No one watches the match on SAB and it is mind boggling as to why Dialog TV is still retaining the channel since there are many fans of English music who are being deprived of watching their favourite music videos on VH1.

We have received several complaints regarding this so the best thing is for subscribers to call 077-7679679 and request them to remove SAB or call 4606000 and speak to senior management personnel and make the request.


banuka said...

It's good to be have Fox sports middle east channel on Dtv

TechnoGuy said...

> TP3

What is this unmatched content on TP3. Does it include STAR. IF not, it should include some channels that are worthy to cover up for STAR (mainly World and Movies).

Also, TP3 price is likely to push up about Rs 100/=. More than that cannot be accepted. If any channels are too expensive, add them to a seperate special package that customers who want can select.

It is good to see that Dialog is updating the EPG. But there are problems. Plenty of them.

1. EPG, when introduced to a new channel, is likely to be of the wrong feed or has wrond timing, etc.

2. When EPG is introduced on a new channel, EPG on another channel disappears.

3. EPGs are not updated monthly as required, causing first 2/3 days of month to have faulty or no EPG.

4. It taked one day to introduce EPG on one channel.

Dialog is getting the EPG done well, but too slowly. I believe that they are listening to our cries here, but are acting too slowly. This will not do.

If some good competition comes to the market, Dialog will zoom forward like a Cheetah. Unfortunately we do not have good competitors. Dialog is taking it Slow and Not-so-Steady.

@ Banuka
Dialog should get both Fox Sports and Fox News (Fox Sports when made available). Also good if Dialog gets hold of rights for the new BBC channels.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...


Top gun is shown on National Geographic channel, not on BBC.

Schedule here:

Monday - Friday at 10pm, 9th - 13th April

Priyantha De Silva said...

New links to the world cup & Latest information links,
Go to

Raki said...


"...I believe that they are listening to our cries here, but are acting too slowly..."

I think you are being too kind bro! I think Dialog is adopting a 'big bully' attitude with DTV. Since we (customers) have no choice with what DTV gives including cost etc., we have no choice but to eat their shit. Slow EPG updates, poor channel quality, NO VH1 and the list is endless!!! So, i think its pointless complaining to deaf DTV ears! Mr. Anthony made it very clear as to what DTV's attitude of this forum is... so for now...i say to hell with DTV! The future... today joke is just not flying with me anymore!

AMD said...

Not TOP GUN. Its TOP GEAR, a program about new cars and other vehicles and stuff. Its on BBC.
Can anyone tell me when it is shown, or is it on a different BBC channel ?

banuka said...

amd there is no any TOPGEAR program on BBC Shedule for April. check on

select timezone - India or Sri Lanka

sjinadasa said...

Is there anyway to get the BBC 1 internationally ?

Amila said...

please tell me what are the channels you will be adding to the lineup.

I hope you will include

Becourse LBN has all of those channels except ten sports.
so i hope you will add those to the line up.
I think you should add star movies, ten sports, and hbo hits to the value 1400 package.

Looser said...

When can we have at least 1 weeks EPG.

Current EPG gives wrong information most of the channels (AXN, Zone) Specially on Zone EPG is Indian Feed and AXN wrong timings (don't know about the movie channels cos I didn't check)

banuka said...

SRI LANKA, April 8 Asia Pulse - TV Lanka, a 24-hour digital satellite network, said it has launched multiple television channels with its Broadcast MediaServer digital video server system from Nasdaq-listed SeaChange International, Inc.

TV Lanka is Sri Lanka's first international television station, broadcasting two video channels and six...

Thats Only for now

Jughead said...

could somebody please tell me as to why i get the following message at times when trying to get in to the blog:

Do you want to save this file?

Type: Unknown file format


is it due to some problem on my side?

Radikal Zee said...

VH1 is back now !

laksirif said...

National Geographic Channel India is utterly useless. They don't have certain good programmes unlike other Asian transmission like Singapore. Thus we too do not get the opportunity watch those.

sjinadasa said...

All the channels in the NGC networks of India is useless ! aka History Channel. If DTV could only get the Asian feeds for Discovery, NGC and History.. That wouldn't cost much.

TechnoGuy said...

VH1 is back! At least Dialog got something right. I told you they were listening.

Now, it is time for Dialog to fire up those rockets and provide us with a good service, like you do with mobile phones. With TV Lanka, SLT and more coming in to the DTH market, Dialog has to be a step forward to beat the competition.

Dialog can really pull this off if they work intelligently and with good ideas. The competition can be crushed. Dialog has the money, the power and the experience. They can easily find out what the customers want. Other newcomers are not likely to provide such a good service (seeing who is running them). But Dialog still needs to keep on the top without them grabbing evan an inch of their customer base. Cmon Dialog, get your act up and do this right.

@ Laksirif/Sjinadasa
I've been to Singapore and watched StarHub cable tv many times. Discovery Asia, NGC/HC Asia show the same content as the Indian versions. But prices are higher. Only in channels like HBO, AXN and Zone Reality are there major differences between the Asian and Indian versions.

If the Indian feed is useless, I don't think the Asian feed will be much different.

But there is a difference between Cartoon Network, Nick and Animax Asia and India. BUt still prices are high. Nickelodeon in the worst. I hate it, with all the Hindi stuff dumped in it. Almost as if they had nothing else to show.

MANIL said...

Whats the price differance you are talking about? From where did you get the facts and figures? And are you realy aware of the basis DTV is paying the content providers?

I dont think so

TechnoGuy said...

@ Manil
I do not have exact facts with me, but with the exchange rate today, prices will be going up all the time. Indian prices are about 40% cheaper. I can't reveal prices though.

Just be satisfied that you even have the Indian feeds. After all, they show some programming in English. If India passes to rule for channels to broadcast 80/90% Hindi, DOOM.

Also, Asian versions have Chinese in place of Hindi. Chinese subtitles are included in main video feeds (not seperately) in most cases. Another nuisance like VCD subtitles you can't remove.

Anyway, if your really want it you can ask Dialog for it. I doubt that they will do it though. I suppose Chinese "ching-chong" will me a change from Hindi.

laksirif said...

Jinadasa, I can give you one classic example. Tomorrow st 9.00 pm(Singapore time) there is avery interesting programme "Inside Jerusalem, Holiest Saturday". This will not be ttransmitted on Indian version.

machang said...

Muwahahahah... you're all addicted to DTH bull shit.... what we need is VoD with high speed internet access. SLT IPTV is the closest thing to the future.

Wouldn't you rather download stuff you want to watch when you want to watch it for a resonable price?

I mean who needs to pay anything when theres high speed internet and torrents (fuck the MPAA/RIAA we in the 3rd world don't have money to buy your overpriced crap oh and screw your DRM).

Another thing is that with IPTV "objectionable" content can still be delivered to those who don't mind it without having the rest of the sheep whining.

Oh and on another note f*** everyone, no I'm just kidding. You know I love you :)

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

"(fuck the MPAA/RIAA we in the 3rd world don't have money to buy your overpriced crap oh and screw your DRM)."

Well said.

LANKA Info said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LANKA Info said...

VH1 ASIA (not the Indian one). replaced for SONY SAB

Jesika said...

What are the FTA channels we can see by using FTA receiver?
do you know any web site to see it?

TechnoGuy said...

@ Jesika
See LyngSat. They have info on all worldwide communication satellites. You can find all free-to-air and encrypted services in Asia.

Jesika said...

TechnoGuy :

Thanks a lot !!

Admin :
Can you remove the word verification from this blog. Its a headache..
(FILEnetworks blog do not have word verification.)

TechnoGuy said...

@ Lanka Info
SAB has been replaced with VH1 Asia? Is that what you mean? If so, Cool!
I must check it now.

sjinadasa said...

@TechnoGuy, in my 2 years in singapore and many sat tv experiences in the south east asian countries, I have always seen many interesting and fun programs on channels such as NGC, Discovery, VH1, MTV, and History which I've not yet seen in the Indian Feeds. Its just a matter of getting the correct Asian feed (like Starhub, loved their packages) I've had it with the Indian NGC and MTV with their crap programs.

sonik said...

dtv has money but not experience. TV lanka will give a good challenge if they launch dth, coz their already running two community oriented pay tv channels. and they have enough money too. competition is GOOD!

satlanka said...

wake up to SRILANKAN DTH
log on to

Dimu said...

TV Lanka DTH on ST1 satellite. Currently 5 TV stations are there. TV Lanka 1, TV Lanka 2, ITN, Sirasa TV, Swarnavahini.

There are some Radio stations too.

Rasika said...

The end of DTV is near with the launch of the 1+1 campaign. That means there are no new subscribers to satalitte tv. I wonder how long will DTV last before becomming "Bankoloth". The problem is DTV is OK in colombo but rural penetration is exreemely low. I mwan how many people know what HBO is?

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

whats the 1+1 campaign?

laksirif said...

Problems with DTV transmission has started again. There oss no signal since around 7.15 in the evening. When inquired I was informed that it is due to heavy rain in Colombo and admitted that they do not experience lightening. If that is the case and if DTV can not still find a proper solution to this issue, I do not know how would they provide a good service to the subsribers in the coming weeks because the rainy season & the monsoon is about to commence.

Priyantha De Silva said...

Arnold's B-i-L killed

Sri Lankan cricketer Russel Arnold’s brother-in-law was killed when he was run over by a train in Wellawatta on Saturday.

The victim, Stephen Shanmugam met with this tragic accident while walking on the railway track and speaking on his mobile phone. Arnold who is currently taking part in th World Cup told the Daily Mirror it was not logistically possible to return to the country to attend the funeral. Sri Lanka takes on New Zealand on Thursday.

Jesika said...

"1+1 campaign" means when you get a DTV connection you will have another DTV connection free !!!

Admin :
Can you remove the word verification from this blog. Its a headache..
(FILEnetworks blog do not have word verification too.)

AMD said...

@ laksirif
This is a normal problem with any DTH service. But DTV should try and minimise it as much as possible.