Friday, March 30, 2007

Download April 2007 Programme Guide

To download the April 2007 Dialog TV Programme Guide please click on the link below.

Download April 2007 Dialog TV Programme Guide

Most of the subscribers who have registered with Dialog TV Subscribers Unite would have already received the guide by email. Those who have not registered can download it from the link given above.

It is great that the guide has been sent before the beginning of the month, however we are not certain whether the guide has been posted. If it has been posted then it should arrive by the first week of April or else it might take longer than the March guide due to the long holidays.

Only the same channels available last month are included in this guide and hopefully Dialog TV will be able to add all their channels to this guide in the coming months.


D.L.R. said...

Hey technoguy,
I accept your apology.
But remember wikipidia is not yours.
Who ever wrote crap is correct.
Most hindi channels are crap.

Animax also crap. If you dont know the meaning of crap, search the meaning of crap in Oxford, or turn the dtv & watch Animax about 15min. then you will have better understanding of the word CRAP

Mihitha said...

@ Lycoon

Machan Lycoon. Oyata therena widihatama kiwwoth Wikipedia kagewath budalayak nemei. Umbeth nemei, mageth nemei. Eth macho me blog eka chatar nokara kathakarapan. Methana Sinhalen Blog liyanna kisi awlak na.Ok. Eth hadichcha niyama sinhala minihek widiyata kathakaranna purudu weyan.
Wikipedia eken wadak ganna hama minihekma ekata adarei.

internet kiyana pamba gale hariyata deyak hoyaganna thiyenne wikipedia witharai. Eka nisa eka chatar karanna katawath aithiyak na. Ok. Technoguy kiyana widihata lankawe katawath static IP na. Eka attha. Eth ehema una kiyala umba katawth challenge karanna ona na. Umba hadichcha minihek nam hadichchakama pennapan.

Ok.Umbahari kawruhari wiki eka chatar karath eka hadannath minissu innawa. Umben illanne katahari wadagath deyak balaganna thiyana WIKI ekawath ithirukaraganna udaw karapan. EEta passe kathakaranna igena ganin.


Lycon said...

Hoo hoo, machaaaan mihintha oya hariiima hadichcha sinhala kolla. Niyamai ela kiri... Oya nam marai hode...

"Umbahari kawruhari wiki eka chatar karath eka hadannath minissu innawa. Umben illanne katahari wadagath deyak balaganna thiyana WIKI ekawath ithirukaraganna udaw karapan."

Mekai, mama wiki eka chater karanna giyeth naha, mata ehema uwamanawakuth naha. Mata thada wune ara techno parayage kathawata.

Machang meke uba babbu innawanam sorry wenna one. Anika uba mata katha karanna ugannanna enna one na. Mama lasssanata katha karanawa katath ahenna.

Mekai ubata mama katha karana widiha chater. Mama hithanne mama thama sudda sinhalen katha kale na eath mu kiyanawa mama katha karana widiya waradilu.

Thotath oluwak thiyenawane, poddak mama liyala thiyena dewal english walin translate karala balapan. Ethakota ubata mama kiyana dewal harima wadagath widiyata penei. Eaka ube waraddak newei, sinhalen deyak kiyaddi eaka bokkatama wadinawa.

Amathaka wuna, machan mihintha api kawadawath mieta wada hadanna ba. Uba wage hadichcha mara decent porawal indaddi api age nasaraniyo dethun denek wath nathi wunoth ubalata yana kala mokakda"

Lycon said...

Mihintha uba kiwwa hari wiki eka chater karanna katawath aythiyak na. Ehema karanawanam eaka amuma amu balu wadak. Uba kiyana widiyata mama kiyana dewal sara wadi nam samaweyan. Ubath ekka mage tharahak na.

shamil said...

There will be no printed format of the programme guide in future.

Jesika said...

shamil :

Are you sure? How do u know?

TechnoGuy said...

I know that Hindi channels are crap. Of course anyone would realise that in 5 seconds. But "crap" is not a suitable word to use in a Encyclopedia.

I am sure there are a thousand better and more professional ways to explain it. Make it more informative.

"13 international channels on Dialog TV are Hindi Crap"
"13 of the international channels on Dialog TV are in Hindi language, and therefore do not appeal to the customers. The customers prefer to have more English language channels instead"

It is much longer, but it is more informative and better suited for an encyclopedia or professional referrence source. Instead of writing Hindi crap, it is better to explain why we call it crap.

Also, more people should keep Wikipedia up to date about Dialog, etc. But don't go over the limit!

@ Lycos
First it was Jesika vs Kalu. Now Lycos vs ...who? Seemingly everyone else in this blog.

Please stop this Lycos. I am sorry if I upset you in any way, but I told the truth. Of course, neither one of us solely owns Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a public resource, belonging to everyone who wants reliable information and who wants to provide good information.

Your Sinhala dirt in this blog is going to cause much trouble like the old Jessika Kalu affair if this goes on. At least Jessika and Kalu stopped it and finally became friends.

Priyantha De Silva said...

To see the World's Cricket schedule till 2015,


Mihitha said...

Any one watch TAMIL EELAM TELIVISION using FTA reciver ? ( IS 12 )

laksirif said...

How can I get the programme schedule of National Geographic Channel? Coz DTV schedule does not give the NGC.

Free-man said...

We don’t want any more controversies again. Is Kaluperuma trying to get into the blog again and create trouble?

Free-man said...

Laksiri -

Go to and you can get the data from there.

don said...

Free man just mind your fucking own business,lYCON WAS BLOGGING HERE EVEN WHEN CBNsat WAS THERE,You seem to be asking for dhal.

Priyantha De Silva said...

Get Latest links to the World Cup


Mugs said...

there is a wap site to check the cable schedule on your phone, this si very cool, check it out.

AMD said...

can anyone tell me how to receive FTA channels using my DTV dish ?

AMD said...

hi guys, saw a large sat dish installed recently at DIALOG switch in Kalubowila. Probably being used for DTV uplink / downlink services ?

Looser said...

Still EPG is in a BIG Mess.

For Zone Reality EPG is for the Indian Feed but DTV shows the South African Feed.

Looks like they don't know what they telecast. Wow Future Today

MANIL said...

The lineup with the activation of the third transponder is going to be unmatched just as the 1 to 1 campaign launched by DTV today.

AMD said...

I hope they do something about the interruption to rain, i know it cant be eliminated completely but hope it will be reduced as much as possible.

Is the rain interruption as much as DISH TV or is DTV worse ?

Waiting for the 3rd transponder...

cbnsatcustomer said...

If you buy a DTV connection today you will get another DTV connection for free. Saw this ad on todays papers. You have to register it for a different address. have to pay six months rental and you should be a dialog phone customer.

And in another ad they're giving away 5 free DTV connections and you have to answer a cricket question via sms.

Looser said...

Rain interruption is there on Dish TV too

Priyantha De Silva said...

Mahela hopes England remember past defeats


Sri Lanka captain Mahela Jayawardene has said that while memories of a 5-0 thrashing of England will not be an issue for his side come Wednesday's ICC CWC Super Eights clash, they could be for their opponents.

Sri Lanka, after bouncing back in England last year to draw a Test series 1-1, crushed their hosts in the one-dayers.

That series culminated in an emphatic eight-wicket win at Headingley where Upul Tharanga (109) and Sanath Jayasuriya (152) shared a world record first-wicket stand of 286 as Sri Lanka won with more than 12 overs to spare.

Jayawardene, who said that series had been the launch-pad for a run of form that has seen Sri Lanka tipped to repeat their ICC CWC 1996 triumph here, said he didn't expect last year's series to have too much of a bearing now.

"It depends if England is thinking about it," Jayawardene remarked.

"For us it's not an issue because we are playing in different situations, different tournament, different conditions and probably different personnel as well. Things have changed since we played England."

Sri Lanka enjoyed a crushing 113-run victory against hosts West Indies in Guyana on Sunday and Jayawardene, who scored a morale-boosting 82 in that match, said: "The mood is pretty good. The way we played against West Indies was very satisfying.

"We batted well in difficult conditions, the bowlers bowled really well and the fielding was up to standard. For us it's about starting that all over again," he added.

Reflecting on the England trip, Jayawardene added: "It was a brilliant tour for us but we've come a long way. From that start in England we've pushed on and played some really good cricket.

"The youngsters learnt a lot from that England trip. From there onwards guys like (fast bowler) Lasith Malinga and (opening batsman) Upul Tharanga have come up pretty well."

Jayasuriya, who briefly retired from Test cricket last year, looked near his best during his 115 against West Indies and Jayawardene was delighted by the form of the 37-year-old left-hander, whose century was his 25th at this level.

"We felt when you come into a World Cup year it's important you play all the matches. When you play all the time it keeps you going so it probably was a good decision for him to come back and play Test cricket as well.

"He's been brilliant. He's working harder, he's enjoying his cricket and he played some really good innings, not just the one you saw against the West Indies. He keeps going, that's the character of the guy."

England skipper Michael Vaughan said his side's ICC CWC "started" against Sri Lanka but Jayawardene, who praised his opponents "individual talent" said he found such an attitude curious.

"Every game is a big game because every win is two points. You never know how many points will secure you a place in the semi-finals.

He added: "If they've waited this long to see this is the time to start their World Cup, I don't know if that's the right way to go because every match we play is very important to us."

More Information


AMD said...

Is rain interruption same as DISH TV or worse ?

Any idea when 3rd transponder will be activated ? I guess there will be a different package once the new channels are introduced.

Gamini said...






Anthony said...

can anyone tell me what time BBC shows the program "TOP GEAR" ?