Monday, April 9, 2007

VH1 returned to Dialog TV

VH1 returned to Dialog TV with effect from Thursday/Friday (5th/6th March 07). It has been a move welcomed by the English Music fans who are subscribers of Dialog TV. It was absolutely pointless having Sony SAB on air.

While thanking the management of Dialog TV for taking this step it should be noted that the response should have been faster since the removal of SAB and reintroduction of VH1 did take place after some persuasion from the subscribers. It seems that the customer care executives had given some flimsy excuses for keeping Sony SAB on air and we hope that this does not happen again and better attention is paid to the suggestions from the subscribers.


laksirif said...

Whilst thanking DTV for reintroducing VH1 in place of Sony SAB, we sincerely hope that DTV will take note of numerous subscriber please to replace part of the Hindi channels with English channels as there are too many Hindi channels.

Francis said...

While agreeing with laksirif about too many hindi channels, why not introduce some tamil channels (not rajtv please)also as it will be an incentive to woo more tamil viewers.

Dan said...

Last Bill I recived from DTV was up to 15th March. This time they have sent another bill for one month stating that it's the bill for the month of March. Are they charging twice for the same period?

Jughead said...

Last month i received an invoice to pay 3 months subscription in one go before the end of March (Jan to Mar) which i have paid @Dialog Arcade before the due date.

Yesterday i received another invoice dated 6th April asking to pay for March again.

Could somebody @DTV please clarify the position.

I dont want to call you guys cos at the end of the day I will be the loosing party even though I'm uptodate on payments, due to high telephone bills.(holding on for hours)

TechnoGuy said...

Just a suggestion

Maybe Dialog should launch a promotion system during times like Christmas, New Year, etc. where all customers can enjoy a free trial preview of the 1400 package channels. For about 10 days. Customers should still pay the normal rental of the package they subscribe to.

This is done by StarHub in Singapore, and can be useful for Dialog once they get more channels.

@ Jughead
Don't bother complaining. Wait and see if they realise the mistake. Or maybe I'm being too nice to Dialog. Lets hope they get the billing system right. No problems for me so far.

@ Francis
The third transponder may arrive with the Sun network package: Sun TV, Sun News, etc.

Also, Competition is GOOD

laksirif said...

Same with me last month I paid a bill for the period 1 Jan to 27 Mar. At that time I was told that my billing cycle is from 28th to 27th of the following month. Yesterday I received a bill for March but without any mention about the exact period. When I called DTV I was informed that according to their system my account shows the period although the period is not reflected in their print out and they requested me to fax the bill to them so that they can generate a fresh copy for me. May be DTV has started playing tricks like what they do to mobile phone subscribers. Only when someone challenges them you get it corrected.

Sanjaka said...

Hi all,

I too have received an invoice for the month of March and upon wasting a few minutes on phone and adding another amount to my Dialog bill (for the call, either way these guys benefit) I was told by an customer care executive that DialogTV is following a model as in Dialog Phones where all teh subscribers have to pay for the package one month in advance.

I wonder how dialogTV (headed by Naushad) feels that they can pull fast ones on their customers just like that and dictate terms to the customers base at their own will. Besides, I feel no customer should be paying for a service they are yet to receive anywhere in the world. I wonder howmany of you would agree to paying your electricity bill one month in advance before you even switch on a single light at home.

We, as old CBNSat customers never had this kind of treatment when CBN ran the operation and it looks like there is another dirty harry in the making, this time with Dialog Group.

Free-man said...

Got paper copy of DTV April guide (Someone on this blog gave a d-rope that we won’t get it. Who was it?)

NatGeo, History, A1 and Zone .. are among my favourites. They are still not listed in the hard copy or in the soft copy from DTV website. I have to go to the comet website and get it. We need a decent program guide – EPG or otherwise.

Bills seem to come without fail! Appears to be in order. My billing cycle goes from 15th of this month to 15th of next month. They give me only 5 days grace period to pay!
DTV! We are not competitors – but customers who want decent service.

AMD said...

Can anyone tell me where to get the ZONE schedule ? The is no SRI LANKA listed in the Schedule on the web site.

Ishan said...


Go to the
and select Zone Reality to get Schedule for next 30 days. The time difference is + 03.30 hrs.

DTV is giving Zone Reality from South Africa. but there EPG shows the Indian Feed.

AMD said...

Thanks Ishan. Yes i noticed the EPG error.

Rodrigo said...

I believe Tamil channels like SUN T.V, K.T.V, SUN Music will be more welcomed by many rather than some Hindi channels. These channels are very high quality digital signal.

Priyantha De Silva said...

Malinga ruled out of NZ showdown


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TERRY said...

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Priyantha De Silva said...
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Priyantha De Silva said...

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TechnoGuy said...

I wish everybody a Happy Sinhala and Tamil New Year 2007!

I'm really looking forward to Transponder 3 and its contents. Dialog, please don't drown our hopes and everything. You said April/May, do it in April or May. For the sake of your customers.

Wish Sri Lanka the best tomorrow against Australia. Who Knows, we might beat them!

Priyantha De Silva said...

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Chaminda said...


Tigers using US satellite illegally: Intelsat

WASHINGTON, (AFP) - The LTTE has been illegally using a satellite of US giant Intelsat to beam its radio and television broadcasts overseas, the company said yesterday.

"We have been actively pursuing avenues to terminate the illegal usage of our satellite," Nick Mitsis, the spokesman for Intelsat, the world's largest provider of fixed satellite services, told AFP.

The LTTE has been blacklisted as a terrorist organization by the United States since 1997. Intelsat officials and technical experts met Bernard Goonetilleke, Sri Lanka's Ambassador to the United States on Tuesday to discuss steps Intelsat was taking "to address the unauthorized use of one of its satellites by the LTTE," an Intelsat statement said.

During the meeting, Intelsat's executive vice-president and general counsel Phillip Spector said Intelsat did not tolerate terrorists or others operating illegally on its satellites.

"Since we first learned of the LTTE's signal piracy, we have been actively pursuing a number of technical alternatives to halt the transmissions," it said. "We are clear in our resolve to ending this terrorist organization's unauthorized use of our satellite," it added. Intelsat pointed out that the illegal transmissions were a violation of laws of both the United States and Sri Lanka.

Mr. Goonetilleke said: "I am satisfied that Intelsat is taking these unauthorized transmissions very seriously." The issue was also taken up by Sri Lanka at a meeting of the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization in Paris last month, Sri Lankan officials said.

// Hulugalla must be thankful that this has discovered after DTV. Otherwise its public declaration for his worng claim that cbnsat links to ltte

Chaminda said...

the above is quated from