Friday, March 30, 2007

Remove Sony SAB and bring back VH1

Now that it is clearly seen that Sony SAB/MAX telecasts the same match whereas MAX broadcasts the English commentary and SAB broadcasts the Hindi commentary even when two matches are taking place on one day during the Super 8 stage of the ICC World Cup, there is no point in keeping SAB and it is best if Dialog TV brings back VH1 back to their lineup. SAB served its purpose during the Group stage when they showed two different matches on SAB and MAX with English commentary on a particular day except when India was playing.

We are unable to confirm whether Sony PIX is broadcasting the other match in English in the event two matches are taking place on the same day during the Super 8 stage. Anyone who has access to Sony PIX channel hopefully will confirm.

We were under the impression that SAB will show the other match so since this is not the case it is now up to Dialog TV to remove the channel and reintroduce VH1 once again. If Dialog TV is to continue broadcasting Sony SAB we suggest that they do so once the third transponder is activated. However we do not see the need for Sony SAB on Dialog TV unless they are planning to introduce Dialog TV to the Indian market or to Indians living in other countries in this region.


bank_dude said...

SAB is a useless channel. I don't mind they drop it permanently. They had done it to Raj, Zoom, Goal and why not do the same for SAB and bring VH1 back.

bank_dude said...

Further, I very much dissapointed with DTV because they don't understand the tastes of viewers, they don't respects viewers and they don't care about subscriber unite. I'm waiting till another cable operator to come into the market and give them a good competition. These Dialog big headed people think that we always have to dance their tune.

Sat Viewer said...

I absoltely agree with you bank_dude. The morons at DTV don't know what the subscribers want. Dropping VH1 and replace it with this SAB crap is the best example.

It would have been better even the SLRC bought the CBN at that time.

Even the customer service has gone to some donkeys wha have no idea of their service.

First of all the DTV people have forgotten that they are a pay tv service.

Lycon said...

@ techno guy, uba kiyana eka deyak mama piligannawa, eaka thami hamadeyatama thanka thiyenawa kiyana eka, eath ubata deyak waradila,

Ea thami ingrisi bari un UNEDUCATED kiyala kiyana eka. Tho wage parayo ohoma hithana nisa thami sinhalayata uge rateth thanak natte.

Encyclopedia ekaka wadagath widiyata liyana eka hari thami namuth apita english show off karanna deyak naha. Mokada eaka ape bashawa newei eaka suddage. Ea nisa ube "Show people that us Sri Lankans are not fools at English" kiyana eken uba ube thiyena para gathiya ibema pennuwa.

Minihekta wadagath deyak wadagath widiyata Wikipedia ekata liyanna one kamak thibunath uba kiyana widiyata uuta liyanna ba hariyata english barinam?

Uba pudumakara buwek thami...

Waradiyata hari ea miniha eaka Wikipedia eke liwwata liyapu deya wadagath deyak nam kawuruwath lajja wenne mokatada? Api sinhalen deyak liyala ea deya waradiyata liwwanam api lajja wenna one mokada ea ape bashawa nisa.

Hodata mathaka thiyaganin English bari un uba kiyana widiyata "FOLLS" hari "UNEDUCATED" wath newei. Ube thiyena nuugath kama pennanna epa.

Anika IP ekak trace karana eka oana kenekuta karanna puluwan eakata one s.w thiyenawanam. Ea nisa uba pora wenna hadanna epa. Ube oya lada bolada wada walata ape LST wage un puken hinawei. Uba pora nam LST wage api wage duppath minissunta wadak ganna puluwan deyak karapan.

Mihitha said...

@ Lycoon

Machan Lycoon. Oyata therena widihatama kiwwoth Wikipedia kagewath budalayak nemei. Umbeth nemei, mageth nemei. Eth macho me blog eka chatar nokara kathakarapan. Methana Sinhalen Blog liyanna kisi awlak na.Ok. Eth hadichcha niyama sinhala minihek widiyata kathakaranna purudu weyan.
Wikipedia eken wadak ganna hama minihekma ekata adarei.

internet kiyana pamba gale hariyata deyak hoyaganna thiyenne wikipedia witharai. Eka nisa eka chatar karanna katawath aithiyak na. Ok. Technoguy kiyana widihata lankawe katawath static IP na. Eka attha. Eth ehema una kiyala umba katawth challenge karanna ona na. Umba hadichcha minihek nam hadichchakama pennapan.

Ok.Umbahari kawruhari wiki eka chatar karath eka hadannath minissu innawa. Umben illanne katahari wadagath deyak balaganna thiyana WIKI ekawath ithirukaraganna udaw karapan. EEta passe kathakaranna igena ganin.


Sachi said...

DTV needs to understand that most of their customers hate the Hindi channels with a passion (from what i gathered. Dropping of VH1 in favour of SAB and SET proves their ignorance. It was the only 'English' channel in the 23-33 range and one of the only channels English music lovers could watch. Granted it was the Indian feed but it was much more tolerable than MTV or any other crap. IMO they should have dropped MTV during the World Cup or used up some reserved space.

So what they can do at least now is to bring back VH1 (possibly the Asian feed, heh a guy can dream now can't he ?) since the Group matches are over. Oh and F**K India !