Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Bill explained........

We have seen several comments regarding the Dialog TV bill and we have been able to get hold of a bill and hopefully you will find this explanation helpful. It should be noted that there are several billing cycles. We suggest that you call their hotline 077-7679679 (rather difficult to get through and we hope this will be rectified by Dialog TV) or call (011) 4606000 and speak to the billing department and check on your billing cycle and on what day your bill is generated. Some have had their bills generated on March 12th and some others at a later date and we believe that the due date varies according to this billing cycle.

This time round Dialog TV has sent the bill from January to March (some have been charged for the whole of March and some till the middle of March according to the respective billing cycles). We believe that sending a bill for three months is not fair since it was not the subscribers fault that the bill was not sent by Dialog TV. However we hear that several subscribers have been told that even if payment is not received by the due date, disconnection will not take place but it is better if the subscriber places a call to Dialog TV on any of the above two numbers and inform them of the delay in payment so that a note will be made on the system.

The Bill..........

**** Your Monthly Rental is the total of Rental + Network Charges

Rental – Value Plus package from jan 1 2007 To : jan 9 2007 = XXX.XX
Network charges - Value Plus from jan 1 2007 To : jan 9 2007 = XXX.XX

The above has appeared for those who have carried out a package transfer, if you transferred your package on Jan 10th or any other day then you will be charged for the old package for the number of days you used the old package and the package is charged for as Rental and Network Charges.

Rental - Super Package From Jan 10 To : Mar 15 2007 = XXXX.XX
Network Charges From Jan 10 To : Mar 15 2007 = XXXX.XX

Total Amount = XXXX.XX

For those who have done the package transfer the new package is billed for the number of days that you used the new package from the date of transfer as given above. If you have not done a package transfer then it should indicate time period as "Jan 1 To : Mar 15 2007" (i.e, they have been charged for the whole month of January, February and half of March) some have been charged for 27 days in March and that will indicate as "Jan 1 To : Mar 27 2007".

According to Dialog TV from next month the bills will be received on a monthly basis, the time period for the bill will be March 16th to April 15th or March 28th to April 27th depending on your billing cycle. Always remember that your monthly rental is a total of Rental plus Network Charges and in the bill the rental appears broken down into the two components.

We hope that we were able to reduce the confusion regarding the bill. Please note that the above information was not provided by Dialog TV to us directly instead we arrived at the above conclusion after we got information provided by Dialog TV subscribers who have been able to get their bills explained to them by Dialog TV executives.

We have tried our best to accurately explain how the billing works and we apologize for any errors in this post. We suggest that you call Dialog TV and get them to explain how your bill was arrived at, please do not email them because we are getting information that they are not replying to emails.

If Dialog TV management wants to send us an accurate explanation of how their bills are structured we would be happy to post it on this blog.

We also hope that the programme guides for the month of April are ready and have been posted to the subscribers since if there is a delay like this month at Dialog TV then next months guide might get delayed furthered due to the long holidays in April.


Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

if you are watching the match through dishtv or tatsky switch to active sports when setmax holds the pre match interview. You'll see that CAM1 and CAm2 are active and is on at all times even including ads. You can get to know whats happening real time before mandira bedi announces it sometime later.

firi said...

In the super 8 stage there is only one match per day, unless one match get suspended due to rain. But yesterday even when there were two matches MAX & SAB both showed the SL V SA match in english & hindi.
I think it is a sensible idea if DTV can bring back VH1 instead of SAB since SAB shows the same match in Hindi. Also many of us are waiting for the launch of Ten Sports.

shamil said...


Jesika said...


See this Advertiesment !!

Free-man said...

You can still check your payment status from But it gives a small webpage.

Free-man said...

If DTV users have trouble calling the Dialog hotline for help, try 4606060. It's normally good - less waiting time.

D.L.R. said...


It exactly says DTV consists 13 Hindi crap channels.

We cant change the DTV's quality,
They r acting like deaf and dumbs.

I've decided not to write for the blog, asking DTV to do any improvement. It is wasting our time. I'm waiting for new commer to DTH industry.

TechnoGuy said...

People may be angry with Dialog, but Wikipedia is the last place you could write it. Why cant people use a blog like this to express anger.

Writing "Crap" all over the Dialog TV article is definitely not a gentleman's job, and is a disgrace to us Sri Lankans. Remember Wikipedia is a Encyclopedia, not a blog like this!

I suspect D.L.R for editing the article like that. And then he wrote about it in this blog. Sorry if it isn't you. Or maybe it was done by LBN fellows, since whoever it is has been kind enough to put a link to the LBN website.


If this happens again, I will track down the publisher using IP addresses and teach him a lesson. Nothing bad, but it will shut him up.

bank_dude said...

It's better DTV drop SAB and bring VH1 back.

Free-man said...

Technoguy - your sentiments are appreciated. Wikipedia is a respected , authorative place to get info. People should not dirty there.

DTV may have drawbacks. We must criticise constructively, if we want to improve it. We shouldn't go to low levels. (Remember the six months we were without CBN?)

bwick said...

Hi Technoguy

'If this happens again, I will track down the publisher using IP addresses and teach him a lesson. Nothing bad, but it will shut him up.

Really interested to know the method of tracking down an ip address. Say if you use SLTL adsl then you will be assigned a Dynamic IP (not static) and it would only be available for temporary, then it would assigned to another user who logs in next (like calling from public telephone booth). Although it is possible for service provider to detect, can any outsider track down it ?
Cheer Rob

Jughead said...

Technoguy, you are dead right.

wikipedia should not be abused.
i always refer it whenever i'm in need of reliable information pertaining to 'ANYTHING' & 'EVERYTHING'.

We Sri Lankans should respect the rights of all who refer it for acurate info.

Is it possible to over write the info provided in wikipedia? if so DTV should do it ASAP.

D.L.R. said...

Sorry for misunderstanding,

I do not want to edit any Encyclopedia.

But I always criticize DTV with proven evidence. But it seems that DTV is not care about this blog like CBNSat management done as earlier. As a customer I blogged here to expecting some improvement. (Mainly when I can’t reach the DTV customer care directly).

Mydear TechnoGuy , Sorry to say, you r misunderstanding my view. Check the Wikipedia ‘s history, You can see several people trying to edit it.

Remember again, I do not want to edit any encyclopedia. If any person says DTV is doing great job, either he is working for DTV or DO NOT KNOW ENYTHING ABOUT DTH.

Raki said...

unfortunately i am slowly tending to agree with d.l.r about the use of this blog. DTV do not seem to want to take the views expressed by ppl here as valid and/or serious! While i really pitty DTV mkting mgmt for such a foolish decision... if that stands to be the case... blogging here is a bit pointless! like pouring water on a ducks back!!

So, while i do realise that ADMIN is powerless to make DTV understand the value of the blog, may i urge that you try!!! Get them more involved and more open about DTV plans and what is going on in the inside... we as customers should be involved! If that is not the case and they dont want our views..... i for 1 will most deffinitely will forget DTV and go with any other DHT provider that has more value for their customer views

very upset with DTV's arrogent and baseless 'we r it' attitudes at this point!

Jughead said...

guys check out...
special promo on world cup.

More than the promo on the website i think DTV should concentrate on having exclusive promos for it's clientele whilst the matches are on.(Live)

That would definitely add value to the service

Looser said...

Why can't they give back VH1 now. No body in SL is watching the much in Hindi. And SAB is the worst channel in the DTV List.

Looser said...

Why can't they give back VH1 now. No body in SL is watching the much in Hindi. And SAB is the worst channel in the DTV List.

Jughead said...

Yeah, not worth having SAB during super 8 cos even if one match is carried forward to the next day it is shown on PIX.

so DTV, better if you guys either replace SAB with PIX (during the remainder of the world cup so we would not miss any matches) or with VH1 for good cos VH1 seems to have a larger audience than most would think.

Lycon said...

technoguy, wikipedia eka thoge ammage appage budaleda? Dan tho kiyana widiyatada api wada karanna one?

Ube WARNING ekata api hodatama baya wela inne, api dan wikipedia eka pattewath yanne na.. Ane apiwa
oya widiyata baya karanna epa hode....

Pako thooth hariyata katha karanne government eka buwek wage.Minissunta atta katha karanna ba un thrasthawadiyo
, nathnam pisso. Uba dtv eke wadakarata, puka dunnata apita ehema karanna kiyanna epa.

Api apita ona de karanawa puluwannam ip track karapan balanna. Uba hithagena ati tho pora kiyala neda,
ponna patiya issara wela balapan thota ala kolayak pirenna chu karanna puluwanda kiyala.

I'm really sorry my fellow blogers that I had to put a comment like the above.

Eath me wage parayinta wena kohoma katha karannada kiyala mama danne na. Please forgive.

AMD said...

Lycon, do u hav to use such foul language to express ur views ? Dont u know proper English ? Its people like u who dont have any respect for public views that have brought this country to the state it is in.

If u want to express ur views in such fowl sinhala crap, plese find some some other blog.

Lycon said...

Ane palayan amd, ay ubata ingrisi witharada therenne? Api ingirisi danne na... Samaweyan.

"Its people like u who dont have any respect for public views that have brought this country to the state it is in."

Yako marai, mama echchara deyak kala kiyala mama danne nane. Bohoma isthuti mathak kalata.

Mama issarawelath kiwwa trchnoguy wage parainta, wena katha karanna widiyak na.

TechnoGuy said...

@ Lycon
I respect and understand that everyone has an equal right to express their ideas and viewpoints. But there is a place for everything. If you keep writing "Crap" all over Wikipedia, its going to look very bad. Wikipedia should be a place of information. This blog is the rightful place of discussion

To all yet uneducated bloggers: Wikipedia is an Encyclopedia. Not a place to express personal thoughts, feelings, etc.

Anything written in an Encyclopedia should be written in a professional manner. Maybe you could explain about the Hindi TV problem in a proper manner. Do not advertise or put down in a low down manner. Show people that us Sri Lankans are not fools at English.

I can track down the fellow who wrote that "Crap" using the IP address. I have some hacking techniques. But I will only exercise it if it happens again. Please remember to express view in a professional manner.

@ D.L.R
Sorry that I suspected you. Must have been someone else.

Lycon said...

@ techno guy, uba kiyana eka deyak mama piligannawa, eaka thami hamadeyatama thanka thiyenawa kiyana eka, eath ubata deyak waradila,

Ea thami ingrisi bari un UNEDUCATED kiyala kiyana eka. Tho wage parayo ohoma hithana nisa thami sinhalayata uge rateth thanak natte.

Encyclopedia ekaka wadagath widiyata liyana eka hari thami namuth apita english show off karanna deyak naha. Mokada eaka ape bashawa newei eaka suddage. Ea nisa ube "Show people that us Sri Lankans are not fools at English" kiyana eken uba ube thiyena para gathiya ibema pennuwa.

Minihekta wadagath deyak wadagath widiyata Wikipedia ekata liyanna one kamak thibunath uba kiyana widiyata uuta liyanna ba hariyata english barinam?

Uba pudumakara buwek thami...

Waradiyata hari ea miniha eaka Wikipedia eke liwwata liyapu deya wadagath deyak nam kawuruwath lajja wenne mokatada? Api sinhalen deyak liyala ea deya waradiyata liwwanam api lajja wenna one mokada ea ape bashawa nisa.

Hodata mathaka thiyaganin English bari un uba kiyana widiyata "FOLLS" hari "UNEDUCATED" wath newei. Ube thiyena nuugath kama pennanna epa.

Anika IP ekak trace karana eka oana kenekuta karanna puluwan eakata one s.w thiyenawanam. Ea nisa uba pora wenna hadanna epa. Ube oya lada bolada wada walata ape LST wage un puken hinawei. Uba pora nam LST wage api wage duppath minissunta wadak ganna puluwan deyak karapan.

Mihitha said...

@ Lycoon

Machan Lycoon. Oyata therena widihatama kiwwoth Wikipedia kagewath budalayak nemei. Umbeth nemei, mageth nemei. Eth macho me blog eka chatar nokara kathakarapan. Methana Sinhalen Blog liyanna kisi awlak na.Ok. Eth hadichcha niyama sinhala minihek widiyata kathakaranna purudu weyan.
Wikipedia eken wadak ganna hama minihekma ekata adarei.

internet kiyana pamba gale hariyata deyak hoyaganna thiyenne wikipedia witharai. Eka nisa eka chatar karanna katawath aithiyak na. Ok. Technoguy kiyana widihata lankawe katawath static IP na. Eka attha. Eth ehema una kiyala umba katawth challenge karanna ona na. Umba hadichcha minihek nam hadichchakama pennapan.

Ok.Umbahari kawruhari wiki eka chatar karath eka hadannath minissu innawa. Umben illanne katahari wadagath deyak balaganna thiyana WIKI ekawath ithirukaraganna udaw karapan. EEta passe kathakaranna igena ganin.