Thursday, March 1, 2007

Interview with Mr. Ramesh Anthony, Sales Manager Dialog TV

Recently we interviewed Mr. Ramesh Anthony who is the Sales Manager of Dialog TV by email. The interview was facilitated by Dialog TV Subscribers Unite and Mr. Ramesh answered the questions on behalf of the management team of Dialog TV.

Admin : Dialog TV has secured exclusive rights for the ICC World Cup via SET Max. According to reports DD Sports have also secured rights for the event. Does this mean that other operators will be able to show it legally using DD Sports or do the exclusive rights prevent other operators in Sri Lanka from showing it?
Ramesh : Set max has the DTH and pay TV rights for world cup.Rupavahini has the terrestrial rights from Nimbus .Set max world cup exclusivity, is with Dialog TV.DD can only air in the Indian territory. Set max is closely looking at errant distributors. To rebroadcast, you need to get proper authority from the channel provider. You cannot plug in programs as and when you like. Dialog is strictly ethical in their business approach. We believe in providing quality content to our subscribers.

Admin : When will the EPG be activated on all channels giving detailed information of programmes at least for one week in advance? In January the current EPG was available in more channels than in this month (February). Why is there no consistency in the EPG?
Ramesh : This will be addressed soon. EPG will get activated fully from mid march. Even you will be able to see the local channel guide.

Admin : During rain there are interruptions to service although this has reduced to a great extent. Will steps be taken to reduce rain interruptions further? We know that it is not possible to eradicate it totally.
Ramesh : Yes, if you take 365 days as 100% air time. Only 1 day per year will get disrupted for rain which is marginal. Man made things have its limitations.

Admin : Studying comments on the blog there seem to be some billing problems. These billing problems are not new. Even previously before the shutdown there have been some problems in bills to certain customers. Are steps being taken to rectify the matter?
Ramesh : Yes.

Admin : Illegal DTH connections being brought from India and are being sold and we believe that they are making use of the market interest being generated by the Dialog TV promotional campaign. These connections are not only illegal but is dangerous for the consumer who is going to invest in them since they can face disconnection anytime. Will Dialog TV take any steps to educate the public on this and is any action being planned to stop these illegal connections being brought and sold in Sri Lanka?
Ramesh : Ethicality is the name of the game. Good practice harness good behavior. We will be the only DTH provider who carries national channels on our platfoam.Also when we add more value in terms of functionality and content these small timers will perish.

Admin : Will Dialog TV have a website which provides full control of their connections like ones provided by Dialog GSM and will WAP access be provided to this website?
Ramesh : We will add in more and more functionality.

Admin : Will interactive channels be added to Dialog TV like those provided by Dish Tv and Tata SKY and when is Dialog TV expected to launch channels belonging to the Star TV package and Ten Sports?
Ramesh : We are in dialog with most of the content providers. As mentioned before we will add value and delight customers but resent giving promises. Dialog will go where technology permits but with human touch.

Admin : There have been instances in which Dialog TV subscribers have requested for religious channels such as God TV. These requests we believe were happening even before the shutdown. Some subscribers are of the view that they should not be allowed but some others are requesting for them saying that those who do not want to view them can request Dialog to scramble the channel or even better unscramble the channel only to those who request for it. What is Dialog TV's point of view on the subject of religious channels?
Ramesh : Willing to consider your viewpoint.

Admin : What can we expect from Dialog TV in the future?
Ramesh : The Future .Today

According to Mr. Ramesh the ICC World Cup will be broadcast on the pay television platform only on Dialog TV in Sri Lanka. In addition the EPG will be fully functional by the middle of this month and not only for the international channels but also for the local channels which is undoubtedly good news for Dialog TV subscribers. It is also understood that Dialog is in talks with content providers and even though a time frame has not been mentioned regarding the launch of channels belonging to the Star package or Ten Sports, they have nevertheless promised to "add value and delight customers".

We like to thank Mr. Ramesh Anthony who represented the management team of Dialog TV for taking time to answer our questions and would also like to thank Dialog TV Subscribers Unite for facilitating this interview.


don said...

Some answers are in Kalus terms "KOHEDA YANNE MALLE POL",I think Mr.Herath MD of LBN has been straight forward and specific in his answers(Refer LBN blog).

This just looks like keeping the subscribers in suspense and passing the ball,Why cant this Mr.Anthony be direct and answer the questions on channels etc.

MANIL said...

Agree with don,He seems to be having a attitude problem or doesnt seem to know anything what DTV is going to do in future or DTV hasnt any plans at all for the future.

I dont think anyone can go far or sucseed with this attitude.

This is in real contrast to the interview given by shirantha Hearath owner of LBN,who seem to have real plans for the future.This guy doesnt know or doesnt want to answer the simple qestion like whether Star and Ten are comming on board.

Yuktiya said...

I agree with you all, recently concluded India Sri Cricket series were originally was on LBN. But multivision customers had the privilege to watch the matches through DD Sports. They would have not paid for it. Bottom line is some srilankans would have watched the match. Weather future today or not.

Mr. Manager Sales what we requesting from you is not the future, but the channels.
Be sporty man……

D.L.R. said...

I know one Surprise thing going to happen in DTV.
MArch program guide will receive us along with April bill.

wE R NOT CALLED IT "THE future today. IT IS history today

Raki said...

Admin : What can we expect from Dialog TV in the future?
Ramesh : The Future .Today

I think this interview given by Mr. Ramesh is an ABSOLUTE JOKE! This kind of garbage answers are good for people who do not know about DTV and what they offer… but for the kind of updated customers that comment on this blog… this interview is simply a farce and Ramesh should be down right ashamed of his effort to educate us on DTV’s plans!!!

Mr. Ramesh, next time… only waist our time… when u have some (or for that matter ANY) solid information to give us!!!!

D.L.R. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
D.L.R. said...

Admin :
If you can interview any responsible person from DTV it is better.Even DTV janitor can give this type of answers. If Ramesh request to delete his interview , do it. WE don't care.
For the people in this blog can get nothing from it.
We all know what's the meaning of "soon" of DTV.

Dear Ramesh: See LBN's MD interview.

banuka said...

There are four more channels in Zone Packege. It seems that zone europe is very good for family viwing. It only play new movies in europe. Does Any one know about this channel' is it possible to have it in new channel set.

bank_dude said...

aparade Admin ge welawa.... Api dannawa "Future today" kiyala.. ehenam TEN, STAR pack ada denna one.

shamil said...

Who is this guy realy?This cant be realy sales guy.This sounds somewhat a politician,as Don said Koheda yanne malle pol,Typical sri lankan,With this kind of talk you are not going to delight but dishearten who have already broght DTV and anyone who knows will not buy in future.

I dont think Mr.Hans Wijesuriya or Nushad Perera who are real markateers know what this mug has told the blog.

Free-man said...

We will give some time for DTV and Mr. Anthony to deliver the goods before we criticize. We must have constructive criticism so that they will like to listen to blog users. When you do an e-mail interview, you can't expect real-life asnwers. CBN Subs. Unite will have to do a phone-in interview to clarify further.

Anae said...

Dialog is a professional company with the best service around the country. They will do their best to make Dialog TV the best. They have the good facilities and good people.

Mr. Ramesh is probably new to te business. Dialog would have chosen him to fit their plans. Remeber, an less experienced person is sometimes better than a professional:-
> Does not know to lie well
> Can keep secrets inside without showing a hint
> Do not have outside relations with people like Hulla

Maybe we should give him a chance. Sales Manager is mostly only there to talk. The work is done by chairpeople and engineering teams.

@ Bank Dude
Be patient. Star and other channels will be coming soon. Don't push Dialog or you may get a low quality high quantity service. Let Dialog improve current channels before going further.

@ banuka
Complete Zone package:-

> Zone Reality
> Zone Fantasy
> Zone Romantica
> Zone Europa
> Zone Club
> Zone Horror
> Zone Thriller

Only Zone Reality is available in Asia. Other channels are good but only avaiable in Europe. May come to Asia soon if there is a good market.

@ Manil
Somehow Mr. Herath sounds too promising. I have a feeling that what he promised may not come very soon. But its just in my mind. Herath is probably a good planner for the future.


Also, I have observed that LBN bloggers talk 40% about LBN itself and 60% in comparison of DTV and LBN. That's not the way DTV bloggers are. DTV blog contains 80% DTV itself and rarely criticises the competition. LBN seems to spend all their time comparing and criticising DTV. Why can't they just harp on their own benefits without troubling others?

I you don't believe me, go to thier blog and see. I personally believe that DTV bloggers should keep away from the LBN blog to avoid trouble. I don't much like the sound of those bloggers. They could cause worse trouble than Jesiika USED TO.

Anyway, best of luck to DTV and Mr Ramesh.

PS: Not many new customers are going to see this interview here. Few non-customers come here anyway.

don said...

This is not a scenario of delivering,The admin merely asked some questions realting to their future plans,And this Anthony guy is giving the answers of a politician and that also someone like sripathi sooriyarachchie or mervyn silva,And its a joke that these comments are comming from a Sales Manager of DTV which is owned buy the top branded company in the country.

The call centre guys who doent know a shit,gives better answers than this.This is where Muhunthan had a vision and a briliant plan,Its a pity someone who doesnt seem to know a damn about DTH or the content providers is trying to mislead the subscribers with "the future today" what a shame for Dialog Mobile.

Sudhar said...

I really regret to put this comment on DTV blog but anae comments made me write this comment. Anae’s comments about LBN blog talking about DTV is not correct, as a customer each Bolger wants a better service from the provider that’s what LBN blogers doing all the time but some people started marketing about some other service lead to few unwanted posts.
I don’t know who Anae is but I felt few marketing trends on Anae’s comments. More on management side (the comments posted on LBN and Comet by Anae).I want to know what connection "Anae" has?
I really request, kindly speak from customers point of view. After all we are paying money for subscriptions we have the right to expect good content on the TV. Speak for the customers.

Priyantha De Silva said...

Warm Up Matches
Date Group WA
Trelawny, Jamaica Group WB
St. Vincent Group WC
Trinidad & Tobago Group WD
Mon 05 Mar West Indies
Kenya England
Bermuda South Africa
Ireland Sri Lanka
Tue 06 Mar India
The Netherlands Australia
Zimbabwe Pakistan
Canada New Zealand
Thu 08 Mar Kenya
The Netherlands Zimbabwe
Bermuda Ireland
Canada Scotland
Fri 09 Mar India
West Indies Australia
England Pakistan
South Africa New Zealand
Sri Lanka
Opening Ceremony
Date Activity
Group Stage
Date Group A
St. Kitts & Nevis Group B
Trinidad & Tobago Group C
Saint Lucia Group D
Tue 13 Mar Rest Rest Rest West Indies
Wed 14 Mar Australia
Scotland Rest Kenya
Canada Rest
Thu 15 Mar Rest Sri Lanka
Bermuda Rest Zimbabwe
Fri 16 Mar South Africa
The Netherlands Rest England
New Zealand Rest
Sat 17 Mar Rest India
Bangladesh Rest Pakistan
Sun 18 Mar Australia
The Netherlands Rest England
Canada Rest
Mon 19 Mar Rest India
Bermuda Rest West Indies
Tue 20 Mar South Africa
Scotland Rest New Zealand
Kenya Rest
Wed 21 Mar Rest Sri Lanka
Bangladesh Rest Zimbabwe
Thu 22 Mar Scotland
The Netherlands Rest New Zealand
Canada Rest
Fri 23 Mar Rest India
Sri Lanka Rest West Indies
Sat 24 Mar Australia
South Africa Rest England
Kenya Rest
Sun 25 Mar Rest Bermuda
Bangladesh Rest Rest
Second Stage - Super Eight
Date Group A
Antigua & Barbuda Group B
Grenada Group C
Guyana Group D
Tue 27 Mar D2 vs A1 Rest
Wed 28 Mar Rest A2 vs B1
Thu 29 Mar D2 vs C1 Rest
Fri 30 Mar Rest D1 vs C2
Sat 31 Mar A1 vs B2 Rest
Sun 01 Apr Rest D2 vs B1
Mon 02 Apr B2 vs C1 Rest
Tue 03 Apr Rest D1 vs A2
Wed 04 Apr C2 vs B1 Rest
Sat 07 Apr Rest B2 vs A2
Sun 08 Apr A1 vs C2 Rest
Mon 09 Apr Rest D1 vs C1
Tue 10 Apr D2 vs A2
Wed 11 Apr Rest C2 vs B2
Thu 12 Apr B1 vs C1 Rest
Fri 13 Apr Rest A1 vs D1
Sat 14 Apr A2 vs C1 Rest
Sun 15 Apr Rest B2 vs D1
Mon 16 Apr A1 vs B1 Rest
Tue 17 Apr Rest A2 vs C2
Wed 18 Apr D1 vs B1 Rest
Thu 19 Apr Rest D2 vs B2
Fri 20 Apr A1 vs C1 Rest
Sat 21 Apr Rest D2 vs C2
Semi - Final Round
Date Semi Final 1
Jamaica Semi Final 2
Saint Lucia
Tue 24 Apr 2nd vs 3rd
Wed 25 Apr 1st vs 4th
Date Barbados
Sat 28 Apr Final

cuteguy said...




bank_dude said...

To Anae

I'm always cool but I don't like when people are trying to shit on our heads. Because of us Dialog able to become a market leader in DTH as well, because of us they had the interest to CBN and because of us they became DTV. They should learn that they should not shit on their loyal initial customers.

Jesika said...

Hi Guys !
Its better to contact someone in the DTV.
We can discuss the bloggers views and problems

Thanks Admin

Vishkid said...

Anae - this is blog for subscribers. Not for DTV management. The interview carries management perspective, the blog carries the subscriber perspective.

DO NOT ever try to undermine that fact. I agree there are unreasonable demands and reasonable demands. A professional would see through all demands and identify what is marketable and what is profitable.

We WILL keep making demands and pointing failures as long as we feel something is lacking. DTV is excellent currently in terms of (most channels) pic quality and content. But there is room for improvement on the other factors and we must pressure DTV to achieve that.

For once I agree with Free_Man that no proper all-rounded answer could be had from an email interview. There is no way to clear ambiguity in such an interview.

So next time the subscribers unite would do well to get a phone i'view if possible!


bwick said...

Sorry, this is not on the topic. Can someone advise us how to connect 2 x UHF antenna's (points to 2 different directions)with minimum signal loss. Need to combine 2 feeds before giving inputting it to UHF/VHF booster.

Thanks Rob

bank_dude said...


Connect one UHF output wire to other antenna. Connect both wires together, bring down one wire to the booster. Don't expect that signal will improve by installing two UHF antennas.

bwick said...

Bank Dude, In some areas you cannot get all UHF channels clearly if single directional antenna is used. But if you use 2 antenna's point to different directions, you will be able to get most of the channels clearly. My question is how to mix them without any signal losses. One cannot achieve disired outcome by connecting 2 wires together as suggested by you. There are mixers/combiners to mix UHF/VHF signal, similarly I am looking for device which can mix 2 x UHF inputs.
Cheers Rob

DTV TEAM said...

DTV have partnered with Standard Chartered Bank & Nations Trust Bank(AMEX).
more info:

bank_dude said...

Rob I agree with you. You need two antennas to watch all the UHF channels. I'm also using two antennas. But I didn't find any mixer/combiner to mix 2 UHF inputs. But connected antennas as I described above achieved a minimum signal loss. Further you need to install these 2 antennas more than 60 degree of angel. Otherwise signal drops heavily.

Priyantha De Silva said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Priyantha De Silva said...

Here is the DISH TV Channel list.
We Don't know howmany channels & When these channels are going to add to the DTV list.
keep these list saved in your PC.& look , how the Future comes today.

01) A&E 118 
02) ABC Family 180 
03) AMC 130 
04) Angel One 262 
05) Animal Planet 184 
06) BBC America 135 
07) Beauty & Fashion Channel 225 
08) BET 124 
09) Biography Channel, The 119 
10) Bloomberg Television 203 
11) Boomerang 175 
12) Bravo 129 
13) BYUTV 9403 
14) Cartoon Network 176 
15) CCTV-91 265 
16) CCTV-E&F1 884 
17) Classic Arts Showcase2 9406 
18) CMT 166 
19) CNBC 208 
20) CNBC World 207 
21) CNN 200 
22) CNN Headline News 202 
23) CoLours TV 9407 
24) Comedy Central 107 
25) C-SPAN 210 
26) C-SPAN2 212 
27) CSTV 152 
28) Daystar 263 
29) Discovery Channel 182 
30) Discovery Health 189 
31) Discovery Home 194 
32) Discovery Kids 179 
33) Discovery Times 192 
34) Disney Channel (East) 172 
35) Disney Channel (West) 173 
36) DIY 111 
37) Documentary Channel 197 
38) E! Entertainment Television 114 
39) Encore (West) 341 
40) Encore Action 343 
41) Encore Drama 345 
42) Encore Love 346 
43) Encore Mystery 344 
44) Encore Wam 347 
45) Encore Westerns 342 
46) ESPN 140 
47) ESPN2 144 
48) ESPN Classic 143 
49) ESPNEWS 142 
50) ESPNU 148 
51) EWTN 261 
52) Fine Living 113 
53) Florida Education Channel2 9418 
54) Food Network 110 
55) Fox Movie Channel 133 
56) FOX News Channel 205 
57) Fox Reality 190 
58) Fox Soccer 149 
59) Free Speech TV 9415 
60) Fuse 158 
61) FX 137 
62) G4 191 
63) Galavisión 273 
64) GolTV 407 
65) Golf Channel, The 401 
66) Good Samaritan Network2 9416 
67) Great American Country (GAC) 167 
68) GSN 116 
69) Hallmark Channel 185 
70) Hallmark Movie Channel 187 
71) Healthy Living Channel 223 
72) HGTV 112 
73) History Channel, The 120 
74) History International 121 
75) HITN 843 
76) HorseRacing TV 404 
77) HSN 84/222 
78) iDrive TV 221 
79) IMF: The International Music Feed 157 
80) Independent Film Channel (IFC) 131 
81) ION 181 
82) iShop 229 
83) Jewelry Television 227 
84) KBS World1 9850 
85) Kid Tunes (Audio only) 976 
86) Lifetime 108 
87) Lifetime Movie Network 109 
88) LIME 264 
89) LinkTV 9410 
90) Men’s Channel, The 219 
91) Men's Outdoor and Recreation 218 
92) Military Channel 195 
93) MSNBC 209 
94) MTV 160 
95) MTV2 161 
96) mun2 838 
97) NASA 213 
98) National Geographic Channel 186 
99) NFL Network 154 
100) Nickelodeon Games & Sports 177 
101) Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite (East) 170 
102) Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite (West) 171 
103) Nicktoons Network 178 
104) NOGGIN/The N 169 
105) Outdoor Channel, The 153 
106) Oxygen 127 
107) Pentagon Channel, The2 9405 
108) QVC 226 
109) ReelzChannel 299 
110) ResearchChannel 9400 
111) Resort & Residence Channel 216 
112) RFD-TV 9409 
113) SCI FI Channel 122 
114) Science Channel, The 193 
115) ShopNBC 228 
116) Sí TV 159 
117) Sleuth 198 
118) SOAPnet 188 
119) SPEED 150 
120) Spike TV 168 
121) SportSouth3 437 
122) Style 115 
123) TBN 260 
124) TBS 139 
125) TeleFutura (East)4 271 
126) TeleFutura (West)4 272 
127) Tennis Channel, The 400 
128) The Movie Channel (West) 329 
129) The Movie Channel xtra (West) 330 
130) TLC 183 
131) TNT 138 
132) Toon Disney 174 
133) Travel Channel 215 
134) Turner Classic Movies 132 
135) TV Guide Channel 102 
136) TV Land 106 
137) HBO (East) 300
138) HBO (West) 303
139) HBO2 (East) 301
140) HBO2 (West) 304
141) HBO Comedy 307
142) HBO Family 305
143) HBO Latino 309
144) HBO Signature 302
145) HBO HD** 9456
146) STARZ
147) Starz InBlack 355
148) Encore (East) 340
149) Starz (East) 350
150) Starz (West) 351
151) Starz Cinema (East) 353
152) Starz Comedy 354
153) Starz Kids & Family 356
154) Starz Edge 352
155) Starz HDTV** 9435
157) Cinemax (East) 310
158) Cinemax (West) 311
160) FLIX 333
161) The Movie Channel (East) 327
162) The Movie Channel xtra (East) 328
163) Showtime Too 320
164) Showtime (East) 318
165) Showtime (West) 319
166) Showtime Beyond 323
167) Showtime Extreme 322
168) Showtime Showcase 321
169) Sundance Channel 332
170) Showtime HD** 9460
171) TVG 405 
172) University House 9411 
173) University of California TV 9412 
174) University of Washington TV 9404 
175) Univision (East) 827 
176) Univision (West) 828 
177) USA Network 105 
178) Versus 151 
179) VH1 162 
180) VH1 Classic 163 
181) Water Channel, The 217 
182) WE: Women's Entertainment 128 
183) Weather Channel, The 214 
184) WGN 239 

Raki said...

damn... i didnt know dish had soo many channels... regardless.... to me most of them seem useless channels that i will get tired of in a few days. I dont expect DTV to match these channels.... but i do expect them to provide us with some "QUALITY Entertainment" through channels like, Star network, Ten, HBO network etc.,

How long this takes is the question.

@ Anae
man, whats with the DTV sales pitch? the rest of the guys r right, DTV is only as good as its loyal customers!!! Btw, since we are now paying as well, i believe they have no right to ask for time to improve things.... if i am paying, i want them to get their act together! (updated EPG, clear channels, steady addition of good new channels, accurate billing etc.,)

btw, kalu has been quiet these few days :)

Ishan said...

Priyantha De Silva - From where did you get this channel list?

Must be American Dish TV and not Dish TV India.

Do we have any chance to get any of those channels? Most of us want to have some European channels other than Indian but do we have a chance?

Waruna said...

Nice to know that DialogTv can Deliver 'Future Today'. But, their 'DialogTv Programme Guide for This Month' is still having the guide for February. Isn't "Past Today" more appropriate ? :-)

Anae said...

I do not work at Dialog. I am just a customer. Anyway I will just shut up about what I said before.

@ Priyantha
The package you listed is DirecTV America. Where did you get it from?

@ Ishan
Some of the channels in America are already available in Asia. Really hope that more will find a good market here and launch Asian channels.

cuteguy said...





Lightning_Struck_Tower said...


You may be referring to Dish Network (not Dishtv india) Dish india doesnt have half the good channels mentioned in your list. It's 140 Hindi and 50 premium (75% crap and 25% good). Dish india is nothing like your list.

Harish said...

@ Lightning_Struck_Tower & Ishan:
u all can get this channel details from this side:


Satnet Dish:

tks...stay tune.

Harish said...

Hi Guys, As per DTV TEAM, we can get the SET MAX channel within this week.

Priyantha De Silva said...

Comet Cable gives Excel worksheet of Channel listing, then go to get schedules for Comet Web.
And go to other webs such as BBC, CNN, Zee Studio, Zee Cinema Etc, & get the schedules . Then , on the menu bar of the sheet of Excel select Insert & Worksheet,
Paste each of copying channel listings from the each Webs, & rename .

That’s the answer to whom those wants the EPG update, now.

So you can keep the only one Icon on your desktop to see all the channel listing till we get EPG.

Priyantha De Silva said...

The future , Today,
dish TV channels U can get from


It seems SatNet goes with Dish Tv India, Then Why can't DTV get the hand with Tata Sky, That will not cost so much money, then add more English channels after that than Tata Sky.

If, the Future is today, it doesn't importent the channels are from America, India or singapore.
But we've thought using the Worldcup era, DTV develop morethan that, But same as the 1st of Junuary except the Chennel Eye.

Is this the way the future comes today ?
( With yesterday [Feb] schedules with the DTV web, How far you go to the future)

As some developed countries,
we need more work than words,
It's very easy to put words than doing,But only the great people Did!

cuteguy said...

Hey Guys,
Will someone please tell when the DTV is going to start showing SET Max?
Are they gonna show it from 13th march which, the days starting day of the world cup.

Someone please comment.


Jesika said...

You had to ask about Sirasa, ETV ArtTv..etc. Are the comming onboard or not

cuteguy said...

When are we getting the program for this month? next month i guess...

Why is this blog so quiet after a long time. Any problem? Maybe those guys must have observed sill.


Priyantha De Silva said...

Also, Keep these saved.

Further details and updates of the process will be announced in due course.

ICC Events 2007 – 2015
2007 Cricket World Cup March/April West Indies*

Twenty20 World Championship
South Africa

U/19 Cricket World Cup February Malaysia

ChampionsTrophy September Pakistan

2009 Women’s Cricket World Cup March Australia

ICC Trophy April UAE

Twenty20 World Championship June England

2010 U/19 Cricket World Cup February

Champions Trophy March/April West Indies
World Cricket League TBC The Netherlands

2011 Cricket World Cup February/March Bangladesh/India/
Pakistan/Sri Lanka

2012 U/19 Cricket World Cup July Canada

Champions Trophy/ September
Sri Lanka

Twenty20 World Championship

2013 Women’s Cricket World Cup February

Champions Trophy/ TBC TBC

Twenty20 World Championship

2014 Champions Trophy/ April Bangladesh

Twenty20 World Championship

U/19 Cricket World Cup February/March

World Cricket League TBC TBC

2015 Cricket World Cup February/March Australia/
New Zealand

* broadcast and sponsorship rights for this event owned by Global Cricket Corporation

Priyantha De Silva said...

This information U can get from


SET to telecast World Cup

NEW DELHI: The Sony Entertainment Television network will telecast the World Cup cricket tournament in the West Indies beginning on March 13. The telecast will be across SET's three channels, MAX, SAB and PIX.

The schedule: Group matches: March 13: West Indies vs. Pakistan (MAX); March 14: Australia vs. Scotland (MAX), Kenya vs. Canada (SAB); March 15: Sri Lanka vs. Bermuda (MAX), Zimbabwe vs. Ireland (SAB); March 16: England vs. New Zealand (MAX), South Africa vs. The Netherlands (SAB); March 17: India vs. Bangladesh (MAX and SAB), Pakistan vs. Ireland (PIX); March 18: Australia vs. The Netherlands (MAX), England vs. Canada (SAB); March 19: India vs. Bermuda (MAX and SAB), West Indies vs. Zimbabwe (PIX); March 20: New Zealand vs. Kenya (MAX), South Africa vs. Scotland (SAB); March 21: Sri Lanka vs. Bangladesh (MAX), Zimbabwe vs. Pakistan (SAB); March 22: New Zealand vs. Canada (MAX), Scotland vs. The Netherlands (SAB); March 23: India vs. Sri Lanka (MAX and SAB), West Indies vs. Ireland (PIX); March 24: Australia vs. South Africa (MAX), England vs. Kenya (SAB); March 25: Bermuda vs. Bangladesh (MAX).

Second stage: Super Eight series (expected pairings, all matches on MAX and SAB): March 27 to April 21: West Indies vs. Australia; March 28: South Africa vs. Sri Lanka; March 29: West Indies vs. New Zealand; March 30: Pakistan vs. England; March 31: Australia vs. India;

April 1: West Indies vs. Sri Lanka; April 2: India vs. New Zealand; April 3: Pakistan vs. South Africa; April 4: England vs. Sri Lanka; April 7: India vs. South Africa; April 8: Australia vs. England; April 9: Pakistan vs. New Zealand; April 10: West Indies vs. South Africa; April 11: England vs. India; April 12: Sri Lanka vs. New Zealand; April 13: Australia vs. Pakistan; April 14: South Africa vs. New Zealand; April 15: India vs. Pakistan; April 16: Australia vs. Sri Lanka; April 17: South Africa vs. England; April 18: Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka; April 19: West Indies vs. India; April 20: Australia vs. New Zealand; April 21: West Indies vs. England.

Semifinals (on MAX and SAB): April 24 and 25.

Final (on MAX and SAB): April 28.

(Timings for the telecast have not been announced)

That seems warmup matches will not be telecast.

Waruna said...

Have you guys noticed that most of the good 'Cartoon Network' programmes are NOT in ENGLISH now. I don't know about you guys but, I bought CbnSat because I was tired of dubbed & subtitled crap shown on local Tv. Today's scooby Doo, Yesterday's Popeye movie; all in tamil. After trying for 2 days spoke to Customer Care this morning (finally). They said that's because we're getting the indian feed. Have the principals taken the English out or is it a local fault.

Can someone

Priyantha De Silva said...
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Priyantha De Silva said...

Are you still observe Sill ?

Anyone who wants to know about Cricket World Cup 2007,
Should go to the site of


TV Broadcasters

Africa: SABC

Asia: SET Max, Doordarshan, Sri Lanka Rupavahini, Bangladesh TV

Caribbean: Caribbean Media Corporation

Europe: ARY Digital, Fox Sports International

Middle East: Fox Sports International

New-Zealand: Sky New Zealand

Pacific Islands: Fiji TV

UK & Ireland: BskyB, BBC (highlights)

USA: DirecTV and EchoStar

& To know everything about the cricketers, countries, Schedules & Venues,History, Tickets, Worldrecords, Teams Etc.

cuteguy said...

Hey Priyantha de Silva,

Do you know when the Dialog TV is gonna start showing SET Max? Is it gonna be on the 13th. Aren't they gonna show the warm up matches? Are they gonna show the opening ceromony on the 11th.

Priyantha or anyother well wisher please comment


Sasanka Karunarathne

don said...

Setmax will be on air by Friday.There is no feed on the warm up matches.

Priyantha- You just cant get TATA sky on DTV platform.They are in two differant sattelites and further you cant show all the channels in the TATA sky paltform if anyone takes the agency here as there are restrictions,royalties and limitations.

Further,what SATnet is showing is the direct dish feed from India and they have no control and uplink ffrom here.Further they have only a limited number of channel(shittest selection)and charge 1400/- pm and payble quaterly.

please visit and see the shitload you get.

cuteguy said...

Thank you very much for the information, don. U gotta be a genius. Or do you work in the DTV ?

How do u know such information like when setMax will be on air, and things like that.

Anyway, I know an agent from a company called STAR TV LANKA. Is it also that Star TV and Dish TV which people have mentioned about?

These companies arent ilegal ones. are they?


Sasanka Karunarathne

don said...

star TV Lanka and SATnet are the same.They are the authorized agents in SL for dish.But non of the good channels offered by the orginal provider is not in their lineup,and other than ESPN and Star there is basically nothing to watch in satnet AND THE OWNER OF THIS COMPANY IS L.Huluballa,WHO WAS ONE OF THE FIGURES BEHIND THE CLOSURE OF THE THEN CBNSAT

Harish said...

I received the guide for the month of March. I hope you all receive the guides within the week. They printed like a TV book guide

Priyantha De Silva said...

Don- You're doing a great job.Don,Well Done!

It’s sad news for DTV 500/= customers.
They can’t watch the “Set Max” Channel.
It’s better if they can watch the Set Max as
Other paid subscribers.


Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Saw some newspaper advertisements of DialogTV featuring SetMAX logo and WC2007. Good to see that they are marketing.

But I think their television ad should be replaced. (the one with the girl with two televisions for eyes)
CBNsat tv ads were way better.

kula said...

Did u c the HIT Add "Sunday Times" they openly publish the world cup coverage through dish TV. They seems to have connection with SATNET (Shit net)as well. They act as an authorised dealers for Dish TV.

This is a threat to dialog exclusive rights. I am sure that they have Hulla's backing for this.

MANIL said...

KULA - Huluballa is doing this and he is behind the scene,Telecave is an agent of SATnet and they are promoting this to HIT DTV.I think they will take action against TELECAVE through Dish TV and the Channel providers,This is a big violation of the law and a illegal practice.

don said...

I called this TELECAVE guy and he is offering the Dish Maxi package at 24,000/- (6 months rental free) and thereafter 1200/- + VAT (i wonder why they chrge vat) and he says that the distribution is totaly legal,But when you inquire from SATnet they confirm that Telecave is an authorozed dealer,but that they are not aware of the package offerd by Telecave (How strange).

They give one year guarantee on the equipment and backup support.

The telecave number is - 2360820/4515798/0777634136.

SATNET - 2596800.

bank_dude said...

Kalu moko machan me dawas wala sadda naththe ??? Aluth news mukuth nedda ?

cuteguy said...

To be precise, the experienced guys arent bogging these days as much. I dunno why...

Today I saw that for HBO the complete EPG was there. For HBO Signature it was coming and going. I dunno why. MAybe they were testing. The SET channel is considerably better than earlier I think. The freazing problem wasn't occuring regularly.

WEll, I didnt get the programme for this month. Even in the web site the 1 for the February is there.

I also saw that thing from the Satnet. MAybe they also might have got the rights. Maybe Dialog TV hadnt got the Exclusive rights. Or wat ever....

Someone plz comment....



Looser said...

Yesterday Zone reality had some blackouts and one of the movie channels also had some kind of freezing (can't remember the channel)

On Zone they advertise DSTV. Can someone tell me about it. As per their website it's an African DTH but and available in India???

Priyantha De Silva said...
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Priyantha De Silva said...
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Priyantha De Silva said...
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Anae said...


Regarding Lanka Internet Shut Down.

Anae said...

@ Cuteguy
EPG is mst likely being tested out. Also SATnet's advertising is ALL LIES. Don't beleive anything they say. They talk about having SET Max on Dish TV. But their version of Dish Maxi (or actually Mini) probably does not even have it.

They first said they are Sri Lanka's first DTH provider. WRONG. Dish TV is an Indian company, not Sri Lankan! Didn't notice yet, Hulla?

They said they have the entire Dish TV Maxi package. WRONG. They only serve about half the total channels. Most of them are fully Hindi ones.

They say that they have exclusive rights to broadcast SET Max in Sri Lanka. WRONG. They have not realized that those rights are for India, along with Tata Sky and Doordarshan. Also Dialog will find some way to set fire to the oil Hulla spill. The trail will lead back to him, especially if he uses dirty advertising methods.

@ Looser
DSTV is an African servce and maybe having coverage over India and Sri Lanka. Chakc LyngSat info. But I doubt they will sell packages to Asia. Also, some channels may be in African languages. More difficult to understand Swahili than Hindi!

Also see
Regarding Lanka Internet Shut Down.

Priyantha De Silva said...
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Priyantha De Silva said...

Scotland v Sri Lanka
World Cup Warm Up Match

Scotland need 268 more runs to win.

Scotland innings
Batsman Runs Balls 4s 6s
DF Watts lbw b Vaas 13 14 - -
RM Haq b Vaas 14 16 - -
NS Poonia lbw b Malinga 0 - - -
Extras 0b 0lb 0w 0nb 0
TOTAL: 3 wkts , 5 overs 27
Fall of wickets: 1-32 (32 Watts, - mins), 2-35 (3 Poonia, - mins), 3-41 (6 Haq, 0 mins)
To bat: R R Watson, G M Hamilton, N F I McCallum, D R Brown, C J O Smith, C M Wright, G A Rogers, J A R Blain, P J C Hoffmann, J D Nel
Bowler O M R W
W P U J C Vaas 3 0 11 2
S L Malinga 2 0 3 1

Sri Lanka innings
Batsman Runs Balls 4s 6s
ST Jayasuriya c Wright b Brown 77 62 4 -
WU Tharanga c Poonia b Blain 70 114 4 -
DPMD Jayawardene st C J O Smith b Rogers 8 11 - -
KC Sangakkara c Wright b Brown 81 87 2 -
LPC Silva c C J O Smith b Blain 1 5 - -
TM Dilshan c McCallum b Haq 6 6 - -
MF Maharoof b Hoffmann 28 14 2 2
RP Arnold not out 3 4 - -
WPUJC Vaas not out 1 1 - -
Extras 2b 8lb 6w 3nb 19

TOTAL: 7 wkts , 50 overs
(overs completed) 294

Fall of wickets: 1-117 (117 Jayasuriya, - mins), 2-129 (12 D P M D Jayawardene, - mins), 3-203 (74 Tharanga, 0 mins), 4-204 (1 L P C Silva, - mins), 7-292 (88 Sangakkara, - mins)
Did not bat: M Muralitharan, C R D Fernando, S L Malinga
Bowler O M R W
P J C Hoffmann 10 1 41 1
J A R Blain 9 1 51 2
J D Nel 4 0 34 0
C M Wright 1 0 20 0
D R Brown 8 0 52 2
G A Rogers 10 0 45 1
R M Haq 8 0 41 1
Sri Lanka won the toss and decided to bat

Umpires: I L Howell, S J A Taufel

D F Watts , R M Haq , N S Poonia , R R Watson , G M Hamilton , N F I McCallum , D R Brown , C J O Smith (wkt) , C M Wright (capt) , G A Rogers , J A R Blain P J C Hoffmann , J D Nel ,

Sri Lanka:
W U Tharanga , S T Jayasuriya , D P M D Jayawardene (capt) , K C Sangakkara (wkt) , T M Dilshan , L P C Silva , M F Maharoof , R P Arnold , W P U J C Vaas , M Muralitharan , C R D Fernando S L Malinga ,

Priyantha De Silva said...

Scotland v Sri Lanka
World Cup Warm Up Match

End of match.

Scotland innings
Batsman Runs Balls 4s 6s
DF Watts lbw b Vaas 13 24 - -
RM Haq b Vaas 14 35 - -
NS Poonia lbw b Malinga 0 2 - -
RR Watson c Arnold b Maharoof 17 29 - -
GM Hamilton c Sub b Jayasuriya 25 51 - -
NFI McCallum c Sub b Muralitharan 13 20 - -
DR Brown c L P C Silva b Jayasuriya 4 7 - -
CJO Smith c & b Dilshan 19 - - -
CM Wright not out 3 7 - -
JAR Blain c Sangakkara b Fernando 0 - - -
GA Rogers c Dilshan b Sub 1 - - -
Extras 0b 2lb 8w 3nb 13

TOTAL: all out , 37 overs 122
Fall of wickets: 1-33 (33 Watts, - mins), 2-35 (2 Poonia, - mins), 3-41 (6 Haq, 0 mins), 4-67 (26 Watson, - mins), 5-98 (31 McCallum, - mins), 6-102 (4 Hamilton, 0 mins), 7-108 (6 Brown, - mins), 9-130 (22 C J O Smith, - mins), 9-132 (2 Blain, - mins)

Did not bat: P J C Hoffmann, J D Nel

Bowler O M R W
W P U J C Vaas 6 0 23 2
S L Malinga 5 0 13 1
M F Maharoof 6 0 17 1
C R D Fernando 6 1 23 1
M Muralitharan 8 0 24 1
S T Jayasuriya 2 0 7 2
T M Dilshan 4 0 17 2

shamil said...

The thing is DISH TV original package contains SETMAX and hulla has been unable to secure the channel on the package he gives through DISH as DTV has secured the exclusive rights.

Now they have resorted to plan B through one of his dealers TELECAVE,who are selling the entire MAXI package with the backing of Huluballa or SATnet to halt the progress of DTV.There is no legal validity in the package sold by TELECAVE as some other operator holds the rights for certain channels in SL,and it is imminent that DTV will take up this matter legaly with the channel providers and the Dish TV people in India.

hush said...

The signal level of TP1 and 2 are at 76% and quality at 57% from early morning hours till about 8pm and then the signal level in TP1 drops down to 73% and quality 43% and TP2 been signal at 74% and quality 50% and continues to remain so till wee hours of the morning and has been the case for the past 2 weeks.

most pressing concern is that signal and quality level comes down significantly during prime time belt of 8pm to 11pm.

also espn signal level has drastically come down , although TV remote volume increase fixs the problem there is a sound blast when changing channels and especially so in the immediate neighbouring channels AXN and Star which has a high volume infeed. this also has been the case with ESPN for the past couple of days.

hope this is a temporary issue that will be looked into by DTV.

Raki said...

Agreed about the 'Cartoon Network' issue man. Most of the good cartoons and movies are in hindi and it's soo frustraiting!!!!! I REALLY HOPE this is a mistake DTV have not sorted yet and they get the english feed going very soon.

also agreed about ESPN volume man! DTV really need to do something about the low volume in ESPN!!! every time i switch channels... i need to adjust down the tv volume so that my neighbours dont screem at me.... this is really annoying and this volume issue has been there for a while!!!!

yesterday i noticed quite a few channels were semi-freezing up on me (Travel & living, zone reality, axn, set) and this was such a prob trying to watch a programe properly... hope this is fixed soon.

also, pls do something about the ESPN volume issue and 'Cartoon Network' language feed ppl....these things are really annoying. for a guy who has the premium package like me, 1600 is alto to pay for a month.... but i do it cuz i want GOOD QUALITY entertainment and svc. But, i personally feel that you guys are promissing alot... but i dont see any quality being delivered to the customer so far...add to this billing issues, wrong & no EPG, un-educated customer svc is not making things better. i am not at all impressed DTV!!! Hope you guys get things together soon!

cuteguy said...

The freezing problem on SET in occurring regularly now. Some times it says no signal or searching channel or something like that. I dunno why..

When will be the SONY SET Max be on air? Will it be replaced by the DialogTV demo channel. ACtually, that demo channel is not needed because the subscribers already know about the channel and things like dat. I think the demo channel is really useless.

When the DTV is gonna give SONY Max, will the freezing problem also be occuring? If so we will be able to watch a freezing world cup or we will have to watch it from channel eye or what ever....
Hope this prob wont prevail in SONY Max...

Someone please comment....