Monday, February 26, 2007

Why not to drop channels, World Cup & SET Max

The February 21st announcement of Dialog TV becoming the exclusive broadcaster of the World Cup cricket was followed a few days later by DD Sports being given permission to broadcast the tournament. Therefore whether the tournament will remain to be exclusive to Dialog TV or not is yet to be seen.

Please read "Will the Dialog TV broadcast of the ICC World Cup really be exclusive" for more on this subject.

We are also getting information that SET Max will be a permanent addition to the Dialog TV lineup and will continue to be available along with the present Sony Channel.

There are certain requests being made by some subscribers asking Dialog TV to remove channels such as Animax and introduce another channel and then reintroduce Animax once the next transponder is available. We would like to stress that channels such as those should not be dropped since there is a chance that a few subscribers will be watching the channels. None of the channels at present should be dropped and they should continue to be on the platform since it will be a very unpleasant experience if channels are introduced and then taken off air and then replaced.

The new channels should be introduced along with the next transponder. For a event such as the World Cup "Dialog TV" can activate SET Max on channel number one which is presently running promotions only and should avoid switching SET with SET Max since there will be subscribers who will prefer to watch the serials on SET instead of World Cup Cricket.


don said...

I dont think anyone could rebroadcast DD sports in Sri Lanka and if anyone does it is illegal(And specialy the Cricket world cup).The co broadcast is only for India and not to any other region or country.

But i dont see any way where the FTA uses can be tapped or penalized.

D.L.R. said...

Sunday morning , Bill payment reminder was appeared on my screen.But I didn't receive the bill yet. Itry to contact customer care, twice. Each time I wait listning to backbround commercial for morthan 20 min.
Has everybody in this blog received your bills?
What are the payment methods available now? Can we pay this bill @ cargills like dialog GSM?

Free-man said...

Yes DLR: many have got bills.

My bill says I owe DTV nothing. I paid for April - 2006 though they now say that month too is waived off. Hope they will take it as credit.

I used to pay at Seylan Bank. You can even pay at Comm.Bank and many other places, I guess.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

it's my personal opinion that Animax as a channel should not be dropped. Although i only watch two programs on it (Gamer TV and The new pink panther show), amount of hindi content in this channel seems to be almost 0%.
I am so sick of hindi crap and now my mind is trained to think "Any channel without hindi is a good channel."

Harish said...

@ Free-Man:
U can make payment through these payment centers..
1.Branches(any of...)
2.Service Centers (any of...)
3.Arcades (any of...)
4.Banks (Sampath/Seylan/HNB)
5.Payment Centers
6.Online payments (not available)
tks:) stay cool...

Gwak said...


I got a bill with an outstanding amt. To my recs all bills have been paid along with waived off bills.

Does anyone else have this prob?

Pls Help

Harish said...

A2 freeman, ples ignore da prvs bank payment center details. U can make DTV payment at these banks:
Commercial- Direct Debit-15000 21001- Cinnamon Gardens- Colombo 7
Deutsche Bank-Direct Debit-00 40212 001-Colombo 3
Standard Chartered Bank-Direct Debit-01-3667707-02-Head Office-Colombo 1
Nations Trust Bank-Direct Debit-6251000040-Corporate Branch - Union place-Colombo 2
Seylan Bank-Direct Debit-0320-01402277-001-Cinnamon Gardens-Colombo 7
Peoples Bank-Direct Debit-309 1001 9253 6696 -Liberty Plaza Branch-Colombo 3.

Sat Viewer said...

Yes gwak, I too have paid all the bills by the Jne '06.Actually I have overpaid due to an oversight.

I have no idea what they are going to do about it.

tried calling their hotline on Sunday, but gave up after holding on for 12 minutes.

ravin said...


Vishkid said...

Billing is not satisfactory. There is no detail in the bill - can't reconcile what was outstanding and what we hv overpaid (i.e. if the bill is RS 1465, I would pay Rs. 1500) etc.

To add to the woes - the Commercial bank account number printed on the bill-invoice is WRONG. What Harish has given above might be correct as it has the correct amount of digits.

Also a bill dated Feb 13th has only been mailed (post-dated) on 2/21 and reached me only yesterday and they hv text'ed me BEFORE the bill saying I'm overdue!!

I hope Asset Media is not about to F*%$ up big time like Dialog had small small issues persistently on their billing.

Asset Media - DTV - s/b very tacit in their customer handling. Doing a whole lot of mistakes on their part and expecting customers to bear it will NOT do.

Harish said...
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Harish said...

Hi,I received da bill with an outstanding amount of 69LKR, it has been waved off for 2month’s.

Free-man said...


U could check the paymeny status from earlier. Now, that site is 'under construction' meaning more changes?

bank_dude said...

Yesterday I received a SMS saying that "Dear DialogTv subscriber. Please settle outstanding of Rs.1612.76 to avoid service deactivation." But according to my records I have paid April bill as well. I called the customer care and they said that I haven't settled the March rental. I told the agent that I can prove that I have paid all the bills and he said to fax those receipts with a letter.

don said...

Yes bank_dude,I had the same problem,I paid upto April and even my statement at "my cbnsat" shows that only my may invoice is outstanding,But they say that i havent paid my March invoice,and if you run through the history of payments on "my cbnsat",it is clearly evident that i have settled upto April.

But i didnt pursue any further and paid the outstanding since i have destroyed my receipts and got fed up of staying on hold in the customer care line for over 20 mnts,every time i called.

SLP said...


while this big issue is messing around, i would like to ask something which i heard from one of my friend,

is it true that MAX Tv is coming under DTV, since i heard that the negotiations are in progress and is succeeded.If the rumor is true,then we may capable of watching 10sports rather sooner than than the 10Sports itself,

Kalu, pls verify....

kaluperuma said...

This must be a referal to the SET MAX channel and even if MAX (SL) want to enter they have to wait till transponder 3,and even then,the way things are going there may be no room in the transponder 3.

Further,DTV will not be able to rebroadcast any cricket or to that effect TEN SPORTS as they do not have the rights and some other operator holds right for TEN in SL.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Some good news for DishTv viewers:

Two-month ban on AXN channel lifted

NEW DELHI : The two-month-long ban on television channel AXN has been lifted 15 days ahead of schedule and it will go on air from March 1.

D.L.R. said...

TATASky & DishTV promoting about their ACTIVE TV interactive service for World cup. They r saying viewer can select camera angles, commentry languages & highlight on demand.
As they also telecasting match through SETMax, are these features will available to us?

Harish said...

THE SHIELD:II - TV Series on AXN-ASIA From March 05th.

About This Show:

THE SHIELD is the groundbreaking, Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning program that turned the conventional cop drama upside-down and established FX as a top-tier Cable Network. Now in syndication, THE SHIELD can be found on local affiliate station(AXN-ASI-DTV) on weekends beginning march 05th 2007.

THE SHIELD plays out in a tough, morally ambiguous world in which the line between right and wrong is crossed every day. The series focuses on the tension between a group of corrupt but effective cops and a captain torn between bringing them down and advancing his own political ambitions. THE SHIELD stars Michael Chiklis (The Commish) as rogue cop Det. Vic Mackey, leader of the elite Strike Team unit, who is effective at eliminating crime but operates under his own set of rules. Benito Martinez (Outbreak) plays Cpt. David Aceveda, the young precinct head who doesn’t like Mackey’s tactics and wants to bust him off the force. CCH Pounder (ER & Boycott) plays Det. Claudette Wyms, a veteran detective who understands Mackey and knows how to play both sides of the force.

THE SHIELD has garnered tremendous critical praise and recognition with 11 Emmy and Golden Globe Award nominations since its premiere. Importantly, the show made history in 2003 by becoming the first ad-supported cable series to win the Golden Globe Award for Best Drama Series. Series star, Michael Chiklis also received the 2003 Golden Globe Award, 2002 Emmy Award and 2002 TCA Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, all basic cable firsts.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

""As they also telecasting match through SETMax, are these features will available to us?""

With DTV you cannot access interactive services. But you will still have access to the original SETMAX feed indifferent to that of Dish and Tatasky.

With interactive services you can view highlights,live scorecards, stats and different camera angles. But believe me you wont be using these services (i don't use at all) coz the default feed is the best with automatic camera changes and scrolling scorecards. So you are not missing anything.

Harish said...

That Good N-E-W-S is:
Watch ICC Cricket World Cup on pay-per view.
DTV is on the process of introducing pay-per view for subscriber with limited number of channels.more in4. stay tune...

Vishkid said...

If they can provide me with Rugby (be it Star HK, ABC, Fox sports) - I wont mind even going pay-per-view.

As I remember, when Dialog bought Asset Media in the first place - this was one of their intentions. (exclusive content to exclusive clientèle).

I wont mind at all. So long as their billing is brought to line :D

yakuza said...

i paid my bill to the hydepark pepoles bank branch without any trouble.
though i do not remember whether my previous bills were settled or not, i had to pay rs. 1100

Dan said...

World cup telecast schedule on SETMAX

Don't think they are showing the warm up matches

banuka said...

Guys We must have all other two Channels to watch all maches. SAB and PIX Is Dialoge TV can give them Both.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

SAB and PIX are in the SET-discovery one alliance package. SAB is a hindi fucked up channel PIX is an English movie channel (nothing compared to HBO).

All good matches are shown on MAX. Only those with non test playing nations are shown on SAB.
And i heard that both MAX and SAB will air all matches from super 8 onwards. MAX will have English commentary and SAB will have Hindi (NONONO) commentary.

ravin said...

LBN is going to be back on track and in a big way,The are going to launch HBO HITZ,HBO FAMILY,DISCOVERY TRAVEL AND LIVING,DISCOVERY,ANIMAL PLANET AND HIGH SPEED INTERNET.

I think DTV has to act very fast and match this.

Anae said...

DTV won't have to do much to match up. LBN's coverage area is very small and high speed internet will not help us. Unless they can fit adding new channels, internet chares, expanding their network and heavy advertising to their budget.
Remember they do not have financial backing like DTV.

Anyway, we can expect DTV to get LBN's good channels as well as many other channels soon.

D.L.R. said...

DTV's web still displaying FEBRUARY month schedule. while all channel's websites (Except ZEE channels) updated MArch programme guides.

Why still DTV people can't update the channel guide & EPG.

For the month of Feb they published 14 channels programme guide but epg was update only for three.

bank_dude said...

Let us give them some more time to correct EPG & program guide issues. At this point priority should be given to fix picture freezing problem because ICC world cup is around the corner and if the above problem continues it's a disaster for us.

kaluperuma said...

You will get the printed format of the programme shedule for March.The freezing problem is being urgently attended too along with the quality of the local channels,It can be guaranteed that the problem will be solved before the world cup.

Yuktiya said...

will super 500 customers also get world cup.

Priyantha De Silva said...
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