Friday, March 9, 2007

Download Dialog TV March 2007 Programme Guide

The March 2007 programme guide of Dialog TV has now been hosted at the following address

This PDF file has been emailed to everyone who has registered with Dialog TV Subscribers Unite and for those of you who have not done so, can get the schedule from the above link. Please note that not all the channel schedules are on this file but we hope that Dialog TV will make sure that the other channel schedules are also added in the upcoming months enabling the viewers to identify all the programmes being telecast on the channels available on Dialog TV. Till then for some channels we will have to rely on the Internet to keep track of our favorite programmes. Dialog TV should update their web site with this schedule soon since at the point of making this post the website still contains the previous month schedule. We hope that a printed guide will be sent to customers on time in the upcoming months.

In other news, EPG on Dialog TV is available for AXN, Nat Geo, History Channel, Pogo, Zee TV, HBO, HBO Signature, Cinemax, ESPN & Star Sports. The current EPG is actually being tested and so there is the tendency for the EPG to be taken off line or sometimes the EPG may give wrong information. We believe that once this testing is completed the EPG will be available with out any errors. In addition we hope that a full seven day EPG will be available like the one provided by Tata SKY. This can be expected once the testing of the current EPG is completed and the software has been upgraded, however this may take some time.

If more channels have got EPG's and we have not included them in the list given above we request our fellow bloggers to update this blog with the channel names.

SET Max is said to become active this weekend but we are not sure whether the channel will be replace an existing channel on Dialog TV such as SET or whether it will be allocated the Channel No. 1 position. It is highly likely that this channel will be on air only for the duration of the live matches and also the highlights.


bank_dude said...
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bank_dude said...

DTV must update their site first with March programme guide. It's not subscriber unite or Lisura's responsibilty to update it. What if subscriber unite or Lisura is not there. We are still looking at February guide isn't it? We must thank Lisura and subscriber unite for updating us with the programme guide. Though Dialog is pioneer in mobile they are layman to DTH. Why not they hire Muhunthan for this initial period so that they will be able to bring things back on track without any further hickups. I'm sure Muhuntha will cosider this if DTV make a request. Infact CBN is Muthunthan's baby.

cuteguy said...

IS it true that the SET Max will be on air only when the live matches and the highlights are being broadcasted. Oh! Thats bad. I thought the DTV told that they are gonna put the Channel SET Max for ever. We know that the Dailog TV demo channel no 1 is damn useless.

If someone know any kind of information regarding this issue please comment.

Kaluperuma, Anae , DOn !!!! we,( as newcomers) need your help....



Lisura said...


SONY channel will be replaced by SET MAX today !

bwick said...


Will they telecast today's warm-up match against NZ?


Looser said...

Set Max won't be for ever, They have told it from the beginning and it is not a sports channels so don't worry about it. It's Hindi Channel like Sony SET.

Ko Me Kaluperuma? Pitarata trip ekak wath gihillada? (West Indies gihillada danne)

Lisura said...

Thanks bank dude !

We just did what we could do to benefit the fellow subscribers. Actually this PDF was given to us by Dialog TV yesterday. We wonder why didn't they publish it on the web as it's a pretty simple matter. If they have done it there wouldn't have been a such unrest among subscribers !

We'll do the best we can !

Lisura said...

Dear bwick,

SET MAX is broadcasting only indian warm up matches. Today it's India Vs West Indies.

Check their site :

Lisura said...

SET MAX & SET SAB both channels will be on DTV shortly !

This will be added to packages above Rs. 850/=

Rs. 500/= package subscribers can pay a nominal fee to enable these two channels to watch world cup.


AMD said...

Will SET MAX or EYE show the opening ceremony ? if so what time ?