Friday, March 9, 2007

SET Max to replace SET Channel from today (9th March)

According to Dialog TV Subscribers Unite the SET Max channel will be replacing the SET Channel from today.

We like to thank DTV_SU for this information and we hope that Dialog TV will be able to sort out any transmission problems related to SET Max within the next two days. If the opening ceremony of the ICC World Cup is being shown on SET Max then we believe that it will be shown very early in the morning on Monday 12th March due to the time difference. We hope someone can update this blog on the starting times of all matches as well as the opening ceremony.

We also hope Dialog TV will make arrangements for its Rs 500/= package subscribers to view the broadcast and will educate them of this arrangement before the opening ceremony so that no one will miss any part of the action.

Update :
  • Opening Ceremony of World Cup on Monday 12th March @ 4:30AM


Lisura said...

Opening Ceremony
at 4.30 a.m. SL TIME
on Monday 12th March

Most of the matches start at 8 p.m.
End at 4 a.m. next day.

Lisura said...

SET MAX & SET SAB both channels will be on DTV shortly !

This will be added to packages above Rs. 850/=

Rs. 500/= package subscribers can pay a nominal fee to enable these two channels to watch world cup.


bank_dude said...

Lisura will DTV keep SetMax on their line up forever or only to show ICC worldcup?

shamil said...

Its there forever and the channel they are going to drop may not be SET and some other channel will be temporalaly taken out,They will also be using channel 1 for either MAX or SAAB

Lisura said...

Shamil is correct !

Anae said...

At last some good news. I was getting rather nervous about Dialog thing. But seems that they were doing something while we were cursing them.

At least now thank the DTV Techical Team once we get Max and SAB. This is very good indeed.

Angry Comet and LBN customers are now pelting stones at Dialog since they did not share the feed with LBN. They say Dialog is trying to get peoples' money and are big bullies. We'll see about that! After all, Dialog would have to pay a larger sum to be able to share the feed with others, and LBN and Comet will have to pay back Dialog. LBN can do it, but I doubt that Comet can.

Dialog currently has some channels that match with Indian DTH (Pogo, Animax, SET, etc.) which are not on Comet and LBN. Comet and LBN also have channels which Dialog does not have. But with all the money and everything, Dialog should be able to reach 50 channels very soon.

Dialog picture quality is OK at day time and maybe transponder power will be increased for clarity in SET Max and SET SAB. Fortunately the channels are to stay with Dialog. Unfortunately they could not get PIX (or did they?).

Wish Sri Lanka best luck in the World Cup. If they get in to the finals, we can record the match on our VCRs with minimal advertising by SET Max.

yakuza said...

did anyone checked their decoders? whats happening, is set max on now

DTV TEAM said...

Dialog TV promotion channel replaced to SET MAX.

DTV TEAM said...
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DTV TEAM said...

More info:

cuteguy said...

Hey guys!!!! I have problem. In the DTV promotional channel it says that E16 error. ( The service is currently scarmbled)
( Though I"m using the 1500 premium package)

Someone please help...

Lisura said...

DTV Promo channel and VH1 will be replaced with SET MAX & SET SAB.

Rs. 500/= package subscribers can pay a monthly charge of Rs. 200/=
to watch ICC WC 2007.


bank_dude said...

Replacing VH1 with SET SAB is a disaster. VH1 is the only English music channel available for us. Can't they use MTV instread of VH1.

bwick said...

Hi DTV team,

What more information available on I cannot find any other than what is available in this blog. Furthermore public comments were not published there.


don said...

The DTV team is updating their blog from the information available in this blog,They know of nothing that is happening inside.