Wednesday, February 21, 2007

ICC Cricket World Cup on Dialog TV

Dialog TV Sri Lanka's trend setting pay television broadcaster has secured exclusive rights via SET Max to broadcast the World Cup for pay television subscribers in Sri Lanka. SET Max holds the exclusive rights for the World Cup in this region.

So therefore Dialog TV subscribers will be able to watch the world cup on DVD Quality Picture and in full stereo.

According to this information it means that none of the other pay television companies in Sri Lanka will be able to carry the SET Max channel which will be broadcasting the World Cup.

In addition Dialog TV Subscribers Unite has confirmed that the Dialog TV technical team has given priority to the problem of picture freezing on channels such as AXN and SET and will be solving the problem before the commencement of the World Cup.

Dialog TV will be adding new processing equipment in the next few months to improve the quality of the picture that is being broadcast.


Vishkid said...

Great news indeed.

And Channa - thanks for keeping pressure on to bring in some quality rugby.

Yes, ABC networks also bring in the Tri nations and Super 14 to asia pacific. They also show tours of NZL and OZ dunno whether live or not. But it's worth pursuing.

I believe that with a solid fan (thus customer) base - Rugby will be a good (and non-controversial) opportunity for DTV to make a mark.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Rain interruption is not something unique to dialog. Its there even in DishTV.

I get 80% signal strength and 80% signal quality most of the time on DishTV. It still fails in heavy rain. It's a worldwide problem there is no use blaming Dialog for that.

bank_dude said...


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Lightning_Struck_Tower said...


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DTV TEAM said...

Dialog TV Wins Exclusive Satellite TV Rights For ICC Cricket World Cup!

Colombo, Sri Lanka, 21st February 2007, Dialog Satellite TV announced today that it had secured exclusive Satellite TV Telecast rights for the ICC Cricket World Cup which will take place in the West Indies in March.

Nushad Perera, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Dialog Telekom, made the announcement “Dialog TV will be the only satellite TV station in Sri Lanka to telecast this years’ most anticipated sports event – the Cricket World Cup. The channel to tune in to is Sony SET Max, which is available only on Dialog TV. Apart from the matches, Sony SET Max will also feature expert commentary, in depth interviews and special programming that will enhance the excitement of every encounter and keep viewers completely up to date. We are proud to have won this exclusive contract – when we launched two weeks ago, we promised that Dialog TV would revolutionize Satellite TV in Sri Lanka, and we are keeping our promise!”

Sony SET Max will feature match commentary by renowned commentators John Wright (New Zealand), Tony Greig (England/Australia), Geoffrey Boycott (England), Novjot Singh Sidhu (India), Ian Chappel (Australia), Barry Richards (South Africa), Sanjay Manjrekar (India), Arun Lal (India) and Donna Symonds from the West Indies.

Special Programming will include “Extraa innings” hosted by “Shanthi” soap star Mandira Bedi, along with Charu Sharma. “Extraa Innings”, which will start 2 hours before every match, will run through the Innings interval to an hour from the match’s end.

bank_dude said...

Thanks LST

Yuktiya said...

Doordarshan to telecast cricket World Cup live

The Delhi High Court has been informed that private sports channel SetMax, in collaboration with Nimbus Communications, has signed an agreement with public broadcaster Prasar Bharti to provide live feed of the cricket World Cup matches.

Appearing before a bench of Justices Vikramajit Sen and J.P. Singh, Additional Solicitor General P.P. Malhotra said an agreement had been signed between Prasar Bharti and SetMax to provide live feed of all the World Cup matches to be played in the West Indies from March 14.

Nimbus Communications, the owner of the NEO Sports channel, will provide the live feed to SetMax, counsel for Prasar Bharti Rajiv Sharma said.

The cases pending before the high court will not come in the way of broadcasting the matches live in non-cable homes in India, he added.

Even though the Sports Broadcasting Ordinance did not specify the sharing of mandatory live feeds of the sports events held abroad, the agreement with SetMax will enable Doordarshan show the matches live.

Nimbus which had bought the rights to telecast matches held in India for four years for Rs 27 billion, had filed a petition in court challenging the Sports Broadcasting (Mandatory Sharing with Prasar Bharti) Ordinance, contending that it is 'bad in law'.

'The ordinance transgresses the constitutional limits and apart from violating the petitioner's fundamental rights, it also interferes with the power of the court to review the circular enforcing the private channels to share the feed,' Nimbus maintained.

The high court has issued notice to the government and Prasar Bharti asking them to file replies to the Nimbus petition.

In its reply, the government said that before granting the licence to telecast matches in India, it had been made clear to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) that whoever was given the right to telecast the matches would have to share the live feed with Doordarshan and All India Radio.

Jesika said...

When will the 3rd Transponder Activate? any Idea?

Free-man said...

We get the Indian feed of premium quality channels of Discovery ( Discovery, Travel, Animal Planet ) and NGC (Nat Geo, History, A1 ) , and there are far too many ads that disturb the local viewers. May we suggest to Dialog TV, to explore the possibility of getting a far-east (HK) feed of those channels?

kaluperuma said...

"Koheda yanne malle pol",Hema ekema HK feed denda giyoth rental eka 5000/- withara wei,Kohe hari inna hal paruwek mathuwela mokak hari gon prashnayak ahanawa.

3rd transponder eka DTV ekata hithunu welawata activate karai,nethnam ibema activate wei

Munuth ara FMM eke sunanda deshapriya wagema thamai"Koheda yanne malle pol"

Raki said...

i think kalu needs to take a chill pill! page eka kiyawana hama daama mu kaatahari baninawa :) Not everyone is as smart as u bro.

btw, any idea what time the matches will start in SL (what is the time diff?)

Radikal Zee said...

i think it's at 7:30pm SLT

Free-man said...

I agree with Raki. Kaluwa – Maha Jaathiyenda? Let the others express their views too.

Kauwa - big bully. Are you the big guy on this blog? Do you own this blog? Just shut up and get lost;poking your nose into everything.

You have uttered enough filth on this blog. So get lost.

kaluperuma said...

Matanam anae ge blog eke comment karanda bei,Ue kiyala thiyanawa ingrisiyen witharai comment karanda puluwan kiyala,Ingrisi danna ewun tikak eka visit karapan,Mamath visit kara mei blog eke porak handa,Ue ma witharai eke comment karala thiyanne,thaniyama digata harahata liyala,pawu bang podi visit ekak dapan.

kaluperuma said...

Ado free man ammata hukanna,umaba free wheel eke hitiyata kamak nei,nikan illang puke eraganna epa,Owu pakayo mata one dei kohe hitiyath karanawa,Umba wage janmayak jathiyak nethi eke bawala dana eka podi wedak.

Free wheel ge ete,jesika ge kate.

Free-man said...

Kaluwa – Blackie- Don’t behave like an animal. This is a public blog. You cant use filth here. What school did you go to? Learn some English and come. Who are you? Do you own this blog, to dictate terms to us, Blackie? Don’t behave like a third grade rascal.

Just shut up and get lost; poking your nose into everything. Ppl are fedup with your third grade filth.

kaluperuma said...


Fuck off you mother fucker,It seems that the born again cult after getting fucked by the so called son of a bitch named god is trying mislead the blog.You are just nothing type son of a bitch,and i will guarantee that you will get more than what you are asking for.

Free-man said...

Blackie, your writing style shows you are an un-educated, frustrated character. If you are so hard-up, go to Galle Face Green and hang yourself without dirtying all over here. Find somewhere else or get lost.

You are paying someone to get inside information and show off as if no one else knows anything on DTV. To you, all others are jokers, except yourself. You must know that there are other knowledgeable ppl. Ppl don’t like to read your filth.

kaluperuma said...

Umba thamai knowledgable popsiya,ponnayo HK feed gena api discuss kare maseketa kaling,Athak pathak nethi umba wage ewun methenta pathwela ali loku deyak hoyagatta wage kathawa.

umbata galle face ekata gihilla keling chuu karaganna puluwanda,Umbala wage ewunda eka karannath god one ethi anduwak dala araka allaganna,Ekath born again da? Umbata free wheel inda lesi ethi paiyath ethi centi meter 0.5 withara,puka ethi bengala bokka wage,god eka ethulemane jeewath wenne.

Hari hari,umba Ladies hari,Bishops hari yanna ethi

coolhunk said...

ado ponna kalu

coolhunk said...

ado uba hithanne uba chandiya kiyalada.
thoge ponna katata anik aya bayawei kiyalada.
uba ubatama puke araganin.
jathiyak jammayak nathi awalam balla.
girl kenekuta katha karanna dannathi pakaya.
people pls just ignore this donkey.
he is not worth it.

coolhunk said...

this blog is very usefull for all the subscribers.And over the past few months this blog was the only source of information for us.
so don't let black dogs to bark here.
jessica just ignore this bastered.

Lisura said...

Dear Friends,

Please don't create unneccesary problems here by asking about controversial channels.

Please drop in a mail to :

With the channel you want and your contact details. The info collected will be transfered to neccesary people to initiate action.

So Jesika and others who want any new channel or a particular feed please email the above address and DTV_SU will do the needful.

Thank u 4 ur valuable feedback !

kaluperuma said...

Mei mokada mei bang,Kohen pathwuna suddekda mei,Mekatanam ninda yanne nethi ledak thiyanawa nethnam iye reth kavuruhari polimak dala,Muta pandara ekata negitala aluth blog account create karandda munam inne sure gonspot ekkaka,Jesika dan nam kiyakin danawada 4,Janaa,Free wheel,Coolhunk,

Jesika,Umbane bastered,Umbalata than "Born Again" la kiyak gevanawada umbalage maha boruwa geniyanna hadanawata.

"This blog was the only information for us" Ponsiyo umba mei blog eke meeta kaling hitiye nane,jesika huththie mei account eka create karala thiyanne iye pandara 1 (1 AM) ara born agan suddai,god karayay ekka group sex danakota.

Mei blog eke jesika alias(free wheel,Janaa,Coolhunk) era anith okkoma bloggers la educated methana wenne monawada kiyala danna porawal,Meyata ona methana "born again" culture ekak ethi karanna,mei patta keri balla dagena inna nam walingma penawane"(HUNK,JANAA,FREE WHEEL,JESIKA) mewa okkoma sata pahata god ta puka dena nam.


Umba deng illang kanna hadnne,wedi kal yanna kaling umbawa mama expose karala dannam

Raki said...

Somehow i really doubt the problem with this blog is the discussion of un-necessary channels? The controversial channel issue only comes up cuz Kalu brings it up in a very negative way. I just think that he is using that as a excuse to blame others without understanding that his language and lack of rispect for fellow people is the REAL PROBLEM! U dont see other people bad-mouthing any other religion... so only Kalu has to make such a mockery of peoples faiths.... thats just really sad man....

Anwyay, I do agree that we must avoid controversial discussions. But, people must also understand how to express them selves without talking like such un-cultured loosers. So, guys, lets try to practice some respect and restraint with regards to slander!

So, hope we keep the good info and discussions going and make this blog the "No 1" info source for DTV to get the vibe on customer views and what should be done next

kaluperuma said...

This is not cristianity or catholisam,This is the "Born again cult",And those are the people who try to promote bullshit and destroy this country.

But if this arshole Jesika can create more than three blogger acounts to promote this culture,Do you realy think this is a game,If they are so sure tell them to counter our arguments and prove it without hiding behind the screen.

The bloggers here are inteligent enough to understand what is true and correct,other than some spineless arsholes who bend their backs for 50 cents,

Jesika said...

I think this blog is no longer a source of information now. Its running by uneducated, impertinent people like kalu.
See the way he is talking...
He make this place a 3rd class one.
I think its because problem with his family background.
Will stop talking about GODTV. There is no point to talk it here. Its only insult.
(But some people ask adult channels from DTV, but they dont have problem like this)itns this funny ??

Pls make this place a respectable place.

ALISON said...

Jessie - Did you get the bill,I have got mine.I paid upto april and only my May bill was outstanding,But they are saying that i havent paid my March bill(How strange),I double checked with my "my cbnsat" account and it shows only the May 2006 bill oustanding,and its supposed to be waived off.

Can you help me on this jessie

Jesika said...


I got mine too. But it says i have to pay Rs0/=

alison why don't you check it with the dialog customer care. You have the receipts to prove, don't you ?

Jesika said...

Kalu, I dont want to answer your question
But I have never promote any religion here. I just asked a TV channel.
You are the one who popup and insult in a bad manner.
I think other bloggers who know the history can understand this.

Kaul, we got many new informations from you. But see now. what happen to you. now you are only a insulter.
Remember the days we lost CBNSAT. Those days we were like one. But now there is no such a problem. so we are arguing each other.

comoeon guys Will stay like previous.

Anae said...

@ Kalu
Please cool down. You should learn to respect others in the blog. You are a good source of information for us. Just don't get too big headed and mess things up for yourself.

@ Jessika and others
I know that Kalu is getting troublesome now. But calling him be names like "Blackie" won't help him. That mean we would be pushing him to the level of the dogs. Whereas he should not be down here.
Please avoid provoking him with things like religious channels. He probably cares for Dialog and thats why he goes mad. Thats why he is mad with Jessika.

If Jessika, Don, Janaa, Kalu, and all others do their part in this, we would be able to get peace back into this blog.

Kalu, please report to us about anything new and interesting going on.

Wish that there will be peace in the blog soon (or how can we have peace in the country?)

Vishkid said...

First and foremost - this behaviour is unwarrented. Kalu has been a very good and reasonably accurate source of info as well as good company. Free-Man, Jesika, CoolHunk, Raki (all newly created alis except Jesika) - you guys are the one who are detrimental to this blog. Pls stop this now - you guys try to act like you guys are s decent but you can't stop bad mouthing other ppl ad keep up the blame game. If you guys are so decent can't you understand the only way to stop this shit is to stop it yourselves? So pls for the sake of this blog DO NOT post any degratory or controversial stuff here.

You and I cant control other ppl - so why bother? As Lisura said pls forward all your requests to subscriber unite and they will be taken care of.

Kalu, I'm understand how you feel - these guys do not know what truly happens in this blog as obviously they are new here. We'll give them a reasonable chance to fit in. Mean while let's keep the focus on DTV and improvements.

Admin, like every democracy - this blog might need some policing :D

kaluperuma said...





Raki said...

vishkid.... u r def right on 4 thing...
1) kalu has been a very good source of info and thats much appreciated!
2) the only way to stop this finger pointing is to stop ourselves from doing it... so on my part... i do appologise!
3) while i have been reading the cbnsat blog for a looooooong time... and its been 1 of my best avenues of info when i was lost of whats happening to my connection... i have only joined in discussions recently.
4) democracy does need some policing sometimes :) but that must be fair to all.... no degratory, offensive or abusive stuff by anyone in any language... regardless of if they r new or old to the blog!

kaluperuma said...

jesika,Where are you? Lets bring back the days which CBNsat was closed.

No hard feelings and No controversial comments after this.

Jesika,Did you buy the internet connection?

Jesika said...



ravin said...

JESIKA- I have a lanka bell data Cable which is almost new(used for about 2 months,I can give it to you for 750/-,(I THINK IT WILL COST YOU 1750/-)AND THE INSTALLATION CD FOR INTERNET PACKAGE

kaluperuma said...

Hi Jesika,What are you upto?

Jesika said...

ok Ravin i'm ready to but it
Is it working fine? Why you ar selling it?
from where can i buy your one?

Jesika said...

Ravin pls send me an email to

Jesika said...

I think SET and SETMAX are Different channels.
In DTV we only have SET, not SET max. so is dialog changing SET to SETMAX for world cup? and keeping it for ever?

kaluperuma said...

Yes they are differant and set max will be available in due course and it is the channel which will broadcast the WC (Both channels are owned by SONY).

The plan is to have both in the platform and one might be temporalaly off air due to space constraints,but both will be there to stay.

D.L.R. said...

I'm raising the same quastion again & again.
Why DTV can't use No # 1 channel for any usefull bussiness?

We all know that CBNSat telecast some sort of commercial in All channels while they re-setuo their system & used #1 channel after that renaming to CBNSat.
But without using the brain DTV also following the same footsteps of CBNSat.
dear DTV team, remove Animax & use cannel # 1 for desney channels.

We hope at least by march you will start to update EPG. If you want I will send all data. B'cos all the data is available in web.

Even though we have internet @ home, not useful as EPG.

ravin said...


Vishkid said...

I second what d.l.r. says, except to remove Animax. I don't watch Animax but no need to remove it permanantly - may be it can be temporarily taken off till 3 TP.

But why waste the channel 1 for worthless stuff when Dialog can use the message system to communicate with customers, if needed??

Jesika said...

kalu !
why DTV keeps No #1 channel as Dialog tv?
Is there any plan to start a TV channel called DialogTV?

Raki said...

agree with vishkid and d.l.r! i dont watch animax... but i am sure someone wants it to stay. using c1 for publicity is a real waiste of space! give us disney or someother quality channel.... specially since we r about to start paying for it again!

any idea if star and ten sports have been signed on? if so may be one of those can be put instead of c1???

ravin said...


kaluperuma said...

Yes they will be starting a terestial TV channel,But the idea is to have a interative channel on FTA,such as the Dish interative channel.

DTV TEAM said...

DTV have partnered with Seylan & Commercial Banks. fore more info:

kaluperuma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Free-man said...

This is to inform a point. Jesika is entitled to her opinion while Coolhunk is entitled to his own. These are different people with different views. I’m not connected to any of them.

We hope there won’t be any more personal insults on the blog. We don’t want any one arguing here, when someone asks a question.

kaluperuma said...

They are,Jesika is accepted but not the overnight ones,Its simple same person with the same ideas,

one would do

cuteguy said...

hey guys........
I'm new to dis blog. will sum1 plz tel me how 2 search 4 wheather any more new channels are available?

When the SET Max comes during da world cup will the SET channel automatically be replaced from SET Max? or will i have to search for new channels?...

hope to get a favorable reply...



Free-man said...


One would not do as there are many people. Just be quiet and respect others.

kaluperuma said...

Those who needs respect will get that,and not the imposters and criminals who doent

Free-man said...

We are not criminals.
Dont use this public blog to abuse others.

Anae said...

Yuo do not need to search for new channels. They will automatically be displayed when they are available. There wont be any new channels soon at anyrate, until Transponder 3 is launched.

SET Max will appear on the existing SET channel, so no searching will be required. SET Max will have its own channels on TP3.

@free-man and Kalu
Please, you're starting again. Couldn't you just stay one day without fighting? Do not blam each other for what they do. Instead, think about yourself and what you are doing.

Harish said...

TP3 option is available for the NEW decoders. If you are using the OLD one no need to do any reset.
TP 3 Frequently –11673
Symbol Rate-2768(Vertical).
Signal type: level: 79%
Quality: 60%

Anae said...

What TP3 are you talking about? You got me mad and I ran upstairs to enter the TP3 info, only to find that these are the details of TP2. I hope you aren't trying to be a joker here! If so, get out. This would not be a place for you.

If it was a mistake, please correct it as I am waiting for TP3 to come.

PS: Are you the same Harsha who updated the LyngSat information?

cuteguy said...

Hey ANAE!!!
thank u very much for the info. Well, Harish is correct. I also have a new decorder and Transponder 1 and Transponder 3 is having Signal, around the average 78 mark. But in T2 no kind of signal. Maybe in the new decorder the T2 and T3 names must have been swapped. Thats what I think. Or maybe I am wrong. I'm new to this.
One last question ANAE!!!
When the T3 comes, will there be new packages if 1 is to watch those channels?. Wont we get those channels as well for the premier package?( 1400 one)


cableguy said...

Hi Guys

Its been a long time since i blogged here after the "fighting Days". Just checked up on a few recent comments. Looks like the heat is on(and off) and on again. I have not followed the discussion during the last month or so but here is a bit of advice for the new bloggers (coming from a good ole blogger). You can take it or leave it. Our good friend Kalu should not be instigated. He has been a valuable and great resource during the difficult times when CBNSat was closed. But many of us learnt that if you rub him the wrong, he will hit back 10 times stronger, and filthier.
So all you new bloggers, please find ways to get the best of him.

Machang Kalu, kohomada sapa duk? Thama full active wagey nedha blog ekey? Keep it up. Apey parana kattiya thama blog karanawada? Ohoma yamu machang. Try not to get worked up these new comers.

C'mon SRI LANKA (at the World Cup)

Priyantha De Silva said...

Harish is right.I've bought my CBN set in December 2006, Till from that day I can see TP1 & TP3 are activeted But Tp2 isn't.After they activeted New TP, we can see it as TP4 or TP2. But I don't know mine is a New decorder or not.

Harish said...

@ Anae,
If ur using da OLD Decoder just go through the channel search & c. but make sure u cant store or rename it to TP3. (Just selecting NEW TP)

TP3 is available from March 2nd week. SET MAX is coming under TP2. (Replacing for SONY TV INDIA-2 Channel’s). But the entire STAR NETWORK, SUN TV & SUN NEWS channel’s are comes under TP3.

Harish said...

TP 2 & 3 Frequently –11673
Symbol Rate-2768(Vertical).both r same,@ the same time TP1,TP2,TP3 Linup is available only in Brand New Decoders.
@ Anae, am not da person ur referring. tks. 1 more gud news is available.giv me some time, ill just confirm wid da DTV management & get back to u all soon. stay tune.

Priyantha De Silva said...

I’ve received a channel list of Star TV package of Singapore , That can be available in Sri Lanka [ Monthly charge 1,500 rupees & should pay for 3 months charge as once in every 3 months , 4,500 rupees]

We require DTV to see that & please add to our DTV to available channels as soon as possible.
The dealer's information is below.

Tel. 071 4227427
Name: K.E. Office Automation

He told me it can be seen even Rainy Days [That I didn’t ask for]. But I’m still using my DTV ‘Cause I Trust DTV than others. But there is something to get from this package that can be available in Sri Lanka now on unofficially but trusted ways.

Including all these channels & 24 testing channels.

01. Zee TV
02. Zee Smile
03. Sahara One
04. SITI Channel
05. Zee Cinema
06. Zee Premier
07. See Action
08. Zee Classic
09. Filmazia
10. Zee Music
11. VH1
12. Trace TV
13. STC
14. Zee Studio
15. HBO
16. TCM
17. Zee Café
18. ABC News
19. ABC Café
20. ABC Asia Pacific
21. CCTV a
22. Cartoon Network
23. POGO
24. Boomrang
25. Zee News
27. NDTV India
28. Zee Business
29. Sahara Samay
30. India TV
31. Channel 7
32. ARY News
33. CNBC Awaaz
35. Headline Today
36. NDTV 24‹7
37. CNN
38. CNN Headline News
39. BBC World
40. Euro News
41. Fox News
42. Zee Sport
43. Zoom Channel
44. ESPN
45. Star Sport
46. Total TV
47. DD Sport
48. Euro Sport News
49. Ten Sport
50. Goal TV 1
51. Goal TV 2
52. Play TV
53. Reality TV
54. Zee Trendz
55. Fashion TV
56. TVS Asia
57. Aastha Int
58. Sankar
59. QTV
60. God TV
61. TCT World
62. 3ABN
63. ETV Rajasthan
64. ETV UP
65. ETV Bihar
66. ETV Mp
67. ETV Urdu
68. ARY Digital Inqia
69. Geo TV
70. Zee Bangla
71. N TV
72. ETV Oriya
73. Nepal 1
74. NE TV
75. Zee Gujarati
76. ETV Gujarati
77. DD Gujarati
78. ETV Kannada
79. DD Kannada
80. Zee Telugu
81. ETV Telugu
82. MAA TV
83. ETV 2
84. Jaya TV
85. SS Music
86. Dan OZHI
87. Dan Cinema
88. Dan Music
89. Asia Net
90. Jeevan TV
91. India Vision
92. Asia News

Also Include below FTA Channels & New Test Channels ( Not in the list )

93. Star Utsav
94. DD India
95. DD News
96. DD 1
97. DD Lok Saba
98. DD Rajya Saba
99. Headlines Today
100. Jain TV
101. Balle Balle
102. MH1 Music
103. DD Kashir
104. ETV Rajasthan
105. DD Oria
106. DD Barati
107. DD North East
108. DD Sapthagai
109. Sun TV
110. DD Podhigai
111. DD Malayalam
112. Dish Interractive
113. Akash Bangla
114. Kairali TV
115. ETC Panjab
116. AAJ Talk

& Star Channels

MANIL said...

Pryantha,You seem to be ill informed,This is the dish tv (original package) of India and what he has given you is an old channel list as some like Fox and God Tv have been dropped recently.

You dont have to pay 1500/- and even quaterly,This is available with many illegal dealers in the country and they charge only Rs.1000/- as renatal

kaluperuma said...

Cableguy- Realy nice to hear from you,Onna porwal,ada iye apu ewun neme,CBNsat wahapu davase indan genuine gemak dunna porawal,eka eka wage monawath balaporoththuwen neme,bokkenma team work monawada kiyala pennapu porak.Mei aya apahu dakina ekath wasanawk.

kaluperuma said...

Guys dont get carried away about this transpoder and the talk is bullshit,The allocation may take upto end april and they have no idea of dropping set for Setmax.

This is utter bullshit and someone is trying to mislead you,The transponder will take time and tke my word,Its going to be end april.

Anae said...

@ Kalu or DTV TEAM

1. What are the confirmed channels we will in the TP3 (all please, if it can be revealed)?
2. What exactly are the channels in the STAR package?
3. Will any old channels (like zOOm and Raj) come back?
5. When can we expect the Decoder software to be upgraded on older systems?
6. When will we get a proper running EPG on most channels (not always possible with local channels and news channels)?

Its a lot of questions, but I'm really eager to see TP3 and the full EPG. Then Comet Cable won't have any reason to exist.

Are you really telling lies here? Hope you are not a alias of Jessika or anyone trying to cause trouble.

Welcome back (after some time)! Nice to see old guys coming back. I too was here since June 06, but I only registered myself now. Wish LST would come back.

And not to forget, best of luck to Sri Lanka during the World Cup!

kaluperuma said...

anae-Dont worry about the software,They will upgrede on line when the transponder 3 is ready and everybody will get at the same time(No way the new boxes are getting first and the old ones second)All the top star channels like Movies,plus,World,gold will be there with a couple of tamil movie channels,Neo and Disney and they are even in discussion with TEN,So all these channels will be there and only the formalities remain to be completed.

They have not decided where they are going to allocate SET with the available transponders,They may drop SET or some other channel temporalaly or they may not drop any thing at all.

The content with the transponder 3 will be unmatched.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

In your list:
112. Dish Interractive

It's DishTV India. Nothing else.

Priyantha De Silva said...

 Manil & Lighting Struck Tower,

Thank All Of U for Updating immediately,

It’s not like to meet Dish TV dealers very often. Then I don’t know what include on each of their packages.

 Kaluperuma & Anae,
We’re very much informed by all of you, Keep going, You are doing a good job.

Harish said...

P.S, am not creating any lies & u knw hw da DTV ppl going to promote this cricket match…? Wait for some time...

kula said...

There seems to be another authorised dealer for dish TV in Sri Lanka now. Read Sunday Times Ad Mag 50th Page.

Shit(SAT) net will be real SHIT Now.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

kula, i also saw it. They provide the Maxi package for rs 1200 per month. However i dont think they are authorized delaers

hush said...

I was watching filmfare awards on SET yesterday and the freezing seems to be a issue on this particulat channel that has yet to be fixed. its similar to what you get when DVD get stuck due to scratches.

there were lot of feezing for 3 hours from 7.30pm to 11.30pm.

Hope they attend to it fast as this is the channel that world cup will be shown on .

cableguy said...

Hi kalu

Thanks for that wonderful sentiments. Its really good to see the blog being very active.

I personaly am not too worried about the some of the concerns being raised these days. I am just happy to have cable after the long..long frustrating times we went thru when CBN was shut down. So I am enjoying DTV to its best. I think they have done a fantastic job so far. I recently requested for an additional box set up. They told me it will be done within 3 days, but they fixed it in less than 24 hours of the order. Thumbs Up Dialog TV!!!
I am glad people are discussing their views and trying to address concerns, new additions etc. Will check back from time to time.

BTW guys I heard some juicy(old) news about CBNSat closure. Just wanted to check out the truth. Is it true that the Prez(or one of his confidantes) had asked for a huge payment(pagawa) to re-open CBNSat? And apparently they had refused to pay such a large pagawa and therefore were kept closed(until Dialog bought it). If it is true, another good entry for COPE Report Part 2.

cableguy said...

Hey Guys

Did all the remaining employees of CBNSat get hired by Dialog TV at the time of take over?

Because the customer service people that I had to deal with(by phone and in person at the Dialog office) did not seem to know answers to many of the very simple questions. Every time a simple question was asked, they kept saying "I will check on that and call you back" etc etc.
CBNSat reps always had the answers in front of them anytime I called when they were in operation.

I really hope that all the former employees have been hired by Dialog.