Thursday, April 9, 2015

Celestial Classic Movies & Fox Crime

So with effect from yesterday Celestial Classic Movies seems to be officially launched on Dialog TV, since it is no longer on "Test" mode. It's clear that Dialog is targeting the expatriate community with channel. It's got English subtitles so no need to learn the language.

The package allocations for this channel aren't clear as yet. In other news Fox Crime India is closing down on April 19th. Dialog could revert back to the Asian feed but taking into consideration how Fox International Channels treat pay television markets like Sri Lanka, it's more or less unlikely. FX India could be a probable replacement but expect more blocks on programming.

With Star India launching two channels called FX HD & Star Movies Select HD, it seems unlikely that any of those channels will be available in Sri Lanka.


TGT said...

Star Sports HD2 Replace with HD4

Vishkid said...

SS HD4 swap due to F1?

yasas ramanayaka said...

syfy channel will replace fox crime

Lakshan romesh Flevian said...

If syfy is comming, then it's a great news.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest posted titled "A move towards Asian feeds, Syfy....".