Friday, April 17, 2015

A move towards Asian feeds, Syfy....

So are we seeing a move away from Indian feeds at Dialog TV? Seems so at least where available, with the decision of Dialog TV to replace Fox Crime India with Syfy Asia.

To be fair it should be stated that Fox Crime India is closing down over this weekend, for some Dialog is citing a withdrawal of South Asian rights as the reason however reports coming out of India suggest otherwise.

Some would  have thought that Dialog TV will revert back to Fox Crime Asia, however the recent "regional rights" issues by Fox International Channels means that Dialog TV would like to steer clear from channels operated by Fox.

Universal operated Syfy, Diva, Universal & E do not have any Indian counterparts, so there is no regional issue when it comes to them.

Syfy will be added either tomorrow or the day after (18th/19th) when Fox Crime ceases transmissions. Syfy judging by programming content doesn't seem to have great programming but have been improving with their content.

It seems that on Sony operated AXN, Warner TV & Universal have understood that Indian feeds don't work in Sri Lanka. AXN in spite of having an Indian feed continues to provide the Asian feed to Sri Lanka, the same can be said of Warner TV, Universal doesn't have any Indian feeds as yet. This is a good thing unlike Star India which is trying to trap Indian feeds to Sri Lanka.

However when it comes to cartoon channels we saw Asian feeds of Cartoon Network & Toonami being replaced by Indian feeds. This might be a blessing in disguise since the channels would be more adapted to the cultural norms in this region.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


Ryan J said...

"Cultural Norms", I respect your right to your opinion but I feel the SEA feed would be better than the Indian feeds which tend to have Hindi dubbed programs which is good if my kid grew up in India but doesn't really help here.

Ryan J said...
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Gossip said...

Star plus down

Gossip said...

Star plus down

Ryan J said...

SyFy has replaced Fox Crime

SLP said...

Well this recent trends are interesting.

If syfy is here, im really interested.

Now dialog is becoming a thing rather a trap

well playing dudes... respect.

Priyantha said...

Sony Launch Their 2nd Sports Channel SONY KIX ,

Multi Screen Media (MSM) will be launching a new sports channel called Sony Kix during the upcoming Indian Premier League. The channel will be airing the tournament with Tamil and Telugu feeds.

Speaking with Campaign India, Prasanna Krishnan, EVP and business head, Sony Six, said, "There are two reasons why we've launched one more sports channel. When we have big tournaments going on like the FIFA World Cup and Euro (qualifiers), multiple matches are played at the same time. On a one-off occasion you can bring in a movie channel, but in the long-term we needed another sports channel. Secondly, we are seeing a trend of regional languages being consumed during big tournaments. So, with the IPL, we plan to use this channel for Telegu and Tamil feeds."

On content plans for the channel, Krishan said, "We'll be looking to constantly acquiring new sports properties for our sports business (Six and Kix), rather than only looking for content for this channel."

The IPL kicks off on 8 April.

Gayan Madusanka said...

come on Indian feed cartoons they simply took all the fun in cartoons. for example they have re dubbed English cartoon with Indian guys with a horrible accent in English and got the meaning off completely.

Chris Lea said...

Indian Cartoon Network is AWFUL.
The overall quality of the Indian Animated cartoons are poor.
And several of the shows are dubbed with ear-pain inducing voice acting.
I dont want my kids watching low quality, irrelevant TV.
Plus Local kids were learning good English and proper pronunciation when it was CN Asia.
Now? Id rather keep it turned off.
Hope CN Asia comes back.

neilw said...

True. Programs with Indian accent are are really bad. I also don't want my kids to be talking like that, ever. Try Disney Junior.

Gossip said...

Oylage lamai london wala ipadunu ayane. Eyalata one British hari American english nam oyala usa hari Europe hari padinchiyata yanna. Etakota oya prasne hari

Gossip said...
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SLP said...

Well...hmm this is quite an issue..

your comment is racist. Doesn't matter where they live or like, they pay the good money to dialog and they are rightful to ask whats right for them.

Yes, this is an issue, usually CN India comes with an English audio feed. If dialog could, replace the Hindi audio feed with English.

Indian English pronunciation is pretty much a shit. do its better dialog could hear this issue.

This is a key issue. I personally see families scolding to dialog for CN Hindi feed.

PSK said...

@gossip are racist. i have a question for you,did your children born in india. then you should go to india. we are sri lankans,we don`t want terrible 'hindi english'

I agree with you 100%

RandomMe Entertainment said...

I hope that CN SEA from Hong Kong will return. You are constantly complaining about the Indian kids channels in Hindi and don't like the accent being spoken.

Don't forget to use this hashtag in social networking: #SaveCNinSriLanka. Greetings from Portugal.

PSK said...

Guys, i think CN asia feed is back.

RandomMe Entertainment said...

Really? That is nice! I really like CN SEA much like you in Sri Lanka do.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Cartoon Network Asia returns".