Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Star India restricting programming to Sri Lanka

Over the last few days it has been noted that Star Channels have been restricting to programming to Sri Lanka citing territorial rights as an excuse. When it started on Star World Premiere HD with the blocking of "The Blacklist" it was assumed that this was due to AXN Asia also carrying the same programme. However this has now spread to "Sleepy Hollow" on Star World (and probably Star World Premiere) & "The Goldbergs" on Star World Premiere, not forgetting to mention "The Guardian" on Fox Crime. It should noted that these programmes are not available on the Asian feeds of channels on Dialog TV.

It looks certain that Star India is not interested in acquiring rights for Sri Lanka. This started with the pull out of Star Movies citing territorial rights.

Dialog TV should take immediate steps to rectify the issue, like we suggested some time back, lets kick Star India out of Sri Lanka for good. Dialog should approach Fox International channels and  do the following replacements
  • Bring in Fox Movies Premium SD & HD to compensate for the loss of Star Movies.
  • Replace Star World India with Star World Asia.
  • Replace Fox Crime India with Fox Channel Asia.
Already the Hindi channels on Star on Dialog TV are the Asian versions so it's best to extend this to the English channels as well.

Very soon at this rate Star Sports will stop acquiring rights for Sri Lanka when it comes to sporting events then it's time to move to Fox/Star Sports Asia.

Either Star India is not happy about Asian feeds being available to Sri Lanka or they have suddenly employed someone who doesn't like Sri Lanka. Anyway this maybe a blessing in disguise with the ability to break free of Indian feeds altogether.

The question is, what will Star do on their channels which may be available on the Indian operated competitor to Dialog TV who will enter the market soon. Most likely the same or give them an unfair advantage.

It's time to start a campaign #kickStarIndiaoutofSriLanka 


Mario said...

Well well, interesting to see how DTV handles this. With the impending launch of DISH TV soon, this will obviously give them a VERY UNFAIR advantage. Unless of course, DTV introduces Asian feeds. But at what cost ? They have already changed CN & Toonami to Indian feed, is this cuz of a cost issue or rights issue ?

Achim Unawatuna said...

Thanks for explaining this. I think it's really time to kick out star India

Achim Unawatuna said...

I really like the english subtitles on Star World and Fox crime because english isn't my mother language and I have sometimes problems understanding some american accents.
I hope, IF Dialog should switch to the Asian feeds that they also have this feature and of course that they are also recordable.

Achim Unawatuna said...

Since yesterday it says on the screen during the time of the not broadcasted programs :
"Dear customer, please note that we are currently experiencing a technical downtime from the content providers end. We regret any inconvenience caused. "

Why is this now a technical downtime?

RandomMe Entertainment said...

If you want the Asian feed of CN back, please use the following hashtag on social networking:

Achim Unawatuna said...

I don't know if it's a mistake but I can watch "Sleepy Hollow" on Star World since 13 minutes.

star said...

Dish tv Sri Lanka web site now requesting for dealers.



Best Movies 4 Free said...

Dialog TV Added New Channel on Ch No:86 Celestial TV

Achim Unawatuna said...

Another series is blocked on Star World. "Save Me"

Madavi Gunaratne said...

No more Star World! I miss my favourite prograame The Mentalist! Even The Blacklist was blocked.

typedmass797 said...

first of all theres no star sports asia theres only FOX sports Asia i think it will be a goo addition to dialog tv but the real downside is there will be no cricket going on fox sports and its channels.. oh and one more thing its not star india hiring a hater towards sri lanka its just star india isnt happy with the asian feeds added to sri lanka