Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cartoon Network feed switched

With effect from yesterday Dialog TV have reverted to the India feed of Cartoon Network. Cartoon Network feeds have been switched before too but this time it looks permanent. This is probably not a decision of Dialog TV rather seems to of Turner broadcasting that runs the channel. Cartoon Network Asia website has been blocked too & redirects to the Indian website.

The other channel from the same operator Pogo was Indian & will always be Indian since the channel is available only in India, Toonami has a Indian feed too but we still continue to receive the Asian feed. The difference between the two being that the Asian feed broadcasts Marvel & DC comic toons whereas the Indian one concentrates on DC comic toons & Anime. Marvel comic toons in India are part of Disney XD which is not available in Sri Lanka. Hopefully Turner doesn't switch Sri Lanka to Toonami India.

In other news it seems that the MTV Asia story has not materialised, however it looks like Dialog TV have halted adding new channels until the World Cup is over. We can expect new channels to be added after the World Cup promotion has run it's course.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


Unknown said...

World Cup එකෙන් පස්සේ TenHD add කරන එක ගැන ආරංචියක් නැත්ද?

Buddhika Jayasingha said...

Thanks and appreciate this work. Hoping for another good news about new channels after world cup.

Achim Unawatuna said...

Since today there is a gap in the FOX CRIME broadcast because Sri Lanka (Dialog) has no rights for "The Guardian" .
First Star Movies, now a third of Fox Crime. What's next???

Achim Unawatuna said...

Now "Sleepy Hollow" on Star World also have no content rights for Sri Lanka. And on Star World Premiere HD it's The Goldbergs and The Blacklist. As I said yesterday: what comes next?
I don't understand the issue with content rights. Does the Star Network and the Zee Network just hate Sri Lanka???? I think it's a money problem. Maybe they asked for more money and when Dialog said "No" they started to revoke the rights.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Star India restricting programming to Sri Lanka".