Monday, October 14, 2013

All new subscribers receiver HD PVR enabled MPEG4 DVB-S2 set-top box

According to information reaching us all new Dialog TV subscribers are receiving the new HD PVR enabled MPEG4 DVB-S2 set-top box. However if they want to activate any of the HD sachets they will still have to pay Rs 2990/= one time start-up fee which has been presently waived for "Gold" package subscribers.

This will mean that Dialog TV is setting itself up probably for converting more channels to MPEG4 DVB-S2 in the future and unconfirmed reports indicate that MTV India will be back on the Dialog TV lineup before the end of the year.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that some existing subscribers who are not on the "Gold" package have been reportedly been receiving some MPEG4 DVB-S2 set-top boxes but not the PVR enabled box rather one that doesn't have a LED display. Probably a lower cost box.

Dialog TV did issue a trial viewing of the HD pack for 14 days commencing from the end of September/beginning of October and this trial comes to a end over the next few days. It will be interesting to see how many will actually retain the HD pack after the trial run. This trial seems to have coincided with the issuing of MPEG4 DVB-S2 set-top boxes for new subscribers & is a good offer on the part of Dialog TV.

On other news over this weekend Star Sports 2 replaced ESPN to accommodate Formula 1 on Saturday and Sunday for a few hours. The case to include Star Sports 2 to the Dialog TV lineup is growing stronger than ever & of course the lack of transponder capacity weighs heavily on Dialog TV.

It seems that we might have a few more channels taking to MPEG4 DVB-S2 before the year comes to a close, which of course is that time of the year when Dialog TV is generally naughty than nice. December has always been a controversial month with channel replacements and time sharing's been enforced, etc, etc. So hopefully this year round would be much different with increased capacity bringing in new channels and time sharing channels being allocated separate slots.

Dialog TV should refrain from adding new local FTA channels and should concentrate of making space for international channels.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


xander jj said...

i think it's better to add Star Sports 2 to the channel list because star cricket is so annoying with Hindi Commentary. :/
and all the cricket fans can watch star sports instead of star cricket and all the football fans and F1 fans can watch matches and races peacefully.

xander jj said...

please add star sports 2 soon and we are going to miss first El Classico on 26th also :( :( most watching game of the earth :( :(

Ankur said...

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Try to post best informations like this always

Nadee said...
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jagath chandana said...

i think dialog tv replacing old set top box as new ones, they planed to go MPEG-4 DVBS2 in near future,

on the way, i met videocon d2h salesmen near dehiwala for a rs 13000/= and monthly rental 1500/= (hd connection, i think this is fair.. but i want star sports 2 channel, videocon d2h not added yet that channel, if they will add i will buy a videocon d2h and leave dialog tv..

Star said...

D2H Videocon yesterday added a new TP with 5 new channels and 27 test channels. Out of 27 test channel, few are HD channels. One more TP will be added within next month with another 32 channels.

Kapila Chathuranga said...

Videocon is great picture quality and so much channels. But not our channels. That is the problem. All other things are better than dtv
dtv have very less tv slots. They can not develop their channel slots. If they can add more tv slots and add few good free channels they can develop their customer amount. Now we can see all tamil and muslims buy dish tv videocin d2h and sun direct. Because they give many channels to less amount. But the dtv cannot do it yet. Because it is in its childhood yet. They have to spend more years to develop as dish tv. So dont u hope with many channels like other dth satellite tvs. It ii useless thing. They cant add channels now
Best example is mtv india. All ate requesting. But they cant. That is the thruth

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Star Sports 2... coming soon to Dialog TV?".