Friday, September 6, 2013

The tale of two MTV's......

It has been over a month since we made our last blog post, and after the removal of MTV India from Dialog TV and the conversion of some channels to MPEG4 DVBS2 nothing significant has happened resulting in the prolonged drought in terms of posts.

There were reports of non premiere subscribers receiving the MPEG4 DVB-S2 set-top box, not the same decoder issued that was issued to the premiere package subscribers, rather this is supposedly a display-less non PVR enabled low featured set-top box.

Reports did come in of certain subscribers receiving this set-top box but it seems that like the conversion of premiere package subscribers it hard to ascertain how many have received this box or not. We are lead to believe that the conversion is taking place since Dialog has to switch more channels to MPEG4 DVB-S2 in order to correct the imbalances and the new channels in the pipeline.

Talking of new channels, there are reports of MTV Sports due for addition in October provisionally, as in all thing Dialog TV we can surely expect a postponement. This leaves us wondering about the other MTV which was temporarily removed being MTV India. That too is said to return soon, making at wonder which channel will face the axe to make room for these channels. MTV Sports which mostly reruns Neo Sports network programming will be telecasting mostly the same content as Neo, in addition to some of their original programming. If its a choice between MTV Sports and MTV India, then Dialog TV should opt for MTV India since its a channel that subscribers were paying for that was removed after the addition of Sirasa, Shakthi and Shraddha TV.

We hope steps are taken to reintroduce MTV India soon, in addition the conversion to the MPEG4 DVB-S2 system should be sped up. 

In addition the "Dialog Test Channel" was renamed to "Dialog Test Channel1", probably indicating some testing being carried out on that channel. We have always maintained that Dialog TV shouldn't waste that channel slot due to the lack of channels on the platform, hopefully steps are taken to add a channel on that slot.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


Priyantha De Silva said...

One thing must be mentioned. When regarding SD channels,available in 16:9 format, Australia Networks's quality (Ch 34) is very good. Comparing with another SD channel on DTV, Al-Jazeera (Ch 05) has very poor quality with seen pixells. But,Australia Network is not second to the given HD cahannels. But we know, anything is not permanent even for a moment on DTV.

Kusal Sanjeeva said...

Yes. MTV India should be added to Dialog TV again soon.

jsk said...

Neth Fm eke Tv channel 1 dialogtv ekatath add karaida.. meke oct 1st patan ganne.

Pavara Deshapriya said...

It seems to be that Siyatha TV is going to comeout with a different identity.By the way I found this link.This will reveal some information

nadini perera said...

ane mtv dennako plz

E2C said...

y is that tensport gettting stuck
( I have the hd decoder )

Prabodha Nilakshi Abeywickrema said...

we want mtv india back sooooooooooooooon

E2C said...

has anybody noticed that tensport getting stuck for moment and having some glitches on the screen

medenap said...

How its made on Dis Sc is in hindi... 16/09/2013 at 8.30... my favorite program... now useless... called CC... said some times would be like this.

Randika Yasith said...


ruwan prasad said...

MTV india Contract renewal not happen,so for now Mtv india is a day dream for Dialog subscribers.

ruwan prasad said...

There are so many free to air hindi music channels.if they dont have budget to add mtv why cant they add one of that free to air channel
Free to air hindi music....
M Tunes HD
B4U Music
Music India
Music Xpress
Sur Sangeet
Zee ETC Bollywood
Yo Music
JOO music
Dhoom Music

Randika Yasith said...

add hindi music channel

ABC said...

Kawuru hari dannawada Ridhee TV eke contact number ekak?

Eyi Ridhee TV eka yana tele dramas okkoma episodes iwara wenakan yanne neththe? anthima episodes tika kawadawath yanne nehe.. aluth ekak patan gannawa.. Eyi kiyala danna kenek innawa nam kiyanwada?

mama godak try kala e gollan ge contact number ekak hoya ganna.. web site ekak wath nehe wage..

please me gena danna kenek danuwath karanna.

Kapila Chathuranga said...

Rider tv. Dialog eke channel ekak

Kapila Chathuranga said...

Me channel free nam hoda ekak add kala kiyala dialog ekata paduwak wenne nene.
Kohoma unath eyala channel slots gana wadi karanne nette aida kiyana eka prashnayak

ABC said...

Ridhee TV eka gena Dialog TV eken ahuwama kiyanne eka dialog ekata kisima sambandayak nehe.. api channel eka pennanwa witharayi kiyala..

e gena ahuwata kisima deyak dialog TV eken ganna behe.

contact karanna widiyakuth nehe..

kawuru hari dannwada dramas wala episodes anthima tika nopennwa aluth ekak patan ganne eyi kiyala?

issara ehema nehe.. eth dan 6 months wala idala ehema thamayi..

danna kenek innawa nam kiyanna. contact karanna puluwan kawuruma hari innawa nam e gena danuwath karanna.

sajith kalum said...

hindi music chnl ekk ad karnna dtv eka me taram late krnne ai

Kapila Chathuranga said...

Rider tv eke dana add walama tiyenawa me song eka pennanna awasara tiyenne dialog ridee tv ekata witarai kiyala. Ekenma penenawa eka dialog eke ekak kiyala.
Un kiyanne boru. E channel eke teledrama yanne. Kali widiyata. Attatama dan nam e chanl eka Chaa..

tvgossip lk said...

Siyatha TV Logo Display again on Test Transmission.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

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