Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dialog TV to launch prepaid service as the brand new service?

Just about a week ago we made a post about a new service that is to be launched by Dialog TV and there were speculations whether it could be a DVB-T service or a Satellite Internet Service.

Information coming in suggests that it is a "pre-paid" Dialog TV service. Service's such as this are available on DTH operators in India, etc but this will be a first for Sri Lanka & could potentially put pay television within the reach of ordinary middle class Sri Lankans. The indication of this potential service is when one dials the Dialog TV USSD Portal via Dialog mobiles on #679# an option called "Pre-paid Initial Activation" is now available which wasn't available before.

If this information is correct then it could mean that Dialog could vastly increase their subscriber base and whether a Pre-paid pay television service can be as successful as Pre-paid mobile phone service only time will tell.

'Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


dharshana Tharanga said...

@lakmal08:how are u know dr MBC Channels 26 on DTV..Is it true..???

Sulantha said...

Can anyone tell me where can I get a videoconn HD connection in Sri Lanka ? And how much is it?

SankaSoft Audio Video Productions said...

Get videoconn, Airtel And more Sat Tv

Or call 777-230259 Amarasinghe

Nokia said...

It Seems that DTV Pre Paid Service is to start Tentatively from 1st October.

Connection Fee will reach 9K-10K and the units will belongs to the Subscriber and Subscriber will have to take it home and get it fixed.

And I feel very bad as we could not watch t 20 matches on HD. DTV being the only HD provider in Sri Lanka they should telecast Star Cricket at least during Matches on Time Sharing basis.

Our Lankans are playing the match

Sri Lanka is the hosting country this time

INDIA can watch it on HD but not Sri Lankans….

Mario said...

@ SankaSoft Audio Video Productions

Satlanka can be kind of expensive.

There are a few places if u look in the HITAD

DigitalTV said...
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DigitalTV said...


40+ Channels
Monthly Charge Rs 490/-

1. TV Lanka
2. Rupavahini
3. ITN
4. HiruTV
5. SiyathaTV
6. Swarnawahini
7. Derana
8. TNL
9. The Buddhist
11. CNN
13. Discovery HD
14. NGC Wild
15. Animal Planet
16. FOX traveler
17. POGO
18. Sun TV
19. KTV
21. Kaliganar TV
22. Adithya TV
25. Jaya TV
26. CSN
27. TEN cricket
28. Star Cricket
29. Neo STAR
31. TEN HD
33. HBO
34. MGM
35. Movies Now HD
36. STAR Plus HD
37. Zee TV HD
38. WB
39. Peace TV

Connection Charge + Equipments = Rs 4900/-
Please see the Attachment for more info

077 85 85 177

Nokia said...

Heard that TV LANKA is facing a license issue and where they are not authorized to issue the said service.

Further the Mentioned HD Channels are not real HD 1083 * 720 but just the HD content on normal platform.

Thanks to DigitalTV for posting the same thing over and over again on this blog.

Unknown said...

TV Lanka.

I remember you fuckers. You guys were one of the reasons several cable TV companies in Sri Lanka including CBNSat and LBN were unjustifiably forced offline back in 2007. Back then you were claiming you were the only licensed operator (or some shit like that). When these services were shut down, I remember you guys were defending your corrupted motives and vested interests with a program named "Kangaroo Courts" on your shit ass TV channel TV Lanka.

It's a disgrace you are now launching a Pay TV service. You are corrupted and should go to hell. So, from the bottom of my heart, I suggest you go and fuck yourselves with your new service. No one here is buying that shit.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Dialog TV Prepaid Service to launch 1st October".