Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dialog TV to launch new service

It's been a couple of days now since Discovery HD World launched & now according to information being received by us, Dialog TV is carrying out major changes in their system in order to launch a brand new service. According to this the changes have nothing to do with the content on Dialog TV. 

No information has emerged regarding this but rumors flying around indicate that it could be Digital Terrestrial Television or Satellite Internet or anything else for that matter.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress regarding this "new service" & all other Dialog TV related news.


chinthakame said...

මම නම් ඊයේ PEO TV ගත්තා...අපරාදෙ අපි මෝඩ උනා, Dialog කාරයින්ට මච්චර කලක් පවු ගෙවුවා...PEO TV එලකිරියට පේනවා...අනික MBC channels තියනවා...,,Dialog TV විසිකරපල්ලා..

Marlon Ferdinando said...

Hope to hear good news from dialog TV!!!!!!!!!!

SankaSoft Audio Video Productions said...

When good news from dialog TV?
Its' Dream!
dialog TV is bad service and Not New NEWS!

Lankan Blogger said...

@ Chinthakame
I'm sure Dialog already knows that you dumped them (if you really did). So there is no need to tell it here also. Unless you are trying to show off to everyone, in which case, go boil your head. Bye.

deepak kurana said...

දැන්ම PEO TV අරගනිල්ල.ලබන අවුරුද්දේ වෙන Major upgrade එකෙන් පස්සේ දැනට ඉන්න customers ලට වැඩියෙන් benifit ලැබෙනවලු

deepak kurana said...

lanka blogger ඉන්නේ ලි0 මැ ඩි මනසිකත්වයෙන්නේ .පොඩ්ඩක් ළිදෙන් එලියට පැනල බලපන්කො dialog විතරක් නෙමෙයි තියෙන්නේ.

Lankan Blogger said...

@ Deepak
I didn't tell anyone not to go use other services like PEO and LBN. I just said not to boast about PEO TV on the Dialog TV forum.

Do you not understand that?

chinthakame said...

@Lankan Blogger- ඔයා කවුද?මගේ Comments විවෙචනය කරන්න.මම කියන්නේ මගෙ අදහස? Blog එක ඔයාගෙ අම්මගෙ ද?මමනේ දන්නෙ මම අවුරුදු ගානක් Dialog කරපු කෙනෙක්...ඉතින් මම දන්නවා වෙනස.....ඔයා නිකන් මිනිස්සු අමාරුවේ දන්න එපා....Dialog එකට පුක දෙන්නත් එපා...

lakmal08 said...

:)))))))))) මෙතන තියෙන්නෙ ලබාදෙන සේවාවන්හි ග=ණාත්මක භාවය හා දුර්වලතා පිළිබද සංවාදයක් හැමෝටම තමන්ගේ අදහස් ඉදිරිපත්කරන්නත් සේවාවන් හදුන්ාදෙන්නත් ඒවා ලබාගැනීමට යොමු කිරීමත් කරන්න පුළුවන්
ඒ සියළු අදහස් එකිනෙකට වෙනස්

මීට මාස 4කට පමණ පෙර මා සිරසරෑපවාහිනිය ඩයලොග් වෙතින් ලබාදිය යුත=යි කීවා එදා මටත් චින්තකට උන දේම සිදුවුනා මාත් ඩයලොග් ටීවි අලෙවි කරනව ඒ අලෙවි කිරීම් වලදි අපෙන් අහන ප%ශ්න මම මේ බ්ලොග් 1 සංවාදයට යොමු කලා Lankan Blogger ගෙ අදහස් හොදයි හැබැයි තමන් හරී කියල හැම වෙලේම හිතන්න එපා මොනව උනත් ඔබගේ අදහසුත් ගොඩක් වටිනව

Peo tv වල ඔන් වෙන්න විනාඩි 03ක් පමණ යනව චැනල් ඉක්මනින් මාරැ කරන්නත් අමාරැයි විකාශන ස්ථානයෙන් සිට දුර වැඩි වෙනකොටත් ගොඩක් ප%ශ්න තියෙනව

chinthakame said...

lakmal08: අනිවා....සහෝ....PEO TV උනත් ඒවගෙ case තියනවා...

vetop1234 said...

peo TV එකේ එහෙම channel මාරු වෙන්න වෙලා යන්නේ full channel bandwith එකම viewer ට allocate වෙන නිසා.නමුත් dialog tv වල satatiscal multiplexing කියල දෙයක් වෙනවා.එකෙන් වෙන්නේ channel වැඩි වෙනකොට එක channel එකකට allocate වෙන bandwith එක අඩු වෙනවා.ඒ වගේම content එකේ fast moving video තියෙනවනම් එකට වැඩියෙන් bandwidth allocate වෙනවා.ඒ bandwidth හොරා ගන්නේ අනෙක් channel වලින්. එතකොට අනෙක් channel වල quality එකට කෙල වෙනවා. නමුත් channel ඔක්කොම STB එකට tune වෙලා තියෙන නිසා channel අතර ඉක්මනට මාරු වෙනවා. PEO TV .වල එහෙම STB එකට channel tune වෙලා නෑ.viewer channel එක select කරන කොට exchange එකේ තියෙන DSLAM කියන එකෙන් full bandwith තියෙන channel එකක් එනවා.ඒ හින්දිය් channel මාරුවෙන්න ටිකක් වෙලා යන්නේ.නමුත් channel ගාන වැඩි කරා කියල quality බහින්නේ නෑ

OkenSilva said...

i dont think its satellite internet...satellite internet is very slow....must be something else..

Marlon Ferdinando said...

Satellite Internet speeds are generally much slower than DSL speeds. While satellite Internet speeds, like DSL speeds, can vary, the average satellite Internet speed in the United States is about 1Mbps for downloads and 200Kbps -- 0.2Mbps -- for uploads. This difference in speed will primarily be noticeable in the transfer times for large downloads and uploads, such as movies, or large numbers of photos or songs. But because of the distances the data must travel, satellite Internet also typically involves a delay from click to response of around three-quarters of a second, which can make online gaming difficult or unworkable.

Marlon Ferdinando said...

Sadly, satellite internet connections are still slow. Down speed (to your computer) is commonly 1 megabit per second, not significantly faster than a telephone modem. Upload speed is even less. But satellite internet is sometimes the only choice for people in remote locations where there is no cable or telephone line.

OkenSilva said...

i think its the Digital terrestrial television

Unknown said...

I thought of making this comment since there has been blatant promotion of PEO TV in on this blog in the last few days, as if it was a flawless service.

Been using Dialog since the CBNsat days. At one point about a year ago I decided to dump DialogTV for PEO TV (At that time there was a promotion for a free wireless router with every new PEO connection or something like that going on as well). SLT guys came up and installed the service and it seemed to work. But then the problems.

Whenever I wanted to watch channels during the daytime, it used to give me this goddamn "waiting signal" error. The the channels would begin to work but this error would randomly appear from time to time. Worst of all, my SLT ADSL connection would become unstable whenever someone switched PEO TV on in the household (I have no idea if this is even possible, but trust be it happened). I also found the switching between channels painfully slow. On dialog this is almost instantaneous and me being used to this speed found the experience painful on PEO. Also, I didn't notice any difference of video quality between two services on the 29" LG television I had at that time. Then, just two days after I got the service, the router provided by SLT died. This was it for me and I decided to disconnect PEO TV. Went back to DTV and been with it since then. The only positive PEO had over DTV for me was that they had two Disney channels Dialog didnt have.

I'm sure not everyone has had (or will have) a terrible experience with PEO as me but I just wanted to let you know that PEO TV is not the superior, magical, flawless solution to DTV as some on this blog claim it to be.

Dul sam said...

there still that issue on ESPN hd.every 5min picture stuck for a 1min or so.please fix that.

Marlon Ferdinando said...

@ Dul sam I am having the same probelem ESPN HD getting stuck. Its very annoying to the viewers. FIX THAT ASAP....

Tharaka Mapalagama said...

Thankfully I've been very lucky to have all HD Channels uninterrupted. And the recording also works fine for me.
And from recently Star Movies sound track comes in Dolby Digital 6.1 as well.

Priyantha said...

Any news about Star Cricket HD???

nilu said...

I asked Dialog are they going to add star cricket HD for the T20 WC. they reply me "Dialog TV management has not yet informed that we broadcast HD star cricket channel for the T20 world cup."

shame. we have to watch as SD.

SLP said...

Now they do have each and everything for air it in HD, do you really think that they issue it without a strong marketing campaign?

Just wait and watch,
Things are not always is as it seems.

dharshana Tharanga said...

any good news from "Sirasa Channels"?

Priyantha said...

Star Cricket HD is not going to add Dialog tv....Confirm ...very bad dialog...

nilu said...

Really bad move by dialog... everyone waiting for the T20 WC

Dul sam said...

this is why I told you guys on a earlier topic dialog must time share hd channels until they're capable enough to give 8 r 10 channels.but the idiots in this blog who think they r live in country likeUSA are all rejected my idea(this references to the ones who commented on that topic)

if you encourage dialog to time share the important live event like t20 world cup(until they r capable enough to give every hd channel) all the dialog hd subcriebers would watch t20 world cup in HD

DigitalTV said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DigitalTV said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DigitalTV said...


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Monthly Charge Rs 490/-

1. TV Lanka
2. Rupavahini
3. ITN
4. HiruTV
5. SiyathaTV
6. Swarnawahini
7. Derana
8. TNL
9. The Buddhist
11. CNN
13. Discovery HD
14. NGC Wild
15. Animal Planet
16. FOX traveler
17. POGO
18. Sun TV
19. KTV
21. Kaliganar TV
22. Adithya TV
25. Jaya TV
26. CSN
27. TEN cricket
28. Star Cricket
29. Neo STAR
31. TEN HD
33. HBO
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37. Zee TV HD
38. WB
39. Peace TV

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lakmal08 said...

අපෝ මේ ලිස්ට් එකේ තියෙන ගොඩක් චැනල් වලට සල්ලි ගෙවන එක පාඩුයි

SLP said...

If that really is the case, this shall probably be a licensing issue then?

Dilandkl said...

SOO TRUE Dul sam... I was waiting to watch T20 in HD =(. Ahh man what to do now...

leyland said...

I too was waiting to watch the T20 WC on HD and unfortunately it appears that we will not have it. Another thing that I noticed yesterday is the lack of DTV inserted local ads on Star Cricket during the match yesterday. I hope it remains this way until the end of the T20 WC.

Unknown said...

i got videoconn d2h HD connection from a local dealer after disconnecting dialog tv. I am really happy with the package as i can get espn, star cricket, ten HD channels plus you get set six HD where they show the IPL and Rugby championship. for all the services i pay a mear 1200 LKR.

lakmal08 said...

MBC channels 02 26 දෙනව කියන්නෙ ඇත්තද

Nokia said...


Y'day I dialed #679# to activate Star Cricket to my Uncles' DTV Account.

There I found that there is a option (4) Pre-Paid Initial Activation. Which was not there earlier. That means there can be Dialog TV Pre Paid like GSM Pre paid connections.

That could be the new service they are to launch soon.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Dialog TV to launch prepaid service as the brand new service?".