Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dialog TV adopts high handed tactics with Setanta

As rumored previously Dialog TV have decided to make Setanta Sports an "add on" channel for all packages. Even Gold package subscribers have to pay Rs 99/= plus taxes in order to view this channel, a move that is seen as extremely unfair since Setanta is a FTA channel & can be watched by anyone with a regular Dish antenna & is also available FTA over CSN at certain times.

Dialog is in no doubt a position to sell their connections to hard core rugby fans in the country. The last time Dialog tried this was with Discovery Turbo & Discovery Science which was grossly overpriced at Rs 150/= per channel, therefore after a period of a few months Dialog added the channels FOC to the Gold Package.

We believe that "Setanta" is overpriced at Rs 99/= and should be revised to Rs 49/=, in addition it should be added FOC to the "Gold" package, we believe that many will refrain from activating the channel with the exception of the few hard core rugby fans who are on Dialog TV.

If Dialog is able to add this channel to the "Gold" package FOC then they are well placed to promote their connection together with the Gold package as the default package to the hard core rugby fans. They will also be able to lure existing subscribers to upgrade to the "Gold" package.

Well in due time we will know whether Dialog succeed with this tactic or whether whether they are forced to add it FOC to the "Gold" package once again.

With many subscribers now demanding the addition of "Ten Action" which has secured the rights for most of all the European club football action including the UEFA League, it is no doubt that Dialog TV must add it at the expense of an existing channel, hopefully "CSN" which is reportedly going island wide on FTA. But whether "Ten Action" would equate to an additional Rs 99/= is the question at the moment.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


TelevisionLAnka said...

Attention: This is to bring to your notice that all Dialog tv channels will be unavailable from 3rd to 6th august, between 12 midnight and 5am everyday, due to a system repair activity. tv channels will be unavailable from 3rd to 6th august, between 12 midnight and 5am everyday, due to a system repair activity.

Dallas said...


I agree with many things on this blog, but I'm sorry... i disagree with you on this one.

I don't think 99 rupees is a lot to pay for Sentanta... especially with the Tri Nations Rugby going on... and the World Cup coming up.

For many years Sri Lankan TV has lacked diverse and quality rugby content.

Over the years, going to a bar in the hopes of watching the game has ended up with disappointed. Sometimes they are showing a different sport, sometimes you have to watch it without sound, etc.

And who is to say that a pay tv operator like Dialog may keep the channel after the world cup... when rugby ratings and rugby fever dies down?

Therefore, I am voting with my wallet to ensure that Sentanta stays. Supply & Demand.

DialogUser said...

the rugby world cup will not be shown on SETANTA. The rights have been acquired by NEO sports and will be shown on that channel

Dude said...

The World Cup on NEO is only for the Indian Sub Continent, Setanta has it for the rest of Asia.

Setanta is not available in India. So we will be able to watch it on Neo Sports & Setanta. Probably Neo Sports with commercials, Setanta Sports without commercials.

DialogUser said...

Setanta has the rights for Ireland.
I am not too sure about setanta broadcasting RWC 2011 in Asia and i am yet to see any substantiated source anywhere to say otherwise

DialogUser said...

Further to the above there is nothing in Setanta ASIA website about RWC. I am pretty sure with about 1 month to go before the event they would have been promoting it big time if they had the rights

Dallas said...
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Dallas said...

I have never said that the Rugby World Cup is on Sentanta... I was already aware of that. Regardless, the way i structured my sentence left a misunderstanding in what i was trying to imply/communicate. I should clarify... what I said was:

"I don't think 99 rupees is a lot to pay for Sentanta... especially with the Tri Nations Rugby going on... and the World Cup coming up"

Meaning... the timing. With the Rugby World Cup coming up... it would be pretty bad to miss all of the rugby games leading up to the cup.

Some people only like to watch rugby during the world cup... those who actually really love watching rugby will want to see the build up to the cup... and continue watching rugby afterwards.

ajithanl_j said...

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ajithanl_j said...

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Mario said...
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Thush D said...

Yep have to agree with the above, it's dialog's loss if customers don't pay to watch setanta after the world cup and so forth, but 99/= isn't a hefty charge for a channel dat's dedicated to rugby... Thanx DTV for adding it before the tri nations...

Priyantha said...

no need to add sentana. we can see all matches with CSN. CSN ahve rights with sentana LIVE.

admin said...

csn didnt show any rugby league matches live this week end nor did they show the England vs Wales match yesterday nor will they show any curry cup matches and the itm cup matches live. only the repeat telecasts

Rovin said...

we need ten action+ :(

unlich236 said...

i think ten action is not a god football channel. thats why they dont interested with that

for football fans i think

goal tv 1 , goal tv 2 are the best

web -- http://www.goal.tv/

above channels are like setanta sports full dedicated channel

and i likes to see TRUE TV on their channel line up-- maxxa channel


Larukh said...

GoalTv might be good 24 hour football channel but they don't telecast live matches of Europe's biggest leagues, Champions League and Europa League..TEN Action is a must... If DTV won't add TEN Action by the start of Champion's League, I'll switch to a Indian DTH no matter how much illegal they are said to be..

Thush D said...

Ten Action is a must, no two words about it. I will switch to Indian DTH if it's not added, no two words about that too. UEFA Champions League matches cannot be missed at any point, so Ten Action has to be there. Nobody wanted it taken off in the first place.

kappa said...

PVR Price reduced to Rs. 250/-


TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "PVR Rental reduced".