Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ten Action out, Ten Cricket in

Okay after about a week of replacing Ten Sports with Ten Cricket for Live Cricketing content, Dialog has finally decided to replace Ten Action with Ten Cricket. Well according to the information, Ten Sports will move into the Ten Action slot and Ten Cricket will take the place of Ten Sports. Apparently free for Gold package subscribers, never believe that until it actually happens.

Well what we suggested was to replace Ten Action with Ten Cricket only for the Live Cricket until a permanent replacement is carried out. But the High and Mighty's have decided to remove the only soccer channel on their lineup. Somebody in that team does not like soccer and loves Hindi programming, is the only conclusion that we can arrive at.

Anyway at least people who watch Ten Sports will not be rudely interrupted while watching non cricketing content.

The change is due to happen today or tomorrow. Hopefully a decision is taken by Dialog to spare the only soccer channel on the platform and swap a Hindi channel on a temporary basis.

If Ten Action is replaced then it will counted as another "dumb/stupid" move. The dumb/stupid move list is getting longer faster than we expected.

Please continue updating us on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.

Update (November 4th 2010, 4:50pm) : Ten Sports will be apparently available for all subscribers on Dialog TV after the replacement. (Source


Mili said...

Actually Ten Cricket replaced Ten Sports, and from today onwards Ten Sports will replace Zee Sports. > Addition of TEN Cricket to Dialog TV

Lisura said...

Another foolish move by Dialog TV. Without removing a channel with a less viewership they have removed the only soccer channel they had.

And another robbery cause Zee Sports was there for lower packages and now they lose that channel as a result of this foolish decision. So we can consider this as an indirect price increase too.

And as usual pricing is about 4 times the cost !!!

Dialog TVs profit is
600 % on the Discovery Pack and
400 % on Ten Cricket

Should we say more ? TRC should really take some action regarding this matter cause it's so unjust !

Lisura said...

Dialog TV thinks DTH is a game of checkers !

Even if they claim that they are super duper customer care people,
They don't know the subscribers taste at all.

ridma said...

thanks add ten cricket.ten action removed.ten cricket charge 99LKR.THANK U VERY MUCH D TV.PLZ NEXT ADD CHANNEL 9.

Chandika Gunawardhana said...

thanks for adding Ten Cricket. but now, we can't watch UEFA Champions league football matches on Ten Action.............

Lisura said...

in CBNSat times we had 2 dedicated soccer channels Goal TV 1 and Goal TV 2. When Dialog took over they've never put them back.

And lately we had Ten Action+ for soccer fans and due to DTV heads infamous "checker game" now there are no soccer channels !

Lets play DTV checkers !!!

ajithanl_j said...

very good moove

ajithanl_j said...

if you want football buy a dish tv network,this is not india we dont like footbal.we like cricket and rugger,sick of the indian channels how they ignore rugger the best sport in the world..

Anonymous said...

@ajithanl_j we are sick of people like you only think about your self. We have already enough cricket channels. Not everyone like cricket either. so there's no problem to DTV give one soccer channel.

Lisura said...

Well said buddhi !

These guys don't know what variety is. And they have not seen what other DTH operators offer at a lower price tag. So all that they can do is praise the DTV no matter what dumb moves they make.

Priyantha said...

Please dont do like this..we want ten action also. Asian games also broadcasting ten action. and also carling cup, UAFA Champions Leage ...please remove hindi channel and add ten action.

Mario said...

@ Mili

Nice to see you on this blog. But once again DTV has got it all wrong.

All 3 channels are needed. TEN SPORTS, TEN CRICKET & TEN ACTION.

Surely one of those crappy Hindi channels can be taken off ?? Or is becuz of ul's famous line " we cant according to the contract we have ... " crap ? Why not remove Prime TV at least ? or is there also some government issue in that ?

Mario said...

DTV says TEN ACTION wont be back anytime soon.....

Whats the feed of TEN CRICKET we are currently getting, INDIAN or International ?

Conny said...

PEO TV adds Animal Planet, Fox Crime and FX to the Al-a-Carte menu at LKR 50 each...

Wine TV and Euro Sports channels have been removed...

Tensing said...


1. Sold 73 channels for Rs. 1949.00 + VAT + NBT
2. Increased to 75 channels for Rs. 1949.00 + VAT + NBT
3. Marketing eight local channels free of charge which is freely available with a MATV antenna.
4. Giving scramble channel (channel 74, 73, 71, 16, 1)
5. End of the day customer ending up with 62 channels
6. Giving goods for nothing channel

! We thought when a network gets old the price goes down. THINK, Initial investment are recovered in daily basis so the product is sold for an attractive an competitive price (Ex. Dialog Telekom)
Dialog TV – other way around
1. Removing channel (1, 16, 71, 73, 74)
2. Charging extra to activate scramble channel
Good marketing and sales tack tics when your blowing others trumpet

Lisura said...

Very good analysis Tensing !
Real eye opener for all concerned !!

nilupa priyanka said...

Yes, really good analysis by Tensing.
this all because there are no enough competitors for DTH in Sri Lanka. look India, there are many DTH operators.

ridma said...

plz add ten action & dd sport.remoned TH TV & CCTV.d tv no added full sport channe.plz added.
plz added this is complite sport channel.we are love sport.

Mario said...

I have a feeling DTV will have to sell of its operations to another party. In the long run it will be better for the Dialog group.

They dont seem to have any funds to expand capacity for new channels. The replace what is already there and then expect people to pay more as well !!

The whole issue is that there no other DTH provider in SL so DTV is just doing what it wants. Just the same way Dialog mobile was dominating before Celltel (now Etisalat ) launched GSM, then Mobitel and Airtel. Then Dialog got its act together and now have largest customer base by far, the same happened with mobile broadband too.

So what DTV and we need is some competition in the DTH field, not Indian like DISH & TATA sky, but some local competitor. But by the way things are going I really doubt they anyone will take up that challenge.

Nokia said...

Good news guys,

Euro Sports will be avalable on DTV from today onwards. This will be a test transmission for some times.

Channel will be avalable for all packagers untill they confirm. This channel is to replace Zee Trends.

This might not take place today due to the heavy rain to colombo. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Mario said...

So another channel being taken off...

Asian Games opening ceremony tomorrow, Friday @ 5.15pm on Ten Sports

nilupa priyanka said...

Airtel can be good candidate for DTH. because presently their operate in India.

kevin said...

Euro Sports test transmition is on......

Chandika Gunawardhana said...

Yes, Euro Sports is on......

ajithanl_j said...

does eurosport show rugby?

Chandika Gunawardhana said...

Yes, I think. they show English Rugby

Priyantha said...

Dialog Tv shoud add these channels...they have to get another Tranponder.,Remove Fox Crime,cctv news,TH tv, Ranaroo..then they can leder in Sri Lanka. If not ?????

Ten Action+
Fox Family Movies
AXN Beyond
Universal Channel
Sony Entertainment Television
BBC Knowledge
E! Entertainmen
Fashion TV
Nat Geo Music
Trace TV
Vision1 Sports
BBC Entertainment
BBC Lifestyle

Lankan Blogger said...

This blog seems to be all about oneself. Selfishness all around. From the admin down to the commenter.

Some of you dont realise that there are other people who watch Dialog, not just you. So you cant have everything you want.

For example, the only football channel on Dialog was removed to make way for the third cricket channel because a few people were making big noise (including the admin). Isnt the admin supposed to represent ALL the customers of DTV?

And now the above commenter, Priyantha, asks to remove FOX Crime, CCTV and Rana Roo. What about the people who watch those channels?

Rana Roo is a channel for the armed forces and their families. Just because you cant watch it doesnt mean that nobody else should.

Meanwhile I think a lot of people have realised that this blog is a hollow vase. The hollow vase makes noise when tapped, but there is nothing inside it.

Dialog too will stop listening to you people because you complain too much and about small things. As if there is nothing better going on in your lives.

And Lisura, I remember you from the CBN Sat Subscribers Unite days. That was a noble thing you did, but now where are you? You are a living advertisement for Indian DTH networks. But four years ago you were worried about us having to turn to Indian DTH because CBN Sat would be shut down. Do you hate Dialog so much.

Please return this blog to its former glory and bring some sort of moderation in. Too much extremism here. Or else this place will become more of a laughing stock.

Lisura said...

We protected CBNSat not because of anything else but it was a very much customer oriented company.

But what happened after Dialog took over ? Day by day they started ignoring the subscriber needs. They have increased rentals just to turn them into a profit making situation COMPLETELY IGNORING THE SUBSCRIBER.

So over the years not only me, So many DTV subscribers have turned onto alternatives like Dish TV.

You cant force us to be with one service provider. And this is an open platform. Admin and all others express their individual views.

This is subscribers platform so it's naturally biased towards the issues we face regarding the channel additions, removals, rental increases etc. We do not want to white wash or represent DTV.

We have shown them clearly that they are in the wrong track. It's upto them to correct it and be much more of a customer oriented company. If they fail to do that they will have to face the consequences as what happened to Comet Cable !

Admin said...

Not only sport channels,
we need some entertainment too......
add movie channels! HBO sucks!
and change nickelodeon india feed to south asia feed!

ajithanl_j said...

we need the rugby channel please or super sports channels.we didnt see the autumn rugby series,the sevens,european rugby..there is a huge demand for rugby.why cant dialog tv see this.look at how many schools play rugby,how many students that play rugby,how much rugby is in demand in kandy and has a huge following.many are going for satlanka packages which has the supersports lineup.please dont force people to go to satlanka which is quite expensive....

Nalin Kiing said...


LBN has introduced Zee TV's Asia Pacific version, so most of hindi movie lovers can watch Hindi Movies with English Subtitles. Hope this would be great news for Hindi Movie lovers. Cheers....

Keyweez said...

DTV have added EuroSport on chanel no. 33 as a Test Transmission.

Priyantha said...

I think Dtv should Add Rugby channel, Like super sports. Euro Sports is not telecasting all Rugby matches. they telecast only 1 hour rugby.
Super Sports(Rugby)
Ten Action+
Fox Family Movies
AXN Beyond
Universal Channel
Sony Entertainment Television
BBC Knowledge
E! Entertainmen
Fashion TV
Nat Geo Music
Trace TV
Vision1 Sports
BBC Entertainment
BBC Lifestyle

Dtv have to add another trans ponder and add these channel. then Dtv is sri lankan number one DTH company. other wise PEO tv becaming number one.

yasanga said...

Some more channels
Universal movies
Warner brothers movies
Sony pix
disny channel
disny toon
some english music channels

Lisura said...

DTV can't add new channels without removing an existing channel. Other option is to reduce the picture quality and squeeze in some channels.

DTV will need to buy additional transponders to put more channels. And they will have to convert their platform to MPEG 4 - DVB S2 standard which will facilitate increasing the picture quality, channel capacity and HDTV capability.

Without doing these it's a distant dream !

SLP said...

Yeah pals, I agree to most of the comments.

1. Comparing to DTV with CBNSat, CBN is a very much customer oriented company. She didn't have many channels as the DTV today. But she rander a great service, excellent customer oriented with reasonable price. DTV lacks all of these. Even though you guys have more channels it comes with a big price that a usual candidate could not attend. Then your customer service is far bad as from bottom to top of the organization hierarchy all-known-big-heads are handling it without caring the subscriber and his needs.

2. If DTV needs to be customer oriented, They should follow the minimum requirements.
a) good service at the reasonable
b).Good after sales service on
customer requests
c).Its not the profit that counts,
The number of customers does,
Eventually you will get profit
and the customer retention.
d).you are still doing this
massacre only because customers
do not have informed decisions.
And once they got it sooner or
later, your customer base will
erode and its exclusively
because of your profit oriented

(its a long vanished concept,
now the strategy is customer
orientation, and you should
know it)

3. With these terms you are unable to explore more channels without low picture quality with present transponder capacity ah?. Then move to MP4, as we always request invest this funds, you will get the return, isn't DTV is the biggest customer growth to you?

4. As for subscribers, Having whining for new channels at this instance is useless as DTV is struck for it's move. Even I agree to the premium lists provided here, it will make great value addition so that not normal customer such as us could bear it.

anyway addition is welcome if they could afford

5. DTV market is so diversified, A rural sector who does not even heard what cbees is. They simply need is more local contents. And also thats the biggest customer base to DTV. so you cannot simply avoid that.

Then the middle people who are being with BBC/CNN plus Locals
and having or not Cricket fever

Again the Hindi addicts just because of the local hindi exploration

And another vital sector, Tamil speaking peoples, which to-date is not sufficiently catered.

And finally the extremes such as addicts for Rugger, Golf, Tennis, Special Movie categories., etc where majority of the viewer-ship is not interested about.,

So basically all channels have their target users more or less. So If DTV really into this, They should need to move to MP4 and get some space for new channels and keep the already up-linked.

Being not watching THTV or Ranaroo should not make them to remove from lineup. Instead we subscribers need to urge them to use MP4, so that new channels can be up-linked without any issues....

For me, I do have my own list of channels that should need to be available on DTV

1st List
SUN Music
AXN Beyond
Sony PIX
NTV (Rupavahini)
Siyatha/Max TV
Sirasa/Shakthi/Channel 1 MTV

Supplimentary List
Universal x
BBC x (Knowledge, Lifestyle,
ABC (If possible)

Nokia said...

I think we should start a new topic now :)

Conny said...

Ten action has been removed and EuroSports is on Test transmission at slot 33.

Star Sports/Cricket, Neo Sports/Cricket and Ten Sports/Cricket has been lined up one after the other...

Priyantha said...

I think Dialog have to add Ten Action+ other wise we miss Champions League Matches..

Lisura said...

These days Ten Action+ broadcasts Asian Games most of the time.

SLP said...

As per budget proposals of 2011 (recited today) requested to expand the tax for foreign teledrama based tax (already loaded to Local TV Channels) to cable TV providers.

I simply don't know how this scheme be implemented on the ground scale. But yet it looks like another price hike.

Lets wait and see for the action.

Nokia said...


Cable and even Satellite TV is telecasting all foreign contents not local.....

Will that increases the current rental? Currently 15% paying as tax......

Conny said...

It is said as Cable TV and does that include DTH and IPTV also??

star said...

Yes. It is only for Cable tv. But, how they are going implement this?

Any tamil programs from India is currently Exempted from this tax for the local Tv channels.

Hope, this will applicable for Cable Tv also.

SLP said...

Well guys, Its not the way its sounds I think.

Since if it caters as Cable TV, Then where is Cable Tv In Sri Lanka!?. LBN is it? I don't think so. Still I thought they were using microwave links rather cabled network.

Rather, I think it covers DTH and IPTV. The term CABLE simply not means the cable itself but all kind of pay TV systems.

Anyway its too early to comment, Lets wait and see.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Ten Action removal a loss for football fans".