Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Daylight robbery by Dialog TV

Well guess what, Dialog has done it again. More like robbed its subscribers again. Even Gold package (the premiere package) subscribers have to pay for Discovery Science & Discovery Turbo. Whilst all other packages have to pay Rs 199/= per channel the only consolation is that Gold subscribers have to pay only Rs 199/= for both channels. Looks like Dialog TV has taken a cue out of PEO TV on this one, even PEO TV charge extra for additional channels to be added to their premiere package (PEO Platinum).

We do not think that subscribers will complain too much if the additional charge was reasonable but here it is way overpriced at Rs 199/= for one or both channels is just too much. Not many subscribers have even bothered with activating these two channels so far and we believe it will remain so unless Dialog reduces the rental for these two channels.

So it looks like all future channel additions would come at a cost even for Gold package subscribers, meaning Ten Cricket would cost even more than Rs 250/=. So this is a sign that dark clouds are gathering over Dialog TV and they will R.I.P sooner than later.

No doubt that Dialog TV is promoting Indian DTH operators by adopting high handed tactics such as these.

Please keep us updated on the latest developments on Dialog TV as the days progress.


Priyantha De Silva said...

well said Admin,
"Daylight Robbery by Dialog TV"

Gold is Gold , nothing other else.
The only thing happening is expending DISH TV base in Sri Lanka.

What's the hell with DTV management ?

podiman said...

If not for the inital cost what has been spend on the Dialog TV connection by the subscribers most will go for Indian DTH connection. I have see a SL sat forum offering Dish TV connection for SL Rs 6500/= with 3 months free rental. Anyway there are much more cheaper ways than Dialog TV if you search for it.

alf said...


alf said...

I hope JESIKA,RUKMAL,FREEMAN,RUKSHAN,RANAWEERA the Kothalawala boy avail this fantastic offer from DTV.I think even the god packages should be charged at Rs.199/- per channel for Turbo and Science.I dont think they can survive without this kind of tactics for long.If u go to the Dialog outlet at Duplication road,all the glamour and "PADA SHOW" they had are gone,the nice looking girls who used to dictate terms are no more,and the reception is occupied by a security person,no handsets for sale,the tiles are worn out and broken

This is the work of moda Naushad Perera and Romesh Anthony and some fools here think they will be reasonable. No way then Muhunthan should come back after chasing this headless arseholes who think they are smart.

Chandika Gunawardhana said...

If they're going to charge for Ten Cricket, better they swap ten sports and ten cricket.

MW said...

Is satNet no more?

Conny said...

PEO TV adds NEO Cricket, NEO Sports and Australia Network @ NO additional cost to the channel line up.

jagath said...

I think dialog tv must add Ten Cricket channel during the next week. Bcoz, Asian Games will be broadcast on Ten Sports on 12th November and Sri Lanka vs West Indies series broadcast on Ten Cricket on 15th November,Then dialog tv must broadcast two events at same time. so, I think Dtv will launch Ten Cricket as soon.....

jagath said...

According to Ten sports web site they will broadcast Sri Lanka vs West Indies series only first three days only then other two days will broadcast on Ten Cricket channel and according to Dialog Tv customer care they will broadcast Asian Games too. Hence I think Dialog TV will launch Ten Cricket channel separate on temporary basis......

Lisura said...

Dialog TV gets Discovery Turbo and Science channels at less than Rs. 70 for both channels.

See the unrealistic price that they are selling it ?

If they are so responsible for the betterment of the society as they always shout out, DTV should give Discovery Science free for the benefit of the sudents of Sri Lanka.

They spend in millions for advertising from the money generated from selling channels in the black market !

As podiman said Dish TV is selling at 6500/= for the full connection and the monthly rental for the full package is less than LKR 850.

Discovery Science and Turbo pack is less than LKR 65 !!!!!

No one cant stop people buying Dish TV now !

Even if you buy from SatNet iys cheaper than Dialog now !

Lisura said...

The BIG headed bossy characters at Dialog TV do not care about subscribers at all. They are so arrogant.

Why is TRC is also silent about this robbery ? How-come Dialog buy these channels at LKR 62.50 and selling at LKR 398 ??????

It's high time for Airtel to launch their DTH service in Sri Lanka.

Lisura said...

Dialog spends in millions to showcase their fantastic "customer care"

What rubbish ! They earn that money also from the fooled subscribers who pay huge rentals to Dialog TV.


Nokia said...

Ten Cricket is to go live on DTV today.

Ten Cricket will get the Ten Sports' channel number on the line up and Zee Sports will be replased by Ten Sports.
(That means Zee Sports will be no more avalable in DTV with the changers)

Further Ten Cricket will be given FOC for the Gold Customers and others to pay 99/= as a single channel.

I hope that the information received is correct.

Will wait and see the changers

Lisura said...

Another foolish move by Dialog TV. Without removing a channel with a less viewership they have removed the only soccer channel they had.

And another robbery cause Zee Sports was there for lower packages and now they lose that channel as a result of this foolish decision.

And as usual pricing is about 4 times the cost !!!

Dialog TVs profit is
600 % on the Discovery Pack and
400 % on Ten Cricket

Should we say more ? TRC should really take some action regarding this matter cause it's so unjust !

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

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