Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Old Dialog TV packages rental to be increased

According to information being received Dialog TV is increasing the rental on old package subscribers from January 1st 2010, in what could termed as Dialog TV's way of wishing everyone a prosperous 2010.

The package rentals are as follows
  • Old Rs 199/= package becomes Rs 250/= +Taxes.
  • Old Rs 1375/= and Rs 1400/= package becomes Rs 1700/= + Taxes
This move is drawing criticism from various sectors of the their subscriber base. Instead of looking at alternative sources of revenue from such as advertising, ect. Dialog TV is continuing to increase package rentals and if they touch the other packages too then we can see a sales drop for Dialog TV.

Please keep us posted on the latest new of Dialog TV as the days progress.


alf said...

Naushad Perera is a mottaya and no wonder Dialog is making losses in billions due to the work of this fool.This man man is good to run the chineese reaturant of his FIL Olbon Perera,I am sure he will give Chiken to people who ask for pork and prawns for people who ask for chiken.

The future today 'good for this fool" and no wonder the losses will go up in billions due to the arrogant attitude of this mottaya.

Anuruddha said...

Why DialogTV can't add "Star Movies" to your "Super 700" package and upwards? SLT PeoTV already providing the "Star Movies" to their lowest package(PEO Silver Rs.799) to the height.

Other thing is I found some good channels on PeoTV but DialogTV hasn't. For your notice list of them are:

1)Bollywood Channel
2)C Music
4)Disney Channel
5)BBC - CBeebies
6)Fashion TV
7)Euro Sports

please DTV try to be competitive. otherwise you will lose your existing customers soon. Most of my friends now turning to PEOTV because of its great quality and good channels. Specially "Star Movies" and "Fashion TV" ("Star Movies" free to have PEOTV lowest package(PEO Silver Rs.799).

If some DialogTV authority reading this blog please consider this. This is what customers needs, not only me for all DTV customers.

podiman said...

Dialog tv is the most expensive package of the region. All Indian packages are much more cheaper than DTV. I reckon even Truevision (Thailand) is cheaper than DTV.

Tharindu Hasanka said...

Yeah,C'mon Dialog Tv.U can do it.........please Increase Increase all your rentals....No Customer Care only fullfil there pockets.........Future Today For What?Also i want to think about Peo Tv

podiman said...

There are more options other than Peo TV.

Tharindu Hasanka said...

Podiman...........U r correct there are more options

rupavahini said...

Mr. podimal
Truevision (Thailand) is cheaper than DTV.
u very wrong

Anuruddha said...

oh i missed very important thing in my above post. It is "Ten Sports" PeoTV providing it to lowest package (PEO Silver Rs.799) to the height.

Y DTV cant add it to their "Super 700" package and upwards?

***please read my above post for more info*****

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled -Drop "NDTV Good Times" and "Play"-.