Thursday, November 26, 2009

Drop "NDTV Good Times" and "Play"

Dialog TV should take immediate steps to drop channels "NDTV Good Times" and "Play" and replace them with "AXN Beyond" and "SET English Asia". These two channels are a waste of transponder space and money for Dialog TV. No one watches any of the content on "Play" neither is "NDTV Good Times" any better.

"NDTV Good Times" is a worthless Bollywoodised English Channel. Bollywood is only popular for Hindi Movies and dubbed serials in Sri Lanka and no one watches any other Bollywood content in this country. Specially the number of English Language speaking folk who watch Indianized English content (such as that shown on NDTV Good Times) is almost non existent.

"Play" is worthless in its own sense, only trailers are shown and some of them are outdated trailers too. There is absolutely nothing to watch in the channel. If Dialog TV has transponder space to sleep on then having this worthless channel is not a problem but that is a transponder space that can be put to good use.

Another channel that should be kicked off the lineup is "Prime TV". It is turning out to be a utter failure of a channel. Outdated programmes that were gathering dust in ITN's video library are telecast over this channel. Unless this channel is a source of revenue for Dialog TV (meaning ITN is paying Dialog TV for uplinking the channel) then it is not worth retaining the channel. This channel can in no way compete with the other English Language channels on Dialog TV. In fact "Prime TV" cannot compete with the content of local FTA English channels in Sri Lanka.

We hope the management of Dialog TV wake up from their deep slumber and take immediate steps to remove the above worthless channels and introduce channels such as "AXN Beyond" and "SET English Asia". For informations sake "AXN Beyond" and "SET English Asia" telecast better content than "FX" and "Fox Crime". Now do not make this an excuse to drop "FX" and "Fox Crime" after all, we only said "better content" and did not call the channels "worthless".

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


Anuruddha said...

Why DialogTV can't add "Star Movies" and "Ten Sports" to their "Super 700" package and upwards? SLT PeoTV already providing the "Star Movies" to their lowest package(PEO Silver Rs.799) to the height.

Other thing is I found some good channels on PeoTV but DialogTV hasn't. For your notice list of them are:

1)Bollywood Channel
2)C Music
4)Disney Channel
5)BBC - CBeebies
6)Fashion TV
7)Euro Sports

please DTV try to be competitive. otherwise you will lose your existing customers soon. Most of my friends now turning to PEOTV because of its great quality and good channels. Specially "Star Movies",Ten Sports" and "Fashion TV". ("Star Movies" and "Ten Sports" are free to have PEOTV lowest package(PEO Silver Rs.799)).

If some DialogTV authority reading this blog please consider this. This is what customers needs, not only me for all DTV customers.

Anuruddha said...

yes Im totally agreed with the Admin. we need good channels not the crappy channels.

we need:

AXN Beyond
E! International
SET English Asia
Bollywood Channel
Fashion TV
MTV Europe
History Channel
Disney Channel

alf said...

Admin "Koheda yanne malle pol",Its not the time to ask this mottayas to drop channels,These buggers are increasing rentals at their will and you are talking about a deep slumber.

If this mottaya keeps on doing this DTV will not only have to drop these to channels,mind you all channels.

I think the admin is paid by that fool Naushad Perera to deviate from the major issue of increasing renatals and talk about some useless channel.

Dont become JESIKA,RUKMAL,FREEMAN,RUKSHAN,RANAWEERA the mole of LTTE alias the ponna she man paid by Kothalawala.

shit said...

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Rukmal said...

I think DTV should Drop Siyatha TV too. Its broadcasting in very low quality like watching you tube.

Conny said...

I feel that the admin has woke up from his deep slumber.... hehehehe.... :D

Tharindu Hasanka said...

There are so many useless channels in DTV lineup,according to me.
1)Play Channel
2)NDTV Good Times
3)Fox Fx
4)Siyatha TV
5)Prime TV

DTV Management should take some immdiate move to drop atleast one or two channels of this useless channels

alf said...

JESIKA,RUKMAL,FREEMAN,RUKSHAN,RANAWEERA,ane palayang ponnayo yanna,Umba Kothalawala ekka hire dapan deep slumber ekak,umbata ithin p deelane purudu.

Umanage bila thama Kothalawalada gevanne? Eka handa renatal increase eka umbata prashnayak newe,Decorder eka ethulema gahagena ethine umba LTTE ekata dunna widihata

Rukmal said...

Prime TV is a little bit OK comparing to other mentioned channels

alf said...

Ranil is a little bit ok compared to JESIKA RUKMAL FREEMAN RUKSHAN RANAWEERA who is a real ponnaya and she man.

Jinath said...

Admin, i totally disagree with you on "NDTV Good Times" cos I watch it all the time.
Programs like Gadget Guru are great.
And also my mom watch all the cookery and fashion programs in it.

alf said...

Jinath is right,How can admin decide those channels are useless?Its the subscribers who should decide this as there are differant segmants.For exmple Jinath likes"NDTV Good Times" but JESIKA,RUKMAL FREEMAN RUKSHAN RANAWEERA does not like that but likes Ponna TV which Jineth doesnt like,so its up to the subscriber and not for Admin to decide what should be in and out.

What he should concentrate is on is the renatal hike by mda Naushad which is the burning issue

Rukmal said...

Still no advantage to the customers by adding local advertisements to DTV.

alf said...

JESIKA RUKMAL FREEMAN RUKSHAN RANAWEERA,Cant you see the adavantages to the customr ponnayo? 1400/- rental has been increased to 1700/- and the loe package a well.

Umbata p arinnama oneda terenna ponnaya

Thanura said...

I totally agree with alf.
From september to the start of november there were only 3 posts in this blog. As soon as they increase the price you've added that topic and kept it only for a day and started a new topic to deviate from the major issue which is "INCREASED RENTALS"

What admin shoulda've done was to write his ideas on the same post as a suggestion.

The increase of the rentals would've been justifiable if they added quality channels to the lineup. such as
AXN Beyond
SET English Asia
BBC entertainment
E! International
Fashion TV
MTV Europe
History Channel
Disney Channel

And I think Dialog should look to convert from mpeg2 to mpeg4, which will reduce their cost. These are the actions they should be taking rather than increasing the prices.

Harindu said...

wishing that dialog tv will add the channel TRACE to their channel line up.

this channel is also on PEO TV

this channel is a 24/7 English music channel.this Channel ROCKS the MOST MUSIC. better than any other music channel... this channel is a asian feed...

podiman said...

DTV will not change any channel. If it is politicaly motivated they will do it. Only thing they will change is the subscription fee and that is also onto the plus side.

kirala said...

If only they would add additional channels to justify the increase in rentals...........It increasingly looks like Peo TV is becoming more value for money compared to DTV, especially with their offers on 2-years free rental on movie channels.

Tharindu Hasanka said...

what the f..k? EPG doesn't work.

hush said...

hey anyone notice the sound to picture co relation is wrong as the audio comes out later than the video and this has been on from the last week or so but i did not see any comment on that in this forum. This is very evident in Prime TV but so on AXN and Star as well.

Anonymous said...

Please don't force them to drop Fox FX. For me, Fox Crime and Fox FX are good channels carrying some good shows like Dexter, Family Guy, Californication. FX premiers these new shows starting from yesterday and today: "Sons Of Anarchy" and "Harper's Island". I assume Dialog should drop NDTV Good Times, Siyatha TV, Prime TV.

DLR said...

Hi to all after a long time,

I also received the notice letter for price hike. But didn't worry much. I was waiting for this to change my mind.

I bought CBNSat in their second months and till today couldn't set my mind to change, but with SLT's seasonal offers and DTV mud headed management team's letter I decided to order PEO TV.

This my second month without making any payment and leaving it to be disconnected automatically.

If anybody can guide me to crack the decoder to watch at least FTA channels pl contact me.

Lets meet at PEOTV forum.


DLR said...


I paid more than 15,000 (Can't remember the exact price) for the decoder at that time.

If DTV send any agent to collect the decoder , they can carry their balls in their hands along with my decoder.

If any Ponnaya comes (Like Naushad) another present too ready

Thushari said...
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podiman said...

Don't give anything to DTV. For sure you can use the dish for any DTH package or for FTA. I don't know if you can use the decorder for FTA or not.

amith said...

pls any one tel me can we use the dialog tv connection with pc combo box??

Anuruddha said...
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Anuruddha said...


yes you can use DTV STB with a TV combo box. but that combo box must have "AV input" support. Then Only we can jack the "AV out" (Yellow, white and red out on STB rear side) of the DialogTV STB to Combo box.

SLP said...

Hi all,
Coming back after some time. ;)

As with the previous post, yes its possible and if the combo box contains any S-Video or RF in (I.e TV Ant Input) then that connectors shall be used as well.

You simply can use your dish to any sat service, but dont know whether the decoder is possible to use with some other channels.

I have already disconnected one of the two connections and the other soon will die hard. This price hike is something that is possible along with the difficulties of the operation of whole dialog.
However since I have used that, I didnt made any arrears at least to being solicit with the institution.
so bye 1400, and bye DTV

This is bad as many users at remote locations using DTV for TV viewing. But now it looks to me that they are going in a natural elimination process and sooner or later they shall die hard.
God bless those digital divides.

Tharindu Hasanka said...

May be Airtel DTH service will start in next year.....after that Dialog tv will go to hell.

Larukh said...

Hi all, I have "BIG DEAL" (rs.1000/=) package and I activated "Nat Geo WILD" and "Fox FX" when they were introduced and they said that it'll be free till 25th of December. So do I have to deactivate by calling the CC or it'll be deactivated automatically. I really don't want to pay extra for those two channels.

podiman said...

Better inform DTV to disconnect the channels. Dialog tv is all ways after money.

Tharindu Hasanka said...


u r right? Dialog have not Customer is all about money money....f..k

amith said...

@anuruddha n @SLP

thanx for update me

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed about "new" SET PLANS in #679# ?

CSS said...

Fine time to increase rental. All the others are giving bonuses in X'Mas & New Year time, and these peaople are getting a bonus for themselves.

Tharindu Hasanka said...

Did u guyz remember the last year.Christmas Season......Dialog Tv Gave a nice Suprise to all customers.....May be this year will be the same?

Anonymous said...

Rukmal said...

Thanks for the info

Good move DTV!!

This works for all the packages ?

Anonymous said...

@Rukmal YW!

I guess so. It works on my BIG DEAL, which I changed my package in to it few months ago. BTW now I can watch TEN SPORTS.

alf said...

Now the ponna JESIKA,RUKMAL,FREEMAN,RUKSHAN,RANAWEERA has added another alias MADHAWA,This she man has a so big ass after giving to the LTTE,The big deal can be put in his ponna ass.

Beware of this Kothalawala Batcha boy involved in unethical conversions.

Rukmal said...

Big deal customers dreamed for this

alf said...



AMD said...

SLBC English Service is now online,

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much

alf said...


Nokia said...

The Blog seems to be idle due to the up coming ellection!!!!

Any update on the Set Plan activation from Mobile?? You get good set palns for a erasonable prise on that. Admin can you start a new discussion on that?

Larukh said...


You can get details from here

I have BIG Deal package and I activated Ten Sports via a SMS. It took about 24 hours to activate. I think this is a good move by DTV but they could have a lower price tags for some movie channels.

samaru said...

this is great, i already activated Ten sports on on my Big Deal package, so i'm charged only 100 bucks? is this stuff for real i couldnt believe?? why wont dialog call this whole things as some sachet set plans??

Sanjaka said...
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