Wednesday, August 12, 2009

of new upcoming channel and new order of channels.......

Dialog completed the process of rearranging channels on their DTH platform and have followed a similar pattern as before by organising them according to channel genre & language. Channel placements have changed drastically. At the beginning it is a bit difficult to grasp but once you get used to it then things will simplify further.

The new lineup is as follows

1. DTV Demo Channel (Play TV)
2. CNN
3. BBC World
5. AlJazeera
6. Bloomberg TV

7. (Scrambled)
9. Star Sports
10. Star Cricket
11. Neo Sports
12. Neo Cricket
13. Zee Sports

14. Ten Sports
15. MTV
16. Zee Music
17. Channel C
18. VH1
19. Star Movies
20. HBO
21. HBO Signature
22. HBO Hits
23. HBO Family
24. MAX
25. Zee Studio

26. UTV World Movies
27. Hallmark
28. Star World
29. Zee Café
30. AXN
31. Fox Crime
32. Fox FX
33. Zee Trendz
34. Australia Network

35. NDTV Good Times
36. Travel & Living
37. Discovery
38. Fox History & Entertainment
39.Nat Geo
40. Nat Geo Adventure
41. Nat Geo Wild
42. Animal Planet

43. KidsCo TV
44. POGO
45. Nickelodeon
46. Cartoon Network

47. Boomerang
48. Baby TV
49. UTV Movies
50. Zee Cinema
51. Set MAX
52. SET
53. Star Plus
54. Zee TV
55. Star Vijay
56. Kalaignar TV
57. Zee Tamil
58. Vasantham TV
59. Eye
60. Rupavahini
61. ITN
62. Citi Hitz
63. Heritage TV
64. Derana
65. Swarnavahini
66. TNL
67. MAX Television
68. The Buddhist
69. Peace TV
70. God TV
71. Aarthi
72. Learn TV
73. Rana Roo

Channel slot 7 which is kept blank, we believe is for a news/sports channel since it has been grouped together with one of the two. It is highly likely that the channel will be a news channel and since several of our bloggers reported seeing the name "CCTV" at night on the lineup when the channels were being rearranged. We believe the new channel will be the English Language news channel of the Chinese state television broadcaster "CCTV -".

In addition it seems that there is a quality improvement in certain channels after the arrangement, even the religious channels seem to be have undergone a quality improvement.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


Violated said...

Any truth to Dialog selling DTV rumors?

hp said...

DTV has launched another set of set plans called "Sachet Plans" . They claim that they are trialling the activation of following channels for 500 and below rental packags.

Hope they would extend this to all channels and all packages.

Set Plan---------Channel-----------Rental(LKR)
CNN -30----------CNN--------------------49
BBC -30----------BBC World--------------49
Zee Studio - 30--Zee Studio-------------49
Zee Café - 30----Zee Café---------------49
ABC - 30---------Australia Network------49
NGA - 30---------Nat Geo Adventure------99
Zee Trendz - 30--Zee Trendz-------------49
NG - 30----------Nat Geo----------------49
Discovery - 30---Discovery--------------49
T&L - 30---------Travel & Living--------49
AP - 30----------Animal Planet----------49
History - 30-----Fox History Ent--------49
Star Sports - 30-Star Sports------------99
ESPN - 30--------ESPN-------------------99
Neo Sports - 30--Neo Sports-------------99
Neo Cricket - 30-Neo Cricket------------99
Star Cricket - 30Star Cricket-----------99
Ten Sports - 30--Ten Sports-------------99
VH1 - 30---------VH1--------------------49
MTV - 30---------MTV--------------------49
CTN - 30---------Cartoon Network--------99
POGO - 30--------POGO-------------------99
NICK - 30--------Nickelodeon------------99

Rukmal said...


Thanks for sharing.
from where u got this?

larukh said...

@ Violated

I don't think Dialog is going to sell DTV.. But with these new remarkable changes (adding exclusive channels, increasing quality, new set plans etc..); I feel that there might be a launch of new DTH (most probably AirTel Digital TV) in Sri Lanka, near future(just an assumption)..I think DTV is getting ready for the competition..It's good for the customers..Let's hope for the best..

hp said...

@ Rukmal,

Got it from DTV.

As usual most CC agents may not know


unfortunately they have confirmed that these plans are currently applicable only to 500 and below rental packages.

and a small correction . They call it "Sachet Pack Set Plan"

nice term

AMD said...

Northern Connect
12 Aug, 2009 15:17:01
Sri Lanka Dialog activates network in war-torn areas

Aug 12, 2009 (LBO) - Sri Lanka's Dialog Telekom has activated the first phase of a network expansion into former war-torn areas in the north of the island, which may cost up to 10 million US dollars, officials said.

"We have connected the first six sites, and we will build 60 more towers in tandem with re-settlement," Dialog chief executive Hans Wijayasuriya told reporters Wednesday.
Sri Lanka's military wiped out the last remaining pocket of Tamil Tiger separatists from the northeastern Mullaitivu area in May, ending a 30-year war.

About 280,000 refugees are still kept in camps in Vavuniya awaiting re-settlement.

Key northern towns of Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, as well as Pooneryn, Thunnukkai, Mankulam and Elephant Pass were now connected to its national network, the company said.

"Very soon re-settlement will start, already it has started (in some areas)," Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe, who heads the signals corps of the Sri Lanka Army said.

"The soldiers are now re-organizing, still the clearing operations are starting. With this our heroes will have the facility to talk to their families and friends from today."

The military is helping with rolling out infrastructure in former war-zones.

Wijayasuriya said Dialog has spent about 30 million US dollars from 2002, when an uneasy truce was in effect to expand coverage in the north and the east of the island.

It was now re-building a 120 metre tower jointly run with Sri Lanka Telecom in Kilinochchi, which had been destroyed.

Wijayasuriya said expansion into the north may cost around "5 to 10 million" US dollars.

Sri Lanka's telecom regulator Priyantha Kariyapperuma said operators were being encouraged to share towers.
The telecom regulator was spearheading the building of a 172 metre broadcast tower in Kokavil, which will also be shared with telecom operators. The foundation for the tower will be laid next Wednesday and it was scheduled to be completed in 120 days.

"You will see many areas, where there will be one or two towers maximum in an area," Kariyapperuma said.

Radikal Zee said...

Base: Dialog suffers 6.8 Bn loss in the last quarter

The Good: (from their own website)

The Bad: (World renowned business news channel)

You Decide!
Dialog, for Idiots of Today ?

Sikuru said...

i dont find dialog tv channels are quality.

all channels including HBO are a little blur or distorted or even pix-elated.

i am watching from a 37" LG HD LCD TV.

Dialog MUST improve their quality to HD.

shit said...





podiman said...

So PEO TV is also expensive as DTV. When you compare any Indian DTH with SL DTH it is almost duble the price.

AMD said...

No ESPN, Star Sports, Star Cricket, NEO Channels, AXN for PEO ?

Conny said...

Sachet Pack Set Plans and the rates were printed on the DTV bill last month...

Conny said...

Airtel IDD, Rs.5 per minute to India..

Can Dialog beat this ??????

Patson said...

1.Picture quality of local TV channels are not good on DTV.Why can't they get a micro link from Rupavahini & ITN studios?
2.Tvlanka's Lankatv DTH package on Protostar sat also no more since few months.
Tvlanka got gov;approval to cover Danlanka tamil tv channel in north & east on UHF band according to SLBC news.
3.There are thousands may be millions of houses without SLT land line in Srilanka, Still SLT says 'NO LOOPS' & providing CDMA phones for some areas.
PEOTV is a dream for them.

chamara said...

What the HELL happen to These Zee Channels [ Zee Studio / Zee Cafe / Zee Trends ] Those channels are showing rainbow clours on the screen.other Zee channels [ Zee cinema / Zee TV / Zee Soprts ] are working Well. DO ANY ONE KNOW WHATS GOING WITH THOSE CHANNELS ??

AMD said...

@ chamara

last few days even LBN had problem with those channels

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "Zee Studio, Cafe & Trendz down".