Monday, August 10, 2009

Channel lineup rearrangement today from 10pm onwards

From 10pm tonight Dialog TV will be rearranging their channel lineup, we expect channels to be moved up and down the order. Dialog have requested all their subscribers to keep their decoders switched on after 10pm. The previous arrangement format would probably continue but we expect the new channels which were introduced recently which are now out of sync with the arrangement to be fitted in their rightful places. By the looks of it, religious channels and local channels will be moved down the order into the 4th transponder and hopefully bandwidth is allocated so that channels will be able to maintain a high quality throughout the day. In addition we hope that bandwidth is increased to the religious channels too since some of them are hardly watchable.

If that empty channel slot before Nenasa TV is not to be used, we hope that it is removed that the bandwidth used for other channels. In addition we are receiving reports that Dialog TV have inserted some local advertisements during the cricket on Ten Sports yesterday. Additionally it seems that Dialog are now allowing the addition of single channels to package subscribers specially those below the Rs 500/= package. There are reports that these may be available for other packages also.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


Tharindu Hasanka said...

Dialog tv started put local advertiesment in is the worst thing dialog Tv can do.b'coz Tensport is the best channel in their lineup and they started do that damn thing in that channel,Why?Why?

SLP said...

As oppose to the software update carried out today,the channels on the transponder 01 has been renamed and suffled at this moment. [2009-08-11:0121 LKT (GMT+05.30)].

However according to the listed names on the channel line up, it is revealing a new name of cable tv channel which was not heard on DTV platform todate.

As according to the channel list, the Chinese National Channel CCTV has been appointed to DTV platform with this schedule and confirms that it will be watchable in near future.

Channel itself is not visible at the moment and looks like it is not yet uplinked to the saterlite.

This is of course a nice move from DTV and also looks like the acquiring of Telecom Malaysia by Chinese AXIATA is in full force too.

SLP said...

Now the channel is not displayed on the channel line up instead it is left blank at Slot 07. [2009-08-11:0854 LKT (GMT+0530)].

Looks like they are worrying of early exposure of the channel name to public. ;)

Also, now certain channels are viewable on DTV which were unable in previous.

Ok, In meanwhile really appreciates your good work of this channel shuffling as of, now all the channels are meet the good point of relevance on adjencence.
With this new ordering scheme, channels are few buttons away on close subjects and no need to get going all way from up down to left right in the channel list wondering where is the channel.

So. Start up the CCTV, thats a good move too and altogether good management DTV. Keep up the good work.

bank_dude said...

I checked it around 5.45 in the morning and Al Jazeera was scrambled and Bloomberg was un-scrambled. I didn't go through the entire list. Don't know what channels are visible now.

chamara said...

They said they will send field team to our home for fix this problem with in two hours.i am waiting till them comming to my home

SLP said...

At this moment, now it seems that they have concluded the channel shuffeling and all are working fine.

I'm using DTV1400 package.
Intially Al-Jazeera went offline and Bloomberg, Ranaru, Nanasa TV are beemed up and can be viewed.

Now they have rectified the matter and Al-Jazeera is online while above all are scrambled.

However something to note here for everyone's attention,
Now LEARN TV is scrambled. It can no longer be viewed with this settings.

Hope DTV will rectify this matter and descramble the service soon.

Dude said...

Can anyone post the new lineup in the blog please.

Amaris said...

Heard that DTV is up for sale. Any idea if this is true?

Violated said...

Amaris where did you hear that? reliable source?

chamara said...

Yes, They were did it well.Nw I can see My BIG DEAL Channels Well. TNX Dialog.But chck twice before you make softwere upadates.

Milinda said...

The new channel line up can be found here. It's yet to be updated on their website.

Rukmal said...

Did DTV change the channels of their packages or just re arranged them?

AMD said...

DTV site updated

තුෂාර ජයරත්න. said...

citihitz @ channel c add for all packages for free. according dtv web site. previous note free for limited time is removed.
thats true? or faulse?

LANKA INFO said...

Here the new channel line up...

BBC World
Bloomberg TV
Star Sports
Star Cricket
Neo Sports
Neo Cricket
Zee Sports
Ten Sports
Zee Music
Channel C
Star Movies
HBO Signature
HBO Hits
HBO Family
Zee Studio
UTV World Movies
Star World
Zee Café
Fox Crime
Fox FX
Zee Trendz
Australia Network
NDTV Good Times
Travel & Living
Fox History & Entertainment
Nat Geo
Nat Geo Adventure
Nat Geo Wild
Animal Planet
Kids Co
Cartoon Network
Baby TV
UTV Movies
Zee Cinema
Star Plus
Zee TV
Star Vijay
Kalaignar TV
Zee Tamil
Vasantham TV
Citi Hitz
Heritage TV
MAX Television
The Buddhist
Peace TV
God TV
Learn TV

Chandika Gunawardhana said...

It's bad to see them advertising during the Cricket match on Ten Sports

mcja said...

For me Dilog Tv ... Just Indian Tv, you see 10000 of indian ads during programs, we are just bunch of stupids who pay and watch Indian TV, if this continue soon your kids will start to speak in hindi.. I think thats dialog wants, add blody indian falovour to our culture.

Violated said...

So whats the alternative if a channel only has an Indian feed?

If you don't want to pay for it then dont.

CSS said...

The DTV ads are a headache. During news some times it creates a confusion with the moving news line. Suddenly I realize that what I am seeing is not the news line but the DTV ad.

I am making a cardboard band wich I can place to cover the DTV ad. Hope DTV would not change the position from time to time.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the latest post titled "of new upcoming channel and new order of channels......."