Friday, October 31, 2008

UTV Movies & World Movies Launched

Dialog TV have launched English Movie channel UTV World Movies and Hindi Movie Channel UTV Movies with effect from today.

According to information it seems that the channel has been allocated to the Rs 1949/= premium package only leaving the previous premium package of Rs 1400/= in the lurch.

This means that most channels introduced hereafter will be allocated only to the Rs 1949/= package only.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


Observer said...

Guy, I called LBN and apparantly the, Free decoder is given only if you pay the first 12 months rental in advance.

However the normal connection cost is only 6900 and you get 70 odd channells for 1400/- which is very worth. This includes bloomberg, CNA,Animax,Disney channells as well

WARUNA SAT said...

Buy One And Get One Free , 3rd nov to 18th nov 2008

Customer has to pay 12500.00 cash for his 1st connection (this offer with new monthly rentals)

2 nd connection full set(outdoor unit and STB)
Install any address, any name

Amaris said...

None of this is going to matter unless the Supreme Court strikes down the new TV regulatory bill....No company with majority foreign ownership (Dialog is owned by Malaysians) can even apply for a TV licence including satellite TV.

Will DTV have to close down????

Conny said...

I have currently signed up for the Rs.250/- LITE pkg. I was able to watch the Kalaignar TV which was very interesting when it was launched... But a few days ago i noticed that Kalaignar Tv is no more available for me.... And also the Ranaroo channel. Why is DTV doing doing this???? They let every one watch the channel for a short period and then set it only for the premium pkgs. It is very unfair...

yakuza said...


any hope of november tv guide?

don't get dtv's tv guide anymore. do you guys still get it

lokulamaya said...

@ yakuza
dialog usually sends tv guides on time.

Politiccas are going to impose strict rules and regulations on private tv channels f** hulla balla
First they banned CBN SAT , then my favorite radio channel gold fm (ABC station eeta passe sirasa ekka hamanenda giya now what ?

Do they expect blank screens on every tv channel

lokulamaya said...

Oil prize has gone down can't dtv do something to reduce the monthly rental?

I am in 1500/= pacakge.

Duffy said...

Look how stupid this commercial (Dialog TV) is.....

Typical Sri Lankan gode talks to promote English Entertainment channels? Wonder who gives these ideas!!!

Transporter said...

November PG now on

sanjan said...

that site is updated 2 weekly.its correct.
dialog has 3.5G. thats why speed is 1.8MbPS. 3G maximum speed speed is 384 Kbps.they are jest there with 3.5G. mobitel in par with worlds best.

dialog usually do small things and try to make them big by marketting! its same with dialog tv. see the difference between DTV and indian satellite tvs. still dialog says that DTV has best technology.

sanjan said...

anyone knows about new tv registration rules?

bank_dude said...

Guys, forget about HSDPA and talk about this new channel allocation scenario.

4togenic said...

hahahaaaa e kiyanne DTV channels balanna api package eka 1900/= karanna oneda?? mara keliyak tama...

hari kattiya mokada kiyanne.....

Package update karamuda??/

nattam bakan nilagena imuda???

Nokia said...

Went to Infotel Y'day...
Poor to inform that No SLT/Mobitel stalls were found at the exhibition.....
Dialog is now 3.75G network, Dialog TV seems to be improving a lot. And that costs to customers as well :(

UTV Channels are Superb picture quality. May be it's MPEG 4.

Deshal said...


I totally agree with you. These guys want us to upgrade, but do not have the balls to say this out streight to the face.


I have been trying to find out few things about DTV recently. I would like to share what I have understood so far.

1. DTV does not have any plan to add value to their packages.

- No facility to revind and pause (timeshift)

- No movies/music on demand

- No local or foreign radio channnels (they removed what was there earlier)

- No gaming

- No interactive features

Non of these are new. Services like Multichoice have introduced these about 3 years back (in Africa!).

2. DTV says the improve the quality with MPEG-4. Picture quality is a basic necessity in satellite TV. It can never be a tool of marketing.

It does not add value.

3. We don't know the quality of channels they are planning to add on, even to the highest level of customers.I asked them so many times (even in this forum)but to no result.

This shows that they do not have a proper channel plan. Channel plan is another basic in satellite TV. It cannot be a closely guarded secret.

I am ready to pay more for more good channels. I dont want to upgrade my 1610/- to 2200/-, if the additions are a few crappy channels.

4. Competition is with a load of new features. Even though I don't really want to go for Indian DTH provider, I think I can afford to have 2 Indain DTH providers for 1 DTV connection.

PEO TV will also come up with new channels. Unlike DTV, they are pretty transparent about it. They know what and when they plan to introduce new channels. In addition, they have better features and value additions. I am getting the infrastructure ready for this as well.

Ultimately, TV is an important part of my pass-time. I expect a good service. DTV is not giving that.

- I am behind in technology with DTV (Yesterday tomorrow).

- I do not get any interactive features.

- No movies or music at my convenience

- Do not know the channel line up

This is all apart from the 3rd class business practices.

Guys, what do you suggest? I am open for your opinion.

yakuza said...

i think it is unfair dtv is only adding new channels to the 1900/= pack.

other packages should also get channels, even some cheap ones

DLR said...

Pl comment about UTV movies & UTV Worl movies channels. As per the internet UTV movie is another hindi crap.

AMD said...

UTV movies & UTV World movies activated only for 1949 packages. Its scrambled for 1400 CBN Package holders.

podiman said...

UTV movies is hindi movies. UTV world movies is internatinal (German, Spanish, Russian etc) movies with english subtitals. There are some good movies.

donald gaminitillake said...

The added new channels are useless because we cannot see them continuosly -- it breakdown several times with 'pi' sound.frezze!!!
They are making the public fools
unless they increase the bandwidth they will not be able to accomodate more channels.
Signal strength - over 50
Quality over 60

cable said...

Hi all

I would suggest to all you guys not to be hasty and upgrade your packages to "new-premium" because of these 2 channels I dont think they are worth the extra 500/ bucks. I feel its just a cheap tactic by dialog to regin in unsuspecting customers, wait till they put some worthwhile channels (if ever) We should be paitent and the see the development of PeoTv

By the way Indi what happened to MPEG-4 conversion? is it really happening? if so when

RocketRaj said...

UTV world movies is a good channel.The quality is good.The movies are also good.We get a chance to see the best international movies instead of american stuff.Finally dialog TV added a good Engligh channel.The picture and sound quality is also good.The upcoming channels will be only fr premium package holders and the rest will hv to pay extra and get these channels

Transporter said...

Yes, UTV World Movies is a very good channel & also the quality is very good.

About UTV World Movies:

cable said...



I see you have created your profile in November

I must say thanks to you on behalf of rest of the DTV bloggers for creating a profile just for telling us the virtues of UTI movies!!!!!!!

Next time you do this remember to disable the profile view facility

Transporter said...

any 1ne know what is channel no 61? its scram'led for me.

Nokia said...

I agree with the picture quality...

Is it on MPEG 4???


Hey Guys, Any Laws there, we can hire free,, because, we have fiele case agst Dialog,, 1400/- Package mien, that time highest one, this package only, increase price,,we can get legal support !, any lawyer can help this matter..

RocketRaj said...

Cable !!
Whats your problem man??I may have created my account today/yesterday or in 1980??Whats your problem??Did I use your computer to create my own account??Or Did I use your electricity??I just wanted to comment about a good thing DTV did during the weekend.We as DTV subscribers have been ill treated for many months.So when they do something good we should appreciate without checking my date of birth.

What kinda attitude you have maan?

DLR said...

What I can see is DTV is hired another chap to whitewash Hans's panties. That's all. Old CBNSat customers are still ill treated.

sanjan said...

@ everyone
is dialog happy with new tv registration system?
then they can get rid of DTV losses!

4togenic said...

@ Deshal ...

I changed my package up to 1949/= on Sunday, after published above blog. But .... UTV movie channel is totally hindy crap. UTV World movie is good channel but it has an advertisement with hindi. Now i paying lot of bugs without no gain... Poor 4togenic....... Deviyangema pihitay mata.....

cable said...


No problem at all in fact i was thanking you for taking time out to create a profile and research the channels and post the results of your analysis along with some good advice like
"The upcoming channels will be only fr premium package holders and the rest will hv to pay extra and get these channels"

The comment abt the profile was so that your comment would have carried more weight as ppl might think your sudden interest and content posted might lead some ppl to think (god forbid!) you were working for Dialog which any reasonable person will never dream of thinking!

As for paying your electricity,Computer & Internet time no i am not paying it. i probably only pay some portion of Dialog staff's above expenses by contributing to the income of Dialog PLC from which they pay their employees salaries.
But since you are not part of this this group you shouldn't have even bothered asking this question

Any more questions you need answering? please feel free to fire away

Nokia said...

Cable & RockerRaj
Be cool.... Whay you ppl are acting like this? We are here to discuss about Dialog TV.

There can be Dialog PPL and SLT IP TV ppl here. We have to capture them from their acts like they try to promote their products by coming in to this blog.... We have identyfy them and act accordingly..

@ Transporter
You are corect... I even tried my luck on Darts :) But not IPTV :)

Transporter said...

@ Nokia:

I tried with Star Point Darts... i lost it.. hehe.. bad luck. did u notice that they have the CAR TV unit. that mean car unit also coming in near future... good fight back & but the cost?????

Violated said...

You accuse others of promoting products on this blog but you are doing the same? Man it looks as if someone from your family owned mobitel. Oya company ekak wath services denne apita adareta nemei ban.

@others - 1400 package is as good as dead. DTV wont even allocate a shit hindi channel to that any more. Fuk it people im not upgrading. Satellite TV is not the only way to watch tv shows these days. hint hint read file networks blog.

sanjan said...

i know real situation of dialog 3.5G.thats why i m commenting on that. if i want to promote mobitel there are other things i can publish. i just wanted to prevent readers from getting in to trouble with dialog network locked modem. thats why i m giving information about dialog mobile broadbant. its a real fake!

Violated said...

If you read the second part of my comment, i've criticized dialog right there. So im not a paid agent.

What i said was why are you hell bent on promoting mobitel here? This blog is not about Mobitel or dialog gsm. It's about dialog tv.

sanjan said...

so true.
you should tell that to nokia

sanjan said...

read all comments before coming in to conclusions

gama said...

no future with DTV.
they just cheat customers.
diakog GSM profits expected to fall by 95% compared to last year 4th quarter.
to mask that they give several 1 to 1 offers.- to collect some fast money.
they have to take a strong decision on DTV by the year end, most probably to sell it to minimize losses. because they dont want to allow everything to crash!!!

Violated said...

sanjan: "read all comments before coming in to conclusions"

I didnt need to. Look who posted the first comment and opened the flood gates.

Deshal said...

I went to get details abt SLT megaline to their office in WTC.

The young guy at the counter had a MAJOR attitude. As if I am asking for a favor from him.

These are the kind of ppl who ruin the companies.

My idea is to get ADSL and IPTV (running with my current DTV connection).

I am also upgrading my DTV connection to 2200/- and see what the benefits they would offer.

I am waiting till next January, running both IPTV and DTV to see who is likely to offer better service and disconnect the other.

If both are hopeless, I am compelled to go for an Indian DTH provider I guess. Well, they are cheaper to start with!

Dialog TV said...
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Detroit Tigers said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
indi said...

Er, haven't been here for a while. Seems like the same issues, more channels for less money.

If you've noticed the movement, the packages have now moved up (in price and quality) and there's a flat 1500 downgrade fee to move down. That is, I suppose, the bad news.

That said, channel additions and technology upgrades continue apace.

there's also some news about the latest non-debated seeminlg extralegal gazette on TV. This, if enacted, would basically give the govt power to shut down any tv operation and make broadcasting a domain for ministers and cronies. I'm curious as to what comments the forum has about that

bank_dude said...

DTV updated their site. According to that UTV and UTV world movies allocated to 1900 pack. I've got a feeling that they will remove Boomerang from 1400 pack in the near future. I think it's a teaser for us to upgrade our packages again. My opinion is not to fall their trap again. These guys keep on doing this trick. I don't mind pay extra for HDTV not for this.

AMD said...

So looks like DTV will forever forget the CBN customers who stood by for all those months, cuz nothing will be given for the OLD 1400 package except BOOMERANG. Who knows they might even take that off if they wish.

Detroit Tigers said...

@ Bank_dude
True, they cud have given the above channels to 1400Pkg. typical DTV marketing strategy.

::DINESH:: said...


life said...

1400 rs package for sales
Please mail me on

CSS said...

I got a call from IPTV sales guy today, as I have registered on their site.

I still find DTV comparatively better, so I told him so. But as he says, ultimately IPTV will be better with their interactive facilities, games & e-learning.

Further, he says, time shift upto one day is free and only if you are rewinding more than that we have to register for the time shift. I suppose it is adequete for most situations, but nothing like full rewind facility. Anyway their web site is silent on that, so I don't know whether the guy lied or not.

BUT, there is some encouraging news. I told him I would go for it, if there is no initial/ setup charge, but only the rental. Asked whther there is no such scheme to grab the DTV customers.

He says that is a possibility and already there is talk about that, but nothing definite has been stated.

I feel they would offer some scheme for DTV & other pay TV customers. If that happens I will definitley go for that.

sanjan said...

please read the previous post. this is the continuation.

detroit tigers
be civilized first!

Detroit Tigers said...

@ Sanjan,

Ok. my mistake, bt can u pls talk abut DTV here pls...?

Detroit Tigers said...

@ Sanjan,
FYI, I have deleted my pervious thread & vil do.

Dear All,
I herard that 1ne more cartoon channel coming to the DTV line up??? any idea?

Nokia said...

UTV Movies is totally Hindi Crap it seams.. But there are good Hindi movies playing there WITH Commercials :(

UTV World Movies seems to be a good channel.... Please advice whether it's worth to shift my exsisting package to Super Premium? I need your confirmation to do so.....

podiman said...

It is not worth to upgrade you package for these few channels. Waite and see the situation. There are more DTH and IPTV options for you to look into.

AMD said...

Hong Kong 6's on Sat 8th & Sun 9th
5:45 am

hush said...

i went through the specification of the new decoder , it says MPEG2 and H267 compatible. nothing about MPEG4 on the specs anyway. does H267 has any connection with MPEG4 or was it just duping us to get new agreement signed and we have to pay for a new one???

AMD said...

Guys i need to make a parrel connection from the new DTV decoder.
So i just connect a cable from the RF out of the decoder to the Antenna jack on the tv right ?

To what UHF channel do i have to tune the TV to ?

hsj said...

Is it not possible for DTV to introduce new set plan for newly introduced channells. May be it is too early for that.

But If they can introduce a new ste plan we dont have to upgrade. We can select new channels for a reasonable price.

cable said...

I would reiterate my earlier post about not upgrading just because of these 2 channels for old-premium customers it's just not worth the extra 500/- and if you upgrade i dont think you will be able to downgrade to the old-premium package again so think abt the consequences before upgrading.

I would say give it a few months to see if DTV introduces some worthwhile channels like AXN beyond,BBC entertainment,.....etc and if the picture quality improves then make a choice additionally by that time PeoTV would also be having a few more channels so we can make a better choice

Thanura said...
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Thanura said...

@ hush,
H264 is mpeg4 and HDTV compatible.

H.264 (or MPEG4- H264) is being widely recognized as the future platform of video compression for applications such as new HDTV services, portable game console, mobile broadcast video services, video on solid-state camcorders, instant video messaging on cell phone.

more info @

Nokia said...

I received the PG for this month. It says "MORE CHANNELS COMING SOON! AND TO BE ADDED FREE TO THE RS.1949 PACKAGE"
That Means more channels are only to 1949 Package. With tax its some where 2250/= :(
It's too early to shift in to that package for just two three channles. Lets wait and see.
If there are good channel line up in future. I'll consider in shifting the package.... And again 2250/= is too much :(

Detroit Tigers said...

@ AMD,

check on channel vhf or uhf 21.

AMD said...

At least DTV dosent add Chinese News channels like LBN! They have added Phoenix news recently, so now not only do we have HINDI lessons but CHIN CHONG business talk too!!!

LANKA INFO said...

@ AMD,

Channel no 21 is the common frq for both TV & Computer.

::DINESH:: said...



Transporter said...

100% Fake, if u went through the last week daily mirror u'll know this is F:A:K:E.

gama said...


::DINESH:: said...



Transporter said...

@ Dinesh,

Yes... good 4 everyone, but still Dialog can deliver a BIG doosra... seems they hav some good trickz... hehehe.

but wat abut Tigo & Hutch...? :( RIP? wat u say...

Gama: Tks, this is too early to me to go.. ill wait till Jan'09.

Deniz said...



Transporter said...

@ Deniz

I'am also telling the same story frm the begi'ning... & am paying 1949+ per month for usel's channels & hindi dam craps. too much on this stage.

but wen it come to mobile Dialog can survive & still they have da tool.

in Tigo & hutch - total different story, already they used thair tricks max'mum & now they'll thinking wat to do. as per my knl'odge unless they give out going free they cant come up.

Pls comment....

::DENIZ:: said...

@ Transporter
I totally agree with you..

DTV is exploiting us b'cos there is no competition in DTH market. I'm an ex-CBN customer and it's really irritating how DTV treats us. I honestly wish few more companies to enter the DHT market and offer reasonably priced entertainment for us.

Both Hutch & Tigo are lagging behind on many issues like tarrif, coverage, 3G and other VAS. So, they will really struggle when Airtel comes in.

hush said...


channel 21 is standard UHF output from DTV decoder to another tV through RF but sometimes if a VCR is connected it can cause interference or some local channels can interrupt the quality. so choose the UHF channel that local or VCR channel do not carry and you can change UHF output on the decoder by remote if there is an interuuption on UHF21.

AMD said...

Thanks Hush

Anuruddha said...

Guys Im reading this blog from 5 months back and now it seems its on out of track :(

I think v must talking about DTV and other satellite TV providers here. Not about the Mobile Service providers stuff. U knw guys this blog is dedicated to DTV ryt :)

so plz stop fighting each other nd lets talk about DTV. Then we can force Dialog to be honest company for their customers (specially DTV customers :D).... will u guys agree with me.. plz guys :) tc

Sudesh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nokia said...

Please check the daily news today for the ADD.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "New SET Plans required".

Please keep your discussions limited to DTV and please note that almost all non related discussions have been deleted on this thread.