Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Boomerang now testing on Dialog TV"

Cartoon Channel Boomerang which is a sister channel of Cartoon Network and Pogo commenced testing on Dialog TV yesterday. Most subscribers were surprised since the name "Boomerang" appeared on the list alongside "Bloomberg". Now the channel is still scrambled for many users since it may still be on testing mode.

Will Dialog take the "Bloomberg" path and add this channel only to the Rs 1949/= package or will they take decide to do some damage control and add this channel for their lower level packages too? Dialog can expect more competition to hit them since "Airtel Digital TV" launched in India today and we are certain that they will enter Sri Lanka also within the next year (for more see the TV & Radio Sri Lanka Blog).

Whether Dialog TV decided to hoodwink the business minded individuals in Sri Lanka by adding "Bloomberg" to the highest package in order to force them to upgrade for some classy business news will only be known once they carry out a package allocation for "Boomerang".

As mentioned in one of our posts last year we reiterate that Dialog TV behaved very foolishly by introducing the Rs 1949/= premium package and are now they are even more foolish by allocating channels only to it and ignoring the Rs 1400/= premium package subscribers. Many Dialog TV subscribers who can afford it are purchasing alternative connections and it is only a matter of time before others do so themselves. At present the threat of PEO TV is minimum since their present strategy would mean that with all the Dialog TV channels on PEO TV will make it more expensive that Dialog TV but since PEO TV operating costs are much lower it will only be a matter of time before they reduce rates. As stated before Dialog TV should reduce subscription rates and target more subscribers in order to become profitable.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


Micheal said...


You have said all there is to say.
With the imminent launch of Airtel Digital TV, consumers in Sri Lanka will finally be treated fairly and not be pushed around by unfair pricing, package discrimination, haphazard "keep up with the jones"
mpeg4 set top boxes, No solution rain fade problems, untrained customer care people, and overall bullying of customers, being perpertrated on ALL SRI LANKANS by Dialog TV.
Look Forward to Airtel Digital TV.

This is what I think about the whole sordid issue, and my positive 'look forward to better things'attitude.

Deshal said...

@Lasantha and Kumara

Count me in for any collective action even though I think it is not going to be useful.

If around 25-50 people can visit the DTV office together to complain about this, I think we can get something done.

Let me in the loop on collective action. I am defenitely in. I seriously would try to get DTV into the right track before shifting to any Indian service providers.

But then if they leave us with no choice, what can we do?


Rukmal said...


I'm not promoting DishTV. Iwas very loyal to DTV. But DTV treats us in a bad manner. All they are targeting is Premium customers.
All the people cant come to the premium package..
I tried to compare the difference

JfK said...

I can make calculated guess this new chanel "BOOMERANG" will be in HINDI...... anybody interested in sending their children to hindi classes..... DTV is trash.. so they treat there subscribers like garbage...

Rukmal said...

Airtel Digital TV

Lasantha said...
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Lasantha said...


I'm not representing DTV or DISH TV. I was trying to express my own idea. I don't want to promote dish tv or DTV.

Some guys in this blog try to blame to DTV regarding its picture quality. I think you have DISH TV right now, please check your decoder again, does it have svideo or HDMI output (I have ARION AF-5010sci decoder for dish tv, which doesn't have those ports) I’m not sure how you are going to compare picture quality with plain video output . There is no significant difference between DTV and DISH TV as I notice. (Except pixilation issue in HBO channels and Start Movie sometime in DTV. However, if you want to know what is pixilation, please see channel 426 on Dish TV ) But who want to watch dam Ads while watching a movie on HBO or Star Movie even there are AD free channels available on DTV.

DTV charge 700/= for HBO channels and Star Movie (in Set Plans), IPTV charge 400/= for HBO channels, therefore isn’t it worth to pay 700/= for AD free HBO Asian channels, Start Movie Asian feed, Hallmark, Australian Network and Neo sport Channels. But everything depends on your taste. If you are Big fan of hindi music , you can watch MTV (indan), Channel V (Indian), Music India, B4U Music, 9XM , ETC channel ( Enter 10 and HM1 removed from lineup last month) , If you are a fan of English movie, what you can get from PIX, MGM and TCM ?

Only thing we have to realize is, there is no "Perfect" service provider. Everything is relative and depends on our own requirements. so, All of you have choices. But It is bad practice to influence others to do what you have done. Instead, let others know your matters regarding DTV and steps you have taken. If majority has same problem, we can take action together.

I’m agree with you regarding EPG. Dish tv is much better than DTV on that.

I’m a 1949/= package holder from Kurunegala. I haven’t got letter regarding new DTV MPEG4 decoder or anything. Still haven’t got October program guide. We have to do something for this kind of shortcomings. But as I feel, those are not good reasons for give-up DTV. At least we can call to CC and convey our feelings in "pure Sinhala".

However, I respect to your behaviors, Otherwise we don’t have anything to doubt like this.

I don’t want to stick to or promote DTV or Dish Tv or any other. I’m using it as long as it is worth for me.


Thanks for your words! It is little early to complain to TRC, Let’s send a letter to DTV and see how they response. Then we can show how powerfully we are as customers. We are paying for DTV, so, we could be able to solve the matter with them. Since TRC is a government institute, I wouldn’t believe they will solve this matter within a day or week. We can keep it as a final action if everting fails.

yakuza said...

unlike in the past when i also opposed other bloggers who promoted dishtv, tatasky....etc times are different now.

this blog can make or brake dtv. because customers are everything.

so please keep posting comments about alternate service providers,

and to be frank the dtv management has never commented on this blog (maybe once if i remember), because they don't give shit!

so why should anyone show alliance to them?

please answer the above question if you can. dtv or any blogger

present dtv customer

indi said...

Note: I work for Dialog. This is not an official Dialog statement, but just so you know.

Say that 40 bananas cost Rs. 1,400. 50 bananas would cost more. This is not unexpected.

This basic economic fact is clear with fruit, and it's the same with channels. Dialog TV has made an effort to bring quality TV whether you can pay Rs. 250 or Rs. 1,949. As they increase the top-line channels available (which we buy from channel partners) we make them available at a sustainable fee. Dialog TV is not a fly-by-night operator with hacked SIMs that crash overnight. The company is doing things the legal, right way and it will continue to grow in a sustainable fashion.

We hope that the readers of the Dialog TV Forum understand that Dialog TV is trying to run a business. Not in the sense that the company is trying to take your money, but in the sense that the company is trying to serve you in a sustainable way. As Dialog TV buys more channels from international suppliers, they sell them at a fair price. Dialog TV has also made a conscious effort to make TV accessible to Sri Lankans whatever they can afford. The Rs. 250 package is revolutionary ($2.50 for satellite TV? Nowhere in the world) and local interest channels like CitiHitz, Channel C, The Buddhist, Shruti, etc are available to all.

AMD said...


Thanks for your comments. We hope that management of DTV is also seriously looking at this blog, if not please pass the message on to them.

I have one question.

U said: " Dialog TV buys more channels from international suppliers, they sell them at a fair price"

Bloomberg TV is a FTA channel, why was it given to only to the "premium" package ?

Lisura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AMD said...

Daily Mirror
Thursday, October 09, 2008

No cricket action for Sri Lanka

* Players endure frustrating wait without hotel

accommodation as Ranatunga makes 14th overseas jaunt

By Channaka de Silva

Sri Lanka will experience a television black-out of the Al Barakah Twenty20 Cup cricket tournament that begins on Friday in Toronto, Canada. None of the Sri Lankan TV companies have shown interest in acquiring the rights to telecast the four-day tournament also featuring Pakistan, hosts Canada and Zimbabwe while Dialog TV said yesterday that the live telecast would not be available on any of the satellite channels either.

A live telecast however would be on and available in other parts of the world as the tournament has been sanctioned by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and all such tournaments should have live TV coverage.....

Lisura said...

Lasantha, Kumara and hsj (we are not sure if this is the same guy who uses different blog names) are really annoyed by the comments made by us regarding dish TV.

That is the clear indication of who they work for. Cause we are here to speak the truth and present the facts and our real experiences.

By talking the negative aspects of DTV or DISH TV we doesn't get offended cause we don't work for either companies.

HSJ have gone too far and asks the blog admin for explanations also. What rubbish is that. This is a free place and admin is doing a great service. Ask explanations from DTV Management !

These laughing stock have really panicked cause they fear that the company they work for is losing the deal.

At the same time we all know that DTV is closely monitoring this blog and trying to control the trends here.

DTV staff are reading these comments ! We know it. Don't blame us ! Go and tell your bosses to change the policy and be a consumer oriented company or just get LOST !

Lisura said...

@ Indi

I really appreciate your braveness to tell that you work for DTV.

See the attitude you have. You think DTH is a Banana business. Good for monkeys like your boss ! Not for us !

How is Dish TV keep increasing channels without adding the cost to the subscriber and you do some dirty trick each time you add a channel !

Remember Indian connections sold here are not hacked SIMs but genuine ones which the people even have web access to their accounts !

You guys still could not even bring the site (or a similar one) back ! And could not sort out the billing issues of few for months !

Surely DTV will grow as you say by charging high prices to give FTA channels !

Lasantha said...

hi Lisura,

First of all, I'm not posting here under any other name. If you want verify my identity, just drop and email to lkgamage(at)gmail(dot)com. I'll get back to you with my contact info. I'm not sure whether you and rukmal is a same person lol :-)

I'm not an agent of DTV, No angry with Dish TV. I'm telling what i'm seeing here. Also, I don't care whether you are selling Dish TV or you are trying to promote it. Please be reasonable. can't you see any good thing in DTV? if so, please please returned your STB and ask for refund. Otherwise, join with us to help/force DTV to improve its quality. Then we can get maximum value for our money paying for DTV.

Transporter said...

Dialog TV relaunch the website.

Deshal said...

@ Indi,

Thanks for your comment. Really appreciate it.

However, your attitude of addressing your customers (who contribute to pay your salary) is pathatic.

Anyway, let me reply your banana DTH with the same example.

1. Say for Rs.1610/-, you promised to give us 56 bananas every month. As I love bananas, I want to get as many bananas as possible. You told me that I am a "premium" banana eater and you will make sure that I stay premium. Suddenly, I realize that you provide someone with extra bananas because they pay Rs.2000/-. That's fine, but see, you didn't tell me that I can also pay Rs. 2000/- and upgrade my package to get a higher number of Bananas. I have been missed out. I am willing to pay though. What do I feel like? An inferior, cheap class monkey!

2. There are other banana stalls who offer more bananas for the same or even lesser prices.Any monkey would shift, if you know the basic laws of economics.

3. When I need a perticular kind of banana (We'll call this "Olympic" banana) and you do not provide it, what do I feel like? A real pathetic monkey!

We want you to continue. We want you guys to have jobs. But you cannot make us look "cheap". No Sir! we are vigilant than you. We know what is going on.

We don't ask any banana for free. Charge us! That's why I took 1610 package about more than 1 year and 9 months back.


But suddenly you tell me that I am not "real" premium but "cheap" premium. So, I am defenitely looking around for other options.

You loose customers, you loose your job mate! believe me, it is a pretty bad time to loose your job!

AMD said...

@ Indi,

I hope u are planning on answering our questions since u made ur bold entry to this blog.

So can u give us some ans now, reg the bloomberg issue, the Olympic issue & most of all why ul love to treat "OLD" customers as "UN WORTHY" customers ?

May i remind u & ur management that ull did not build this DTH service from scratch, ull bought something that was already there, so where is the respect for all those customers who were there with ull through all those months ?

All of us would like an ans to this question. WHY ? Can u ans that ?

sattvmania said...

@ indi
nice to see someone from dtv here. Like your banana plan but you forgot to mention SET PLAN bananas,what is going on set 11,13 bananas ?

banana theory aside you mentioned rs 250,1949 only.what about 500,1098,1499 customers do you think we should eat cinemax,star plus,star world bananas all over again just for fun if we activate set plan 14 banana pkg. so dtv only think of profit regardless of what customers want or don't need?

Lisura said...

@ Lasantha

I dont want your contact info. If you say you are not working for dtv its fine !

But dont be a dtv sympathizer ! That doesnt work with arrogant dtv staff. You have to blast them everytime to get a simple thing done !

I'm not selling Dish TV but i use both Dish TV and DTV at the moment.

There's nothing good on DTV when compared to Dish TV or any other operator in the region at the moment.

I'll be the first to return my connection if they offer a refund.

Indi can tell me about that !

I use DTV at the moment cos i have paid them more due to a billing dispute they had. As soon as my credit is over I'll disconnect my DTV connection with or without a refund !

I'm prepared to handover all the equipment back to DTV in case if they are refunding my connection fee !

I'll tell you ! Pointless speaking to DTV to solve our issues. Admin and the senior bloggers know what we did and what was the result !

This is an ultimate time waste !

Don't we have some other work rather than fighting to improve an arrogant DTH operator ?

We have the freedom of choose !

I'm telling the fellow bloggers to wait until Big TV and Airtel boxes freely available in SL so that they can get a good service at an affordable price !

Ryan said...


Well Said.

Just what i figured long time ago. DTV is Bananas.

indi said...

The banana metaphor was obviously ill advised.

There is, if I'm correct, one major issue here.

1. Old CBNSat 1400 customers want to continue being 'Premium'.

I hope you can see the issues inherent in this. When Dialog TV took over CBNSat it was a shuttered company with about 30 channels, none of them broadcasting.

Dialog obtained the licensing, made the investments and not only resumed service, we've almost doubled the amount of channels and developed our own local channels as well.

We now offer services well beyond what the original 1400 customers signed up for with CBNSat. Is it unreasonable to pay for those (if you want them)? Nothing has been taken away from those original customers and I'm certain that the management is very thankful for their support and patronage.

I also hope that members of this forum understand that we want to continue adding new channels. Can't we also add these to new packages? Does that make sense?

Lisura said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisura said...

@ Indi

Dont cry here ! The end is near !

People cant be fooled with your lame excuses ! Didn't you knew all these issues when you bought cbnsat ?

Then why did you pay 50+ billion rupees ?

Why did Dialog bought cbnsat ? That's because you knew its good investment. isn't it ?

Dish Maxi package rental stayed the same for last so many years. And so many new channels were introduced to it during the last years at no extra cost to the subscriber !

Now I'm telling you. One of my contact who worked for Dialog GSM is now at DTV and he said these package rentals could be reduced. But DTV doesn't want to do it now and they are waiting for another competitor to come in to DTH operation. Till then they will stick to these rentals. DTV is trying to get advantage from the existing subscribers !

What do you have to say ?

This is the real story !

Micheal said...


Cheap Premium banana, and New Premium banana.

The situation we are looking at is
"Banana Split"......

Stay Cool Newly Non Premium Dudes.

Vista said...

@ indi


Can you please let us know if DTV has shifted to the MPEG4 plan?

Usefull Infomation said...

@ Lasantha

If I am not mistaken u also have both DTV and DISH - Which is better?

Kido said...

I am Back...!

Dear Mr. Indi

Pls welcome to Dialog Blog & I am totally disagreeing with ur point & ur reminding our Local Load ANTHONY.

We do understand about the cost of the service & etc… as Lisura said earlier, if you having these issue why did you ppl pay 50+ billion rupees bought the rights. As per my knowledge Dialog TV is the most expensive DTH provider in the world. Dialog can invest 50 or 60million or billion to provide the service, but you ppl can’t expect the same amount within a year. That’s not practical & that’s not possible at all.

DTH is not like banana business, if u have invest 50+ billion, u have wait for a long time to get the money back. That is call long term business plan.

Lets come to the point… what’s we are looking from Dialog TV?

1. Reduce the Rental
As you know the situation in Sri Lanka you can’t force/ask the customers to pay 1949+ Rs to get the full channels. Just go back & issue the 1400+ pkg & see… I’ll bet u Dialog can simply reach the target. (LONG TERM BUSINESS PLAN.)

2. Take off all the unwanted Hindi craps & replace with good English channels

Kind request; currently (as of 09th Oct) dialog has 4 cartoon channels & out of 4 only 1 channel is available in English.

Honestly am telling I don’t know a single word in Hindi & therefore I am not willing to pay single cts to these Hindi craps. Some time back regarding this issue when I called the hot line they (CC) said CN, POGO & Nick channels only available in Hindi (mixed). Then how these channels available in English on Indian DTH? That’s means you can get both the English & Hindi Feeds. Only what you have to do is filter the channels.

3. Introduce some more good English & Tamil channels

4. Good quality picture without any interruption.

Pls share this issues with Dialog TV heads in order to “Wake up to the Next generation satellite TV.”

Yours truly,

CBN Customer now with Dialog TV.

Cheers Guys...

Lasantha said...

Hi Indi,

We are very happy to see at least single DTV agent here. Thanks for join with this blog. You'll have to play big role here :-)

Also, Thanks for your explanation regarding "Old CBNSat 1400 customers want to continue being 'Premium'". But, I hope that your answer is not clear enough. Please mention it in short, whether your company is able to offer new channels for those "CBNSat 1400 customers"? (Yes or NO)

If your answer is "No",At least, is there a possibility to offer new channels for "CBNSat 1400 customers" with reasonable price tag (such as Rs.50/= for Boombeg etc..)?

Lasantha said...

@Usefull Infomation,

DTV is better for me.
Also, I'm a fan of hindi music. I'm currently using Dish TV to watch channel V and 9XM channels.

I hope i've answered to your question :-)

sanjan said...

is neo sports available with dish tv?
can any one tell me a place to buy a tata sky connection ?

Dimu said...

I'm not sure to which package they are going to add Boomerang.

But at the moment it's testing & I can view it through my CS server.

Earlier they have put the name as Boomerang, but now it's again changed to CH3.

podiman said...

Neo sports is not available with Dish tv. Tatasky do have. Please send your e-mail address for a tatasky connection.

Lightning_Struck_Tower said...

Does anyone know which channel will broadcast the Canada 20Twenty mathches starting from tomorrow?

Dude what is a CS Server? Never heard of it (other than a counter strike server which surely in not what you meant :) ? ).

Prasanna said...


I am not a old CBN sat customer. I am a DTV 1400 premium customer. I joined as a 900 DTV customer and then upgraded to 1400 as I was promised by the CC that 1400 will remain the top end package (if I change to it before the tariff revision). Either the CC guy has lied to me and upgraded to 1400 or dialog has broken its promise. The worst is they add a FTA channel to the list and when I ask for it they ask me to pay over 500 for that!

The web always carried the promise "There is much more to come", but it never came!

We were paying 1400 for DTV for lesser no of channels, and this means that DTV was selling channels at a higher prise than they should. In your banana analogy, it is like selling a banana for 20 when it should have been 10. (or in Dialog, charging Rs. 13 per call when it could have been given at 3). Ofcourse the overheads could have been higher and may be lesser no of customers to pay for that. But with the economics I know, it should go down with the increase of customers and prices should go down or without reducing the prices, the no of channels should increase.It is called giving the benefit to the customers, specially the long standing ones, who took the trouble to keep you running by paying more than what they should.

Also I want to remind you that when you takeover a company, you don't take only the 'buildings'. You take their liabilities as well. The old CBN customers are the people who paid for the basic infrastructure and you cannot just forget them.

For me still dialog is a company which is trying to rip off customers when ever it is possible.

As one guy suggested earlier, I wonder why the Dialog marketting wizz kids dont realize that comming with a 1400 premium package (and reintroduce the 100 package) is a good stratgy now to attarcat new customers whom dialog will be loosing to ther operators (IPTV, LBN and indian). Alos this would make low end customers upgrade and increase the customer base and the revenue on the long run. I dont hope that DTV will become another opertor like dialog GSM, who now is dancing to the tune of the other operators.

Lisura said...

@ Indi

I ask you a simple question.

Can you give all the Dish TV channels (194 at the moment) for their prices ?

Forget about the HBO pack and other Asian feeds.

Can you take up this challenge ?

I hope your banana selling tactics wont apply here. Isnt it ?

Your bosses think that we are monkeys who can be fooled by showing more bananas !

Lisura said...

DTV banana shop

12 bananas - 250 (20.83 a banana)
28 bananas - 500 (17.86 a banana)
42 bananas - 1099 (26.17 a banana)
47 bananas - 1499 (31.89 a banana)
53 bananas - 1949 (36.77 a banana)

What kind of a economic theory is this ?

The usual way is when you get more bananas the cost per banana should come down ! In the DTV banana shop it's the other way around !

Now it's clear how the DTV banana "mudalali" steals your hard earned money !

AMD said...


With all the bragging ur going on about DTV, about introducing new channels & ur own channels & bla bla bla... did u forget that DTV didnt obtain a channel and show us the Olympics ? & now they are saying that they will not be showing the 20 20 cup in canada as well ? See Below.

Daily Mirror
Thursday, October 09, 2008

No cricket action for Sri Lanka

By Channaka de Silva

" Sri Lanka will experience a television black-out of the Al Barakah Twenty20 Cup cricket tournament that begins on Friday in Toronto, Canada. None of the Sri Lankan TV companies have shown interest in acquiring the rights to telecast the four-day tournament also featuring Pakistan, hosts Canada and Zimbabwe while Dialog TV said yesterday that the live telecast would not be available on any of the satellite channels either"

Nokia said...

@ All
Boomerang is avalable for all Premium pakage holders. And I'm a 1400 PKG holder and it's enable for my connection as well. But they have advertised it on todays daily News that the channel will be avalable for 1949 Premium package.

This was Due to the fact that 1400 PKG is nore more but they treat us as PREMIUM ?? If so they are dong a good businuss.

And I dont get the channel name as yet. only shows CH 3 for Boomerang. I did re-scaning and master re-set but still the same :(

Nokia said...

@ Lisura
I don’t know why you are so arrogant… you are spreading someone’s massage or you are an anti DTV blogger entered to the blog without a control . And talking most of the Indian DTH providers. Why we don’t compare with IPTV and other cable providers where we can have the option to go and talk to them on their products. I’f I’m to move from DTV I’ll go for a locally available licensed product. If Airtel DTH comes to Sri Lanka with Airtel office in island I’ll open my mind to them as well. And if not other operators will act like “Sakvithi Sir” 
Way I said that because when we see your BlogSpot you have answered two three times without a control. I don’t say that you should not do that. Just simplify your comments and publish.
Most of the bloggers are not happy with the Service and not willing to change as we have paid a lot for the equipments which are not returnable…..

Transporter said...

Boomerang channel is added on to the below Cx's Value +1,949/- & Value 1,400/- packages.

Lisura said...

@ Nokia

I'm very much in control and well informed.

Read my comments again before making lame comments !

Comparing Dish TV to "Sakvithi" shows your knowledge about DTH.

Lisura said...

@ Indi

Can I return all the equipment and connection to you and get a refund ?

Observer said...

Dialogs policy in the past has been to rip off the consumers until some formidable competition builds up. They have never offered a fair price for anything.

By just looking at the price reductions they make in the Mobile Business, I really feel that I over paid these monkeys for the past 4 years !!!! This is no different with their TV as well.
I am also a 1400 customer from the old CBNSat era its terrible that Dialog adds Bloomberg and CNA 1900+ package. I decided to get a C Band Dish to watch all these channell as I am keen in watching business news.

But untill very recently I had some sympathy for Dialog , just because it is an employer in Sri Lanka. But now I am fast loosing that sympathy and ready to move to AirTel given the first avaialble window.

As a starter I have obtained an Uapahara package (used by a family member) and moved purchased a Broiadband connection from Mobitel (M3, Rs 250 rental ) which is real value for money.

Yesterday I receved an email containing AirTel package prices which can even beat Mobitel Upahara. However Im not sure about the validity of the email

The prices are,

* Rental 300/-
* 2500 minutes outgoing free to any network
* Outgoing A to A : Free
* Outgoing A to Non-A Peak 1.00 OffPeak 0.50
* 1000 SMSs Free ( A to A 0.25, A to Non-A 0.50 )
* MMS 0.75 to any network

Way to go AirTel !

alf said...




TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "Boomerang activated for Rs 1949/= and Rs 1400/= premium packages?".