Monday, August 4, 2008

Subscribers eager to watch Olympic Games

According to reports coming in Dialog TV are getting calls from subscribers who want to watch the Olympics Live via Dialog TV. Since none of the channels available on Dialog TV are showing the games except for Channel Eye/Rupavahini we believe Dialog should take immediate steps to introduce DD Sports Channel and the other DD channels for the duration of the games.

In addition according to reports Dialog is gearing up for the launch of some Tamil language channels which would definitely mean an upsurge in Dialog TV connection sales however some subscribers are extremely disappointed over the way Dialog has been carrying out business and are contemplating moving to either LBN, Dish TV or SLT IPTV.

Our last poll titled "Would you pay for a Sirasa SET plan" produced the following results.
  1. Never - 147 votes (61%)
  2. Will pay for all Sirasa Channels - 57 votes (23%)
  3. Will pay for Sirasa TV - 21 votes (8%)
  4. Will pay for Shakthi TV - 5 votes (2%)
  5. Will pay for Channel One - 34 votes (14%)
  6. Will pay for TV South Asia - 11 votes (4%)
According to information received last "History Channel" has not returned to Dialog TV. Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


Unknown said...

History Channel is now back online

Is it possible to listen to FM on the DTV decoder?

Unknown said...

What is wrong with Channel EYE coverage.I am sure it is going to be much better than DD Hindi crap.
We have followed Olympics on Rupavahini over 2 decades now and they have given a good service.
I think Dialog TV should increase the channel quality of EYE.Currently it looks like watching shadows.

Tharu said...


No. They had the FM Stations on DTV previously. But they removed it saying that they were going to increase the picture quality of the video channels by utilising that space.

But picture quality is the same, we have no radio channels now.

LKDOOD said...


at a given time there are many events talking place

Channel eye can only show one event at a time

in other countries different Olympic events are on different channels

most events are broadcasted

some may like swimming but some may like basketball or football

satellite tv should be about choice

dialog tv needs to give customers more choice

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Sajjad said...

I'm one of the unhappy subscribers with DTV, The reason is that we're forced to watch programmers on the indian feed which sometimes are in Hindi which me or majority of subscribers don't understand. After emailing DTV and suggesting that they should get the English feed and let the subscriber decide on the price to pay I've not got any response so far, If any other operator could get the English feed I'll be happy to get a connection from they tomorrow

Anonymous said...

When I got the DTV connection there was 4 cartoon channels and most of the time the content was in English. But then Animax was removed, bringing down the choice to 3. Now I find the content of the remaining 3 channels is Hindi most of the time. My kids used to watch Blues Clues, Dora the explorer, Diago etc and now all of them are in Hindi. Most of the time the kids do not have any good english stuff to watch in cartoon channels. This is the Choice that DTV gives.

Adding to that, for whatever reason Zone reality was removed. IT was a unique channels, the new channel is not a replacement for that. It may be quite possible for DTV to get some other feed of Zone reality and get it back on air. But I dont think they bother about it.

Apart from Animax and Zone Reality, Zee music was removed. The music provided by Zee music was different to other music channels and now we dont have a suitable replacement for that. DTV does not have any good english music either as MTV (indian feed) is in Hindi most of the time.

As it was mentioned before, FM channels were removed to "increase quality" and now we dont have both quality and FM channels. Recently DTV circulated a questionnaire and I suppose this will give them a chance to identify the customers needs.

But in general I think that DTV should always concentrate on Asian / English feeds rather than Indian ones. If one wants to watch indian crap, there there is always more than one choice (TATA sky, DISH etc).

Unknown said...


I agree with you there are multiple events taking place at the same time.However organisers usually schedule them in such a way that most popular events do not interfere with each other.For example, usually swimming events take place in the morining and Athletics in the afternoon/evening while diving and gymnastics late in the evening.
There are lot of team events such as Football,Softball,Basketball etc which tend to interfere with each other because they take more time.
If you take all the sporting events at Olympics the challenge is to show the most interesting events not all events.
Can you confirm whether DD is using 3,4 channels to show all the events.
I for one am more interested in watching Susanthika run in heats rather than watching India play Brazil in a hockey match.I am convinced that Channel Eye will show Susanthika instead of Hockey.This is very important for me.

Therefor everybody should lobby to get Channel Eye in high resolution than trying to get another Hindi channel onboard Dialog platform in expense of English channels(they never replace hindi channels which seems very important for the Nushad and Co.)

ILHAM - The Boss said...

More Tamil Entertainment
On Dialog TV.

Dialog TV will add more Tamil TV
Channels – Confirmed


Coming Soon

SIyatha TV – Sinhala TV Channel
Vetri TV – Tamil TV Channel
Real TV – English TV Channel

From Voice of Asia Networks

Lasith said...

Can anyone get dtv programme guide through dialog mobile by dialling #679# ?

Lasith said...
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MW said...

i never want to see Olympics games on any rupavahini Channel . i have personally deleted all local crap and most indian crap from my Channel list. With all bullshit news and all.
No Local Channels till a good time comes for sri lanka. !! (Not Sure)

Priyantha De Silva said...

To Download this month's Dialog TV programme guide via our own server,

Click Here

Tharu said...

Last evening I was listening to Ran FM (102.2 FM)and heard an advertisment saying Olympics are available on DTV..

Wonder how true it could be..

Unknown said...

DTV must and should add Channels what the customer wants if they are hoping to increase the number of subscribers.

DTV does not give a straight reply to our answers.

I did not even receive the DTV Program guide for this month. Did anyone get it?

The only reason I brought the DTV is because local channels are useless and I like English channels. But now Dialog does not give a good service to their subscribers.

Lasantha said...

Harinda, lkdood,

You are absolutely correct. DTV don't seems to care about customer needs and gradually decreasing their service quality.

If someone wish to watch good Hindi channels, they have better choices than DTV (Tata Sky and Dish TV) , But what if we want to watch good English channels. No choice at all other than poor quality DTV service.

My personal idea is DTV doesn't understand what their clients expecting from them. If they really want to add good music channels, they can add MTV (English) for those who love to watch English music and Zee music , Channel V or 9XM for Hindi fans instead of MTV masala :-)

Same scenario for other lifestyle, cartoon and adventure channels also. I can't understand why DTV can't add new channels to their lineup . I bet , no one will hesitate to pay for good content. For example, If they introduce AXN beyond on DTV lineup, I'll defiantly get it if that cost extra for me.


I got my programme guide yesterday (05/08/08) they have ask 14 question all fill in the blanks one of the question they have ask is TAKING EVERYTHING INTO CONSIDERATION ARE U SATISFY WITH DIALOG TV AND ITS SERVICE? YES OR NO IF NO PLEASE SPECIFY WHY? hope they will understand the customers requirements by this. also i am an old CBN customer and ihave the fullpackage


#679# was working yesterday evening and again stopped working in the morning

ILHAM - The Boss said...

Sun TV Network, Raj TV Network &
Some other Tamil TV Channel Official
Will meet Dialog TV Officials Today.

Dialog TV will launch a new
SET Plan to Tamil TV Channels.

HSJAYA said...

This questionnaire is a good opportunity to provide a feed back about DTV services and what we really want and feel.

So lets use it wisely

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "Questionnaire sent to all subscribers".