Friday, August 1, 2008

Channels Mysterious disappearing

According to reliable information coming in it seems that History Channel has gone off air under mysterious circumstances. According to reports Dialog TV Customer Care is giving excuses which vary from agent to agent. Some say it will be back during the day whereas some are saying by August 3rd or even later and the reason is said to be maintenance whereas others call it a system failure.

It should be said that initially Zone Reality was taken off air (before replacement the channel used to mysteriously disappear from time to time) and replaced with NDTV Good Times (instead of a quality channel like BBC Entertainment or Disney Channel) and now will History Channel be the next to go off air and replaced by another Indian Masthana channel. Wonder what will be next? Instead of reducing Indian stuff it seems that Dialog is trying to increase Indian content on their platform.

We urge all subscribers to call and protest whenever Dialog TV takes a channel off air under a lousy excuse such as maintenance or system failure.

Please keep us updated on the latest developments regarding Dialog TV.


Kaminda Berugoda said...

History channel is the only reason I use DTV. If it goes off I am out of this. They are just gonna suicide, whats wrong with these people???



Nokia said...

Can This be due to MPEG4 platform changers?

SLP said...

Today morning there were another issue,
Around 5.30am to 5.45am, channel EYE is off air,
instead CH EYE, a snowy version of Star World is broadcated on that slot and is the same content as original feed,
i dnt knw whether this issue is still exisiting, but its a definite thing that they are having technical darwbacks at their end even at this very moment.
As for HISTORY channel, if this is another way to change into HINDI damn shame on you.
also to DTV heads, please mind that, History channel is not like Channel C and plenty of heads down here is watching than seeying it.
With technical matters, we all have a great experince that DTV is not experienced at all, therefore as the few other fellows said that it recommence on 3rd Aug, it is ok to wait a few moment but LISURA i think this is a high time to customers to re-unite against this massacre.

AMD said...

For any issues, why on earth cant DTV send us an announcement like they do when we dont pay our bills ?

Lasantha said...

I wonder why this technical issue happens only for History Channel. I notice that, Program information and time slot information is not displaying for NetGEO, NetGeo Adventure, Discovery and Animal Plant, Hallmark and some other sport channels. Also, Still I haven't received August program guide.Did you got it?

This is not the service we are expecting or paying for. If they are scheduling to do a maintenance, they have responsibility to inform in advance. Or at least display a message on the screen while maintaining period.

It seems DVT pushing us to migrate to another service provider. Isn't it?

According to their reports, DVT is expecting to increase their subscriber count up to 500,000 within this year. Please stop dreaming and at least try to keep your existing subscribers with you :-)

Lasith said...

Take it easy guys & wait 4 few days. Give them time.

Rukmal said...

History channel was also a indian feed.
So i dont think DTV replace it with another hindi channel

so will wait


(sorry off topic)
if u are a dialog user TYPE DISCOUNT and send to 678

Dhammika said...

what do you get when you do (send discount to 678) that?

Lasith said...

Anyone can tell me how 2 activate DTV Set plans?@all

Nokia said...

If you do so You will be charged 477/= (all inclusive)
And you will have lifetime discount as follows

Fist minute out going (no change)
2nd Minute (25% Discount)
3rd minute onwards (50% Discount)

Seems to be agood offer from dialog GSM.

Jinath said...

I called Dialog TV now to activate the channel which telecast Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.
They told still they have no idea about it.....
Any comments on this?

Dialog Lifetime Discount:

Harindu said...

Is there any way to listen to FM channels from DTV?

Observer said...

Here is a list of good channels they took away by giving flimsy excuses

1. Fashion Tv
2. Animax
3. VH1 (for some time )
4. Zone reality

If they attempt to take one more quality English channel away, I will switch to Dish TV or LBN in a snap !

Its high time that I say tah-tah bye to the 17500 I paid for the good old CBNSat.

The idiots at DTV, have a pathetic taste it seems. Or they are superbly cunning and taking the customers for a ride.

Observer said...

" If you do so You will be charged 477/= (all inclusive)
And you will have lifetime discount as follows

Fist minute out going (no change)
2nd Minute (25% Discount)
3rd minute onwards (50% Discount)

Do you think they have suddenly fallen in love witht he customers and giving this discout ?

Going by the dirty tricks thay do at DTV , What I think think is they will have to do this anyway once Airtel launches operations next month possibly. Before that they are attempting to get 477 per customer as a premtive damage control measure.

Im waiting till Airtel lauches operations

Lasith said...

According to 3rd August zero77 mag DTV going to introduce some Tamil movies, entertainment programmes SOON...

Nokia said...

No Airtel till December!!

ILHAM - The Boss said...

Coming Soon

What’s next on Dialog TV?

More Tamil Entertainment
For the whole family.
Await new additions to
Our lineup in coming soon.

Reported by Zero 77
Magazine publish by
Dialog Telekom.

Radikal Zee said...

forget about this bloody "coming soon" business !!
it never arrives...

AMD said...

Dial #679# for DTV Options on your dialog mobile

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "Subscribers eager to watch Olympic Games".