Wednesday, July 16, 2008

MPEG4 Information

According to information being received it seems that Dialog TV is gearing up for the launch of MPEG4. Unconfirmed sources say that the new MPEG4 compatible decoder is being issued to new subscribers. Anyone who has more information/confirmation of this is welcome to comment with the relevant information.

In other information there has been no improvement in the picture quality of Dialog TV channels so far. There are rumors of Sirasa Channels coming on board Dialog TV on a seperate SET plan. There have been mixed views by subscribers about this and therefore we have decided to start a new poll on this, which will be available on the right hand corner of the screen.

Our previous poll results are given below

Opinion of NDTV Good Times
  1. Replace with English Channel - 49%
  2. Good - 28%
  3. Replace with Tamil Channel - 13%
  4. Remove and improve bandwidth - 8%
Please continue taking part in our polls and please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress. Given below are pictures of what is believed to the new MPEG4 decoder, however we are unable to confirm this information.


killer said...

HI, This Practic is not good, Evert time, New Channel add and charge additional. Dialog can Remove, Hindi channel and Replace Sirasa Channel. I Think, Dialog cant achive there Target, Doing this Way.

mohandev said...

It's time DTV Subscriber Unite is re-activated to stand up for the rights of the paid viewers as day day by day DTV is becoming arrogant self motivated monopoly doing what they pleases without any regard to improving the qulaity of their service fast diminishing & their greed to charge for anything new without disconitnuing crappy channels most viewers do not want. I wonder whether they should be reported to Consumer Affairs Authority & Fair Trading Commission for their lack of honesty to its customers.

Rasika said...

can anyone confirm this MPEG 4 information? also.. if its true, what about the quality on MPEG 4?

podiman said...

What are they going to do with MPEG4 boxes? Are they trying to change all old boxes with the new once? Will it be free of charge or will they charge for the new box?

LANKA INFO said...

check now, TP4 is availible with 18 Test cards.

podiman said...

Yes there are 18 test cards but when are they going to give the channels and what are the channels?

don said...

why cant dialog tv to put notices on their own website.they have not mentioned anything about set plans & they are going to introduce mpge 4 without any notice to their customers.

honeybunch said...

re: the MPEG4 Decoder

i called Dialog TV customer care, and when i asked whether they are issuing the new decoder. . . They said YES! so, when i asked how can i get the new MPEG4 decoder that guy asked me whether i am using the total package. i told yes cos i hav all the channels that dialog has to offer .. . . then the guy told that they hav not finalised on how they are going to issue the MPEG4 decoder as yet . . .but as soon as its finalised they wil be letting us know about how we cud get the new MPEG4 decoder. so thats what the DIALOG TV guys told me wen i caled them 5 mins back. . . .

honeybunch said...

re Sirasa TV on Dialog:

when i asked the customer care guy about Sirasa . . he told that they hav not got any such information regarding the Sirasa TV launch on Dialog TV. . .so wud like to advise ADMIN to be more professional when posting ne kinda comments on the main screen . . . . thanks ! !

rupavahini said...

TP 4 now only testing for rain problem. No new channels soon

rupavahini said...

coming soon zone reality original feed in DTV

Looser said...

What is the Original Feed?

sithma said...

Hi any one knows the specification of Dialog DBV_T Transmisson specifications and the channels now on

sithma said...

Hi any one knows the specification of Dialog DBV_T Transmisson and the channels now on

LANKA INFO said...

@ Sithma:

Digital Video Broadcasting Terrestrial Transmission.(Not yet finalized )

DVB - Digital Video Broadcasting

Rukmal said...

Rupavahini :

What is this "Original Feed" ?


Do not trust Dialog C/C. they know nothing. They can get information from this Blog ! :))

ILHAM - The Boss said...

Dialog TV will add five new Tamil TV Channels.

podiman said...

When are they going to add these channels? It is over 2 weeks only CNN is there.

JfK said...

I discovered recently my kids fav program on Nick (dora & Diego)has gone HINDI so I'm thinking about sending them to learn Hindi since most programs on Cartoon network are Hindi too. I personal feel DTV should get feed from another region if they want to keep there clients cause if there's another operator who's transmitting i these channels in English I'll sure turn to then tomorrow.

LKDOOD said...


Dialog can get Cartoon network asia & Nick asia
(english audio)

they get Indian feeds because its cheap

Sri Lanka In Focus-NEWS BLOG

ILHAM - The Boss said...

Special News
Sirasa TV, Shakthi TV, Channel One,
South Asia TV will be available in
Astro Malaysia DTH Service from
This December.

Sirasa TV, Shakthi TV, Channel One,
South Asia TV will get 8 Million
Viewers from Malaysia.

Reported By Malaysian Online.

Currently MTV Network Disusing with
Dialog TV what will happen wait and see.

ILHAM - The Boss said...

There Is a Good News.Long Waited Tv Channel Siyatha Tv Is Going To Start Soon. One of my Friend Who's Working For Voice Of Asia Told me That These Days They were Planing to Launch The Test Transmission.

Siyatha TV also available at Dialog TV.

LKDOOD said...

ESPN Star lands rights to Olympics(2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and the London 2012 Olympic Games)


Sri Lanka In Focus-NEWS BLOG

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "Olympic Request".