Thursday, July 10, 2008

DTV increases channel quality?

We are hearing reports of an increase in the picture quality of DTV channels over the last few days. We are unable to confirm this report though. According to the rumor all the DTV channels have undergone a quality increase.

The fourth Transponder is still functioning however no official confirmation can be obtained on the official status of the transponder.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding Dialog TV as the days progress.


killer said...

Hi,my Dialog Channel still same quality, No changes, Dialog tv need more subcribes have to incress Quality + Good Entertainment channel (English) + Low cost Packages. Other wise very difficul to stay this market.

AMD said...

minister cancels TV show deal

Unpopular administrator Arjuna Ranatunga boycotts champs

The most shocking of all events came when Sports Minister Lokuge no-balled the sale of television coverage of matches involving the Sri Lanka team by the former administration headed by Jayantha Dharmadasa.

The dictatorial attitude of cricket officials and the disorganisation that is prevalent in the government-appointed Interim Committee running Sri Lanka Cricket came into full bloom yesterday as the chief of the controlling body Arjuna Ranatunga boycotted a welcome ceremony for the Asian Champions and Sports Minister Gamini Lokuge cancelled a television rights deal running into millions of dollars.

Ranatunga, probably the most unpopular of presidents or chairmen in the eyes of the players, did not present himself at the ceremony and the Daily Mirror learns from reliable cricket board sources that the players had expressed their disgust at his absence during a meeting with President Mahinda Rajapaksa who controversially appointed the former captain to head the game’s administration in January this year

But the most shocking of all events came when Sports Minister Lokuge no-balled the sale of television coverage of matches involving the Sri Lanka team by the former administration headed by Jayantha Dharmadasa.

The rights were sold to the sports television channel Ten Sports.

The cancellation was made after Minister Lokuge received the report of the three-member commission that probed the television rights sale.

The report slams the former interim committee of entering into an agreement without calling for bids from other broadcasting companies like ESPN, STAR, ARY, Sony, TWI and WSG.

Lapses on the part of the former interim committee to seek the approval of Minister Lokuge, its failure to seek in-house legal advice before signing the deal and not tabling the proceedings to its members before and after the agreement signing were also cited as detrimental to the interests of Sri Lanka Cricket by the probe committee.

The three-member investigation committee comprising S. Liyanagama (Chairman), Dr. Maiya Gunasekera and B.H. Perera has noted in its report that the lapses on the part of the former interim committee had deprived the country and cricket establishment of striking better deals or obtaining higher prices in the sale of TV coverage rights.

The report further states that former interim committee chairman Jayantha Dharmadasa and his chief executive officer Duleep Mendis were the only two who were in the thick of matters while negotiating the deal and should be held responsible for the lapses. Ex-secretary K. Mathivanan and the treasurer have also been cited in the report.

The investigators have recommended to the minister that civil and criminal liability cases could be initiated on any wrongdoers.

yakuza said...


so who will show the sri lanka vs india series at end of this month?

by the way quality is same

yakuza said...

at a dialog tv workshop Q/A session, when asked why sirasa is not on their channel list they have mentioned that sirasa have request a monthly fee to air their channel. since dtv is not paying other local channels they have rejected this.

Is this true?

Rukshan said...

How about SIRASA channel SET (All Sirasa channels) For Rs50/= per month. I think its worth. What you guys think ??

sonik said...

this quality improvement story is a dead rope... no such quality "increase" has occurred.

the idiot who reported it in the other topic should get his eyes examined....

Patson said...

Dialogtv, check this new,small flat satellite antenna.go to

DTV must go for quality not for the quantity.

Add SIRAS TV as a SET plan & see.

yakuza said...

i think dtv hesitate to add sirasa because when pay them other local networks may also request payments.

ILHAM - The Boss said...

Hot Talks Between MTV Network Sri Lanka (Sirasa TV) & Dialog TV.
Get South Asian TV Channel & Sirasa TV & Shakthi TV & Channel One MTV in to Dialog TV.
Talks Began today at Maharaja Group Head Office.

AMD said...

Then what about ETV & ART TV, they need to add them as well.

@ Yakuza

I think they may call for new tenders, vl hav to wait & see.

rupavahini said...

Zone realty channel will be not available from 30th July in INDIA (DISHTV,TATASKY SUNDIRECT)

Rukmal said...

@ILHAM - The Boss

Thanks you for your information!
Its very good if it works!

DLR said...

for me, Sirasa is not worth for 5/= per month either

podiman said...

I don't see any improvment of the picture quality. When is dialog tv going to start the new channels in TP4.

rupavahini said...

I think TP4 Start next year

neilw said...

DTV - Please give us more quality English channels and may be the Sirasa channels too.Adding Sirasa/MTV will definitely help your subscriber base.
DTV should keep its customers informed of the latest happenings through its website.

killer said...

Who pay RS.50/- for SIRASA, i Thinks no body pay for this, I think Dialog has to do, improve good quality English movie channel + reduce Package price. withing 2-3 month this people can incres another 100,000 people. Otherwise no way

Lasantha said...

It is great if DTV guys can add Art TV, ETV and MTV to their lineup since those channels limited to colombo area.

It seems DTV not going to add new worthwhile channels near future. so, Please consider to do something useful with 4th transponder!

LKDOOD said...

Art TV, ETV & other locals

DTV must add them quickly

Sri Lanka In Focus-NEWS BLOG

lokulamaya said...

Typical sri lnakan style, promises promises but no work. Damn liars.

ILHAM - The Boss said...

Dialog TV & MTV Sri Lanka Talks

Dialog TV Officials Suggested
Sirasa TV, Shakthi TV, Channel One MTV
South Asian TV Channel on a SET Plan.

I think in the future Sirasa TV, Shakthi TV,
Channel One MTV, South Asian TV Channel
Will be available as a SET plan on Dialog TV.

MTV Sri Lanka Officials gave a good response
To the offer.

Second round of talks will begin next week.

Rukmal said...

its good to see Sirasa channels in DTV. Then we can throw away our old antenna.
But Why do they charge for their channels? Whats special? If this happens other local channels will also ask money for their channels!

Looser said...

Its not worth to pay for Sirasa. Cityhitz is better than Sirasa.

SLP said...

Hi all,
Change of direction of the MBC ah..
well, truly speaking, Being SIRASA family inside DTV will help us from metro areas to villages all around the island.
As picture quality of Analogue broadcast seems to be far below in most of the island, it's a better alternation to the people who having DTV to watch all locals on that.
This must need to be a fair deal i must say. and if they require payment over channel, it is worth doing so,but suddenly all other locals may expect payment over their broadcast and is equally fair to do so.
But from the initial, we know how dialog deal things in the past.
what i expect is, and which is most probable is New TP, further channels, and price hike,
well lets wait for some time to see the final outcomes

rupavahini said...

SIRASA TV not coming in DIALOGTV

ILHAM - The Boss said...

I Hope Sirasa TV, Shakthi TV, Channel One MTV,South Asian TV Channel will be available in Dialog TV. For now Talks
in good shape.
Dialog TV & MTV Sri Lanka.

podiman said...

The 4TP is there for a week or so apart from the Buddist there is no new channels. Will they scrap the TP like what they did the last time.

ILHAM - The Boss said...

I think TP4 Start this December.

monaco 1100 said...


Pls don't add sirasa to your channel line up. We don't want to have those 'gon part's on our tv.

If you are compelled to add it, then introduce a new set plan with all its channels and charge a higher amount. The idiots in this country will surely activate that set plan and you can earn more money.

podiman said...

Are they going to pay rental for the 4TP till December? Dialog tv will be dead and gone.

yakuza said...

if needed dialog shoul pay the amount from their pocket to get sirasa on the lineup. sirasa would increase the amount of customers, because for some reason it's popular through controversies.

but i rather doubt anyone paying to watch sirasa on dtv when they can watch it free from home antenna.

yakuza said...

talking about satellites, whats the story about the sattelite built by sri lankans?

any news????

LANKA INFO said...


yakuza said...

@lanka info

nice work. is this available in their show rooms?

LANKA INFO said...

@ Yakuza:
No, Not at the moment. availible to the (old) Customers very soon...

dannymot said...

Lanka Info

Wonder if you know what video/audio output terminals this has? Composite/component and Coaxial/Optical??

Many thanks

ILHAM - The Boss said...

Dialog Telekom Officials & Telekom Malaysia Officials
Will meet Tomorrow to Discus about Dialog TV
Future Expansion.

podiman said...

@lanka info,
Are they going to give the MPEG4 boxes free of charge?

LANKA INFO said...

Yes. Currently the test run is going with NEW Customers (premier package).

Very soon this will be available for everyone.

LANKA INFO said...

Dialog TV

yakuza said...

@lanka info

so that means dis decoder is also compatible for whatever format of video dtv is broadcasting now?

or are new customers geting MPEG 4 already? i dont think so

LANKA INFO said...

Channels available only through MPEG 4 Setup boxes & no changes in quality. Once the testing is done in the back end DTV will transfer the platform to MPEG 4 & HDTV, on that time you will be able to see the different between MPEG 2 & MPEG 4.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "MPEG4 Information".