Tuesday, June 3, 2008

AXN Beyond should be introduced immediately

With Zone Reality moving out of Dialog TV by the end of this month there is no point with Dialog TV to continue with this channel unless they are planning to replace this with Zone Reality Africa DTH available via DTH operator DSTV. This was done earlier by Dialog TV when they had a problem with the Zone Reality feed.

Dialog TV should take immediate steps to introduce AXN Beyond (either as a replacement for Zone Reality or as a temporary replacement to an existing Hindi channel) since many of AXN's signature programming such as the latest season of Lost will be premiering on this channel. It was a bad move by SPE Networks to introduce Lost onto AXN Beyond since the channel is not as widely available as AXN. However this channel has been around since January and Dialog should have taken steps to introduce this channel. However this channel is not available on any pay television operator in Sri Lanka.

With SLT IPTV running teasers over the media such as "What about tomorrow - wait for a better option than satellite tv" and with Dialog TV answering that in an advertisement saying "even tomorrow - the future is today". All this is marketing but then there is the real thing whether SLT IPTV will be the next phenomenon in Sri Lanka is yet to be seen since SLT has a very bad service record. However Dialog will not have it easy now since for the last one year being the sole pay television provider to cover the entire island, Dialog TV did not perform as expected but now with competition this will have to change since the people are now getting choices.

Under competition Dialog Telekom has always done well but then Dialog TV is a totally different thing altogether. Dialog cannot wait for ages to introduce a new channel they should be able to do it as soon as the channel is launched in addition all this pixelation, etc will have to be sorted out and subscription rates should be reduced.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


LANKA INFO said...

Service is available only in Singapore, Philippines & Hong Kong. Asia, yet to be announced

LANKA INFO said...

Breaking News: AXN Beyond expands footprint in Asia

Priyantha De Silva said...

* June 2008 Satellite TV Programme Schedule
Now Available
Download using below links,

1. DivShare - Click here
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Sudhar said...

Any one, please clarify whether the set plan still exists if so what are the conditions attached to it and what are the plans available. There is no word about SET plan on the dialog website.

619 said...

I have uploaded it to u..


Pls check

Patson said...

CBNSAT remembrance day 06/06/06.
Can't forget Tvlanka guy's CBNSAT blunder.
Cursed of the CBNSAT customers finally arrived at TVLanka on 6/3/2008 & the
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larukh said...

I also wanna know about SET plans, are they still available with old prices and channels? from where I can get details on that (web link or email pls)

Sudhar said...

Thank you 619, I got the file.

SLP said...

Hi all,

2 Years from the 6/6/6 crisis. Many might still remember the day that all our infotainment went black.

Several months of fighting, several months of howling, and even several months of enexpectation , well finally all are sorted for the consumers.

In reviewing the past two years several things had changed. which are published and also was unnoticed.

Package prices went up, People are having several options, Several channels banned, several channels added, and vice versa including no headline comment from admin stating the 2nd year anniversary of shutdown of CBNSat.

Well, i remind all the aggressives at that time even there voice is not heard in the blog for quite some time.

Lisura, LST, Bank Dude, ALF, etc...

Fair well people, Quality entertainment, quality service, and remind you all on this occation.

Dear admin,
you're the rope that will bound all of us together, if your blog is not present, well i cant imagine that what might occur.

fair well all.
Have a nice anniversary, to you, to the fellow bloggers, management and staff of DialogTv, fellows from CBNsat, and CEO of CBNSat, who made revolution in Television industry for us to once and for all.

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please commenting under the new post titled "Two years since that fateful day".