Friday, May 30, 2008

Zone Reality Replacement

With Zone Reality due to cease Asia Pacific transmissions with effect from June 30 (see TV Radio Sri Lanka blog - Zone Reality to cease Asia Pacific transmissions). It is time for Dialog to replace the channel at no extra cost.

As of late all the new channels introduced have carried a charge of Rs 50/= but since Zone Reality is being taken off the new one must be provided FOC. Hopefully the Dialog TV management will act positively regarding this development and the replacement should be a quality English channel and not some Hindi/Tamil/Local Pay Television channel.

According to a report in todays "Daily Mirror" Dialog TV requires 400,000 to 500,000 subscribers in 3 to 4 years in order to break even (see Daily Mirror May 30th - Dialog TV aims high). This is actually not too difficult if the packages are actually customer centric and if the channels are of consistent quality.

To achieve this target the package/set plan rates will have to be reduced and the broadcast quality will have to increase greatly. With reductions in Set Plan/Package rates they may need to more subscribers to break even but they will be able to achieve the target, if no overhaul is carried out then Dialog will fail. Anyway the introduction of MPEG4 has been confirmed by the CEO which means that the roll out should take place sometime this year. Dialog is also planning to get into HDTV (see Daily News May 30th - Dialog TV to break even in four years).

Still issues like HBO channels pixelation continues, bandwidth to the religious channels has been reduced. Dialog is trying to increase quality by removing quality from other channels and have failed miserably in their attempt. Hopefully the CEO addresses these problems soon.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


LANKA INFO said...

Indian & Pakistani Dum illegal satellite & cable provider idiots should take the 100% responsibility for Zone reality cease.

According to the informationm, the reason for the cease is no revenue from India & Pakistan side, due to Illegal satellite & cable providers.

hush said...

guys remember once they had zone reality africa. so if they are ceasing asis pacific transmission, we can get that feed which dialog was showing for 2 months when they had a issue with the asian feed.

lokulamaya said...

According to the article published in
yesterday's Daily Noise it seems that DTV is gearing up for adding new channels but before adding new channels they should take immediate remedial actions to iron out this pix elation or gassilation/no signal problem on rainy days. poda wassa davasvalath kotu kotu watenawa mala karadare.

hsj said...

If the information in Daily News article is correct, I dont see any possibilty of DTV break even after 04 years with 400,000 customers.

Either the cost of U$ 80 ml for channell fee is incorrect or DTV has very incompetent people who are very bad in calculations.

rupavahini said...

mpeg 4 testing now

rupavahini said...

DVB T Now local ten channels

yakuza said...

need help

my decoder is not working. maybe struck by lightning.

will dtv replace the old decoder?
where do i have to go?

Cable said...

zone reality is a channel i watched regularly.I loved the reality tv series they shown,
hogan knows best.
I really hope DTV replace it with another good reality channel.Otherwise i have to upgrade my internet speed and watch it online.

LANKA INFO said...

TM Dilshan Wedding With Actress Manjula Thilini

AMD said...

hi guys, off the topic,

My laptop connected to a Wireless network when im in Fort, Is Colombo covered by a WIFI network ?
If so by whom ? My connection just says "connected to wireless", speed is 56 K.

Anyone know anything about this ?

WELE said...

I heard an advertisement on radio in the morning (today) on an english channel. saying its better than Satelite TV- and urging us to wait for it. didn't hear the full ad. can it be IPTV by SLT?

Duffy said...

@ Rupavahini

Thanks for the comment about DVB-T. Can you pls name the 10 local channels? Has it got ETV & ART TV too? Is the service available in outstation areas?


@ Wele,
The same advertisement was on today's Daily Mirror. I didn't hear the radio promo though. On what station you heard it? It will give an idea as to what it is.

Duffy said...

Since the day I bought CBNSat, Zone Reality has been one of my favourte channels. I really enjoyed shows such as Cheaters, Matchmaker, Vegas Cops, Singles in The City, Dog The Bounty Hunter and etc. Unlike these Indian channels and feeds, Zone Reality was all about good entertainment and true reality. I don't know about the rest of Asia, but it certainly made an impact in Sri Lanka.

Can't even believe we're letting it go like this...We can still have this channel. I still remember CBNSat had an exclusive agreement with REALITY TV to carry the channel in Sri Lanka. So DTV should be able to work something out. The African/DSTV feed is most welcome...but if they can't bring Zone Reality back, E! Entertainment Television is the best option for the time being!!

DTV should also consider adding AXN BEYOND asap. Most of the regular AXN shows such as Lost and Supernatural have been moved to that channel.

pls visit

Hope Admin will highlight the Zone Reality matter once again as the folks at DTV read this blog...


You can still catch "Hogan Knows Best" on VH1.

Off the topic, Does anyone know how we can subscribe to recieve a hard copy of Dialog's ZERO77 Mag by mail/post?


Nokia said...

@ Duffy

DTL do not post their ZERO77 Mag. But it's avalable in all their outlets. You can send someone to collect it. It's FOC and you get good tecno, Phone info. Basically the DTL Products. :)

AMD said...

There are ads about the " Wait for a better option than satalite TV" on radio, billboards & in the paper too.

Is this SLT IPTV ?

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "AXN Beyond should be introduced immediately".