Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Question of Hindi....

We have seen many comments on this blog regarding Hindi channels on Dialog TV and even we have sometimes even we have called on Dialog TV to remove some of them. Even though many may agree that the number of Hindi channels may be just a bit too much, the truth is that some have bought connections just for Hindi channels. They have bought the Rs 100/= package and activated the SET Plans that contain Hindi channels. It is a well known fact that Hindi programming is very popular in Sri Lanka and those who rely on local channels for Hindi content move to Dialog TV because the quality of the Hindi programming is better than the local channels.

So this is not an excuse for Dialog TV to increase Hindi programming (the Hindi content available now is enough) but it is something for us to think about when we ask for the replacement of Hindi channels with English ones. A majority of Dialog TV subscribers view English language programming but there is a significant latter.

So to be fair by all Dialog TV should stop this habit of replacing channels with other channels such as the case was with Zee Music, Animax being replaced by CiTi HiTz and Channel C but instead increase the capacity of their platform by either securing more transponders or moving to MPEG4. A comment in the previous post has highlighted a way of converting MPEG2 decoders to MPEG4 by Scopus in collaboration with a French firm. Ironically Scopus platform is being used by Dialog TV as their broadcasting platform. Dialog TV should seriously look into this development since it will more cost effective than replacing all existing decoders. Information being received by us suggests that Dialog TV is testing MPEG4 internally but there is no rollout plan as yet.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


LANKA INFO said...

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TechnoGuy Sri Lanka said...

Another reason for the existance of Hindi channels on DTV are the Broadcasting Agreements.

If you look at the A-la-carte ad Bouquet rates of various networks, it is cheaper to subscribe to a bouquet that to the individual channels.

For example, the Zee bouquet on Dialog TV consists of 5 pay channels. According to the broadcasting agreement of Zee, Dialog may have to broadcast all channels or none. If they want Zee Cafe and Zee Studio, they have to get Zee TV, Zee Cinema and Zee Trendz as well. Otherwise no contract. Zee Muzic is probably excused as it is a free-to-air channel.

If we do want only select channels, the a-la-carte choice has to be provided by the network, and we will have to pay more per channel.

Most DTH services select a bouquet with the major channels of a network, and then add the other channels of the same network individually as they want.

Rukmal said...

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JaSeeChaRa said...

Hi, When CBN Sat periode, It has latest tamil film showing channel named RAJ DIGITAL PLUS. What do you think about this channel? I think this channel best than TBO. Now TBO showing old tamil films. So i suggest to DTV pepole to add RAJ DIGITAL PLUS and RAJ TV to DTV line up. Are you agree with me???

LKDOOD said...

RAJ TV, RAJ DIGITAL PLUS, Raj Musix, Raj News 24X7

Dialog can add some tamil channels but where

capacity is a problem

more capacity = more cost for Dialog

Sun direct DTH is adding STAR channels on the 13th ?

anybody know any more info?

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TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

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