Thursday, March 27, 2008

Increasing capacity a priority to include upcoming channels

Information coming out of this region suggests that more English General Entertainment channels are slated to be launched very soon. Universal USA, Sci FI channel are planning to uplink two English Entertainment Channels from India & Reliance has also applied for permission to uplink an English General Entertainment Channel plus a movie channel. In view of these recent developments Dialog TV should take steps to increase capacity on its platform so that these channels can be included soon after launch and not one or two years later since these channels are capable of giving Star World and Zee Cafe a run for their money. These channels are expected to follow a model of launching programmes soon after they are premiered in USA since Star World & Zee Cafe generally broadcast programmes after they have completed running in the USA. Zee Cafe at the moment is launching a few programmes on par with the American broadcasters but most programmes on the upcoming channels is expected to be broadcast on par with American broadcasters. Dialog should at least start negotiating with these channel providers prior to their launch when they publicise their launch dates.

In other news it seems that TP3 is experiencing heavy pixelation owing to adding channels far above the recommended levels.

"Channel C" will be available to all packages free of charge until May 31st and CiTi HiTz will cost extra from 1st April. The wisest thing Dialog TV can do is to include these channels FOC in some packages such as the high priced packages.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


LKDOOD said...

Multivision allowed to transmit


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Cisco 800 said...

please add some English channels no need an indian channels anymore. lol

Nokia said...

Will DTV give the free 2nd Decorder again for coming Avurudu offer?

What are the offers for Avurudu?

hush said...

every morning between 7~8am dtv is checking the sim card E7, sometimes it display sim card failure E6 and screen stays blank for couple of seconds, this goes on for about 10 times but not to be seen in the evenings.

do any of you guys experince the same. is it due my decoder been a old one or dtv is checking out whether their encoding by irdeto is hacked by someone?

yakuza said...


is that so, because the guy next door has put up a EUROSTAR on his roof top and the people who fixed it (third party) told they are givin dish tv package of rs. 1000 for it. is this possible

Dimu said...

@ yakuza

It's possible. Both Tata Sky & Dish TV is on offer for Rs. 1000/- per month

Looser said...


Yes you can use any kind of Dish to get DishtV, Tatasky, DTV, etc. But to get the channels unscrambled you need the original decoder. (you can get some FTA channels by FTA Receiver but most of them are Indian.) If you use C-Band Dish can get some English channels.

donald gaminitillake said...

One of my friends went to chennai and purchased the Dish --- now he can see over 100 channels in Lanka

podiman said...

What happen to the Dialog TV 4TP and the MPEG 4? Are they on the cards or just a bluff.

podiman said...

@donald gaminitilake,
What is this dish, is it a DTH package or a FTA channels? Please give more information about it.

AMD said...


I have watched during the time uv said but have not come across any error like that ( new decoder )

619 said...


I i'm using the same old decoder & i had the same Problem.
I called CC and they said to remove the sim card & clean it with a soft cloth.
I did it & now its working fine

Try it

hush said...

@AMD /619,

will try it out and see.hope it will work with the solution you have recommended. thanks

yakuza said...

does anyone know how to copy songs from an ipod to the computer. i think itunes do not allow this

LKDOOD said...


DISH is a DTH operator like TATA SKY

Sat net is a authorized DISH TV dealer in colombo


DISH TV feeds are INDIAN


@Cisco 800

you are 100% right about english channels

are you a router ? lol


looks like Dialog has no Avurudu

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LKDOOD said...


check this out for your question

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TheXB said...

I think DTV also needs to bring in UTV World Movies.
I read about it online and they're really doing well.
I feel DTV takes too long to update channels and I think they need to initiate rather than having to wait till the customers suggest it.
Also if DTV has a system where we can choose the channels we want to add that will be really great.

Dil said...

how come when it rains there is no signal?

AMD said...

@ DIL,

This is taken from DTV website:

Why do I experience reception problems when it rains?

Dialog Satellite Television operates on a Ku-Band frequency, which is a very high frequency at 12 GHz. Employing such a high frequency has both its positives and negatives. The positives include high quality video and audio transmission with little interference and the ability to use reception equipment that is small in size.

The negative aspect of the high-frequency KU-Band is the short length of the signal that is sent from the satellite to the reception dish, which cannot penetrate heavy rain that blocks the signal path. This problem, which is known as "rain fade" is endemic to the usage of the Ku-Band frequency, regardless of which country it is used in, although countries in monsoon zones are more likely to be affected. Interference from rain, however, should be limited only to short periods, after which the system will search for a new signal and normal viewing will resume.

Dimu said...

UTV world movies is a great channel. It show mostly international movies with English subtitles.

I have seen this channel & the movies going on it on Tata Sky & it's a nice channel & a must to add channel on DTV

Nokia said...

City HiTs will not be free from tomorrow.....
Only Value+ (1949) cx get this free. My idea is this should be free for Previous 1500 cx as well...

AMD said...

DTV New office address:

No : 275, Nawala Road,

+94 (011) 4 606099

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled "For those who do not want 'CiTi HiTz' - get it deactivated or pay".