Saturday, March 8, 2008

"Channel C" on test

The test transmissions of the first 24X7 Sinhala Language Music television channel commenced on Dialog TV from last evening. This channel replaces Zee Music temporarily until transponder space is increased enabling Dialog TV to reintroduce Zee Music. "Channel C" is expected to launch officially on 10th March 2008.

This channel is expected to follow formats adopted by international music channels such as MTV and VH1. It also seems that Dialog TV have disabled the EPG on HBO in order to increase the bandwidth to that channel so that pixelation may be reduced. We are not sure whether this has been of any help and those of you who have HBO in their package could update us on whether there has been any improvement.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


LANKA INFO said...

Channel C with the association of WIDE Angle productions.

Jinath said...

I called Dialog Customer care today, they told me that "Channel C" will be a free channel(no monthly rental)..

Suggestion :: Can't we have a nice google group for our discussions, cos then its easy to get the updates of discussions....

LankaMedia said...

If it’s
free I am wondering how they cover their expense.

Dimu said...

Tata Sky has added a movie channel called "UTV world Movies".

It's a good movie channel with international movies mostly non-English (with English subs).

Hope Dialog TV also add this channel as it'll be good for international movie lovers.

yakuza said...

c channel available

good work dtv. keep it up

Patson said...

What happend to Tvlanka DTH on ST1?.Rupavahini,ITN,Swarnavahini,Tvl1,Tvl2 gone since 6th March.can anybody reply.

Dimu said...

TV Lanka Ch2 also left from Yamal 202

Don'y know why.

yakuza said...

hi guys.

need help!

goin to buy an branded pc. any comments, personel experience or suggestions about these brands?

hp, dell, ibm

(reliability, performance,durability, after sale customer service,... etc )

AMD said...

hi guys, small question.

If my TV has only 1 audio input,
do i connect the Left or Right audio output from the DTV decoder to it ?

CN said...


Left is traditionally the mono input to my knowledge

AMD said...

@ CN,

Thanks. Yep thats what i also thought. So i guess Left would give me the better sound quality.

AMD said...

@ Yakuza

Why dont u try the PANORA brand marketed by PC HOUSE ?

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled - "Channel C" launches today.