Thursday, March 6, 2008

4th TP Launch postponement

The launch of the 4th TP of Dialog TV has been postponed along with the launch of new channels. MPEG4 will be launched but may take a few more months. However rumors indicate that some new channels may come to existing transponders. However this will only result in the further cramping of TP3 which has some 20 channels due to moving "Ranaroo" and "Shruthi" when TP4 was turned off.

In addition the pixelation problem on HBO is still not sorted out and subscribers continue to have pixelation problems on HBO channels. The EPG of HBO is still not available and even though the EPG of other channels is now loading faster it seems that the programme descriptions on the EPG has reduced due to the laziness of people who are entering data to the EPG. Hopefully these are rectified.

There is no sign of "Channel C" which was due to replace "Zee Music" temporarily. With SLT IPTV due to launch in May it is good news indeed as companies like Dialog only perform well when there is increased competition from others. So it is now time for Dialog TV to perform better or else SLT IPTV will come up with strategies to lure Dialog TV subscribers onto their platform.

Please keep us updated on the latest on Dialog TV as the days progress.


LankaMedia said...

Well , do you guys really think that SLT IP Tv going to be launched in May ?
Last time they told its going to be launched last month. L:(

Visit :

LKDOOD said...

i don't think you can trust SLT

lets wait & see :)

when they launch IPTV can there network deliver(do they have the bandwidth ?)it to the customer ?

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Priyantha De Silva said...

This Month's Satellite TV Programme Guide will be released soon.

LKDOOD said...


you are doing a great job with the guides :)

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LKDOOD said...

IPTV finds Cable TV a threat to competition

By Ravindu Peiris(Daily Mirror)

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) introduced to Sri Lanka by Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) is threatened by the competition offered by Cable TV and Satellite TV providers.

SLT Head of IP and Broadband Networks Division Priyankar Udugodage said that although they can offer IPTV for low prices the Cable TV providers such as Dialog TV are already providing such for low prices. "That is where the issue is, the Cable TV competitors" he said at the Cisco Media Offsite 2008. SLT which has already obtained the license for IPTV can offer it wherever DSL is offered.

A significant feature of IPTV according to Udugodage is that in IPTV the customers decide when to watch the programmes and not the broadcasters. "The copper lines which have been placed can bring high speed internet to your computers as well as DVD quality TV" he affirmed.

Udugodage moreover revealed that if it was not IPTV they could portray higher prices but because it is IPTV they can talk about offering it to customers at a very reasonable cost. He revealed that SLT Broadband is experiencing a 100 percent growth with 60,000 households opting for broadband in the island.

"Although we laid the fibre up to Jaffna it was disconnected but it has been spread even to Vavuniya and they are able to enjoy ADSL" he said.

He confirmed that in the next few years the networking and communication system will be imperative to the Sri Lankans like water and electricity as the network in this country is evolving to an IP standard. "In the future there would be one converged network for broadband be it wired or wireless. Now we have separate lines and fees for everything but in the future it would be only the IP Wide Area Network Broadband" he said.

He pointed out that in those days it was a mere public communication network with just the voice being broadcast.

However now it has transformed in the last 15 years going beyond voice and now offering various multimedia services. He noted that it was Cisco who pioneered the IP routers in Sri Lanka and also supported the SLT to enhance and develop the company's networks.


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bank_dude said...

Yesterday around 8.45pm, all the channels were freezing from time to time. When I change to another channel and move back to the previous one, it was working. This was common for all the channels. Do you guys had that problem?

619 said...


Once this happened to me too.
Switch off the decoder from the switch (back side) and switch it on again.
It will work !

TechnoGuy Sri Lanka said...

@ Bank_Due, 619
Yes, I had that problem too a few dys ago. But I was not watching. 619's solution is correct. But I wonder why thata happens... I think its only on the old CBN Sat decoders.

bank_dude said...

@techno, 619

I did that but it was the same.

Nokia said...

I'm having a New DialogTV Decorder. Do I have to change the decorder if they go for MPEG4 in future? or only CBN decorders has to be changed?

When will be the Channel C is going to Play on DTV. I need that 24Hrs Music Channel (local Music) :)

AMD said...

The Indian Cricket League (ICL) will be LIVE on ZEE SPORTS
staring 9th March, 7PM.

CN said...

Has anyone got a call in the past 2-3 days from DTV customer service (CLI 0114606000) offering free movie tickets to see the movie Jumper at MC this weekend?

Nokia said...

Channel C will be on air from the 10th March. First 3 months rental free and there after 50/= per month..... :)

Beleieve me this is for Sure!

Christo said...


Believe Me., Nothing will come fr another six months!!!!!

Nokia said...

@ Christo

I don’t believe in your comment Christo. Channel C will be on air from 10th March by Replacing Zee Music. Will wait and see whether Christo or Nokia is correct. Just three days left 

Admin : Please closely monitor this…! And believe in what I say !!

Looser said...
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Looser said...

Channel C is on now Testing

LANKA INFO said...

Channel C will be starting the official transmission from 10th of this month at the same time DTV have already started the Test run from 3.45pm today.

For more details:

TechnoGuy Sri Lanka said...

Channel C seems to be having a very good picture quality at the moment. I doubt it will last long.

I'm waiting to see whether M Entertainment will share their music with Torana, of whether ME will wait to launch their own rival channel in 2020.

LANKA INFO said...

@ CN:
Yup, DTV CR (Customer Relation) Team doing this promation. Movie is Jumber on tomorrow @ 10.30 & 1.30. Any issues u can call 777679679.

lahiru said...

dtv lanched channel c today,it is a test transmission.

Nokia said...

Yeap... Cahnnel C is on now test transmision. As I have already told the official launch will be on the 10th March...!!!

I think that the testing is superb!!! DTV has to keep teh same kind of quality on this infuture as well. And please do not charge 50 from June.... for full pkg holders!!

619 said...

Christo is a liar.
We wont believe him anymore .....

TV & Radio Sri Lanka said...

Please continue commenting under the new post titled - "Channel C" on test.